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Defend yourself, sir.
BiiivAL5 June 2018
Again, a successful example of a Spanish thriller-detective, who informally became a separate genre of world cinema. Moreover, the guest was shot by Oriol Paolo, a man who put his hand to such important tapes as "Enlightenment" (as a screenwriter) and "Body" (as a director and screenwriter).

Quite often in Spanish cinema, the action does not immediately gain momentum, but only after a while. This film did not become an exception. Initially, "Guest" may seem boring and slightly tightened, but soon enough the story begins to add to the dynamics and does not let the viewer go until the final credits. It is worth noting how well the director builds the narrative, differently presented the same events and deftly manipulating our expectations. The story line perfectly fits the chic atmospheric music.

In addition to the script, which is the main advantage of the tape, it is worth mentioning the cast of actors, represented by the colorful and highly sought-after in modern Spanish cinema Mario Casas ("Three meters above the sky", "Witches of Sugar-Murdi"), Jose Coronado ("Body") and Anoy Wachener ("Beauty"). The presence in the frame of recognizable faces, undoubtedly, goes to the film for good.

If you are not a connoisseur of the detective genre, or have not seen the previous work of Oriol Paolo, then the film outcome will certainly seem unpredictable and somewhat shocking to you. And those viewers who saw the same "Body", for certain will notice a certain similarity of these two pictures and the repetition of the director himself. All this, however, does not cancel the fact that the "Invisible Guest" is quite a worthy representative of its genre and at least one viewing deserves it.

The invisible guest is a one-time and far from ideal but intriguing and atmospheric psychological detective with elements of a thriller with worthy acting work, an ornate story and worthy final revelation.
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Holy . . . one of the best movies I have ever seen.
bola_de_pu22 June 2017
Wow, just wow. I'm and avid fan of thriller movies, but this one give me goosebumps. Jose Coronado always steal the show since I see him for the first time in another great Spanish thriller, "El Cuerpo". For one moment, you think you have all the pieces of the puzzles but the director of this masterpiece persistently change the answers and the questions. By the way, the director and writer of "Contratiempo" is the same one of "El Cuerpo". That's not a coincidence, Mr. Oriol Paulo can write. If you're a fan of thriller movies and you're having a hard time trying to find a good movie, this is the one. I say it's better that the 85% of the Hollywood thrillers these days. Another Spanish film that beat a lot of Hollywood movies without the promo and a gigantic budget. What a masterpiece!
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Want to see a great thriller? This is it!
andrbdeea9 April 2017
Can't believe this movie doesn't have more reviews here. This being my 6th movie with Mario Casas I've seen these past 2 years I can honestly say anything this man plays in becomes a hit.

What an amazing ride I had with this thriller. Top-notch movie, whenever you think you found out the plot it becomes even more twisted.

This is what thrillers are all about. A must see for the genre lovers.
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Completely shocked
mongeortiz4 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Over the past months I've realized how much improvement have Spanish movies and series done in their works. However, when it comes to thrillers, I tend to be very selective and delicate because there are a lot of elements to take into consideration.

The Invisible Guest accomplish almost all the elements in any checklist of a perfect thriller-suspense movie. The script forces you to think quickly, you can't get distracted for a second because you'll miss an important detail.

The story is told in a puzzling-kind of way, letting you feel like you finally know what is going on, just to tear your expectation apart with a new shocking truth.

Some of the actors did a pretty good job. A remarkable performance was the one from Victoria Goodman.

The music is absolutely engaging. The twisted feeling you get with the melody traps you into the story. The different tones and volumes of the music actually happen in agreement with the intensity of the sequence.

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Awesome suspense thriller.
Fella_shibby15 June 2017
Saw this recently on a DVD. The movie is an excellent suspense thriller. It was full of twists and surprises. The movie has unexpected turns n hidden clues. It is masterfully directed n exquisitely written by Oriol Paulo. Superbly acted by everyone that appears in it. It also contains beautiful cinematography, great pacing n skilled editing. The plot- a powerful businessman stands accused of murdering his lover. He was found with her dead body in a locked hotel room. The twist ending will leave you with ur hand on ur head. The director's debut film, The Body has been on my radar for a long time. Fans of Jagged edge, Primal fear, Usual suspects will definitely enjoy this.
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A very good Spanish film, Hollywood must take it for example
florian_florica29 March 2017
I haven't seen many Spanish movies so far, but I can honestly say that Contratiempo/Invisible Guest is about to be brilliant. I am not familiarized with the actors from the cast, but I can say that their acting is a very good performance and all the filming crew made a good job with this one ! Filming angles, soundtrack, story line, cast, plot, etc, all of them are a lot above the average thriller/mystery clichés that Hollywood got us used to, but still it has some minor issues that, in my opinion, of course, I would have changed. Those 'little problems' made me to decide this movie is a 9, not a 10, a 10 would be a perfect masterpiece, however, this one approaches perfection somehow. 1 hour and 46 minutes are surprisingly enough for this film, even if it may seem too little for a 9-rated movie, for the entire time I didn't get bored or badly surprised, it was just very thrilling and full of action and mystery. Contratiempo is, in my opinion, a must watch for thriller/mystery enthusiasts and legal movie fans.
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Impossible to fault
jtindahouse8 May 2017
I'm widely known for enjoying French cinema, however I believe this is the first Spanish film I have ever seen. I'm glad to confirm that it will not be my last, because this movie was incredible. It was the type of film that I like more than any other type. A mystery thriller that is guaranteed to have a twist. It's also a type of movie that Americans don't do overly well. They always seem to think that a movie needs endless car chases and shoot-outs and that the story should just be there to facilitate those. The Europeans seem to understand that the true brilliance in cinema comes from the writing side of things. The intricate webs they weave never cease to astound me.

It's always a little hard to judge acting in a subtitled film, but I'm pretty confident in saying the acting in this film was superb. The entire cast found a perfect balance of charisma and mysteriousness to surround their character. The story is crafted exquisitely and has a lot of rewatchability factor. In fact it's almost a must to watch it again, knowing what you now know. I love films that do that.

It's very hard to find any negatives with this film. In fact I've just spent 5 minutes trying to come up with some and failed. That should indicate just how good this movie is. I hope films like this never stop being made because they are an absolute delight to watch.
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Hollywood stop for 2hrs, watch this movie, take note and LEARN!!!!
vellaruben6 May 2018
I wont explain anything, it would be a waste of time. My only review is this: WATCH THIS MOVIE RIGHT NOW!!!!!!
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brockleyavenue7 May 2017
Being an avid Thriller watcher, I came across this Gem by accident....and what an adventure this movie takes you on. Who Done It, comes to mind and just when you have solved it, it then twists you into another scenario. It is in Spanish and there are Subtitles, but it doesn't take away from this masterpiece. Well done, Oriol Paulo for his direction, and well done on the film editing. I will be watching out for more of Paulo's films. Well and truly worth the watch.
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Another good Spanish mystery movie
deloudelouvain2 May 2017
I'm not very familiar with all the Spanish actors and actresses but I'm sure the ones in this movie must be the better ones from Spain. Because the acting is really good in Contratiempo or The Invisible Guest. The story is everything you want when you want to watch a mystery crime thriller. It's never boring, with plenty of twists and turns. All you want to do is know how this story will end. It keeps your attention from the first second till the last one. I saw plenty of Spanish movies and some are really good, way above average. This one is definitely one of the good ones. If you look for a good entertaining mystery movie search no further and watch The Invisible Guest. You won't regret it.
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Great suspense thriller
GinaDRX25 September 2021
I am pleasantly surprised by how good this movie is. Watched because of high IMDB score, despite that subtitle and mystery don't always mix well for me.

There are no real plot holes - which is not easy for a complicated story like Contratiempo. The story keep making turns and in the end I just went "wow!". A great movie from director Oriol Paulo.
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The Invisible Guest
henry8-319 December 2020
A lawyer debriefs a man who is suspected of murdering his lover in a sealed hotel room, when he claims another was in the room. With time against them, the two look back over the previous weeks to try to find the answer and his defence.

A typical who and how dunnit with masses of twists and turns as the lawyer unpicks what might have happened. This is all good fun, but for those used to this type of puzzle, it's not that difficult to work out broadly what the outcome is going to be and others might find the highly detailed and relatively complex plot potentially a little over engineered.
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Above average thriller with plenty of twists , turns and a suspenseful finale
ma-cortes3 April 2017
Warning: Spoilers
This is a top-notch thriller about a young businessman called Adrián Doria (Mario Casas) contracts an advocate at law (Ana Wagener) who attempts to prove his innocence for a strange crime of his lover (Barbara Lennie) happened at a luxury hotel , but events are about to get even worse . Adrián is a famous businessman and also happily married , but then his spouse to be aware his detention and treason . Shortly after , his ordinary lawyer (Francesco Orellá) informs him there is a witness to the killing has appeared and then things go awry .

¨The Invisible Guest¨ contains twisted mysteries , emotion , thrills , action and suspense . This is a highly mysterious and cerebral thriller , filled with plot twists , including an unexpected denouement in its ending part . From start to finish the complicated intrigue , fast-paced , thrills , and suspense result to be continuous . Hitchcock-style psychological thriller , being surprisingly good and compellingly shot . The original as well entertaining premise is overspread across the movie adding some brief conventional pitfalls . The main cast is frankly good , as Mario Casas as the egoistic businessman accused of murdering his sweetheart played by Barbara Lennie who plays perfectly his beautiful lover . Support cast is pretty good such as Francesc Orella , Paco Tous , David Selvas and José Coronado as a revengeful father seeking justice . Special mention for Ana Wagener as a cunning lawyer and playing a double role . The picture is very well , though sometimes stagy and it has a lot of turns . However , being very entertaining for its successive suspense . This mystery murder was stunningly produced by various prestigious producers : Eneko Lizarraga , Núria Valls Sofía Fábregas , Mercedes Gamero , Sandra Hermida , Adrián Guerra , and Mikel Lejarza , all of them have financed a great number of successes in the recent Spanish cinema . This interesting thriller displays a colorful and luxurious cinematography by Xavy Giménez . Being shot on location in Vizcaya , País Vasco , Girona and Barcelona, Catalonia . And stirring and emotive score by Fernando Velázquez . This recent film by Spanish writer/director Oriol Paulo was well and professionally directed . Oriol previously realized short movies , he wrote "The Julia eyes" and directed the successful "The body" or ¨El Cuerpo¨ , another suspense style similar to ¨The invisible guest¨ or ¨Contratiempo¨. It is well worth watching and it packs several thrilling as well as suspenseful scenes . rating : 7.5/10 , better than average ; it is a highly mysterious movie that keeps you interested and expecting .
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Waooo!!! Perfect Movie
ruhsa22 February 2018
This is one of the best movies I've ever seen. The incredible performances of the main actress along with fantastic story line make this movie unforgettable. The end is really amazing, the movie keeps pointing you to wrong directions all the time, until eventually reveals the whole truth.

This movie is simply .. . extraordinary. I am so happy because I have watch this movie. It's an art!

My rating is 9/10 .
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Be My Guest
Richie-67-4858525 July 2017
This is a movie where when paying attention to every scene the viewer is rewarded with meaningful and purposeful action and dialog not suspecting that all the while something is afoot but what? That's why you stay tuned and glued to the screen not wanting to miss out on what is being acted out or presented. This is the first time I have come across this type of thriller. You see not only does this movie entertain but it also challenges you to take a side and share a point of view that when done is doubted because of the next scene and what takes place. Just when you think you have a reasonable explanation for what is and has taken place, a new fact enters in making you say "what is going on" in a good way. At that point, you are wholly committed and don't know that you have been captured and the movie now has you in its grasp. This is quality entertainment. Kudos to the story teller, the director and actors for pulling off a nice memorable movie that you will want to not only discuss but recommend as well. I always watch Netlfix with subtitles because I have learned so much goes on in movies that one may miss and the sub titles make little comments like wind blowing or so & so is speaking or car door slamming enabling the viewer to become intimate with the flick. My wife and I read every line and even rewound a couple of scenes to see if we were "getting this". All and all a good, decent ride. Highly recommend sunflower seeds or popcorn so you don't chew your nails to shreds and forget about any and all distractions (cell phone) too. Give this movie your time and it will give you a nice return on that time guaranteed
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adelectee21 May 2021
Wow, what a film.

Caught my attention from the get go.

Loved the twist at the end, quite unexpected.
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Short but Effective one
vpashish26 October 2021
The story of the movie was groundbreaking. The Acting and direction was outstanding. Worth watching one for sure. Just felt that it was kinda a short movie. With that story a good 3 hours + movie could have been easily made by adding some more elements in the story. This would have increased the intensity of the movie. But even this one grabs your really well till the end.
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a wow of a movie
blanche-210 May 2021
I can only say about this film: OMG.

This is a Spanish film starring Mario Casas and Ana Wagener,

I have to say, I figured out the big twist but there are plenty of twists to go around.

A well-known Steve Jobs type (Casas), married with a young daughter, is having an affair with a photographer (Barbara Lennie). He has told his family he is going to Paris; instead, he has a rendezvous with her. On their way back home, they are in a car accident. The young man (Inigo Gastesi) in the other car seems to be dead.

I am going to leave it there and just say if you like this kind of thriller, this is a MUST SEE. It is INCREDIBLE.
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Spanish Agatha Hitchcock...
Xstal20 July 2020
You know pretty early in this Spanish Agatha Hitchcock there's going to be some curve balls thrown, it leaves the door open for any number of conclusions. My advice, find a dubbed version so the subtitles don't distract as the dialogue is pretty pacy to say the least - and you really need to focus on the action.
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This is what we call thriller!!
Emerenciano29 July 2018
Thrillers, as I see them, I not simply another action film. Thrillers thrill! That's it, simple as it may sound. And this titles thrills! From the first minute to the very end of the film we enjoy what we see. The plot is great and what a direction! Great! I highly recommend "Contratiempo".
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A Gem among all trash
joyceccyang10 June 2021
This is such a great great movie! I love it so much !!! The tempo, plot, and cast are perfect !!!
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An insult to intelligence
newjersian8 June 2019
Warning: Spoilers
It's a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma how this movie got such a high rating. It doesn't contain goofs. The movie as a whole is one big endless goof. The plot is full of holes so it looks like a fisherman's net. Let's start with the obvious ones. -The movie begins with Adrian calling his wife and telling her that he's in Paris. His lawyer supposedly falsifies the hotel and flight records (which is highly implausible). However, investigators definitely checked Adrian's home phone record and could easily establish that the call was actually made from Spain. That means the movie ends here. -Then the investigators find out that the call was made from a hotel where Adrian parked his car. Adrian claims that his car was stolen from the parking lot. Since later Laura drives that car which was serviced by Tomas Garrido, this implies that Laura was the thief? -Daniel's car didn't hit any obstacle, didn't turn over, the air bags didn't pop up, and its windshield stayed intact. How in the world could Daniel be fatally injured in that accident? Laura says that his belt was not buckled. But what difference does it make if Daniel's "corpse" didn't move an inch from his comfortable position in the driver's seat? -Just looking at Daniel, Adrian and Laura decide that he is dead. Later Adrian reveals that Daniel was actually very alive. Didn't two lovers mention that Daniel is breathing? Why didn't they check his pulse? -There was absolutely no sensible justification for getting rid of Daniel's body. The lovers didn't do anything wrong. If they didn't want to reveal their affair, Adrian could just walk away. Anyway Laura stayed alone in his car. -It is impossible to sink a car in the water by just pushing it from the shore. To do that one needs to push the car from a cliff or a bridge. -Laura transfers a big amount of money from the bank where Daniel worked. Where the money was transferred to? The investigators could easily check the internet IP address from which the transfer was made. And that would lead them to Laura. -Adrian pulls out of his account 100,000 euro in cash and in small bills. Any bank in Europe would report it, especially, when the account owner is under investigation as a major suspect in a murder. Police would immediately bring him for interrogation. -The hotel room where Laura's body was found immediately becomes the crime scene. Anyway, a hotel employee not only enters the crime scene but she also succeeds to lock the window (a critical evidence) in a room filled with police officers. -The false lawyer Virginia Goodman talks to Adrian for a couple of hours while her face is getting very close to him. She is wearing a silicon mask, and Adrian doesn't mention that? That's childish. I give this movie just one star because it insulted my intelligence. At these days many movie producers are working to entertain unscrupulous viewers without paying attention to the truth and with minimum care about the details.
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ashishsureshbhosle27 May 2021
After watching El Inocente latest on Netflix, I started hunting for such Great Spanish crime thriller, suspense kind of movies & undoubtedly The Invisible Guest have already holding the spot in that. What a movie, to the point, no waste of time, Limited locations, super talented cast, incredible story. Once you start watching you will not leave it unending. My worth 100 minutes of watching this beautiful content. I would've given 10 however, the only reason I gave 9 is because the ending I personally thought sorry of unrealistic. It was absolutely mind blowing but, bit doesn't looked practical. Overall a must watch.
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Making things ... appear
kosmasp22 June 2017
Have you seen the movie "Body"? The one that was made before that. It's a great movie and was just an exercise if you will or training session for this one. A much bigger scope, a constant guessing game and tension that is filled to much, that it almost burst through the screen. The characters are well drawn and this does warrant repeated viewing, just so you know what you might have missed.

Story wise I will not tell you anything other than it's about a murder. A "whodunnit" as they like to say. It's best watching this with as little pre-information as possible. Just let the movie work its magic on you. And it will be really good magic it has to offer, if thrillers are your thing that is of course
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So many twists that it gets laughable
vegeta-julian7 November 2018
It started off quite okay. But somewhere in the middle there's and explosion of possible narratives and each tries to trump over the one before. That gets a bit ridiculous, like: "What if x happened?", "Yeah, but was if y happened?", "I see your cool story, bro and raise you that z happened!" At that point the ultimate "twist" at the end can be seen in advance and left me wondering about some plotholes. It had a lot of potential to be really cool, but it tried too hard and became a satire of the genre.
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