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Comfortable and Charming, but has it's flaws
Tizx10511 August 2020
Neet Election is an interesting movie that has noteworthy charm bubbling up through it's flawed frame. While it's not an overwhelmingly great movie by any measure, and can at some points show it's amateur roots. It should be lauded for the effort that went into length and design. Most amateur films typically keep their casts small and their runtime short, but Neet Election bucks the trends set by so many and broadens the cast to about 20 with a 2 and half hour runtime. While that may seem like a runtime that could cause pacing issues it does a remarkably good job keeping the pacing swift between scenes. It does suffer them certain amateurish tropes such as lack of confidence in scene closure like when the main character for no reason at all simply stands smiling at the end of many scenes waiting for that fade to black. It also makes use of it's set pieces, like a wrapped car, as a fun draw for one of the movie's several musical numbers. While not a musical the songs were catchy enough to keep me from fast forwarding through them at least. If you are a fan of Japanese films and are at least a little interested in Otaku or NEET subcultures NEET Election does a sufficient job in scratching that particular itch when looking for that type of media. I also hope that our main actor Kento Kasahara continues his acting career, for even in this flawed film his performance was particularly impressive.
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Just bad
mister_bateman26 August 2020
I immediately saw this is a very low budget production with what seems like amateur actors, which I took into account and tried to give it some slack but ultimately I had to turn it off because it's just not good. The basic idea sounded fun but it's just tedious and stupid.
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