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5 Oct. 2015
Gut Punch
Natalie begins to think about Maggie's assertion that she focuses too much of her life on her children, while she should spend more time thinking about herself. Natalie may disagree. Something that Natalie does not yet know is that Caleb is contemplating going to Africa for the summer on a work term, while figuring out what to do about his relationship with Ariel. Emma has just started a triathlon program - something that Natalie feels will take up too much of her precious time - while she adjusts to being in the same class as Romy. Gifted Romy may have problems ...
12 Oct. 2015
Everything Must Go
After receiving her terminal cancer diagnosis, Natalie needs to turn to her loved ones for support, most specifically all of her siblings and Danielle, but most specifically not her children, the news which she wants to hide from them until she has a plan in place about what to do about them following her death. This task takes on additional emotional gravitas as she learns about the continued issues in each of her children's lives. But Natalie becomes emotionally distraught when she can't get a hold of any of the people who she tries to contact, unaware of what's ...
26 Oct. 2015
The Part That Decides My Fate
Oliver returns to Montreal on the news of Natalie's diagnosis. Although Natalie appreciates the support, Gerald can't help but wear his feelings about who he considers his irresponsible son on his sleeve, much to Janine's chagrin. Janine feels the need to defend Oliver, to Gerald or anyone else who may take issue with his lifestyle. Oliver's return also has a profound effect on Maggie, who makes a couple of impulsive decisions, one which makes her relationship with Simon and Sarah more complicated. Natalie and Andrew do end up going on a date, which doesn't sit well ...
2 Nov. 2015
Love Your Tumour
As Natalie awaits the results of her latest biopsy, she continues her relationship with Andrew, who she has not yet told about her cancer. She is given some news about her job, that news which she accepts with mixed feelings. Maggie tries to move on from her decision to quit her less than happy job, which is more difficult than she imagines, while she receives some surprising news concerning her relationship with Simon and Sarah. Matthew and Nicole discuss what the return of Natalie's cancer means for them in their previous offer to act as the guardians for Natalie's ...
9 Nov. 2015
The Unbelieving
While avoiding Andrew's texts, Natalie decides to take D.'s advice at least to speak to a woman named Sybil, a "cellular reprogrammer" who D. believes can help Natalie emotionally. Beyond believing what Sybil does a crock, especially in how she purportedly helped D. with her issue, Natalie has to decide what to take away from the session, including whether she should tell the kids about her cancer. While she begins to worry about what she will do for a job, Maggie has to decide what to do about her love and sex life in light of her truly not identifying herself to be ...
16 Nov. 2015
Holy Water
Natalie finally tells her children about the return of her cancer without ever using the words "die" or "death". Each of the three takes the news differently based partly on other things happening in their lives. As Caleb already knew seeing news of Natalie's biopsy on D.'s refrigerator, he wants especially Emma to step up more this time around than she did during Natalie's first bout of cancer, as he is currently preoccupied with Ariel's pregnancy and what it means holistically for his life, the pregnancy about which he has not yet told anyone. Romy wants to know ...
23 Nov. 2015
Seeing Red
Natalie organizes a birthday dinner for Emma that nobody wants.
30 Nov. 2015
My Body Lies Over the Ocean
Natalie struggles to convince Caleb to accept responsibility for his criminal actions.
7 Dec. 2015
Dark Retreat
With Natalie's decision to switch the focus of her remaining columns to her illness and imminent death, she gets reaction from all sides. With it, she also comes to some conclusions about a question previously asked of her: "Do you want to die happy?" As such, she decides to go on an overnight retreat with Andrew, the nature of which she doesn't tell him until they get there. Natalie designates Emma as the head of household while she's away as Caleb has an engagement he would rather not miss, he not divulging to his mother that it is a date with D. Emma gets into ...
14 Dec. 2015
Should Have Known Better
Receiving a telephone message from Romy in combination with other news he's heard, David, Natalie's ex-husband, returns to Montreal. While he has certain motives for coming back, Natalie tells him in no uncertain terms that she intends to sign custody of the girls to Matthew and Nicole, meaning that he would have no legal right to them after she dies. Natalie also learns from Dr. Basra that she may be eligible for an experimental drug trial. It has so far shown promising results, but there are no guarantees and there are also risks. Nicole continues to have ...

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