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Sex & Nudity

  • There is a musical sequence, during which Newab and Julia are shown making love on a beach. There is some partial breast nudity; however the rest of their bodies are obscured by sand.

Violence & Gore

  • During the opening battle sequence, Indian and Japanese soldiers are depicted fighting at close quarters. The men use rifle bayonets and machetes to hack and stab one another. One man is impaled on the end of a bayonet and then shot.
  • Characters are punched down, with brief injury detail
  • Several men die in explosions after running over grenades. In one scene a boat load of spies are blown up by a rocket - the boat then disappears in the explosion without any focus on injuries.
  • A woman who has secretly been working for the INA is captured. A British General wants her to name her co-conspirators, however after she refuses to name them. She is shot in the head in front of her son.
  • Newab stabs a man through the chest with a large knife
  • A character is shot to death
  • There is a showdown between one of the character's and a group of British soldiers on a bridge, he stabs and slashes a couple of them while decapitating another, the decapitation itself occurs off-screen; however the severed head is subsequently shown dropping over the bridge


  • There are some mild expletives, spoken in both Hindi and English. Which include the use of the terms; 'wanker', 'dick', 'shit', 'hell', 'bloody', 'bakchod', 'God' and 'goddammit'.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Nawab is rewarded for protecting Julia in the jungle with a bag of opium, which he shares with Zulfi, Julia's costumier. The opium helps him relax, and is presented as a normal pastime which is common among people in his circle and those in the military.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

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