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Find this movie. See it.
farrago51012 November 2016
Within 5 minutes of the beginning of this film, my wife leaned over and whispered, "I love this film." I had just been thinking the same thing. "Burn Your Maps" is incredibly well written, acted, and directed. You don't realize in the first 5 minutes that the director is going to take you on a journey that will skillfully stir so many emotions, but that is exactly what Jordan Roberts does. The characters, brilliantly portrayed by Vera Farmiga, Jacob Tremblay, and others, are all lost in their own way and spend the film journeying to find themselves and to be found by others. Movies that touch on so many emotions can often seem manipulative of the viewer. Not this one. That's where "Burn Your Maps" really shines. It is incredibly crafted to take you on the journey. I'm usually really time sensitive on movies, very aware if parts seem to drag or are uneven. Honestly, I have no idea how long this movie lasted. From those first five minutes through the closing credits, I was immersed in the story that kept me at a pleasing state of "feeling". Go see this movie. You'll be glad you did.
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Burn your Maps!
jmcaslick4 March 2017
I had seen 2 other movies at the Toronto international film festival in 2016 before this one. I hadn't expected to find a theme running through multiple movies at the festival but I did and it was a theme that spoke to the pain I live with in the exact order that i live it. Burn your maps is the most amazing film I have seen probably ever. I can't say enough how realistic the performances are to the subject matter and sitting in the audience after the premiere I was speechless, everyday i ask is he OK:( I wish I could have thanked the cast directly for their beautiful performances and amazing script. If any of the cast is reading this please know as someone who has lived the subject matter I am deeply moved by the cast and crews ability to tap into this topic in an accurate way both with what was said and how it was said. Cant wait to see Jacob Tremblay in many more films.
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All I want is to watch this movie again...
kelseyarob9 September 2018
Like other reviewers here, I saw this movie at TIFF in 2016 and it has stayed with me since. It is an exceptional story with brilliant performances. I check this page every so often to see if it's picked up distribution. DEAR NETFLIX: please please please acquire the rights to this movie so I can see it again!

This is my first ever IMDB review.... that's how much I need to see this movie again.
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It never leaves you.
jessicasriley23 March 2018
I first saw this movie at TIFF in September 2016. It is now March 2018. I still think about it. Every few months, I find myself desperately searching for a way to watch it again. It is amazing.

Without seeing it, you can have no idea how powerful it is, not without some major emotional spoilers. When the film started, I liked it and respected the acting but had no idea how far it would go. By the end and through the Q&A, it seemed the whole theatre was crying. I still cry at times when I really think about it. Not because it's sad - it contains sadness but is way too multi dimensional to call it sad - but more because it is simply moving. It brings you up and down and all around and I believe that very few movies help their audience relate to the characters to that extent. Thank you to everyone involved in its production for helping me watch it once. I hope very much that I can see it a second time.
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Finding out who you really are
fubs-22-60900518 October 2017
"Burn Your Maps" is one of those perfect films, a rarity in today's market where too many films leave you feeling nothing. Not so with "Burn Your Maps." The story alone will stay with you for many heartbeats. In fact, you'll probably observe that many adults are not as intuitive or as open as Wes, 9 years old, and one of the main characters in the film. I rarely rate a film as 10, but the acting, the writing, the directing and the cinematography all come together and create a wonderful cinematic moment that will resonate with the viewer forever.
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BEST movie - Oscar worthy for sure
cmaynestudio19 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I absolutely loved every scene,every nuanced performance, every sensitive expression, and every feeling that knocked my socks off from the first scene till the last. Just saw it at the San Diego Film Society 10-18-2017..can't share it enough! Why isn't this movie advertised or in theaters? Why hasn't their been nominations for the superb writing, acting, screenplay, and direction of this gem of a movie???? Come on SAG members, go see this and vote!

Spoiler alert: DOES NOT CONTAIN guns, violence, or computer generated images!!
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Strong plot with superb acting
ssundquist18 October 2017
This is a "small" movie with a very big heart. The acting is superb on so many levels. I really felt so much of the turmoil that this family was experiencing as well as the love and care they had for each other but were not able to communicate. Please know that this is not some kind of drawing room drama but has stunning cinematography, a great musical score, and a wide appeal. I would happily see it again with friends and/or family just to share the experience with them.
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So good!
sierra-0779812 October 2017
This film is so amazing, it seamlessly flows from comedy to drama to comedy again, touching on so many different issues that many people will be able to relate to. Roberts does a great job writing and directing and I am sure he has more to great films to come. Find this movie and see it, or better yet let this movie get released!!
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aimyemcdowell-0064821 October 2018
After a year of searching, here it is... The free "Cyberflix apk" app has this movie to stream and download... Google how to download Cyberflix. It took me one minute... Rather than review cinematic perfection, I'll say this... In the current climate of #metoo and #equalpay, it's BEYOND DISAPPOINTING to see Hollywood blatantly refuse to support, promote or release this MASTERPIECE. "Burn Your Maps" is a project created, birthed and perfected by WOMEN AND CHILDREN... A hands down, no contest Oscar sweep for any studio lucky enough to back it. However, men run the industry and if it doesn't contain sex, drugs, violence or pixels,..well, they'd rather catch a disease than be seen as soft. Or in touch... The writing, acting, cinematography, it's all top notch. The story? Fuhgeddaboudit.... Now its 3 yrs old and ineligible. But what a contender this tough little movie could've been... It's also not every day you get to see strong female leads sharing a screen with such ease... SEE THIS MOVIE IF U DO NOTHING ELSE... DON'T LET THE HOLLYWOOD EGOS WIN. THIS PROJECT WAS CLEARLY A LABOR OF LOVE FOR ALL INVOLVED.... ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
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