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A touching film
non-shill6 October 2019
I am terrible at writing reviews, and rarely see the point in doing so, given that there are so many that are fake or of otherwise negative intent. But I felt compelled to review this film.

I grew up starving for a positive male role model, and so I related quite strongly to this story. I can understand those who don't have that connection finding the film slow or outright boring.

For my part, though, I very much enjoyed a story that spoke to the need for such a figure in a young boy's life.

My uncle actually moved in with us for a time, and I relished it--but my mother thought his dating lifestyle was a negative influence, so she kicked him out. It was agonizing to me. And yet I said nothing.

We are human beings that have needs. Being ignored and/or abused and/or ridiculed relentlessly are not among them.

Thank you for telling a worthwhile story from such an incredibly rare angle.
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Underrated movie...
riffat-8780510 October 2019
Again and again i just can't understand why we sometimes underrated some movies, and sometimes overrated others!!! this move as i seen -humbly- so simple, quiet, small budget, but so touchy, and as in Breaking Bad series, Aaron paul give us entertaining performance, besides the kid Dany Murphy, with flowless, quiet soundtrack. Simple movie, but convenance. simple movie but so convincing in performance, directing, soundtrack, scenario and the story.
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Very Poignant
jdavid5527 October 2019
Warning: Spoilers
As someone said, it is VERY slow moving. But it's such a good story that it is a MUST SEE! The boy hardly speaks during the film, yet he conveys such emotion with his expressions. Deaf in real life, young Danny Murphy needs the help of his parents and teachers. Then he bonds with a fugitive who needs HIM for food, medical care, and his trust. The way the criminal gets him to stand up to a school bully is priceless. The boy hardly gets along with his distant father, yet develops a deep feeling of love for the violent man on the run. The ending might make you cry, as I did. Highly recommended for movie fans who aren't expecting a lot of action.
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Well Acted, Quiet, Thoughtful & Also Quite Familiar
TwistedContent8 October 2019
A new Aaron Paul movie 2 days before the release of "El Camino" helps the anticipation a little bit - without a shadow of a doubt he proves again that he's a great actor. This time, a great actor in an otherwise decent and potentially (depends on the viewer) emotional drama.

I can't help but feel like the story of "The Parts You Lose" feels very, very familiar, all the plot points and themes have been explored before, probably more than tens of times. However, it doesn't make the movie any less enjoyable. Not only Aaron Paul, but the whole cast commits to their characters, strong performances all around. It was nice to to encounter Mary Elizabeth Winstead again whom I hadn't seen since 2016's "Cloverfield Lane 10". I think it'd be fair to call the movie a character study, although maybe not the deepest or most original one. The themes of abuse & bullying are explored, and the movie has an equal amount of bitter and sweet moments. I can't deny that "The Parts You Lose" managed to move me, there were those glimpses. The main character we follow is a boy with impaired hearing, speech, low self-worth and troubling life, and he befriends a criminal, portrayed by Aaron Paul. Of course there's going to be strong emotions involved. On a side note, I'm a little confused about the fact that the movie has the genres action and thriller listed for it here it's not really an action movie & it's a drama way before it's a thriller.

"The Parts You Lose" is not an essential viewing expierence, not inovative either, but it is well made in every aspect of filmmaking & has a little bit of that "Fargo" feel. Slightly. Probably partially thanks to the wintery and rural setting... If you like Aaron Paul or enjoy stories like the one this movie offers - go for it. My rating: 6/10.
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a devious story.
ops-525354 October 2019
Its a film, shot in a layer of greengrey subtle surroundings where the smoky mist of whatever inoors wouldve killed me before saying''fire''.no fires for sure, just a gentle subsad story taking place somewhere out in the icecold snowy northern plains somewhere in the dakotas.

its a film about a deaf boy that does his samaritan duty to help people in despair, but in this case he helps and hides a murderous criminal in a building near his home. its not a happy boy , being bullied at school and messed around by his father who treats him like a thorn in the ay, the boys mother is a passive bystander not knowing what to do and his sister is a bigger star to the father than he will ever be. this leads to a deep and emotional connection to the criminal, and the boy does all of his might to feed, take care of and protect his new figure of trust.

its a drama with some indirect crime put into it, the location and setting hits a bullseye to tell a harsh and bitterly sad story. the narrative are heavily based on what a deaf child would percept from his sourroundings, so far well done. the cast does an above average job, the child acting are great, the score are subtle and grieving, and the filmatographic impression are outstandding.

its a very viewable flick of sad living, and the only major drawbback seeing this film is the slow driven pace of the plot. there are also a few inconsistensies and unrealistic takes in the story , e.g its snow on the ground all the time, and nobody sees the footprints in the snow from the evasive child hiding the fugitive, not even the police searching the premises at least 3 times.

the grumpy old man does recommend, its not funny, and doesnt suit children under 9, but may be a wake up call to everyone else
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An outstanding all-around film
TheTopDawgCritic10 October 2019
Novice director Christopher Cantwell creates an inviting sense of tension and interaction, always preserving the human side of the story to best retain viewer attention. This film is a great example of a beautifully crafted and photographed, low-key thriller that doubles as a terrific character study about marginalized people. They easily could have turned this setup into a thriller, but instead, they've made a quiet, thoughtful film. Every frame is filled with significant, illuminating details. Bravo to writer Darren Lemke for not over-Hollywood-ing this story. The casting was excellent, and Paul with the young British deaf actor Danny Murphy were terrific together, with Paul playing a wounded bear growling his lines and Murphy delivering a fully realized performance. The critics were too hard on this gem. It's a well deserved 9/10 from me.
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Not an action thriller!
joemalone200022 December 2019
Perhaps poor genre classification is the only place this movie went wrong, because there is no action, and no thrills, and once you set your expectations towards this being a coming of age drama, then you will not be disappointed. Rather like Jeremy Renner's performance in Wind River, this was a movie that transformed my opinion of Aaron Paul, from capable supporting actor, to talented leading man. The performance from both him and Danny Murphy are superb and completely engaging. I'm shocked that as I write this, the movie scores 5.7 on IMDB, and am convinced that this is because it was sold as something it isn't, an action thriller. If you expect that, then yes, you'll be disappointed. If you want to watch a beautifully crafted, absorbing and thought provoking movie, then you won't be disappointed. I actually had no preconceptions when I saw it, and I loved it, from beginning to end.
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eyeintrees23 January 2020
In today's movie watching world it seems crap is winning. When a very good drama such as this one comes along it somehow has a low rating with a bunch of action-hooked clones citing it long and boring.

The boy is superb, his face perfectly cast with expressions that captivate and yet are definitely not over acting. The rest of the cast is excellent. Although this theme may have been already explored this movie is not tired or cliche, that being partly because the acting is spot on and the script good and the cinematography superb.

If you feel like a movie that deals with human beings and not cyborgs or hyped brain-noise, this is worth the watch.
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Surprisingly great
alexmcgonigle-0759329 March 2020
The movie, while slow, had some very touching elements to it and had some thrilling sequences. The lead boy carries a big part of the movie and did a great job! Aaron Paul also played his role very well. It was a touching and heartbreaking story that was a surprise for me
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Loved this movie
s-andra-195726 March 2020
What an incredible acting job by Aaron Paul and this young boy Danny Murphy! The writing was really brilliant A Great Expectations with a big twist! Aaron Paul is Oscar worthy in this role as his many roles show he is an awesome actor! Danny Murphy is brilliant playing this role he emotes does well with just his eyes! Loved this movie 🍿 Get some popcorn and enjoy the afternoon watching this!
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A bit slow but it's still engaging
Gordon-117 October 2019
This film tells the story of a young boy who befriends a dangerous fugitive.

The story is slow but it is engaging. It tells the sadness of the boy in detail, and it is particularly heart breaking to see what happens to him in the end. It is a film that makes you feel for the boy and the fugitive.
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Aaron Paul is ❤❤❤
razaawan-632654 October 2019
Aaron paul at his best. No words for his rememberable performance....
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Extremely Slow Paced Drama
larrys326 December 2019
Danny Murphy portrays Wesley here, a lonely, hearing-impaired, and bullied 10-year-old boy who bonds with a wounded fugitive (Aaron Paul) after Wesley finds him in the snows of North Dakota. Wesley offers the fugitive shelter and food while he recovers and in return receives much need life's lessons.

The pacing here is extremely slow and some of the plot elements are nonsensical, like how can Wesley's mother (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) have seemingly no clue that her son is gone for long periods of time. Although the acting is solid, with Winstead being one of my favorite actresses, the lack of energy in the film hampered it greatly, in my opinion.

Overall, although I was interested enough to stay with the movie to see how it would eventually turn out, it just became too much of a slog.
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Sometime You Win, Sometimes You Lose?
WalkdenEntertainment14 January 2020
A young boy named Wesley (Danny Murphy) is hearing impaired. Wesley is able to communicate with others by reading lips or through the use of sign language. He doesn't speak and generally keeps to himself. Wesley attends a local school and on a daily basis puts up with bullying from fellows students. One day while Wesley is walking home from school he discovers a man (Aaron Paul) in the snow. The mysterious man is suffering from a gun shot wound and Wesley realises the stranger is in fact wanted by the police for a bank robbery which had occurred in Wesley's town. Wesley decides to give the man shelter and food until he is able to recover. As you would expect, over time the two develop a unique bond and friendship.

Unfortunately this type of tale isn't something new in the world of cinema. One minor element that sets this film apart is that Wesley as a leading character doesn't speak, therefore the film will require the surrounding cast to carry the film when it comes to dialogue. Secondly our wanted man is played by Aaron Paul who is best known for his role in the hit TV series "Breaking Bad".

As a plot, it is generally a predictable one from start to finish. While I felt the plot was predictable, there were elements to the plot I wished the film would have actually expanded on further to make the story more interesting, but sadly these details are skipped over and the film stays on a very basic and safe path.

Aaron Paul's performance is generally positive but unfortunately I feel sorry for the actor as he will always be Jessie Pinkman in my eyes. Many moments from are very similar to his previous work, especially when he's being threatening to others. The bond that the two share at times is positive and for me was possibly the main highlight of the entire film. The performance by Danny Murphy as Wesley was outstanding from a child performer.

The duration of this film is short but it also feels slow and dragged out. There are no real action scenes nor any suspense throughout the film. This is simply a drama film.

Other well known actors also appear in this film as Wesley's parents (played by Mary Elizabeth Winstead & Scoot McNairy) but ultimately they play weak characters who never really get a proper outcome in the film. Both of these actors are better than the roles they play here (particularly Mary Elizabeth Winstead- you're better than this).

The film's tone and style is gritty and dark which is very suitable considering the film's themes. Visuals of the snow and the town itself (North Dakota) were always convincing and positive.

Overall, this is a film which unfortunately didn't feel new to me and its storyline was rather predictable from start to finish. Witnessing what feels like a repeated performance from actor Aaron Paul was dissatisfying even though the relationship that develops between him and the young young boy was positive. Solid cast line up, but sadly it's all missed opportunity.

3.7/10 Walkden Entertainment
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good insight into real life, relationships, emotion, poverty, disease
asocialis28 December 2019
This movie is neither good neither bad. Can't be rated or compared. For example it lacks most things we expect to see in a movie like action, surprise, inspiration, curiosity. No any lesson to absorb or learn. Nothing exceptional to see. But it is real. Shows us how it is possible to have good relationship with person recognized as bad (fugitive) by society, and bad relationship with person recognized as acceptable or good (father or schoolmate) by society. This movie just shows us what we sooner or later may experience or notice in life, and shows various aspects and factors that may affect us, including emotions, poverty, and health. It was a bit boring to only watch one location or kid who does not talk or hear well, but at least it is very realistic, so no reason to complain. The emotional reactions and attachments look very real too.
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Fathers and Sons
lavatch8 January 2020
Warning: Spoilers
"The Parts You Lose" is a thoughtful, atmospheric film set in the bleak clime of South Dakota. In a landscape that often reveals the wasteland, a young boy with a hearing and speech disability bonds with criminal on the run. But the "bad guy" turns out to be the kind of father for which the boy yearns.

The film aesthetics were superb in capturing the winter scenes in the tiny community of Richfield. From the outset, it was clear that young Wesley has a loving mother, but his father was distant, uncaring, and even abusive. Even in his special education classes, Wesley suffers from the classroom bully. The kid literally has nowhere to go for genuine support.

Wesley obviously takes after his compassionate mother, as he drags a large adult male with a gunshot wound into the family barn. There, the story unfolds of the mentoring of the adult male and a youngster starved for human contact. On the one hand, Wesley learns about the mechanics of playing checkers. But he also learns about what it means to win and to lose.

The film's title pertains to finger lost by the criminal. He claims that a tiger bit off the finger. But the take-home message for Wesley is that the experience motivated the criminal to learn how to hunt and to survive.

The filmmakers were successful in developing a set of multi-dimensional characters. Just as Wesley's father was not a cardboard cutout villain, so the criminal was not an angel. The film unfolded in a way that life unfolds with an ebb-and-flow in the character interactions.

But, at heart, the film incisively portrays the relationships of fathers and sons. The criminal got a raw deal from his own father, who burned down the family home to collect on the insurance. He recognizes that Wesley is on a similar curve as his own childhood due to the erratic dad. The film demonstrates the power of compassion from the perspective a deeply flawed man, who recognized at some level that he had something meaningful to offer a little boy.
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pdbodyshop3 November 2019
Aaron Paul's acting is somewhat lacking. He's just not that good outside of Breaking Bad but then the rest of the characters are not that great either. Very slow moving film, no suspense, no drama. Plain old boring Imo.
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Creative Storytelling
westsideschl18 February 2020
From the wastelands of Manitoba comes another crime story with a complex interweaving of subplots: A school bullied partially deaf boy; an unsettled homelife; a chance encounter with a criminal hiding from justice; said criminal receives then offers help to the young man. The viewer meanwhile is left to ponder the ethics of the situation.
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This is not an action film! No action scene at all! Slow like hell! Avoid at all freaking cost!
kwenchow10 October 2019
Warning: Spoilers
This film start with a mute and deaf boy "Wesley" bully by his schoolmate and he found a wounded man "Aaron Paul" on a road full of snow scene! As turnout, Aaron Paul is a robber, he is the only survivor, after four of his gang kill by police! This film is about Wesley saving him and befriend with him! Entire film slow like hell! Not a single laughable scene! The conversation also freaking boring! Full of overuse playing chess scene! Barely intense scene is, Aaron Paul break a piggy bank, and use it to teach Wesley hitting on a gas tank! At the end, a bunch of police arrive and kill Aaron Paul! This scene not even show to us! Just depict with long angle and we just hear the gun sound! At the very end, Wesley found a chess box with money in it, and he hid it in his house! That's it! Really wasting time to watch! Definitely not recommended!
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Wanted to like this so bad but I just diddn't
michaelvibes28 March 2020
Aaron Paul alone is the only reason why I gave any stars. Guy is an amazing actor in almost every role he does. Sadly I would not recommend this movie even as quick flick on a rainy day.

Movie drags along at a snails pace and just never seems to pick up traction at all. The premise itself isnt bad to me, it was the execution of it. Just thought they could done better job going in depth on somethings. Also this movie is listed as an action on almost everything and I'm not understanding as to why theres zero action and I mean zero, this is a straight up drama movie.
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