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A confusing mess of a story...
paul_haakonsen24 April 2017
Sometimes it is unwise to keep adding additional movies to an already established movie franchise, and "A Chinese Odyssey: Part Three" was one of those incidents. Where as the previous movies were quite entertaining and interesting, this third movie completely failed to deliver where it mattered.

The storyline in "A Chinese Odyssey: Part Three" was, and I am being bluntly honest here, a scrambled and confusing mess of whatever writer Jeffrey Lau was attempting to do with the storyline. It was non-coherent and just didn't make much of any kind of sense. It was this jumble of a storyline that ultimately brought the movie down beneath mediocrity, and it never recovered from this massive blow.

I initially sat down to watch "A Chinese Odyssey: Part Three" because of the previous movies, but also because Karen Mok starred in it. But not even she lifted up the movie as she was also struggling hard with the lack of coherent script and almost non-existing storyline.

The action in the movie was adequate and nicely enough choreographed, but it was hardly enough to sustain a whole movie with action sequences alone.

It should be said that the costumes and sets were quite nice, and were as to be expected of a movie of this particular genre. So that was at least working in favor of the movie.

"A Chinese Odyssey: Part Three" is the black sheep of the family; the movie that never should have been made.

As much as I enjoy the Asian cinema, then "A Chinese Odyssey: Part Three" was a bitter pill to swallow, and it offered next to nothing in terms of entertainment value, especially in comparison to its predecessors.
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Absolute Garbage - Did Jeffrey Lau actually directed this??
clubhonda21 November 2016
3 out of 10 on IMDb sounds about right for this incoherent film which a)neither makes sense b)nor is it funny. Wu Jing might be a talented action star, but he sucks as the monk compared to the original, and the story line just doesn't make sense. The Goddess of Mercy and the Jade Emperor are also terrible.

For such a star studded cast, how can the movie be this bad?? Was the entire film crewed abducted by triads and forced to shoot this? Did a first year film student shoot this and used Jeffrey Lau's name instead? Either way, its a terrible, terrible film and should be avoided. I want 1.5hr of my life back!
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Pure fun!
M1racl3sHapp3n11 December 2017
There is a particular genre which a lot of people are not aware of and it's called Chinese Fantasy. This is an outstanding example of Chinese fantasy and there is a lot of humor in it. The story is related to the spread of Buddhism in China. It's actually a comedy so do not expect a masterpiece because it's not but if you want to be entertained and have fun with typical Chinese sense of humor then this movie is for you. The characters are excellent and believable actors and the story is a revised version of the traditional Monkey King story. I liked it very much, good CGI and impeccable acting! I had a good laugh.
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Not a sequal in the Odyssey
kvang14521 March 2018
Movie has a very good intro and concept that seems to link to the previous Chinese Odyssey. Since the movie is a decade apart in making from the prequel, everything visually, from actors to sets, will be different. A few minutes after the opening and you'll noticed that not only did the visual concepts changed, the mental state of the characters are altered. The movie kept the close to the history, but since the relationships that defines each person is severed, this movie has created not a sequel, but a separate one. Suggests not to watch in sequence to the past two odysseys.

Now time for some personal opinions: If you enjoy the previous, Chinese Odysseys, as much as a 10/10 rating, you'll be extremely disappointed in this one. The CGI hurts the eyes, the combat/action has now taken to "modern fantasy" of waving through air for magics, and the love triangle has disappeared. If you're used to modern Chinese fantasy movies, you'll do fine in seeing a new movie, as opposed to a sequel. However, you'll definitely noticed everything that's CGI, because this is one of those movies that don't use visual buffering.
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