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Nice interview
Woodyanders16 August 2016
Warning: Spoilers
This fifteen minute short features a nifty interview with writer/director/ producer James Bryan, who talks about his cinematic collaborations with idiosyncratic German actress Renee Harmon and the making of the hilariously horrendous action revenge clunker "The Executioner, Part II." Bryan reveals that Harmon was a German woman who married an American soldier and started a theatrical group with fellow Army brides. Moreover, Bryan also notes that Harmon was an acting teacher as well as had exceptional strength of character. Bryan points out that "The Executioner, Part II" was passed off as a pseudo-sequel by a distributor to the 1970 film "The Executioner" starring George Peppard because said 1970 film had been successful in various European territories. In addition, Bryan talks about how "The Executioner, Part II" was shot on 35mm short ends, he only had two weeks of prep time on the picture, and shooting was done on weekends to keep down the rental costs of production equipment used for the movie. Worth a watch of fans of this deliciously dreadful schlocker.
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