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Sex & Nudity

  • No graphical nudity is shown in this movie. A teenage boy and girl have sex on the floor, however, both of them are clothed. There are a few kissing scenes between teenage boys and girls. A few mild sexual references. A teenage girl is seen in a swim suit.
  • A teenage boy and girl have sex in a bathroom. Scene lasts no more than 5-7 seconds, nothing shown, no nudity, it is drowned out by background music.
  • Teenage boy checks his genitals for cancer in a hospital waiting room and a young girl and mother were across from him. He realizes and explains.
  • When a male and female enter a plane, the air host explains to the female that there are no bathrooms on board, incase she was thinking of having sex and joining the mile high club.
  • A teenage boy is seen wearing shorts only, and is topless as he goes swimming.
  • A teenage girl says to a boy "Because you have seen me in a bathing costume, this must be your wet dream".
  • A girl who has cancer jokes she's never made love (on her bucket list) to her friend to wind him up

Violence & Gore

  • A boy gets tazered (a very brief scene). Boy reveals a thick black eye next morning after telling someone he was punched (you don't see the punch). Nothing much, some slapstick.


  • The following swear words are recorded throughout. S-Word x11, F-Word x1, Bitch x1, Dick x1, Balls x1, Pussy x1, Pi** x1, Bollocks x1, Bloody x1.
  • The following Blasphemy is recorded throughout. God's name taken in vain x9 (in a mild "OMG" way). Jesus' name misused twice.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A teenage party shows people drinking alcohol from bottles. One scene shows a group of teens edging someone on to down a bottle of vodka.
  • A police officer asks someone if they would like "High grade drugs" which they just confiscated from someone. It was said in jest, more than anything else.
  • One scene where a young girl takes a large swig of vodka (downing it)

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Some scenes may be upsetting for others, rather than frightening. A girl faints in a shop, where people rush to her aid. A girl keeps repeating that she has cancer and is about to die at any day. A boy explains to a girl that his sister died in a car crash when he was younger. A family are around a bed, waiting for a teenage girl with cancer to die as she is in her last moments of her life.

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