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Sex & Nudity

  • A woman wearing a bikini-like outfit performs an erotic dance for men.
  • A woman is bottomless while giving herself a Brazilian wax (only showing the sides of her outer hip and thigh).
  • A man looks at a nudie magazine and draws over the woman's naked crotch. Breasts and pubic area (in the magazine) are shown. Later a young girl looks at the altered images.
  • A man masturbates a horse to get semen (in the context of animal husbandry-semi-explicit but very darkly lit). The stallion ejaculates (offscreen).
  • A man has his head between a woman's legs as she receives oral sex from him (implied, shown long distance, darkly lit).
  • A man and a heavily pregnant woman undress each other to reveal their fully nude bodies, the man pausing to fondle her swollen breasts and suck on a nipple. She strokes his erection (shown semi-explicitly). Standing between her legs he thrusts into her (showing rear male nudity). Then he climbs onto a table with her, his erection again visible. She positions herself to ride him in reverse and they have intercourse, with him gently thrusting and caressing her breasts and pubic region.
  • There are also some scenes where male nudity can be seen, such as a prolonged wide-shot of fully nude men showering together in a communal shower, as well as a far-shot of a man urinating on the ground (penis visible).

Violence & Gore

  • A calf is branded (unsimulated).
  • A woman slaps a child lightly on her face.


  • A man is called a "faggot".
  • Someone is referred to as a "sour fart".
  • (sutbtitled) Nine uses of "fuck," fifteen uses "shit," seven uses of "arse/hole," one use each of "holy fuck" and "holy shit"; uses of "son of a bitch," "cum," "pussy" and 'cock."

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

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