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Brilliant, just brilliant
BeyondStory19 July 2016
One of the most enjoyable films I have seen this year. Iosseliani has a beautifully dry and intelligent sense of humour, which balances his astutely subtle socio-political observations perfectly.

Warm, life-affirming, empathetic, this is a film all students of the art of cinema (in fact, life in general) will (or should) relish. This is not a film for those with a lazy attitude to cinema, who expect films to do most the work for them. This is a film that requires that you bring your perception, humanity, and life-experience with you in order to fully enjoy its understated riches.

The acting was understated and charming, full of playful sight gags. Alas, the film may be difficult for some. A number of people simply gave up at the screening I attended and walked out - probably for the best – and at the end the audience gave a collective moan. Evidently, the fullness of Iosseliani's art sailed passed them, which is pity because they sat through but entirely missed a treat from one of the great artists of world cinema. Do whatever you can to see this superb gem.
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Otar Iosseliani
yusufpiskin21 January 2021
Georgian auteur Otar Iosseliani's idiosyncratic ensemble films depict normal life, but blossom with an absorbing sense of absurdism. Winter Song is no exception, uniting people through the skull of a beheaded aristocrat to form a satire of revolution that is dynamic, surreal, and outright hilarious.
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Awful, just awful
mark-403719 July 2016
Possibly the most boring film I have ever seen. Not funny, the camera person appeared to trip up regularly as they were moving around and I have no idea what the story was. It could easily have been something a high school art student put together, such was the quality. The parts I think were meant to be funny were dull and predictable. The acting was terrible, at one point a woman took a drink from a hip flask but didn't tilt it as she lowered it, clearly showing there was nothing in it. I have never seen so many people walk out of a film before (and I've seen some howlers) I think this was meant to have a deeper meaning but it was buried so deep as to be non existent. Just do whatever you can to avoid this.
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