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Ten things about Fallen Kingdom
petra_ste14 June 2018
Warning: Spoilers
1) It's bad. I didn't like Jurassic World, but this is worse. It's got broad characters, lackluster set-pieces, a noisy score and the kind of script which should be punishable by throwing its writers to sharks. At least Jurassic World, mediocre as it was, had the good sense to copy the first Jurassic Park. Fallen Kingdom foolishly imitates The Lost World instead, with a semi-watchable first half on the island and an abysmal last act with dinosaurs wreaking havoc back to civilization.

Kudos to the late John Hammond for building his park on a volcanic island. Also, I hate to ask but, since it's a plot point that dinosaurs will face extinction (again!) if they are not rescued from Isla Nublar... what happened to Isla Sorna (Jurassic Park 2 and 3)? There were dinosaurs on it as well. I'm sure some novelization or website makes up a lame excuse, but the movie doesn't.

2) Stop overcomplicating blockbusters. Jurassic Park featured a smart sci-fi premise, but the actual plot had an elegant simplicity to it. Fallen Kingdom is the opposite, dumb but convoluted, tossing in betrayals, cloned little girls and evil corporations selling dinosaurs to warlords.

3) Speaking of that, enough with the "dinosaurs as military weapons" nonsense! This is a concept which appealed to all of us when we were kids ("I want to ride a T-Rex! With a rocket launcher mounted on its back!"), but you cannot have War Dinosaurs in anything that wants to be taken seriously by adults.

You know why Navy SEALs don't have trained lions? Why no army breeds rhinos to ride them into battle? Because nobody in modern warfare would spend millions for a huge beast which would be an economical and logistical nightmare to raise, train, feed and manage, especially when a random enemy soldier could blow it to smithereens with a 100 $ grenade. Someone should tell writer Colin Trevorrow that war elephants aren't a thing anymore, while firearms and explosives are.

Note that the dinosaur boogey of this movie, the Indoraptor, is so ineffectual that it repeatedly fails to kill its unarmed preys in the endless climax. Some infallible weapon: there is a scene where three characters are pinned under a tree and the Indoraptor manages to... scratch one of them in the knee before they escape. You know what could have killed them more efficiently than your War Dinosaur? One guy with a pistol!

By the way, the Indoraptor is trained to attack targets after you point a laser at them and emit an audio cue. Wait a second - if you are already pointing a gun with a laser beam at someone, can't you just PULL THE TRIGGER? It's a 30 cents bullet versus a 30 millions dinosaur. Bad guys, do your math.

4) Fallen Kingdom assumes you are really, really interested in Blue, the Chris Pratt-trained Raptor from Jurassic World. This is understandable, since Owen's relationship with his Raptors was one of the few bits from the previous film which at least felt novel. However, the script retcons Blue into a sympathetic, heroic creature which displayed diligence and empathy since it was young; funny, I recall her killing several innocents in the previous movie and attacking Chris Pratt himself with no provocation in their first scene.

5) Since we mention Pratt: much like Jurassic World, this movie doesn't know how to use him. Pratt is ideally cast not as a badass, but as someone who *thinks* is a badass - a character who is capable but still out of his league. He works so much better as a slightly comedic, self-deprecating protagonist than as a tediously infallible, dead-eyed action figure.

His Owen never changes. There is more character development implied with a small prop in Jurassic Park (the Raptor claw Grant uses to scare a kid at the beginning and then throws away after bonding with Tim and Lex) than in all Owen's scenes in Fallen Kingdom.

6) Howard is inoffensive but unremarkable as Claire: she is just kind of there, blandly good-looking, doing no damage but adding little value, like a lettuce in a sandwich. Her two sidekicks (Scared Nerd and Tough Latina) are insufferable though.

(By the way, how is Claire not rotting in jail as the aftermath of Jurassic World? She is directly responsible for the dozens of casualties there, poorly handling the Indominus' escape and refusing to evacuate the island. She must have one hell of a lawyer.)

7) Poor Rafe Spall, a competent actor (see The Ritual, a much better monster movie), plays Greedy Corporate Guy, an antagonist so flat and obvious that I was disappointed he didn't get an Evil Laugh Scene... you know, he throws his head back and bellows "Bwahaha!" while the camera cranes up.

I love how Rafe Spall builds a containment facility for dinosaurs under James Cromwell's mansion. Cromwell plays Old Sick Naive Rich Guy. Sorry, I don't care how old, sick and naive you are: you have no excuses if you don't realize someone is HIDING DINOSAURS IN YOUR BASEMENT. Really, Trevorrow? Is this some kind of spoof?

8) CGI is fine but overused. It's a visually busy movie.

I'll give them credit for making the Indoraptor more visually distinctive than the Indominus. At least they sort of splashed some yellow on it.

9) While Bayona's direction is competent (certainly better than this script deserved), I didn't care for most of the set-pieces. Remember how Spielberg took his sweet time with the T-Rex breakout or the Raptors in the kichen? Here most action beats are over right after they begin (the Baryonyx, the Carnotaurus...). There is no build-up, no crescendo. It's the cinematic equivalent of premature ejaculation.

It's not just a matter of screentime though; the Dilophosaurus appeared in the first film for two minutes and is more memorable than any of the new creatures here. You have to do something creative and unique with your movie monsters. For example, the bunker attack could have been carried out by any carnivore; if you wanted a Baryonyx (which was possibly a semi-aquatic predator like the Spinosaurus), why not put it in the sinking gyrosphere scene?

I did enjoy the prologue with the T-Rex and the Mosasaurus, although... why would the Jurassic World engineers build a giant door which allows the Mosasaurus to reach the ocean? What kind of scenario were they envisioning where the escape of the humongous sea monster would be a positive outcome?

I mean, come on. I'm not usually a nitpicker, but this movie seems to be trolling anyone giving it a minimum amount of thought. A plot hole doesn't automatically ruin a story, but the cumulative effect of all this nonsense conveys a staggering lack of thought and care.

10) The silly ending sets up another sequel. I guess we'll finally get the inevitable War Dinosaurs.



To people asking "What were you expecting in a film about dinosaurs?", I answer: "Something maybe not on par, but at least in the same league as Jurassic Park, one of my favorite movies of all time".
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IMDB seriously needs to start screening for fake accounts and fake reviews/scores
sumtim3s00n14 June 2018
There is no way so many people would be AMAZED at this POS movie and even compare it to Spielberg's original JP masterpiece or call it one on its own right. This movie isnt even worth to be an episode in an average cable tv show. Its the blandest, most predictable and lazy part of the series so far. There is not even the slightest hint of originality or anything fresh in the whole film. Nor is there any tempo to the story. And barring quite good Goldblums speech, the whole 100% of dialogues are forgettable as are all of the action scenes that you feel like youve seen already 100 times in (or any generic) previous films. It is a horrible, horrible product with no personal touch or vision from the director or any refreshing qualities that might bring the light back to this now utterly pathetic sad pathetic Jurrasic Park franchise. Not worth seeing. And IMDB please start screening the fake accounts,you can tell them from a mile away.
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wolframknoblach8 July 2018
This is the first time I got bored during a Jurassic movie and kept looking on my watch to see when it would be over. A lot of noise and spectacle but almost every scene a weak variation of ideas from previous films topped by the most ridiculous motivation for the heroes. The end of Jurassic World 1 promised a more interesting story. I am definitely not looking forward to another sequel.
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Good movie but....
jeffdreamweaver26 October 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Basically it's just a remake of Jurassic Park 2: The Lost World. Same premise and plot. Main characters go back to island with a group of people who are allegedly trying to "save" them. Our heroes find out they are trying to sell them and use them as weapons. Dinosaurs transported back to mainland via ship, Dinos get free, havoc ensues, people die, heroes save the day.
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Great CGI, Terrible plot!
peter_w8217 June 2018
Like a lot of others are saying the first part of the film, where they are escaping from the island is great and quite exciting and sets the film up pretty well.

However once the major action scene is over and they have to focus on the main story things start to go downhill. I think what bothers me the most is that a lot of the writing is just lazy and not well thought through or truely creative. Instead we get more of the same themes from the original JP films plus some more from JW. (Mutant dinosaur + evil corporate guys)

All of the main characters stories are pretty unbelievable and there isn't enough investment in developing their individual personalities / backstory so we understand why they behave the way they do. Sometimes I feel like the major action scenes were thought up first and then the story was just sort of inserted between them as a glue so we have a way of getting from one action scene to the next.

If you go and see this film you will probably enjoy it and it will most certainly entertain you for a while but after the moment has passed I am not left with the sense that I have seen something truely groundbreaking. Unfortunately I can't help but compare it to the original Jurassic park film and consider how it doesn't even come close to the terrifying moments of suspence and the brilliant portrayal of the different characters we got in JP1.

Given that there are so many 9+ reviews on here maybe i am in the minority but I just feel like we are letting Hollywood get away with lazy writing, which contains numerous plot holes just so we can marvel at some cool CGI. We really should'nt be satisfied with this state of affairs. We should all be demanding better, more creative writing that continues to offer us something new and exciting. This will only happen if we stop rating these mediocre generic blockbuster films so highly.

Was it was entertaining? yes without a doubt, but this is nowhere near a 9/10 film and you all know it. When rating these films please be honest with yourselves and send Hollywood a message. Don't let them think that lazy writing is ok. We aren't idiots and we do value a well written and interesting story.
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Actually much better than other people say.
SnowLeopardMaster22 October 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Haters gonna hate. And they targeted this movie. I've read the reviews, I've heard other people gripe about it, but in all honesty, I still fail to see what's wrong with this movie.

In my opinion, it's the best Jurassic film since The Lost World. The opening scene in particular may be the best opening scene in the entire franchise, including Jurassic Park. It's incredibly well shot, and the suspense is built up perfectly. The underwater sequences are kind of terrifying, and it actually kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time.

Then, it's time to meet the protagonists. Claire has changed her ways substantially since Jurassic World, and I like this new Claire a lot better.

People have criticized the main characters in the movie. It's been claimed that Owen goes through absolutely no justified character development and is just the cliche big strong buff guy who's there to fight stuff. Kind of reminds me of Indiana Jones, don't you think? They're really similar, don't you think? And isn't Raiders of the Lost Ark a well loved movie with a 95% rotten tomatoes score?

People have also criticized the villains in this movie, calling them cliche, bland, and predictable. However, is Dennis Nedry from the first film any different? He's a fat computer nerd who's got financial issues and isn't well paid. Kind of sounds cliche, don't you think? So why does Fallen Kingdom get criticized for this, but Jurassic Park doesn't?

Also, the movie easily has the most tear jerking scene in the entire franchise: Leaving the Brachiosaurus behind. No joke, I started weeping right there in the theater. That image of the poor Brachiosaur chasing after the boat, calling out for it to come back, as it's engulfed in volcanic ash and dies, is absolutely heartbreaking. Well done, Fallen Kingdom.

Then comes the scenes within Lockwood Manor. Now, this is where J.A. Bayona's time to shine as a director is. The horror sequences are very well shot, dramatic, suspenseful, and just straight up spectacular.

I can't find anything wrong with this movie that isn't already a problem with other great, critically acclaimed movies. I don't understand all the hate. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is a genuinely good movie that is doomed to suffer from the hatred of ignorant critics.
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Great movie, but not my favorite in the Jurassic Series
JW_Fan_115 September 2018
I loved the beginning of this movie - but I'm not a fan of the horror kind of feeling the movie has as it progresses. I liked the original Jurassic World much better because it had action, didn't fail to add a little comedy to it, and it just had an awesome feeling overall, I can't explain how I felt when I watched that movie but it was just such a cool feeling that transports you to another world with dinosaurs. Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom was kind of different, the dark scenes in the house, more horror like violence than the first one, I just didn't like it. I am a HUGE fan of JW, my room literally has a ton of JW fan posters and figurines all over, I love it so much, but I don't like horror movies.

Edit: After watching it a couple more times since it has come out on DVD, I've grown to like it much more. Still not a fan of a few of a really violent scene in the movie where a dino gets revenge on a bad character (not going to go in depth on which scene so I don't include spoilers). I love the action, just not horror-type gruesome violence is all.
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What a disgrace to Steven Spielberg & Jurassic Park
jeffreyobar29 June 2018
Warning: Spoilers
This is only my 2nd review ever and I will only take the time to write a review if something seriously pisses me off for being really really bad, because I don't get pissed easily.

I just got back from seeing this movie and they took my favorite childhood film Jurassic Park and killed it. I'm not gonna lie, I enjoyed Jurassic World because it got back to the basics of the original but Fallen Kingdom just turned this into a joke. It's as if the writers and directors of Fast & Furious took over Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom and decided "Hey, lets just create crazy new dinosaurs and throw non stop dinosaur action scenes at the audience, who cares if it makes any sense or not, lets also add a stupid nerd who isn't funny to try and make this an action comedy film."

The first opening scene was the only enjoyable part of this whole film, after that I was surprised Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Kevin Hart didn't appear randomly to fight some dinosaurs and crack a couple jokes.

So dinosaurs are taken to an old mansion in Nothern california.. Really? And held for an underground auction for a few million bucks? Seriously? Who the hell agreed to make this the actual storyline? So a team of people actually sat around and discussed different ideas and this is what they agreed upon? They actually get paid for this? Universal should let me in on these meetings so I can shut them down if nobody else is jezus.
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Jurassic Park Version of Frankenstein Film
hilaryswank201121 June 2018
Just exactly three years after the most successful sequel to the Jurassic Park Part 1 (1993), Jurassic World (2015), the crew and casts of J.A. Bayonne who is a Spanish director successfully made this Jurassic World 2 (2018). It is equally full of shocking cannibal scenes and dinosaurs.

However, this Dinosaurs version of Frankenstein film slowed the pace a bit in contrary to the Jurassic World 1 (2015). It is mainly caused by the Lockwood estate where main drama staged in the entire film after the Act 1. Volcanic island in Costa Rica where the filmmaking never taken place drastically solved and changed the main stage of this franchise series.

The Lockwood estate is equal with Frankenstein's house in any Frankenstein films in the past, and who is the Frankenstein? That must be our Chinese Dr. Henry Wu which is one of main characters in this franchise and only one character which appeared in the most of the films without the part2 and 3.

In this Frankenstein version of Jurassic World, the Frankenstein's monster is not ordinary dinosaur but it is The Indoraptor which is a DNA mixture of Indominus Rex and Blue Raptor. US filmmakers love the most intelligence dinosaur, the Raptor in this franchise. Intelligentsias love intelligent animal is natural and reasonable. And it provides more dramatic alternatives and developments in this franchise. Frankenstein's monster is stupid.

Again, this franchise talks about corporate ethics. Ambitious and immortal capitalists are eaten alive by their creations. You can see this on relationship between Lockwood and his right hand Eli Milles which murders his boss in this story and fires the housekeeper which has good faith in her work.

Family ethics is not so well expressed in this film. Maisie Lockwood and Eli Milles are not an ideal family-like close relationship. Emotional expression on this family relationship is mainly done by Maisie and trapped dinosaurs due to both of them are genetically and artificially created.

And Owen and Clair played the parent role. It still has some distance among them at the final moment of this film. However, it shows us the alternative of family relationship in this new era.

Corporate, Family and Love ethics are well told in this new fairy tale in digital cinema era (1995-).

I actually enjoyed this film and it is worth to buy a ticket for this. It is a true cinema which is eligible to spend time in theatres. It is effectively enough to see it in 2D. This is a feature of well made blockbuster.
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Joyride With Dinosaurs
gutsthealchemist22 October 2018
That pretty much spells out most of the movie and that's not a bad thing

One of the better sequels as well. Chris Pratt was once again awesome in this movie. I even loved the nerd character, Franklin. I wanna see that actor in more stuff. As well as the actress for Maisie
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Awesome Movie to add to the collection
swtsaralee23 September 2018
My son love's the jurassic movie's and this is by far his favorite one. For me the bonus is Chris Pratt.
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I'm As Surprised As You Are...The 2nd Best Jurassic Park Film To Date
TheMovieDoctorful14 November 2018
Warning: Spoilers
It's very much worth noting that I absolutely hated the original Jurassic World. Colin Treverrow's 2015 reboot suffered from undeveloped and uninteresting characters, a lack of emotional stakes, hideous CGI and, above all, a distinct lack of any style or atmosphere. So how is it, pray tell, that its sequel, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, is one of my favorite films of the year and my 2nd favorite film in the franchise, surpassing even the 1993 Steven Spielberg classic? (For my money, nothing beats Spielberg's terrible and beautiful cautionary tale of nature, The Lost World: Jurassic Park) Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is the rare modern franchise reboot with identity, sole and purpose, the rare reboot that genuinely succeeds with flying colors in re-capturing the lightning in a bottle that made the original great. It's not rehashing the original film and condescending the rest of your franchise legacy with awful meta humor like Halloween (2018), it's forging your own unique identity and breathing new life into the series. And Fallen Kingdom does that wonderfully.

If you asked me to describe any of the characters in the original Jurassic World beyond their one-note personality quirks, I'd come up completely blank. If you were to ask me to describe the characters in Fallen Kingdom, however, I could go on forever. Claire Dearing is the Dr. Frankenstein of the film; passionate, proactive and blinded by her own ambitions, hubris and sense of righteousness. Her entire reputation, everything she's grown into since the events of Jurassic World, any chance she has at personal redemption for the lives lost on Isla Nublar 3 years ago, hinges on her saving the animals she once viewed as nothing more than corporate assets. She is driven by her emotions (Particularly her deep seated personal guilty), passions and code of ethics rather than merely plot convenience or cold, unconditional logic as was the case in the original Jurassic World. This makes her character far more relatable and human and her errors in decision making a lot more forgivable and understandable. Her arc from self-tortured and arrogant martyr to willing and humble hero is handled with a surprising degree of subtlety that not many critics have given her credit for. Owen Grady also benefits from a stronger characterization in Fallen Kingdom, we get to see more of his relationship with Blue and understand why and how he formed such a strong relationship with her. Fallen Kingdom does an excellent job establishing Owen as a man outside of and uncomfortable with the civilized world, exhausted with the pretensions and self righteousness of his fellow human beings. The honesty, trust and unconditional love he's shared with Blue since birth means the world to him and his love for her is the one thing he has left that's truly worth fighting for. Because the cast is playing actual characters this time around rather than merely hollow archetypes, the performances improve tenfold. Bryce Dallas Howard is allowed to be confident, fervent and passionate in her vocal delivery. Chris Pratt is allowed to be emotionally vulnerable and nuanced in his facial acting.

Even the dinosaurs have more character here than they had in Jurassic World; Blue's mini-arc of feeling distrust and abandonment from Owen to repairing their broken relationship is certainly more character development than any terrible lizard of Jurassic Park movies prior and the Indoraptor has both an odd sense of tragedy and unique, slasher villain-esque aesthetic that give her a real sense of identity that the Indominus Rex lacked.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom possesses possibly the most striking and memorable aesthetic of any Jurassic Park film to date. The tone feels deliciously Gothic horror inspired with some beautifully chilling and dark imagery that really captures the feeling of terror and majesty held in the Crichton books. In an age where so many Hollywood blockbusters are so unbearably dull in their visuals, Fallen Kingdom retaining the style of a Gothic monster movie is as refreshing as it is gorgeous to take in. Also, it's definitely worth mentioning than the effects have improved significantly from Jurassic World, in large part due to the combination of CGI and animatronics and the darker pallete.

Finally, I wish to discuss the film's ending and the character of Maisie, both of which have been under heavy scrutiny and both of which I loved. Isabella Sermon is one of the most endearing, ranged and talented child actresses I've seen since Danielle Harris and she does a phenomenal job handling her character's slow and methodical unraveling or her traumatizing origins. Maisie also brings real weight to the film's ethical question and a legitimate argument for why humanity shouldn't let the dinosaurs die. Maisie's creation as a clone was by all means unethical. However, this does not mean that killing or abandoning her would be the responsible decision to such an ethical mistake. This is why Maisie has to be the one to set them free into the world; she understands the ethical mistake behind their creation, but also that the murky ethical circumstances behind them is not necessarily their fault. She has an empathy for these creatures that none of the other humans do. The dinosaurs in Fallen Kingdom having much more in the way of characterization and personality already established the foundation for this argument and Maisie makes that argument all the more difficult to answer.

If you had told me a year ago that I would be praising a Jurassic World sequel as the 2nd best in the entire franchise, I would have called you crazy. But, lo and behold...Here we are. I love this film to the point where I could defend it for hours. I love the themes, I love the performances, I love the characters, I love the effects. I loved it. I loved it. I'll keep saying it if you want me too.
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A great gate for new possibilities
arthurzinhoalmeida26 September 2018
Fallen Kingdom is without a doubght, the second best Jurassic Park movie, losting obviasly for the first one. Bayona made a good job with the bad script of Colin, and made the best ending of the franchise, who just wants dinosaurs in islands just look the previous movies.
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Just perfect!!
master_sullivan4 October 2018
I have seen all these movies and it was that damn good. The pacing....the new villain dinosaur....holy moly amazing
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I watch movies to enjoy them, I loved it and did the same for me as the last 4 movies. A new chapter of Dino's!
laskasmarine4 September 2018
The imagination of events made it seem intriguing, almost every scene. I read the reviews and it's pathetic you cannot just envelope yourself into imagination while watching a new era of dinasaurs. It was fun, thrilling, parts were kinda sad but I cannot wait wait to see the next one. It's nice to watch something and feel like a kid again. Volcano scene was insane!
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Awesome film!
mimikassem25 August 2018
Watched this movie with my 4 year old cousin who is a dinasour lover. We both loved the movie. He most likely loved it for the roars of the dinasours. But I definitely appreciated the plot. Great movie and it is better than a 6.4.
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I really liked it!
jlhathaway4720 July 2018
The perfect mix of action, suspense, touching moments, and morality. The perfect summer blockbuster! Howard and Pratt are great together! Much better than the last Jurassic World.
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This movie gets the most crap and the hate for it, it is solid decent action sci-fi film my second favorite in the franchise
rambofan4life1 November 2018
This movie gets the most crap and the hate for it, it is a solid decent action sci-fi film so what's the problem? It is a decent film I love the film. I would put it in my second favorite Jurassic Park film in the franchise. I know I am going to get a lot of hate because it is not a rant. In my opinion it is a good film I love it, if you hate the film is your opinion I have no problems with the film, but it is an improvement over Jurassic World I hated that film. Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard returns and they are decent I love them in the film so much.

When the island's dormant volcano begins roaring to life, Owen and Claire mount a campaign to rescue the remaining dinosaurs from this extinction-level event.

I enjoy the practical effects, the explosions, the acting, the story and the action. I love the CGI effect for the raging volcano This is a faster paced film it goes fast around. I enjoyed the film it was entertaining and I wasn't bored with it. I understand the story, the twist and what they try to do with the film. I got this movie on Blu-ray disc and I enjoy it, I enjoy the film it is a guilty pleasure of mine. Call it whatever you want it I love it.

Chris Pratt as Owen Grady was decent and really a good hero, he does good performance, he has more stuff to do than in the first one. Bryce Dallas Howard as Claire Dearing was one hot mama who showed emotions and she cared about dinosaurs and a rescue mission. She wasn't annoying she was fine and entertaining. I like Bryce Dallas Howard because she was in Spider-Man 3 as Gwen Stacy and I have enjoyed her performance more than Emma Stone in The Amazing Spider-Man 1 and 2. I enjoy Ted Levine in this movie he was in Joy Ride and The Hills Have Eyes remake and I enjoy his performance to be a bad guy. I enjoyed Isabella Sermon as Maise little girl she wasn't annoying I liked her. Rafe Spall was awesome as Eli Mills the villain he was practically like Carter J. Burke (Paul Reiser) from Aliens who wanted a profit of capturing aliens while Mills try's to get rich by selling a live dinosaurs.

CGi are better than in the previous movie and gets criticism for trying something different. At least this movie did not copy the first one or other movies like Jurassic World did. I love the first Jurassic Park to death it is the best one in the franchise by a novel who directed Steven Spielberg. I love Jurassic Park III and this one. Directed was by J. A. Bayona who made a good direction. I enjoy the film I would put the film between Aliens and Deep Rising the opening sequence is a really horror aspect, you see a man been eat by a sea monster. Derek Connolly and Colin Trevorrow wrote a script for the film and they did a good job Colin Trevorrow previously directed Jurassic World so I respect him.

I love the idea the rescuing dinosaurs from raging volcano I thought was better idea then the Jurassic World did. The rescue mission was a ploy and Claire and Owen must try to save the dinosaurs from been sold on a black marked. The problems and dumb idea was the cloning little girl that was stupid and bad idea. Of course the T Rex- Veloceraptor blood transfusion was a bad idea too.

My favorite scenes are in which Indoraptor hunts Owen and Maise throughout the mansion they are both on the roof but Claire shows up and distracts Indoraptor and of course Blue Velociraptor comes and saves them, kills prototype Indoraptor I loved that in the film. Jeff Goldblum has a cameo scene in the beginning of the film as Ian Malcolm and on the end of the film I don't mind him. BD Wong as Dr. Wu is also back as the bad guy he does a solid job. I love Claire and Franklin in an abandoned gyro-sphere to flee from the pyroclastic flow, but falls into the ocean that scene scared me because I thought they could have died for real. Excellent scene in the movie one of my favorites.

I watch this movie twice in the row now, I know it is not perfect film it is not the greatest movie or the best one ever, I know it is stupid but I love it. I enjoy the film it is my second favorite film in the franchise. That is my opinion I forgot they mention a guy who is an arms dealer and they mention Slovenian my country yes I am from Slovenia so I am honored by this movie.
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The new Jurassic world
bbettyb-8443813 August 2018
I love the new Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom there are two characters and one dinosaur I like I like Owen and Claire and Blue the dinosaur
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Loved it!!
lindyloo39523 August 2018
Really honestly enjoyed this movie! Dont know why so much negativity.
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Good Movie In Jurassic Universe!!
peraveen9 September 2018
Seriously this is good movie like its first part. Really don't know why some people here are not liking this movie... It has the core plot and strong casting and VFX too in addition to the emotional things. Overall this is an enjoyable film with some message too. Go for it!!! Cheers!
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Loved it
wingscannfly21 August 2018
Enjoyed it immensely. Loved the ending. A real treat and the acting was great.
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treyheikerobbins15 August 2018
Fun, spectacular, exciting, loud, scary, intense, beautiful !!!! So good !!!!!!!! Go see it in the theater. Leave the little kids at home.
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rosieajones24 August 2018
All the emotions you could imagine! And a fun plot twist! Don't think too deeply into the facts and you'll absolutely love this.
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Film terbaik lainnya dalam seri Jurassic Park
seckinlergafri28 August 2018
Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom merupakan seri kelima di waralaba film Jurassic Park, film ini disutradarai oleh J.A Bayona dan dibintangi oleh Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Jeff Goldblum, Rafe Spall, James Cromwell, Toby Jones, Ted Levine, Justice Smith, Daniella Pineda, Isabella Sermon, BD Wong, dan Geraldine Chaplin.


tiga tahun paska kejadian di pulau Isla Nublar, kini pulau itu menjadi pulau yang ditinggalkan oleh manusia, Claire Dearing mantan menajer taman Jurassic World di Isla Nublar, kini berubah dan membangun sebuah kelompok yang dinamai The Dinosaur Protection Group, tujuan grup ini adalah melindungi dan menyelamatkan spesies dinosaurus di Isla Nublar dari ancaman kepunahan, dibantu oleh Owen Grady sang pawang Raptor, Owen ikut dengan misi Claire untuk menyelamatkan dinosaurus lainnya dan terutama Blue si Velociraptor betina yang masih Hidup, Claire dibantu oleh Tim Benjamin Lockwood, Benjamin merupakan mantan partner kerja John Hammond mereka berdualah yang menggagas taman Jurassic Park di tahun 1993. Mampukah mereka menyelamatkan para Dinosaurus itu ???

Film ini sangat luar biasa, menakjubkan, visual efek yang sangat indah dan berwarna-warni, akting yang solid, dinosaurus yang menakjubkan.
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