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The Seventeen Nude Shots
Michael_Elliott18 July 2015
Queen of the Werewolves (2015)

*** 1/2 (out of 4)

Highly entertaining featurette from Shout Factory! has actress Sybil Danning talking about the making of HOWLING II. She starts off talking about how she got into modeling and why acting never crossed her mind. From here she goes into detail about being hired for this picture and touches on various subjects dealing with the production including working with Christopher Lee, shooting behind the Iron Curtain in Russia and her reaction to the end credit sequence. In case you don't know, Danning did a nude scene during a film and in order to sell the movie the producer took this one scene and played it over and over and over again during the end credits. If you're a fan of Danning and the film then you're certainly going to love this interview because it touches on many subjects and there's no doubt that it's interesting to hear her thoughts on the credits sequence and what her initial reaction was.
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