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kandarkarg26 June 2020
In simple words the movie is very adventutous, fast paced, suspenseful and the speciap effects are mind blowing. So underrated this movie is, people who dont appretiate this masterpiece dont deserve this kind of movies nowadays
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vuleticaleksandar-0925313 August 2020
The fact that I love to earth and have seen each jirassic movie at least 30 times, I would never rate this anything less then 10. Can not wait for mew one to come out.
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Very good
kckilduff21 June 2020
Rewatched it because of the new one coming out in 2021 still very good worth a watch
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Life, finds a way.
bhernandez22162 July 2019
Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, is the #1 Movie in America, it's wildly incredible, and intense. Life will always found a way, around the world. Welcome to Jurassic World.
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Crichton was right
gabethedinosaur25 April 2020
Warning: Spoilers
The novel had the connection. Isla nublar blows up from the Costa Rica bombings . Dinosaurs escaped to the mainland in the beginning of the novel and fallen kingdom. The lost world novel featured Dodgson as the main villain . He and his men try to take dinosaur eggs off the island but failed . George devoured from the rexs . Howard king velociraptors ans Dodgson baby rexs . Zia Rodriguez has the same doctor training like Roberta carter who sees an 18 year old attacked from a raptor . Franklin wears the same glasses as Arby in the lost world novel. Eli's a close resemblance of Lewis Dodgson.
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Fantastic political allegory for our times
dchowdhuryfilms28 June 2020
Warning: Spoilers
Bad science (Wu) teams up with bad business (Mills) to traffic soon-to-be extinct dinosaurs (middle class) for their own greedy profit.

Good science (Pratt) teams up with good business (Howard) along with their BAME allies (strong female, weak male) to stop the baddies.

Any semblance of humanity in the technocrats is weak, frail and eventually killed off (Cromwell), or artificially created (Sermon).

But the artificial human still has more humanity in her than the technocrats and oligarchs and saves the mob by letting them go because 'they are alive, like me.'

Free to run amok, the mob trample and stampede the oligarchs to death where we are told by Dr Matthews (Goldblum) that humans (the rich) and beast (the poor) will have to live together.

Welcome to Jurassic World.
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Another best jurrasic world installment
resvita22 November 2020
Now that the dinosaurs has roaming the united states and the world. I cant wait for the next jurrasic world movie.
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Definitely one of the best Jurassic Park Movies Ever Made
thealangrant7 June 2019
Seriously, this movie improved everything in the Jurassic Park franchise (My favorite franchise since my childhood days). I couldn't take my eyes out of the screen while watching it, so much action, adventure and a very good acting, i don't get all the hate against this movie, it was really good, i am very excited for the next movie, hope they will give this franchise the ending it deserves
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An Awesome Jurassic World Adventure 🍿👏
LilRider168 October 2020
This awesome science-fiction movie is better than the original Jurassic World because of it's very awesome narrative and memorable cast. The screenplay and script of this movie is awesome and the dinosaurs look enhanced and incredible. Oh yeah, speaking of dinosaurs, our favorite velociraptor Blue returned to the big screen who pretty much stole the show. I almost cannot find anything wrong with this visual marvel and it is the best one in the Jurassic franchise behind Jurassic Park. I just cannot wait to see Jurassic World: Dominion on 2022 🍿🏆🎥
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Profoundly moving. A beautiful film...
kevinoreilly-4728131 July 2019
This might be the best movie I've ever seen. I saw the original in theatres 7 times and this movie did not contaminate its predecessors. What can i say, ive watched just about every movie ever created, all the sad ones. Ive never cried at a movie in my entire life until today. This movie messed me up, i cried for the last 15 minutes of the the film. I have a serious soft spot for animals and this movie broke me down to the ground. It all started when she hit the red switch and freed them, after that i was just wiping tears til the end...all that aside it was a spectacular film with the best cgi ever conceived. I dont know what else to say, i loved it. Im gonna go take a shower and blow my nose. Im still crying as a giant man with no feelings at all except for animals. Its our secret.
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Best movie.
saimyathtut21 July 2019
Warning: Spoilers
It was the best movie for me.It too good movie.I waiting for jurassic world3.
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Me and my parents love it
alicecross200030 June 2019
Warning: Spoilers
This movies is a great sequel, it has all aspects of a great movie. I loved the visual effects so life like. Great comedy through out and at times sad. But I loved the idea hat they have now entered a new era at the end of the movie so interesting can't wait for the next movie in 2021.
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The Park Is Gone
dickinsonjason-3408115 June 2020
This One was very good I loved it it was a lot fun from start to finish
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People just hate everything these days!
socalicimarius11 December 2020
Is a masterpiece, don't listen to the haters, watch it!
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Amazing film.
smiley-731656 April 2020
Like the adventure of the movie, keeps you on your edge of seat, yet pretty funny as well.
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katarinasigfrid30 May 2019
Best movie ever! It has everything, even Jeff Goldblum!
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Ten things about Fallen Kingdom
petra_ste14 June 2018
Warning: Spoilers
1) It's bad. I didn't like Jurassic World, but this is worse. It's got broad characters, lackluster set-pieces, a noisy score and the kind of script which should be punishable by throwing its writers to sharks. At least Jurassic World, mediocre as it was, had the good sense to copy the first Jurassic Park. Fallen Kingdom foolishly imitates The Lost World instead, with a semi-watchable first half on the island and an abysmal last act with dinosaurs wreaking havoc back to civilization.

Kudos to the late John Hammond for building his park on a volcanic island. Also, I hate to ask but, since it's a plot point that dinosaurs will face extinction (again!) if they are not rescued from Isla Nublar... what happened to Isla Sorna (Jurassic Park 2 and 3)? There were dinosaurs on it as well. I'm sure some novelization or website makes up a lame excuse, but the movie doesn't.

2) Stop overcomplicating blockbusters. Jurassic Park featured a smart sci-fi premise, but the actual plot had an elegant simplicity to it. Fallen Kingdom is the opposite, dumb but convoluted, tossing in betrayals, cloned little girls and evil corporations selling dinosaurs to warlords.

3) Speaking of that, enough with the "dinosaurs as military weapons" nonsense! This is a concept which appealed to all of us when we were kids ("I want to ride a T-Rex! With a rocket launcher mounted on its back!"), but you cannot have War Dinosaurs in anything that wants to be taken seriously by adults.

You know why Navy SEALs don't have trained lions? Why no army breeds rhinos to ride them into battle? Because nobody in modern warfare would spend millions for a huge beast which would be an economical and logistical nightmare to raise, train, feed and manage, especially when a random enemy soldier could blow it to smithereens with a 100 $ grenade. Someone should tell writer Colin Trevorrow that war elephants aren't a thing anymore, while firearms and explosives are.

Note that the dinosaur boogey of this movie, the Indoraptor, is so ineffectual that it repeatedly fails to kill its unarmed preys in the endless climax. Some infallible weapon: there is a scene where three characters are pinned under a tree and the Indoraptor manages to... scratch one of them in the knee before they escape. You know what could have killed them more efficiently than your War Dinosaur? One guy with a pistol!

By the way, the Indoraptor is trained to attack targets after you point a laser at them and emit an audio cue. Wait a second - if you are already pointing a gun with a laser beam at someone, can't you just PULL THE TRIGGER? It's a 30 cents bullet versus a 30 millions dinosaur. Bad guys, do your math.

4) Fallen Kingdom assumes you are really, really interested in Blue, the Chris Pratt-trained Raptor from Jurassic World. This is understandable, since Owen's relationship with his Raptors was one of the few bits from the previous film which at least felt novel. However, the script retcons Blue into a sympathetic, heroic creature which displayed diligence and empathy since it was young; funny, I recall her killing several innocents in the previous movie and attacking Chris Pratt himself with no provocation in their first scene.

5) Since we mention Pratt: much like Jurassic World, this movie doesn't know how to use him. Pratt is ideally cast not as a badass, but as someone who *thinks* is a badass - a character who is capable but still out of his league. He works so much better as a slightly comedic, self-deprecating protagonist than as a tediously infallible, dead-eyed action figure.

His Owen never changes. There is more character development implied with a small prop in Jurassic Park (the Raptor claw Grant uses to scare a kid at the beginning and then throws away after bonding with Tim and Lex) than in all Owen's scenes in Fallen Kingdom.

6) Howard is inoffensive but unremarkable as Claire: she is just kind of there, blandly good-looking, doing no damage but adding little value, like a lettuce in a sandwich. Her two sidekicks (Scared Nerd and Tough Latina) are insufferable though.

(By the way, how is Claire not rotting in jail as the aftermath of Jurassic World? She is directly responsible for the dozens of casualties there, poorly handling the Indominus' escape and refusing to evacuate the island. She must have one hell of a lawyer.)

7) Poor Rafe Spall, a competent actor (see The Ritual, a much better monster movie), plays Greedy Corporate Guy, an antagonist so flat and obvious that I was disappointed he didn't get an Evil Laugh Scene... you know, he throws his head back and bellows "Bwahaha!" while the camera cranes up.

I love how Rafe Spall builds a containment facility for dinosaurs under James Cromwell's mansion. Cromwell plays Old Sick Naive Rich Guy. Sorry, I don't care how old, sick and naive you are: you have no excuses if you don't realize someone is HIDING DINOSAURS IN YOUR BASEMENT. Really, Trevorrow? Is this some kind of spoof?

8) CGI is fine but overused. It's a visually busy movie.

I'll give them credit for making the Indoraptor more visually distinctive than the Indominus. At least they sort of splashed some yellow on it.

9) While Bayona's direction is competent (certainly better than this script deserved), I didn't care for most of the set-pieces. Remember how Spielberg took his sweet time with the T-Rex breakout or the Raptors in the kichen? Here most action beats are over right after they begin (the Baryonyx, the Carnotaurus...). There is no build-up, no crescendo. It's the cinematic equivalent of premature ejaculation.

It's not just a matter of screentime though; the Dilophosaurus appeared in the first film for two minutes and is more memorable than any of the new creatures here. You have to do something creative and unique with your movie monsters. For example, the bunker attack could have been carried out by any carnivore; if you wanted a Baryonyx (which was possibly a semi-aquatic predator like the Spinosaurus), why not put it in the sinking gyrosphere scene?

I did enjoy the prologue with the T-Rex and the Mosasaurus, although... why would the Jurassic World engineers build a giant door which allows the Mosasaurus to reach the ocean? What kind of scenario were they envisioning where the escape of the humongous sea monster would be a positive outcome?

I mean, come on. I'm not usually a nitpicker, but this movie seems to be trolling anyone giving it a minimum amount of thought. A plot hole doesn't automatically ruin a story, but the cumulative effect of all this nonsense conveys a staggering lack of thought and care.

10) The silly ending sets up another sequel. I guess we'll finally get the inevitable War Dinosaurs.



To people asking "What were you expecting in a film about dinosaurs?", I answer: "Something maybe not on par, but at least in the same league as Jurassic Park, one of my favorite movies of all time".
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i wannna buy Messi
saskpareki22 August 2020
If a living dinasaur only sells for 10 millions ? why bother and go rescue them? they could just kidnap Leo Messi.

Be more realistic. other than that, its perfect
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lynnemac-5368331 July 2020
I just watched this movie for the 2nd time and definitely enjoyed it again. Yesterday I read the reviews and found the many bad comments interesting but uncalled for. Yes the movie had plot holes and you did need to suspend logic quite a bit but REALLY? What did you expect? It was a movie about the bringing back of dinosaurs!! A completely impossible idea. But interesting and enjoyable for a movie to sit and vege out with. Liked it a lot
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Better than the first reboot
Chanty2227 June 2020
I went into this movie not expecting much, after not really liking the first reboot. I was a fan of the classic Jurassic Park and even read both books by Michael Chrichton. But i was positively surprised by this newest release of the series.

Whereas the first reboot just tried to copy the original movie with a theme park idea and brought not much new into the series and was very boring overall, the second reboot makes alot different. For once the setting is different and not again on a secluded island. It is also alot more exciting with more suspense than the first movie. Also I liked the ending...

I would give it 8-9 out of 10.
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Jurassic + horror type.
serchvazquez3 July 2019
The next chapter in the Jurassic franchise is ok, but so good as the first Jurassic film, this movie tries to take the franchise in a new way, but there is where it fails.but as a dinosaur fan, you will enjoy this movie and possibly love it. The plot is ok, it has some flaws with the human characters, the best of the plot was the volcano idea, this and the hybrid dinosaur adds something fresh and new to the franchise.
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Great sequel
masonsaul14 July 2019
Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom isn't as good as Jurassic World but it's still a great sequel. The first half is a fast paced disaster movie and the second half is a great gothic horror. Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard once again give great performances. The CG is really impressive and J.A. Bayona's direction is excellent. The music by Michael Giacchino is amazing. However, it still relies on some characters making dumb decisions.
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One of the greatest movies in history of all time!
ritzelluke7 May 2019
Jurassic world fallen kingdom is awesome! One of my fav movies! I've seen this film at the movies 11 times. In June 21, 2018 I was like: "I've waited for this moment for three years"! I've been watching Jurassic Park movies since I was 5 years old in year 2006!
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It's quite good actually - not as bad it's perceived!
UniqueParticle19 May 2019
I happily saw this in IMAX last year which is always a great experience, I wasn't really into doing reviews until the last few months, so here we go! This really succeeded in the scares and I think the sound design is outstanding among other great things! J.A. Bayou really did something special; I think this is really epic & I don't understand the hate.
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Ignore the naysaysers - brilliant genre fimmaking!
Fred_Mopkopf1 November 2020
Bottom line: This is one of the best action adventure films of 2018. And I have to be careful not to be writing a rant against ignorant revievers instead of an actual review. So, to get it out of the way: It's interesting to note that most negative reviews on this film circle around unrealistic premises and plot points - even the eloquent reviews, and eloquence should be a sign of wisdom. Seems it isn't. People, how many times over do we have to state it: Films like these do only EXIST because realism is not core of the story. These films need to be plausible - or at least probable -, but not realistic. That's at the core of the genre. If they'd left out everything unrealistic in the film, there would be no film. And no, the first Jurassic Park movie was in no way more realistic. There are no more dinosaurs walking the earth, and there will not be any for a long time to come (if any). And it's absolutely OK for such a film to stretch suspension of disbelief from time to time, to show stupid behaviour of people and technical inaccuracies. I really don't care that the wailing Brachiosaurus is probably too heavy for the dock he's standing on. Seeing him being left behind and facing his death breaks my heart, and what kind of person do you have to be to rather be facepalming yourself during that scene instead of immersing yourself into the story? The little technicality with the presumably weak dock is by no means distractive to the story, and it is very clear why people need to point it out, along with a scathing sneer: It is more important to have a reason to join the nitpicking contest with narcisisstically motivated ranting than approving of obiously very good overall work. The story is so old: Someone took along time to build a beautiful sand castle, so let's destroy it with one quick blow. And why do those haters keep complaining about sloppy and unimaginative writing? In a world with 8 billion people and after a long storytelling history, there is only a finite number of very intelligent, surprising and new plots left to be written (if any at all). So what do actually want? Films like this not being made anymore? I have another suggestion: Just stay away from film genres you don't like. Yes, there are expensive yet stupid and wholly uninventive and sloppily written blockbuster films out there, but JWFK is by no means one of them!

And now straight to the point: JWFK is one big surprise. It ups the ante of the series significantly, and I found myself being surprised that this is my second favorite of the Jurassic Park films (right after the first one). And that credit goes primarily to director J.A. Bayona. His vision and the capability to bring it on screen is just remarkable - and that's not easy to achieve. It's not a surprise that NOT everyone is a director these day, despite contradicting claims. The staging, framing and lighting of the dinosaurs (the auction and the confrontation on the glass roof in particular), Bayona's timing, his work with actors and imaginary creatures is just great. At no point of the film I felt left cheated, bored or even insulted, as some other people say. It was just one impressing, thrilling, aesthetic rollercoaster ride. And it's also the first time in the series (which I have been an avid fan of since 1993) that I really feel with the dinosaurs. Despite earlier tries to make them (in part) the victim, the previous films where centered more on the people being the victims of dinosaur-related mayhem. But this one made me think for the first time that it was maybe wrong to un-extinct the dinosars for their own sake (yeah, yeah, you guys figured that out long before, I know), and the character of Maisie Lockwood plays a pivotal role in that realization.

I could go on and on with positive traits of the film, but there 46 recently and seen too many action-adventure, sci-fi, mystery and thriller films. I am bit bored by my own inability to find impressing films anymore and would love being able to start over. But I vividly remember, JWFK made my cinematic 2018. It it the best action-adventure I have seen this year. J.A. Bayona and his team have built one very beautiful sand castle. If you think you can relate to my self-characterization: Watch it. You won't be disappointed. By the way, if you are interested: I' am one of the people who loved 2017's KONG - SKULL ISLAND. I'm confident that if you liked that one, you will like this one, too - or the other way round.
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