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"I guess we'd better bless their souls."
classicsoncall17 October 2021
Warning: Spoilers
I applaud the film makers for making what could have been a long, drawn out story into a compact little revenge Western. There aren't any time wasting fillers with characters riding back and forth to conclude their mission. With that said though, this is only about average in regard to story telling, with nothing original adding to the genre. What it boils down to is outlaw brother Sam Porter (Cai Dale) experiencing a change of heart while captured by the Pastor (Glenn Conroy), a religious man, but not above a little revenge himself for the murder of his wife. The Pastor is accompanied by his daughter (Jina Rahimi) and a partner going by the name of Quinn (Daniel Sommerford), who's relationship to his traveling companions isn't noted. Though the hint of a romance between Mary (Rahimi) and Sam is never broached, one can sense that her defense of him at the hands of her father and Quinn is evaluated by the outlaw, and inspires him to take up arms against Ned Porter (Emmanuel Koutsis) and his gang. The imminent showdown, like the rest of the picture, is brief and to the point, ending where one might expect at least a few more minutes before a final denouement. Which is fine, because it allows you to form your own judgment about what happens next. It can go in any number of directions.
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not a bad story, but poor casting
steveswangler29 July 2021
The costuming was terrible. Several of the actors were very miscast.

Several of the characters were superhuman, considering the bullets in their bodies.

Overall, with a better budget and more attention to the state of the costumes and better actors for several characters, this could be a fine film.
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A poetic journey into a classical revenge story
blairerich-5275418 August 2021
Like most westerns, it's a revenge-driven plot but with a pretty great storyline and some real spirited scenes. The camera work, cinematography, and editing are all great. I particularly loved the performance of Glenn Conroy as the Pastor, as even the subtleness in his voice comes to define his character. Overall, not a perfect film but a really pleasant and exciting watch.
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Poor costuming
hkhollis29 August 2021
Nice way to lose all interest at point when deciding to keep watching or turn off...a 50 star US flag at a frontier post...see it for yourself about 15 minutes can something 4th grade history teaches be so overlooked.
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