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aloveday-169042 September 2017
Some momentary chuckles were the highlight.

For goodness sake get an Australian actress next time you want an Aussie accent. Wasn't even close and then she only kept it for about 2 lines.

Don't spend money on this
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Another Swing and a Miss In Female Comedy
Scarefish9 August 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I had a Rough Night seeing this film (Ba-dum, tsh!).

It's a comedy but all of the jokes and gags I remember from it are ones that are well past their due date. Toilet humor, creepy swinger couple, STD jokes, bad fake accents, and the dumb selfish best friend that ruins the main character's life and acts like a hypocrite just to name a few. There's also much pop culture riddled throughout the film which will likely already date this film within the next couple years or so, such as when the film tries to make a jab at president Donald Trump by having a fictional political candidate who gets praise for posting dick pics to Twitter.

Scarlet Johansen is the highlight of this film, which is faint praise considering what I think of her performances in Ghost in the Shell, Lucy, and Sing, and the character's friends are almost entirely intolerable and if this were reality she would be best off without them, but of course this movie has to be about how friends are the most important thing in the world even when they're self-centered alcoholics who literally get off with manslaughter. It's a minimum-effort dark comedy which fails to do both at the same time, which is quite important to do as the two tones literally clash with each other and the movie has to backpedal to try to remind you it's a comedy.

YouTube comedy musician Bo Burnham also makes a minor appearance in this film, and he ends up being both more funny and charismatic than the actual male lead in the film despite his limited acting experience.

There is very little in terms of plot in this film. It's Weekend at Bernie's with women instead of men. The movie ends with the cliché sort of happily ever after type ending, confirming the characters are all terrible people and having them gloat in being rewarded for it.

This feels like a product made by machines and algorithms rather than actual human beings, and just perpetuates the stereotype that women are unfunny.
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I will keep this short
lnoft9716 June 2017
This movie is derivative of several other gross-out movies about bachelor party shenanigans, full of dopey people doing gross, stupid things. Penis jokes, male strippers, guzzling booze, doing drugs, all a a feverish 'isn't this funny?? Isn't it? Isn't it??' by people really too OLD to be acting so stupid.....Hey, spring break is for the stupid YOUNGER crowd. It's all wearying and tiresome, been done to death, and frankly it's just embarrassing. (anyone remember the 'WOOOO! Girls' in the bar, in the TV show 'How I Met Your Mother'? WOOOOO!) Good lord, Grow UP!

I thought Scarlet Johansson fancied herself a 'serious' actress. It seems she will take on any random role if she thinks it will make money. Did she really read the script and think, oh this is box office GOLD, it will really advance my career!.. Just being associated with this foolish movie is a really huge step back.
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Give it a Swerve
neil-4335521 August 2017
Wow, I don't know how I can even have given it 2 points - everything about this movie sucks; it's badly written, bad acting, totally unfunny and a bunch of characters I couldn't care less about. It's absolute rubbish, totally predictable and you've seen it a million times before - you have been warned, watch at your own peril!
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are you kidding me?
fixxation121 August 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Scarlett must have been doing cocaine for real if she thought this was gonna be a sweet funny movie.

Wrong!!! what a piece of stupid crap.

I only laughed at how f"ing stooooopid this was.

This movie needs another honest review of crappity crap. Really? over a 5 rating on avg? This is not even worth watching after about the 5th minute.
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Just not that funny
ReganRebecca23 June 2017
I love TV show Broad City and was looking forward to this because two of the creatives behind that show paired up to give us Rough Night. The generic title (a switch from Move that Body which was much more suitable) should have warned me. Rough Night is forgettable and not really that funny.

The movie starts out in 2006 where a group of 4 friends get drunk at Halloween, win a beer pong competition and vow to stay friends forever. Fast forward 10 years and the group is reuniting for Jess's (Scarlett Johansson, bland, bland, bland, comedy is NOT her forte) bachelorette weekend at a fancy house in Miami. They party, snort coke, are joined with Jess's Australian friend Pippa (Kate McKinnon in a role that MUST have been written for Rebel Wilson. Surely?). Her friends decide to get Jess a stripper and here is when things go wrong: high on coke they accidentally end up killing the stripper and things quickly spiral out of control as they first try to do the responsible thing of calling the police and then move on to hiding the body.

There was minor protests before the film being released about the movie making a punchline of killing sex workers but the film could have overcome this and he gruesome premise if not for a few things. First of all the women lack friendship chemistry. I don't believe any of these women were ever friends even if a big part of it is that they are supposed to have drifted apart. Second the casting is all awful. Scarlett is not a comedy actress and neither is Zoe Kravitz and it shows. Without being backed up by her hilariously crafted Broad City alter ego Ilana Glazer comes across as simply annoying. Kate McKinnon and Jillian Bell are probably the best with their characters but neither one is given much to do. McKinnon just leans hard into her accent and Bell is saddled with a "loser desperate friend who can't take a hint". The third thing is that the movie never quite finds it's tone. It struggles between "woke" dialogue for characters who are actually just mean and instead of simply leaning into the fact that these women are awful and allowing them to get even more absurdly awful it's way too protective of the characters and keeps trying to redeem them by making them "nice" people. It's both incredibly boring and keeps the movie from really flying.

Still, Rough Night isn't a total write off. There are enough funny lines and a subplot (involving Jess's fiancé who the movie allows to get into REALLY ridiculous shenanigans) to be watchable. Just wish that the script would have let the ladies turn loose too.
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Bad Script
wscheff14 July 2017
Not really good at all, Sometimes really stupid. The acting was pretty darn good, but would not watch again or recommend. It was hard watching the whole movie. Movie was just irritating. Scarlet Johansen should choose better scripts. A lady with talent, way above what this movie offers.
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Not that kind of bad movie...
wilbur10113 September 2017
When I was a university student, we used to watch a lot of bad movies. Movies so bad they were good. Many of them were low budget horror, or sci-fi, or comedy, or horror-sci-fi-comedy. A lot of them went on to become cult classics - great examples of really bad movies that, if you went along for the ride, and could laugh at yourself a bit for watching them, actually had some merit in wasting away a couple of hours with friends late at night or nursing a hangover the day after.

This is not one of those movies.

This is utter tripe.

There is nothing funny about this movie, or in this movie. Just a bunch of actors who've made a really bad decision to appear in it.

Bad, bad, bad. Save yourself the self-loathing and avoid this movie at all costs.
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One of the worst films I've seen in the past year
juicygirl678916 June 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I would give it 0 out of 10 if I could. Not only is the trope of killing a sex worker for a comedy movie completely tired out, disgusting, and dehumanizing, but this movie does nothing new. Same boring old comedy tropes, and relies entirely too much on slapstick comedy and penis/racism/sex jokes. I would avoid seeing this unless for some reason you enjoy these things.
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save your money
alaskan929 August 2017
i cant tell you how bad this movie is. it reminded me of a weekend at Bernie's but that was a lot funnier and everything about that seemed to gel where this didn't. if you want to watch a funny movie.. this isn't it. I found the some of the characters to be very annoying and not even funny. I couldn't watch all of it due to it being that bad.
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Not very thought provoking!
tim-anderson-187913 July 2017
This movie was one of the worst I have seen for a while. Bad taste, weak humour, distasteful characters and a waste of my life. I'm just grateful that I was sitting down. I was staggered at the times other movie watchers actually laughed. Not a great deal of intelligence is obviously required to enjoy this load of rubbish.
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Spoiler Alert - it is horrifically bad
boe_d20 August 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I don't get people giving this movie 5 stars but admitting it wasn't funny or good. Sure the actors in it are good but we already know they are good. You wouldn't give Rachel Weisz 5 stars for a commercial for tampons no matter how much it seemed like she was on her period. This movie deserves less than a single star - no disrespect for the actors - OK maybe a little disrespect because while I know it is expensive to heat a pool couldn't you make just as much money doing a commercial in Japan for Super Fantastic Fun Time Energy Drink (you'll say two words in Japanese, smile and give a thumbs up)? Each and every one of you need a better agent as your craft is your band and you diminished it by accepting these roles.
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hp-3372926 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Let's not beat around the bush -- this movie is pure garbage. There are some other reviews saying it's a decent comedy, but don't be fooled -- that's only because Hollywood's been pumping out terrible comedies for so long that people are starting to get used to them. This seems to be the new normal, apparently. This is what we should expect from a comedy these days. So disappointing.

To be fair, the story of the movie is actually decent, and they could have gotten something hilarious out of it if they really tried. The premise certainly has a ton of potential for slapstick and funny situations.

Unfortunately the writers weren't creative enough, and even though there are a few mildly entertaining jokes here and there, you can just feel that they had a really hard time filling those 100 minutes with anything interesting.

Most jokes simply don't land due to terrible acting and comedic timing, and many are just tasteless, awkward and cringe worthy, like the entire road trip subplot and the gas station scene. I understand humor is subjective, but in what universe is that supposed to be funny?

None of the characters are likable, and the actors clearly didn't have any decent material to work with. I honestly don't understand what Scarlett Johansson is doing in this movie and Paul W. Downs aka the diapers guy should never work again as an actor after accepting a role like this. What were they thinking? I did enjoy Kate McKinnon's overacting with that crazy accent though, she's the only one that made this movie barely tolerable.

Ultimately Rough Night a boring, empty and mostly cringe inducing piece of garbage trying to cash in on the success of the Hangover franchise, but it's not working because the creators clearly missed the point.
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Rough time watching this!
rach_812227 June 2017
Not sure why people are rating this so high. They try way too hard to make it funny. It was predictable...characters were stereotypes and there were weird long pauses after 'jokes' I guess for the audience to laugh? Which not many did. There was a scene in the trailer that wasn't even in the movie?!! Like what the? I wonder if they spent most of their budget getting Scar J or she owed someone a massive favor!
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A Rough Night For This Reviewer
rgkarim17 June 2017
Bachelorette parties, a sacred ritual to help a young woman transition from single life into the world of marriage. Of course, like most things, modern traditions have adulterated with new traditions and rituals that leads for a rather "exciting" night. So why not make another movie about it. Tonight, my friend and I hit the theater to cover the latest comedy to "grace" the big screen entitled Rough Night! What does this obviously titled film have in store for us? As always, please read on to find out and help determine whether or not it is worth your money to hit the theater.

So what do you get? For once the trailers were pretty spot on with their portrayal of this movie. Rough night is a very raunchy, simplistic, and over the top comedy that has little sustenance outside of the attempt at humor. It's ridiculousness at times is clever, but these moments are few and far between, buried under the comedy rubble that fills this movie. Aggressive innuendos come rushing out of the woodwork, many delivered in the overdramatic manner that somehow seems to be popular and entertaining to many. The all-star cast assembled to for this film are okay, dropping their dynamic acting range for superficial roles filled with cursing and satire. Lazy writing also doesn't help sell the comedy factor, primary thanks to the consistent cursing, shouting of the male genitalia, overzealous drug use, and cringe worthy catchphrases. Kate Mickinnon is able to salvage some parts of the film with her usual tricks, working the Australian accent with her pizazz and spot-on timing.

Story wise, nothing special here. Rough Night's plot is about 80% revealed in the trailers and there is little surprise left for you in the audience. Some of the more adult moments will be the eye widening magic you are seeking, but again these are often awkward uncomfortable, or unnecessary. Still the movie's tale had some surprising character development and a nice twist thrown into the mix to help keep things dynamic. The morals hit close to home on some level, but again are robbed by another bout of stupidity. I know, you aren't there for the character developments and rugged plot, but other comedies have learned to balance things and that is where this movie fails.

In the end though here are my likes and dislikes:

LIKES: • Kate McKinnon • Good, upbeat soundtrack • Short Run Time • More dynamic storyline

DISLIKES: • Incredibly stupid • Excessive cursing • Aggressive humor • Trailers Ruined most of the movie • Inappropriate at many times • Shallow story • Annoying characters • Dropped plots • Overacting • Limited target audience


It's nice to see a movie fit the expectations set by the advertising, but it's sad that this is a form of entertainment. Rough night fails to find balance and resorts to cheap parlor tricks known as adult humor. Sure there are clever components (primarily thanks to the boyfriend and Kate), but even they can't save the movie from the monotonous laziness that is to come. kWhy must it be overacted? I don't know, but nevertheless this movie failed on many accounts. Recommended audience members include bachelorettes, girls nights out, or fans of one of the cast. For the rest though, skip this movie until it darkens the library of Netflix.

My scores are:

Comedy: 5.5 Movie Overall: 3.0
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A Mildly Funny Film That's Been Done Before and Better
trublu21515 June 2017
Let's be honest here...Rough Night is probably the most unoriginal idea to hit theaters this summer. It has the storyline of Peter Berg's 1998 film Very Bad Things with a Weekend at Bernie's twist. Starring Scarlett Johansson, Kate McKinnon and Zoe Kravitz, the film's star power seems to have no shortage but the film's screenplay doesn't know what it wants to be. There are far too few thrills to classify it a thriller and, as far comedy is concerned, it is severely lacking. So we're given this cookie-cutter film that does its job (more or less).

The film opens Hangover style, it introduces us to the gang of girls as they make their way to the bachelorette weekend to end all bachelorette weekends. Scarlett Johasson plays the bride to be while her bridesmaids are either overly sexual or prudes. There is not much of an in-between. No character felt real. They all felt like they were written specific to this event and that really didn't bode well with me. In a situational comedy like this, it helps to have a character we can relate to. This film really doesn't have a relateable character, just mere pawns in the film's game. The story itself moves pretty well through it's self proclaimed rough night but doesn't really latch on to you as a viewer. You're pretty much there to watch the ride...nothing else.

The cast here is probably the best part of the film. Between the gravitas Johansson brings to the screen and the intrigue of Zoe Kravitz and the off the wall banter from Kate McKinnon, it would be a lie if I said they weren't at least fun to watch. The problem the film has is its dialog. If the film's goal wasn't to promote feminism and a pro-female image, I'd say it is passable. But the film portrays women either as sex-crazed drunkards or uptight prudes and coming off of Wonder Woman, this film seems like a slap in the face. Maybe it is poor timing or maybe it is true, only time will tell.

Overall, the film isn't horrible. It features good performances from Kate McKinnon and Scarlett Johansson and makes the best of its boderline terrible script. It sustains its 101 minute runtime and fills them with countless penis jokes (Jillian Bell relies on them annoyingly too much) and features some decent moments of situational comedy that could have landed way better but they still land nonetheless. Either way, it is a passable film but not one that I'd recommend spending money to see in the theater.
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1/10 is so bad, it makes you wanna punch someone
filipmail20 August 2017
even good actress cannot make a bad movie... such a waste of time, predictable, the level of jokes for 11 years old, US based child, with not really developed brain and functions... I couldn't find one good world about this C-movie with big names. Awful! Its better to have a 90 min nap, really then watching this, 'art'. I don't even understand how such a video/DVD film can be distributed and sold. Its un-watchable and insulting intelligence of semi-developed human being:). Avoid it
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Fans of R-rated gross-out comedies: Rejoice!
2001ASOfan18 June 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Stop reading right now if you find gross-out comedies repulsive and don't like legitimate, well-known actors doing disgusting things that could ruin you for seeing them in any more serious efforts in the future. I love seeing actors let their hair down and go for it in the spirit of having a good time themselves and (more importantly) making audiences laugh while doing so, and "Rough Night" is a very good example of exactly that. Everyone here clearly had a terrific time on set, I have no doubt some of the funniest dialogue was improvised, and that kind of free-spirited energy spills over for the benefit of any willing audience members who are there to go along for the ride and have a good time, too. Yes, the film could've used a quicker editing pace, does flag just a bit a few times, and cutting it to a 90-minute-ish running time would've likely made it an even tighter, funnier, zippier ride. But I mean to emphasize the most important thing: I laughed--a lot, and so did the audience around me. All of the main ensemble are a hoot, and one of the reasons I love this genre of comedy is discovering new talented comedians I didn't know before, usually in smaller supporting roles--here it's Paul W. Downs as a soon-to-be-married "6" (out of 10--the script's reasoning for his friends rating him a 6 are hilarious) who decides no one's going to stand him up at the altar. His efforts to fight back are easily one of the best running gags in the film. I'm a huge fan of Kate McKinnon's--sometimes just the way she facially reacts to other actors' lines can have me lost in belly laughs--and she's a standout here, but everyone genuinely pitches in and goes for it--and I love 'em for it! Good comedies are so rare these days, and I run to every one on opening weekend to pay to support them, hoping more will be made. Overall the mainstream multiplex movie fare leaves me wanting these days, and I hope all-out comedies, there for no other reason than to make us laugh and lighten our days, never go away.
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Rough Night was a very enjoyable comedy movie
marziehbn17 June 2017
I really laughed through the movie and watching it made me feel better. It did not have a very innovative plot, but it was enjoyable. The fact that women were in the center of the movie, doing what ever they wanted was another interesting thing. I recommend watching the movie when you feel like you want to watch a comedy. Overall, It was a very good comedy movie.
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Mediocre but Still Funny in Spurts
bkrauser-81-31106417 June 2017
If Bridesmaids (2011) was proof that the ladies can play just as rough in delivering truly inspired raunch-com moments, then Rough Night is incontrovertible proof that they can also deliver mediocre fair with the same lack of conviction as their coasting male counterparts. Is it funny; yeah in spurts. Can it be a little cloying; yeah at times. Is it the best version of what it could be? Perhaps that's the wrong question.

Rough Night reunites college roommates Jess (Johansson), Alice (Bell) Blair (Kravitz) and Frankie (Glazer) who are planning one last blowout soiree before Jess takes the plunge into married life. They all rendezvous in sunny Miami, and meet up with Jess's friend from Australia Pippa (McKinnon). From there Alice plans a fun night on the town followed by a private party at their rented beach house. Things go terribly wrong however after the girls invite a stripper into the house and wind up with a dead body on their hands.

Part of what will end up working for you about Rough Night has a lot to do with you look for in a comedy. At times the film channels the frazzled energy of The Hangover (2009) while at others it's stretching for the "what are we going to do now" immediacy of a Guy Ritchie crime comedy. It sometimes sinks in the tepid character dynamics of a late-period Blake Edwards sex comedy while at others times it outright revels in pure absurdity. The center narrative stitch however is farce - trading on the buffoonery of our characters to establish much of the movie's important story elements.

This however becomes a crutch as the movie limps away from the halfway point. Once we get a good idea of what's going on, it becomes obvious that there just aren't enough levers for this movie to pull to keep everything going. And instead of relying on broad characters and an increasing array of improbable circumstances (the bread and butter of any good farce), the movie cuts back and forth between, not people but groups that are only tangentially related to the story proper. As a result Rough Night starves itself on its own lack of possibilities.

Such groups by the way, include Demi Moore and Ty Burrell who play sexed-up beach neighbors with an eye for Blair. Their inclusion results in one of the film's most problematic moments by far. On the other end we have Paul W. Downs and his groomsmen. The juxtaposition of Jess's gathering and Paul W. Downs's rather demure stag party provides the funniest moments in the entire film. And because Downs's moments start with the unexpected and only grow more bizarre from there, the man threatens to run away with what feels like a compromised movie. Ironic since its supposed to be about the women.

Look, if you really want to prime yourself for a good movie going experience, you shouldn't be asking yourself if this is the best movie they could have made with this kind of material. Instead ask yourself if this is the best movie that has been made out of this kind of material. In comparison to Stag (1996) and Very Bad Things (1998), Rough Night is clearly a winning choice. Though personally when it comes to movies about what to do with a dead body, the gold standard will always be Weekend at Bernie's (1989).
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Girls version of hangover but worse
bamamama198221 June 2017
This was pretty stupid wasn't as good as the hangover & to me it wasn't all that good...if you seen one you seen them all...super impractical & if you seen 1 you seen them all. Can't believe Scarlett J. Starred in this crap lol There were so many parts that was just super idiotic & not funny....only a couple of parts that were a little funny...super cheesy in general...if there is nothing else to watch sure but I would hate to know I spent money to watch it
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don't waste your time
Natacha-Sparkle3 September 2017
Poorly written, poorly directed, and even more poorly acted. The story is so poorly realized they actually have to explain some of the jokes ,Others are just left hanging , so disappointing , i wish i could give zero star, the characters sucked , none of them was likable this movie was one of the worst I have seen for a while.
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Very bad thing......
FlashCallahan1 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Jess is a politician who reunites with three of her college friends for a bachelorette weekend in Miami.

The night of hard partying soon takes a dark turn when a male stripper accidentally dies at their beach house.

Amid trying to cover it up, the friends find themselves becoming closer when it matters most......

When this film was first made in 1999, it was funny, but the dark streak it had, made it one of the more standout independent films of the late nineties. It had interesting characters, some really good twists in the narrative, and it all ended with a deliciously nasty ending.

This is the the remake, and like last years Ghostbusters, the sexes have changed, just because it would be interesting to see how women would react to a same situation.

But instead of going down a dark alley when it comes to humour, the writers decide to play it safe and go down gross out ally, taking a detour to pratfall park along the way.

The cast are wasted with the script, it's terrible. So we have the friends all together and they have the predictable traits you'd expect in a last film like this.

You get the smart one, the party animal, the slightly cuckoo one, the beyond bonkers one, and the one the writers forget about, played by Kravitz.

It's just too predictable to be funny. The jokes are sub par, secondary characters are written in a way that should make them ultimately bizarre, but the actors portraying them look embarrassed, especially Demi Moore.

It all ends with the group learning life lessons, and becoming the best of friends, before all living happily ever after.

Even though they have committed and assisted in manslaughter.

Stick with Very Bad Things.

This is just Very Bad.
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A truly rough night for me
Lalpera25 June 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I went to watch this movie in a late Sunday night so it was truly a rough night for me!

This is supposed to be a funny comedy which is not. Few women get together to have a hen's night and call a male stripper to have some fun. And the man dies in an accident in the house and all women start the normal hysterical chaos. The story is about the stupid things they do to hide the body. Anyway in the end everything become normal and even the Police forgive them for the murder, like in a banana republic, and everybody lives happily thereafter! Now you know it is a terrible story – and I am telling you its terrible acting too! I had a lot of liking towards Scarlet up to yesterday but that's gone down by almost 50% now. One more movie she acts like this, then I will never watch her movies anymore! I really didn't know the other women actors much but am horrified even at the thought of seeing them again in my life for sure. Paul Downs acting as Peter is a terrible clone of a pathetic joker and a headless chicken. You feel so disgusted about his pamper dressed clown acting!

In short, don't waste your time!
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They almost murdered my love with Scarlett Johansson!
caetano-9526523 August 2017
Warning: Spoilers
... it's a bad movie! They almost murdered my love with Scarlett Johansson! And what's up with Kate McKinnon? does she does the same charather in all her movies?? Jesus!! I have tried to keep an open mind and see if the movie would get any better as it goes, but it just doesn't.

My advice is to see this movie to witness true Evil.
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