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Disgusting spinoff ad
fredseada5 November 2020
Stephen Hillenburg was heavily against a spinoff of any kind. This movie is just an introduction to the spinoff that will be called 'Camp Coral'. While it's not prevelant at first, during the closing scenes it shifts from an animation movie to an ad. Most of the cast will be given a short clip of how they 'met' spongebob through a flashback to the soon to be made spinoff, even though there are entire episodes dedicated on how spongebob meets certain cast members. Continuity has never been a strong suit to the show but downright ignoring all character history is a disgrace.

The movie has some moments that you can enjoy. With my mind on the whole 'camp coral' it did make me laugh less than the average watcher. There isn't enough scenes that are downright funny. And lastly this didn't feel like an actual spongebob movie. This comes closer to a movie like Trolls than Spongebob with how many celebrities they actively show, the songs they sing and the story they tell. They chose popculture over entertainment.
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Animation style enjoyable, everything else not
DrDarkness7 November 2020
Well, I did have certain expectations for this one hence the previous sequels. And, sadly, I was right. This is a SpongeBob movie that should've deserved a good plot accompanying the nice animation, but it's just a long, long disappointment.

Recycled jokes, check. Too slow reactions, check. Pointless side quests, check. Pointless cameos, check. Pointless hit music, check. Forcing the story forward without a smooth transition, check. Dragging ending with a weird unfolding, check.

Did not pay money for this, otherwise would want a refund.
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A long big Ad for the Spinoff
webermarius6 November 2020
It was funny and now and then interesting, but then it started to become a big long commercial for the new spinoff. Keanu Reeves was great, but they did almost nothing with him, it felt like his role and the wild West were forced into the Story to give him screen time. The Movie was okay but nothing special.
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In Memory of Stephen Hillenburg Who Openly Stated He Hated the Idea of Spongebob Spin Offs...
samwrangles16 November 2020
Warning: Spoilers
A truly aweful movie that continues to butcher Spongebob's character, stripping him of his depth and relatability and just making him an annoying sponge whos trying too hard. Not only was the story complete nonsense but it disrespects the very lore of Spongebob. King Posiden? What happened to King Neptune? Remember that classic episode where Spongebob meets Sandy Cheeks? Never happened, he met her at Camp Koral.... Seriously, all these other reviewers must have some serious brain damage, the movie is pure tarter sauce and to say its well written is a complete joke. thinks happen for no reason, all tension is thrown away, things resolve instantly, right near the beggining Spongebob and Patrick have an out of character fight for no reason and instantly make up, they get some coin from Keanu Reaves and nothing even happens with it. They get told not to get distracted in Atlantis, they do but right after they are at the gates of the palace they went there for so it doesnt even matter that they were distracted. Honestly, if you ever had love for Spongebob and recognized what it actually was that made it unique and fun don't be like me and think maybe this movie will right its wrongs from after the first movie. It doesn't, it is truly, truly, truly, 10000% terrible and actually genuinly disrespectful in so many ways to the very creator of Spongebob.
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A Prime Example of How to Not Write a Screenplay
dammdatfiles9 November 2020
Shame. There is no plot, no story, no content. A disrespect on the creators name, where in the end they say "In memory of Stephen Hillenburg" as if trying to curse.

The first 10 minutes are actually enjoyable but after that... I wish I had quit at that moment but just hoped that it would get back on track.
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Appalling. (Contains Spoilers)
sarcasm_for_free7 November 2020
Warning: Spoilers
Funnily enough, things don't start off too bad. We get introduced to the main gang: Spongebob, Patrick, Mr Krabs, Sandy, Squidward and Plankton engaging in their typical everyday routine, and there are a few grin-worthy moments. The new CGI animation takes some getting used to, but overall it isn't a huge problem.

The downward spiral begins when Sandy invents a new robot, which acts as the plot point for a turn of events as Gary, Spongebob's pet snail, gets mollusc-napped. This unfunny bucket of bolts constantly talks nonsense, punctuated by random utterances of 'You're Fired'. Whether this is meant to be a spoof of soon-to-be-ex president Donald Trump in his Apprentice days who can say, but the perpetually unamusing antics of this creation provide a low bar for what is to follow.

Spongebob and Patrick go off to rescue their snail friend, and there is a completely pointless diversion into an old western set with a cameo from Snoop Dogg and an extended role from Keanu Reeves as a rolling ball of hay. Apparently, he's meant to be some sort of 'sage', but his lame platitudes and attempts at wit provide no break from the non-stop idiocy that surrounds him. How they managed to get him in this film I don't know: maybe his kid was a huge fan of the cartoon and they blackmailed him with that. The things we do for our children...

Oh yes, back to the 'story', as it is. Apparently sending Spongebob off to rescue Gary was another of Plankton's hare-brained schemes, so he could steal the secret formula. After seeing how broken-up Mr Krabs is at the loss of his best fry cook though, the small villain decides to GASP grow a conscience and 'fess up. So now the rest of Spongebob's buddies are on a mission to rescue the yellow one, who's got himself captured by a vain sea king. The old king is the one who wanted Gary you see, on account of the snail's slime having age-rejuvenating properties, and... yes, I felt a tiny bit stupider just typing that out.

Not half as stupid though, as the random flashbacks we get of Spongebob meeting and helping the rest of his pals in 'Kamp Krusty', destined to be a future spin-off of the series very soon. That's right... the film's only reason for existing (apart from maybe as a novel torture device) is to introduce us to this crappy cash-in, along with the other two that are planned: one with Patrick, and one with Squidward. Yikes. That's a lot of terrible cartoons to avoid. How will I cope?!

The fact they had to wait until after the creator died to make these is disgusting enough, but then we get to the WORST part of the film by far. Yes, while these sappy flashbacks are unveiling, we get each citizen of Bikini Bottom weeping to an attentive crowd about how much they LOVE Spongebob and how they can't live without him. Yes, even Squidward and Mr Krabs. Now, I don't mind the occasional mild hint in the show that these two characters care about him, but oh no... this movie goes FULL ON about how much they adore him despite all their previous actions and statements to the contrary. GAG. Some of the recent seasons have been accused of being too mean... this completely flips the switch and becomes a sugary-sweet ordeal which'll have you reaching for the sick bucket before it's all over.

Then we get an equally saccharine music number I had to mute before it was over, followed by yet ANOTHER moral about 'it doesn't matter what you look like, it's what's inside that counts'. (Gee, how many million times have we heard THAT old chestnut) before a cheesy ending that oddly enough, rips off the conclusion of the We Bare Bears TV movie. That WBB film officially wrapped up that particular show... if only the same could be said for this utter travesty.

Where has the hilarious and smart cartoon of my youth gone? Squeezed of all it's life that's what, over too many seasons for nothing but financial reasons. And with three more uninspired pieces of trash on the horizon to further tarnish its legacy, it looks like the flogging of the dead seahorse will continue for quite a while.

Well, you can count me out. I'll stick to the first few seasons and the previous two movies, all of which were MUCH better than this. And they weren't trying to sell us a pup on the side, either. Sponge On The Run? Run away from it. As fast as you can. Trust me on this. 3/10
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Any single episode of the TV series is better than that
in-imdb-122 November 2020
What is wrong with film producers? I love the show Sponge Bob, so I am basically an easy customer here. Yet, it seems they cannot add live action and money to make Sponge Bob even better. Quite the opposite actually. Story is lame, poor character development, ending is pathetic, 3D animation is unremarkable. On top of that, they changed the back stories of how Sponge Bob met the other guys. High treason!
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A poor shadow of Spongebob of the past
cbirty6 November 2020
This just doesn't have the same humour and wit it used to. The characters are there but they seem to be 2d versions and don't heat the same beats they used too. My kids liked it but it just felt slightly off the whole way through for me. The flashbacks were weird too
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The worst that could ever happen to the franchise
A2hl10 November 2020
Don't even let your kids watch this. Sorry not even worth reviewing. Don't waste your time.
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Very disappointing
aljabman7 November 2020
The sponge on the run movie has greatly disappointed me. I have loved spongebob since I was a infant and absolutely loved the first movie when I was 4, and I feel heartbroken for why this movie is bad. First and foremost they disrespected the death of Stephan hillanburg even with the end card, hillanburdg said he never wanted a spin-off and during on the run there was a pilot for the new camp koral and it has no continuity. In the first 3 seasons spongebob meets sandy at her house while in this movie spongebob finds her when there were kids. Most of the movie has very bad pacing and bored me to death. The animation is good but with them making a new story with a beloved character like spoungebob it makes me really sad. Tbh I would rather watch the emoji movie or all 3 Fred films or annoying orange then watch sponge on the run.
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This deserves 0 stars
anastasiapolyanime19 November 2020
The movie was bad. An absolute monstrosity of a movie. I cannot believe they went with this. I absolutely hate this. This movie should just burn in the pits of hell.

The plot was bad The jokes were bad The movie was an add for the stupid spin-off that goes against Stephen Hillenburg's wish for NO spin-offs and all the actual episodes of the spongebob that we love.

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Hello, I like money.
Pjtaylor-96-13804415 November 2020
I'm a huge fan of 'SpongeBob SquarePants (1999-)'; I absolutely love the first three seasons of the show and the first movie. That's why it's so hard for me to say that 'The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge On The Run (2020)', well, sucks. The movie has maybe one proper laugh in it, with only a few half-chuckles along the way, and its plot feels like a rehash of past narratives that's padded with unnecessary scenes - such as an absolutely pointless, painfully extended stint in live-action land that seems to only have been included so that the director could smoke weed with Snoop Dogg - and often stops dead in its tracks to cram in some continuity-crunching advertisements for the upcoming 'Kamp Koral' spin-off show. It's a huge disappointment, to say the least. Even an extended Keanu Reeves cameo can't elevate the affair - though his appearances are certainly some of the flick's highlights. There are some visually distinct sequences (its 3D animation is generally well-achieved) and, as I mentioned, a few half-chuckles here and there, but the feature just isn't all that enjoyable overall. It also lacks any real messaging or narrative satisfaction. Ultimately, it's a shadow of its former self. The difference in quality between this and the first flick is almost inconceivable. 4/10
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A shameless plug for a despicable spinoff
johnbell8632 February 2021
But are you surprised? I'm certainly not. Nickelodeon and their parent company Viacom turned a beloved, creative franchise into unredeemable, unwatchable garbage... but that happened over a decade ago. This latest "film" is just one of the final stages of an incurable cancer that has infected a great show for many more years (2007-present) than the amount of time the show was healthy (1999-2004). For people like me, who loved the writing, characters, humor, and overall creative atmosphere of the original show, this latest abomination and disgrace to Stephen Hillenburg's masterpiece (yes, it was a masterpiece) does not come as a surprise at all. And the worst part: there will definitely be more of this in the future... more shameless cash grabs from soulless corporate thieves who will stop at nothing to drain the charm and originality of something wonderful that is, unfortunately, their legal property, even though they've done nothing but destroy everything unique and great about that property. Rest in Peace, Stephen... I'm so sorry this is happening, and I'm sorry it will never stop happening until the money stops pouring in. I feel so ill.
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This movie is not worth your time
isalyer-1806918 January 2021
Warning: Spoilers
If you enjoy SpongeBob Squarepants, you will not enjoy this film. It had so much potential, but this film utilizes none of it. Firstly, I would like to address the animation. I know that everybody raves about how great the animation in this movie, but I respectfully disagree. I think the animation was horrendous. Not only does it not look like SpongeBob anymore, it just looks like everything is made out of clay, and I think this looks quite horrible. Now, about the movie itself. This was one of the worst films I've seen in a long time. If I had known the film would be this poorly written and poorly animated, I would not have watched this monstrosity. The writers appear to have very little originality, since this movie is about SpongeBob's pet snail, Gary, going missing. The problem with this story is; there is already an hour-long SpongeBob episode about Gary going missing. They also replaced King Neptune with Poseidon. The worst thing about this film in my opinion is the second half of it. Almost half of the film is essentially an advertisement for the new SpongeBob spinoff series, Camp Coral. Stephen Hillenburg said that he wanted no SpongeBob spinoff of any kind, but once he dies, look what they do; they begin making Camp Coral, a spinoff of SpongeBob. This was one of the worst animated films I've seen, and I strongly advise against watching this.
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Just a disrespectful ad
alejandroinvernizi3 January 2021
If you didnt watch the original or care for the creator intentions with the show you might enjoy it
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disappointingly bad
liambyrne-9487731 December 2020
Warning: Spoilers
This movies actual plot very easily could've been transformed into a great and compelling movie. but it was incredibly poorly executed and didn't have the same jokes or comedic nature that you would expect for a spongebob movie. on top of that, nearing the end of the film.SPOILERS----- when spongebob and the crew are on stage attempting to save gary from king poseidon, many of the characters including sandy, squidward and mr.krabs give heartfelt speeches on how much spongebob means to them. this is particularly frustrating in the case of squidward who by defending and supporting spongebob defied all of his character traits that had been clear for years. i feel a lot of this bad execution and sour comedy is due to the tragic passing of the creator of spongebob, stephen hillenburg who before his passing had a large say in the series.

i would rate 0 stars if i could
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Nauseatingly stupid
cgearheart9 November 2020
Warning: Spoilers
This pile of garbage replaced the entire spongebob lore with an entirely different storyline and a whole lot of headache inducing humor that's been recycled from previous spongebob episodes or movies. This whole movie can be narrowed down to a quote by Keanu Reeves (if I remember it correctly): "You two are so annoying I'm surprised I haven't lit myself on fire." If it weren't for the visuals, it'd be a 1/10. R.I.P. Hillenburg. Your empire has officially gone down the toilet.

D- or F
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Total crap
kestutis-paskevicius7 November 2020
Avoid, not worth of watching. Plot is stupid, and you can't even watch it with kids. It use to be super funny tv series, but the movie is really bad.
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Worst Spongebob movie eveerrrr!!
El-Ak24 November 2020
I was really excited for this film and it's new animation style, but my god that's the worst story eveeeeer that is only full of nonsense literally. There were lots of scenes only to fill the gap between the beginning and ending and it was really really bad. It's very childish and the animation along with the story might be more appropriate for a video game and I even doubt it would be good. And Keanu for god's sake don't make me hate John Wick. The worst most unfunny role eveer. 1/10.
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a complete disgrace to the late Stephen Hillenburg (1961-2018)
applejosh199119 November 2020
As a fan of the original cartoon series (Hillenburg era 1999-2004) and first 2 theatrical films, The third SpongeBob film "Sponge on the Run" is what I like to call the perfect storm of soulless cynical cash-grab. it feels almost nothing like a proper SpongeBob movie, more like an very expensive "TV Special" then a Theatrical film, not to mention a shameless tie-in to the SpongeBob spin-off series "Camp Corral" (which already manages to retcon the series and mess-up the back stories of the main characters) and oh boy they are pushing this spin-off very hard at the expense of the film. the main "so-called" plot is another rehash of "Gary is Missing" episode and the film does a really poor job retelling this story.

it's about SpongeBob and Patrick are on a road trip to find Gary in Lost City of Atlantic City. the film feels like an executive producer's wet-dream, cause it reeks of being too safe, predictable and by the numbers like with many sadly, children films these days. with pointless celebrity cameos that add almost nothing to movie but stating the obvious, modern "hit" music that stinks of quantity, main characters not acting like their characters, few jokes made me chuckle, but most are stale and lame even by SpongeBob standards.

unlike the previous films, I had a very hard time watching this film. this is definitely the weakest film in the film series by far. Viacom (who own's nickelodeon) completely went against the late Stephen Hillenburg's whishes and vision and essentially throwing his SpongeBob he created completely out the window. like many fans predicted it's completely 100% "a shadow of it's former-self" which is sad.

the only positives I can give this film it's a great time-waster for children, like i mention before few jokes were little bit funny and the CGI stop-motion style animation while very different from the previous films and show works surprisingly well and looks great.

I'm happy this film's didn't get a worldwide theatrical release cause it doesn't feel like a film and fits perfectly with the mediocrity of streaming service films (80% of the time) .
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jack-399735 November 2020
The second Spongebob movie was not that good and this movie is even worse.

Bad story, filler and promotion for the new series Kamp Koral.

I don't like the animation and the soundtrack is solid at best.

There were plotholes like the origin of Sandy. She met Spongebob first as a grown up and not in Kamp Koral.

The guest stars Keanu Reeves, Danny Trejo and Snoop Dogg did a solid job.

All in all a disappointing third movie and definitely not a must-see.
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owencmcclain4 March 2021
The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run, is a movie that you truly want to run away from. In general the Spongebob franchise had its moments but this if too far. This film is horrible. It works a lot better as a tv show for kids, not a horrible movie bribing people to get this new service "Paramount +" Dont watch the movie.
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Random, but enjoyable
kjavery-2432120 August 2020
I loved this movie, but it isn't for everyone. It's got a nonsensical plot and the humour is so random that not everyone is going to like it. It seems to be made more so for people who watched the series when they were kids and are now grown up than for kids now, many of the jokes didn't have much that a kid could grasp on to compared to the series and original movie (I haven't seen the second movie as of writing this review).

That said I had so much fun watching it, probably the most joyous time I've spent watching something this year, and fun is really what watching a Spongebob movie is all about.
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Disgrace to Spongebob.
Kdosda_Hegen27 November 2020
Firstly, it overwrittes some events, for example how the characters met. It was shown in the TV-series how some of the characters met the first time, but acording to this it happened way before. It's just terrible writting, as if they forgotten what had happened. Secondly, it clearly advertises Kamp Koral. Thirdly, many characters are out of character, they do stuff they would have never did in the TV-series. Forthly, the plot is so thin and bare bones simple, lacks any kind of adventure or creativity, just dreadfully uninspired. Fifthly, tons of celebrity cameos just for the sake of having celebrity cameos, it felt cheap and very out of place. I'll admit that song choice was great, and animation was superb, but that's all it is worth. This is the worst of Spongebob so far, but I bet Kamp Koral will be even worse than this. After the death of the original Spongebob creator it keeps gettings worse and worse. They should really stop this show, because it already has hit the bottom of terrible quality.
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Absolute Disgrace
nicholasl-435897 November 2020
First of all Stephen Hillenburg was heavily against a spin-off of any kind, the existence of this movie is a sheer insult to his dying wish for there not to be any spin-offs ever. Second, in terms of story, this not only destroys but negates all love and history Hillenburg poured into the show while he still had control. The best thing about this movie being Keanu Reaves and his lines, if he wasn't here I'd find a way to rate it 0 stars. The villain has no good motive or drive and the end of the conflict arrives in the most random unenterprising way possible. I struggling to continue writing this review because with every lasting moment I think about this horror I lose more brain cells. All ideas for spin-offs were created after Hillenburg just so they could get away with this mockery. I pray to God the TV show "Kamp Koral" and "The Patrick Star Show" is cancelled and that the high-ups realize their mistake. It's not a surprise why animators started leaving the Spongebob team, anyone who's worked for Hillenburg would know this is wrong in every way. If Hilenburg were to see this I guarantee he would have ended his show knowing this was going to exist. The "In Memory of Stephen Hilenburg at the end was the biggest flip off I've ever witnessed in the movie industry. Yes this is a rant, yes I made an account for this website just to spite this movie (and I shall for a few more websites), yes I'd rather live the rest of my life not having watch this. If I had the world to fill in the rest of the available space on this review about how must I despise it I would but I made the mistake of watching this at 2 AM, on top of my mistake of watching it to begin with, and cannot contain my anger. If have an account of this website please leave a dislike, 1 star, and rage emoticon D:< .

Afraid of the truth? Nickelodeon is. If you leave a comment I promise I wont answer, if I do expect strong sarcasm.
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