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mr_miyagii1 September 2016
I'm really disappointed with this movie. Scenario had only couple funny sentences, and that's it, and I assume this should be a comedy. If you expecting romantic movie you will be disappointed, because the only thing we see there is some people with some inessential problems, and making big thing out of it. Slow development of story, although is unpredictable because you can't expect that someone will devote such attention on not important details. The only bright thing in this movie is cast, which is making me confused why did they do this especially Sudeikis. It's cast with big experience i just don't understand need for this.
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to call it average would be over-selling
dilpreet-558-5190883 June 2016
don't get me wrong, i GET the movie is supposed to be a light, popcorn movie..your average clichéd chickflick...and i love them....somedays you just want a silly corny cheesy movie to put a smile on your face...

the problems is that it fails at even is not a romantic does not explore the parents-kid relationship beyond the whole "oh im a man i cant say tampon" cliché is not about friendship....i mean what was the point of even making this movie...

i love interconnected romcom movies...but this is just ..pointless...i have no other words to describe it..

and the only thing that was more horrible than julia roberts wig was the direction.
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Worst. Movie. Ever.
lenamaradottir12 June 2016
I have seriously, never in my entire life, seen something on screen that was this painful to watch (including Jackass and Klovn).

Poorly written, poorly executed, unenthusiastic acting from otherwise talented people. Just awful. I feel hurt and betrayed. I want my money back. And my time (finally out of the house, with my fiancé. Great date. NAHT.) From the outrageously racist jokes, the fat jokes, the stereotypical comic reliefs, the utterly pointless scenes and unbelievably unrealistic characters - Just the worst.

I expected a pointless, turn-off-your-brain low quality romcom but never did I imagine it being SO BAD. To a few of my favorites acting in this film: Please - PLEASE - have more ambition in the future.
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A very promising story which was ruined by utterly poor execution
jay-techie20079 June 2016
Mother's Day had a very promising story which was ruined by utterly poor execution and a complete waste of acting talent which was loaded due to the casting of the movie.

Story (7/10): Well, nothing was so much wrong with the story. Four different lives, four different challenges and at some point of time, they cross the paths - and all of it is centered around the hullabaloo of Mother's Day. They all have their own theories and ideas for the big day but they end up doing almost nothing that they originally thought of - and that's where teeny tiny bit of the fun lies in the movie. A well conceptualized story though.

Acting (5/10): Acting is where this entire movie falls apart in spite of big names like Julia Roberts and Jennifer Anniston. Anniston still seems to be in that "Friends" zone with her dialog delivery. The expressions are off and doesn't seem to be in the character really, except for last few minutes in the climax. Julia Roberts holds pretty much a flat face throughout the movie. Jason Sudeiki was probably the only saving grace. The rest of the cast makes a decent attempt but aren't able to lift up the movie.

Direction (4/10): The direction of the movie is awful. Close to half of the movie misses the flow and the scenes look like stitched together as the director struggles to smoothly transition from one story to another. The screenplay is pathetic and isn't able to hold the audience more than few seconds. It is only at the end that things come together when the four characters converge. However, the overall execution of the movie "executes" the story. It just looks like the director suddenly realized that Mother's Day is arriving and he has to release a movie before that.

Overall (5/10): Poorly executed. Should give it a pass.
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A movie about real life
pamma0929 April 2016
OK there are many negative reviews of this movie - I do not think it is meant to be an Oscar nominee. It is a movie about families with different needs/problems/real life issues and it is centered around Mother's Day. Just as Valentine's Day is a big favorite of millions of people - it did not get any Oscars - but it is a movie that people remember. Sometimes that is better. Three families with problems. A one year anniversary for a mother's death, a divorce, and sisters with secrets from parents. and a commitment issue woman wanting to know her birth mother. Of course things get smoothed out - but it was fan watching it all happen. It is move about real life and I appreciate that. The sound track is fun, the pratfalls are OK, but the stories are real. If you have been through a divorce - you will understand. Not a great movie but a believable one.
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fluturoj1 August 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Very, very disappointed with this movie. There is no real-life link or lessons or messages that have been sent through or even tried to be sent through. The story lines are all over the place, there is no real development on the story lines and they are extremely short. Characters are also not developed at all. The only character that was a little deeper was that Jen, the others had no time to be developed.

Great cast but some mediocre acting. Jen and Kate I found to be good, the others not so impressive. Very, very disappointed in Jack though. What was wrong with him. His acting was so bad. I was excited to see him in this movie because usually I am a fan of his but in this movie he was so bad. The only scenes that he did well were those on the stage since he has real life experiences on comedy life acts and I think he felt more comfortable. But that is not acting at all if you can only do things that are real in your real life. It is the opposite actually. In any other scenes when actual acting was required he just wasn't good at all.

I guess the only good thing about this movie despite having a famous cast is that it is warm since it revolves around motherhood.
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Much better than the critics reviews
burnettnicole6 May 2016
I loved it. My husband and I thoroughly laughed until my stomach hurt. This movie is very funny and has lots of funny tag lines to laugh about later. I don't get the rude reviews and the harsh comments. I thought it was very well done and a different twist. If you are super critical and everything offends you easily, this isn't the movie for you. But if you like a good clean movie that isn't filled with naked sex starved scenes you will enjoy it. It is nice sometimes not to get cussed out and see every body part on a person. Just good clean fun is enjoyable too. It has many judgmental aspects, but it's a comedy, get over yourself. People make things too deep. The critics are just that, too critical. They rip movies apart so much it's hard to please them.

This movie is funny and as a mother (sister and child), I loved it. My mother would have enjoyed it too. I will be recommending it to whomever wants a unique take on a movie. I thought it was going to be sappy and it wasn't. I laughed repeatedly, my husband did too and so did the entire theater. My sister and I went on a double date, loved by us all. Great movie.
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A perfect Mother's Day gift if you hate your mother
andynaik27 April 2016
Well, this was worse than I had expected. A movie about Mother's Day should invoke feelings of love and gratitude towards mothers and show a strong bond. Sadly, this movie did neither or rather the attempt towards showcasing that was pretty horrible.

The movie was completely incoherent with a bunch of different stories thrown in the mix with neither regard for any logic nor an effort to make the audience feel anything for the characters. The pace of the movie was haphazard and there was no flow. There were abrupt ending to scenes or the scenes following didn't make any sense.

In addition, the movie makers probably asked each one of the actors (except a couple of them maybe) to showcase the worst acting of their careers. I would recommend completely skipping this train wreck even when it comes out on DVD or Netflix.
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Lots of Synthetics
westsideschl1 August 2016
There is a demographic that will relate to this film: Females who are (or somehow wish they were) moms and who have lives enhanced by cheap daytime soaps and cheap paperback romance fiction novelettes. And, who don't mind a script that challenges a sophomore writing class (that's like the HS one) for stereotypic blandness; a dialogue seldom exceeding seven words (with lots of head shot panning back and forth and …) and repetitive plasticized robotic acting. Plot: Predictable buffet of female family situations. I knew before watching they would have Aniston in a sweating jogging or workout scene - yep. Usual preteen and teen issues. What subsequent scene always shows up when a vending machine fails to drop your snack? Yep again, someone tries to stick their arm up. That is creative writing?? The whole movie imitates that vending scene. Directing/editing: See somewhere in the above. Setting: White suburbias (as in plural many times over).
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Funny and relaxing
antoonvanboxstael29 April 2016
I went to see this movie with my wife and we both found it funny and relaxing. You will probably recognize a lot of the situations as the movie is very much in touch with today's social reality and how people cope with it. It's an honest and natural story. Don't expect a heavy-handed drama but a good laugh instead and a surprise here and there. Indeed there are different story lines, in the end they come together and it all makes sense. The duration is OK, we were not bored at all. We feel the many famous actors must have enjoyed themselves while filming. It's of course not the most difficult role they have played in their careers however we appreciated their work a lot and left the theater with happy faces.
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Dreadful Sickening Political Correctness Run Amok
arfdawg-124 July 2016
Warning: Spoilers
The Plot

This disaster follows the lives of different mothers on Mother's Day.

Sandy (Aniston) is happily divorced, until she finds out her ex- husband eloped with a much younger woman.

Now she must learn to deal with big changes in her life as her two boys now have a step-mom. Sisters Jesse (Hudson) and Gabi (Chalke) get an unexpected surprise from their mother, who is not happy to find out Gabi is a lesbian and Jesse is married to a man of color. Miranda (Roberts) doesn't have any kids and is focusing on her career.

Kristin (Robertson) is enjoying life as a new mother but is feeling pressure from her boyfriend to get married. Bradley (Sudeikis) is trying hard to be the best parent for his two girls since their mom passed away last year, however his idea of Mothers Day is pretending it doesn't exist at all.

I really like Garry Marshall and he's be involved in a many good movies and TV shows. Sadly this is not one of them.

The movie is a series of absurd pandering offensive politically correct vignettes. The only group missing was the Asians. There's gays, lesbians, wheelchair blacks, Indians, you name it. OMG! It's absolutely idiotic.

There is really no story line. And for some reason there are several scenes in a comedy club that relate to nothing in the movie! It's really sad that this movie represents the end to Marshalls comedy legacy. He died soon after this was released. Maybe he saw it and realized what a piece o9f garbage this movie was. It sucks. I'd give it a zero if I could.
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Despite Reviews my Friend & I Enjoyed This Movie Tonight
NJJoany30 April 2016
We went for some light entertainment & knew what to expect and we were NOT DISAPPOINTED ! What do the critics expect - every movie to be a potential Academy Award nominee ? Sometimes I like serious movies, like Spotlight which I enjoyed very much & knew beforehand what I was going to see. Same with this movie; sometimes light entertainment is fine. I knew it wasn't going to be a physical comedy, I knew there were no action scenes and that was fine tonight. It's what I chose to see and we enjoyed it. I also liked Gary Marshall's other two multi-storied, holiday movies even though they were panned by the critics too. Each separate story with different casts are basically short so you're bound to like some of them. I can't see how you could dislike everyone & their story lines. Of course there are corny jokes and references to other movies --so what? Biggest thing with me was that after seeing The Boss on Tuesday, I was not offended by anything in this movie. I was extremely offended by many situations & mostly the language in The Boss. I found The Boss to be extremely offensive hearing such crude sexual references in all the dialogue filled with the F word, etc. This movie has none of that. It's not crude, offensive nor inappropriate for kids and that says a lot about Gary Marshall and his movies.
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Excellent Movie!
wvs2 May 2016
Thank God a good movie to watch!! No needed of violence of sexual-nudity expositions. Great humor, great acting. I recommend this movie to anyone that just need a relax and have a good fun quality time. Julia Roberts, Jenn Aniston, Kate Hudson, just EVERYONE made a great acting job. I don't really understand why this movie is having bad reviews?? What is going on with us? Finally a decent movie to watch, without violence-stress-porno, and people thinks is not good enough? I really appreciate there are still productions like this one. Hopefully more people will see it and will have a much better and fair reviews. WVS
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It had so much potential
Gordon-1120 June 2016
This film tells the stories of several mothers who spend Mother's Day in different ways.

"Mother's Day" can easily draw families to the cinema, because of its topic and the number of big stars. I watched it for Julia Roberts and Jennifer Aniston, but I was rather disappointed by it. These ensemble comedies have so many subplots and so many characters, that none of them are fully developed. As a result, I don't really know the characters well enough to care for any of them.

the Kate Hudson subplot is funny and entertaining enough, providing the comic relief. The Julia Roberts subplot is very disappointing, because it could have been so much better. She could have made a touching announcement on TV, which would have a far greater impact on the viewers. Instead, something else happened on TV which I don't care for at all.

"Mother's Day" had so much potential, but wasted the concept and the talent involved.
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HUGE disappointment
almaj-8211812 May 2016
I want my $11.00 back, plus popcorn and drink. Seriously!?!? what happened???? The actors in this are in my top ten favorites to see at the theater so when I got ready to see this movie with my BFF (both of us Moms)---I had no idea that both of us wanted to walk out of the theater. I really kept waiting and waiting for this to get better and sadly it never did. Kudos for the actors trying to take a script and make the best of it. I'm really not that picky of a movie goer and don't go by reviews to make my decisions but this was such a flop.

The only thing good about my evening at the movies is spending time with my chick flick BFF and the extra $$ that we donated to our local charity when we bought our tickets.

Don't even see it on DVD-Netflix or any other downloadable place. It will be 2 hours that you will never get back :(
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What a terrible movie
sukanya-samy28 October 2016
Oh my god, what a terrible movie. My luck with movies seems to be running out. Mother's Day is one of those 7 in 1 stories where everybody is connected in some way but not really. This one has so many sub-plots that your head will spin. There is Julia Roberts and her 'I didn't know about you' daughter. The daughter has a love story going on. Julia Roberts has a meeting with Jennifer Aniston who is divorced and is coming to terms with her husband's remarriage to a much younger woman. And there is the husband and his life. Not to forget Kate Hudson who is a friend of Jennifer Aniston and is married to an Indian Doctor. Kate Hudson has a sister who is a lesbian. And both the sisters have kept these as secrets from their parents who come pay a surprise visit. And then we have the love interest of Jennifer Aniston as Jason Sudeikis, widower with 2 daughter. There is cameo from Jennifer Garner who is married to Jason Sudeikis but dies in combat. And then there are some other subplots which deserve no mention.

I typically like such movies, that is if they are made well. The comedy was forced, the acting was not that great like even from Jennifer Aniston and Julia Roberts and I didn't really care for the characters.

Yeah, it could be a plausible setting but that is the only positive about it. And don't even get me started with the racist jokes – oh my god. They were terrible and not funny. This movie is not a tribute to Mother's Day in any which way. Do not watch, even if you are dead bored.
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Better suited to the Hallmark Channel
estherde27 April 2016
Went to a screening last night and kept checking my watch, hoping the movie was finally over. It's nearly two, very long hours. The film is so weak that I cannot help but wonder who in their right mind green-lighted this thing? There are so many stories going on in the flick that there is zero character development and all remain cardboard cutouts at best. Even Margo Martindale, a favorite of mine, failed to amuse me. As for Aniston and Hudson, they could really benefit from acting lessons. The crowd at the screening laughed only a couple of times, and not every seat was filled for this free showing. That's a bad sign for a movie. Save your money - this should be headed to the Hallmark Channel momentarily.
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happyharsh29 April 2016
I like it no heavy drama straight to the point very sweet movie with great cast ...what else you need go and enjoy with your family .. there are no embarrassing moments. everything looks real .. something one can relate too.. Julia, Jennifer and Kate what a combo it is treat to your eyes Justin as always believable and lovable Indian punch to the movie blends perfectly did great job too not a milestone movie but as long it makes you smile i don't mind..also songs are good too i like all the one liners used smartly ..this one of those movies i can watch again without any pain ..I watched it very first day of its release in India as i have been waiting for this one ever since Tailor was out...
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Kalergi Scheit
krrose344 September 2016
Really pathetic attempt at PC Brainwashing. Not the least authentic. Keep it up North; don't bring this crap to the South. All the actors are washed up has-beens.

Jennifer Anniston, seemingly the star, is dull and boring. Some dude's wife was killed while being a marine in the US Imperial war in the Middle East... Her surviving husband and kids visit her grave on Mother's Day; the kids show no emotion or concern at the grave. Then the kids go to school. Mothers' Day IS ON Sunday!

Pretty woman (Julia Roberts) has had a lot of "work", but was never really pretty at all. Her acting has never been good and is now even worse.

It starts off with a LGBT Womb float. Some kid crawls out of it. A couple lesbians. A bartender has a kid with some woman and has been trying for years to get her to marry him. She won't. What world do these losers come from? Who writes this drivel?

I couldn't get through a half hour of it. My wife suggested we go do something fun. I wholeheartedly agreed.
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If you really love your mother, do not see this movie.
tlandwer15 May 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I am only rating this two stars because Julia Roberts was in it. It would have received one star from me otherwise.

I had seen one or two previews for this film and thought, "Huh, looks like another 'Valentines Day' or 'New Years Eve.' I always like when a bunch of stories intertwine some way. Well, I was gravely mistaken. This film is one of the worst I've seen in a while. I saw this a week after Mother's Day so our theater had maybe seven people in it (I'm shocked that even that many turned up to this train wreck). I'm so glad my theater had a BOGO deal on tickets for the movie otherwise I would have had to pay $18 for my mother and I to be so utterly disappointed. Come to think of it, maybe since the film was so bad, that's why they did the BOGO, to get more people to see it.

Now, the film. I'm so disappointed that some of my favorite actors and actresses were in this movie. The writing was lazy and forced. Very very VERY cliché too. Married couple divorces that then the guy gets with a much younger woman. YAWN. How many times have we seen that?? Countless.

The scenes themselves were maybe two minutes or less. Very short and discombobulated. I'd describe this film as though you're flipping channels on TV and tuning in to three different programs at different parts. That's how unorganized this film was. We'd go from a dramatic scene with a young boy being rushed to a hospital for an asthma attack to Jason Sudekis rapping on a balcony. Like I said before, it's like I was channel surfing. The only plot line that kind of had some meaning to it was with Julia Roberts and her daughter. But even that felt quick and underdeveloped. Overall, I think this film really did have potential to be a feel good movie that could have allowed us to turn to our moms and said, "Aw, I love you, mom." But this film lacked any sort of compassion and just aimed to get laughs, which were very weak. I barely cracked a smile at anything throughout the film. And don't even get me started on the Kate Hudson story line. Way too dramatized and slightly unrealistic and not funny. This film would have been better off not being released in theaters and just going straight to DVD or Netflix, or not at all. Maybe read the script out loud before making it a done deal so you can see how forced and uncomfortably awkward the dialogue was.
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Phony, Maudlin, and Predictable
lavatch2 August 2016
Warning: Spoilers
With a sitcom-style film like "Mother's Day," one should expect some clever dialogue, interesting character interactions, and at least some grounding in reality. Unfortunately, this film never got on track with either the humor or good characterization.

One of the major problems was that there were far too many characters and relationships. The film switched from one set of family interactions to another for two hours of superficial dialogue. Despite the good cast (Julia Roberts, Jennifer Anniston, and others), the dialogue sounded scripted and artificial.

Sit com always has very generalized characters. But this film was so full of clichés that it was difficult to find credible any of the character types: divorced mother, career-obsessed mother, racist mother, divorced dad marrying younger woman, obligatory lesbian couple, interracial couple, and wounded adopted daughter.

On the surface, the screenplay attempted to celebrate diversity in contemporary families. But the shallow characters and predictable situations resulted in a smarmy and dishonest approach to family systems. Who would possibly want to watch this film on Mother's Day?
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2 Hour Sit-Com
stevendbeard30 April 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I saw "Mother's Day", starring Jennifer Aniston-The Horrible Bosses movies, We're the Millers; Kate Hudson-Rock the Kasbah, The Skeleton Key; Jason Sudeikis-The Horrible Bosses movies, We're the Millers; Britt Robertson-The Longest Ride, Life Unexpected_tv and Julia Roberts- Valentine's Day, Notting Hill.

This is a comedy directed by Garry Marshall-New Year's Eve, Valentine's Day, Pretty Woman. I get the feeling that he likes holiday themes for his movies. Anyway, here he uses a big ensemble cast to tell interconnected stories that have ties to Mother's Day. Jennifer is recently divorced and dealing with her ex-husband and their kids. Kate is in a mixed marriage-he is an Indian, from India, not the native American kind-and has not told her parents, who are coming in for a visit. Jason has just lost his wife in the military and has 2 daughters to raise by himself. Britt is an orphan that wants to meet her biological mother before she will consider marrying her live-in boyfriend, and Julia just happens to be the biological mother that is being searched for. Most of the rest of the cast are recognizable stars; I remember seeing Jon Lovitz, Jennifer Garner, Larry Miller, Robert Pine, Sarah Chalk, Hector Elizondo and Timothy Olyphant. It's not a bad movie, just kind of mediocre. It just reminded me of an extended 2 hour episode of a TV sitcom. There are some out takes shown, just as the end credits start and one quick one at the very end. It's rated "PG-13" for language and some suggestive material and has a running time of 1 hour & 58 minutes. I don't think I would buy it on DVD but it would be all right, as a rental.
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a total misuse of the talent involved
Special-K8815 April 2019
A look into the lives of several interconnected characters leading up to the titular holiday. Interior designer Sandy (Aniston) with two sons is divorced and dealing with conflicting emotions when her ex-husband marries a much younger woman; adoptee Kristin (Robertson) has a daughter with her longtime boyfriend but still struggles with the idea of marriage; gym owner Bradley (Sudeikis) is a widower of two girls but has yet to move on from the loss of his wife; free-spirited, happily married Jesse (Hudson) has a little boy but is distant from her own mother due to her controlling nature and deeply conservative views. The third and most unsatisfying entry of Garry Marshall's holiday-themed series is not very poignant or insightful, lacks real emotional resonance, and serves up jokes that continually fall flat. Much like Valentine's Day and New Year's Eve, it puts a group of high-profile actors together and gives them little to work with; a shame. *½
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Perpetuating stereotypes
pantonepeach26 July 2018
Warning: Spoilers
There were some fun parts but I was disappointed because: Those awkward jokes about feeling awkward about period when it;s something normal, making women feel bad about thir bodies. The 'miserable' business woman becomes happy only when she meets her daughter. (perpetuating the stereotype of a woman being fulfilled only by motherhood). It was mentioned that only mothers know how to take care of children best, which is wrong. The good parts were the messages about racism and the lesbian couple.
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Wow! That was really as bad as bad can be!
elmich-7164016 July 2018
Take some otherwise usually really talented actors, give them a really really really bad script and some even worse dialogues, add lots of really bad and most stereotypical clichès You could only magine in Your worst nightmare and here You are ...

The only good was i saw it for free on TV and not in some cinema ...

Wow! That was really really bad! :-(
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