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Love Maria Bamford, love this amazing show!
manyabopanya28 June 2016
It's a bummer when reviewers bring down the overall rating for a show because it isn't their cup of tea or doesn't work for them stylistically. I have a feeling the negative reviewers here were not familiar with Maria Bamford before watching Lady Dynamite. This is all her, this is her brand of comedy, and she's f'ing hilarious. Clearly many in the comedy community feel the same way, given the number of amazing people she's brought in to be on the show--another major highlight of the show for me.

Comedic sensibility is very personal and certainly this show isn't for everybody, but that does not make it garbage, as I believe one reviewer called it. In terms of the kind of show and style of comedy it's going for, Lady Dynamite is knocking it out of the park! It just might not be your park; good thing there are plenty of other TV shows out there.
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One of the best shows Ever
loraexplora7 June 2016
I saw Maria Bamford's stand-up special for Comedy Central years ago and loved it, she explains a little about herself in it and so I had a slight background knowledge of her, but didn't know anything about the show. The first episode was a little hard to follow, but it's supposed to be that way. As you keep watching, you get what she's going for and it's awesome. I think it's too awesome and too deep for some people, hence the stupid reviews like: "it's a failure"-to that I say "you're a failure, butt-face, just because you're not smart enough to get the joke doesn't mean it's not funny." Anyway, it's like she/they-(the cast is amazing and so talented, the fact that she got so many well-known people in the show tells you that she's genius, it takes a great comedian to make other comedians laugh)-zoom in and out on life stuff. Some of it is like big-picture, meaning-of-life stuff, some of it is about things a lot of average people struggle with, like doing too much or not being able to say no, and some is really specific issues that everybody may not relate to-like what do you do when someone you're dating dies and you have to be a part of their funeral but you really don't know them well? What do you do when you realize you thought you were dating someone and they had a totally different goal/idea of the relationship? And Maria takes those topics and comments on them in her unique and hilarious way. And she works in stuff about mental illness as well, which is honest and brave and ground-breaking, and also hilarious. It's hard to explain, but really this show is about everything and nothing all at once and it's a work of art.

Side note: Some people might feel uncomfortable about the frank discussion of mental health issues, psychologists, psychiatrists, and medications, but I think those are things a lot of people deal with in real life and real life things can be the basis for the funniest jokes. She is of course exaggerating about some things in the show, so don't think she's like a total nutcase in real life, sometimes art imitates life and sometimes art is just a total work of the imagination. It seems to me she is incredibly ordinary in the way she does her life, she just deals with different issues than some people, and she's also incredibly amazing in how she is brave enough to discuss those things openly, and she must be very emotionally intelligent and wise to have done the treatments she has and to avoid hiding her issues, because what it takes for a person to be successful in anything is self-awareness, honesty, and a willingness to ask and accept help when they need it. Athletes don't make it to the Olympics on sheer talent alone, and people with illness-physical or mental, short-term or chronic, don't make it to a place of wellness and balance without self-awareness, honesty and help. But that is a very hard-learned lesson and it takes time to get to a point of clarity about this, Maria has obviously done this with her life and she's sharing her wisdom with this show. I appreciate it, and I get it. And no, I'm not mentally ill-not that there's anything wrong with that ;)
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Jumpygrouch9 June 2016
At the beginning, I thought this show was, as people have said here, "derivative" and only marginally funny. Kept it on because I was doing something and didn't have the free hands to turn it off. I had a few chuckles and wasn't expecting much. But every single person on the show is a great comedian and/or actor, and the situations are novel. By the end of the second episode it had gained momentum, I was won over, but switched to The Americans. Then I woke up today and it was the only show I wanted to watch, for some reason it stuck with me. (Probably because it brings up memories of when I was in the music business and how people treated each other, and times when I made great money but walked away, but this time I'm laughing.) So I put on episode 3 and I've been laughing my ass off ever since. It gets funnier and funnier at each new episode!

I came onto IMDb just to find out more, and see there is a contingent for whom it isn't reaching. Well I would say, maybe you have to watch a few more episodes. But I'm someone who loved BoJack Horseman, Action, Party Down, Extras. Also, there are so many funny details that people might not get -- like the Minnesota hair when she flashbacks to Duluth, or the "Latin" saying on the wall of the church. When I see the flashbacks, I'm laughing already, before anyone opens their mouths.
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Loved It Really Fun
roberthms24 May 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Very fresh. Fantastic writing, wonderful characters, hilarious supporting cast and very well acted. We need more shows like this that are actually funny and not just following the same old formula. I found myself laughing out loud which is not easy to accomplish.

It's so nice to be surprised and not able to guess everything that's coming in each scene as is the norm in most productions these days. As a male and human being and trying to understand what Maria Bamford has dealt with, my instinct is to just protect her and then hug her. It's hard to imagine anybody keeping it all together in Hollywood when everybody around you is certifiable.

Death Takes a Holiday 1934 'It's not me who's mad, but the world'
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How do you solve a problem like Maria?
mcgriswald23 May 2016
It's hard to describe what this show is, so many levels of comedy and drama, but it works.

Maria Bamford suffers from bipolar disorder, and this show is a semi-coherent fictionalized depiction of her life, how her career operates, her family, and the various people she interacts with in the entertainment industry.

Flitting back and forth in time, each episode covers a specific narrative, should she date this guy, is she going to get the big movie role, is she objectively funny, etc., but each is framed in the roller coaster of emotions that make up her mental state. When she's manic, it's a little off putting, and when she's depressed, it's sad, but her support system of friends, parents, agents and various helpers sort of keep her on track, sort of.

For those unfamiliar with Maria, dial up one of her standup shows so you get some feel of who she is before you dig in to this show. She is about as "alt" as "alt comedy" can be, but she has crafted a stage show and a persona that are truly endearing and entertaining.

Unlike other entertainers who suffer from mental illness and hide it, Maria embraces it, and this show to some degree gives us the world seen through her eyes.
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Funny and brave and inventive
wood-gledhow18 June 2016
Warning: Spoilers
This is brave and inventive television. Netflix has done great work bringing this to the world. Currently the funniest and most verbally dexterous programme around. Very strong ensemble cast. It makes most other comedies look flat footed. There are delights at every turn and not a poor performance or unrealized character anywhere. And then there's the way mental illness is addressed - superb. And the talking dogs? Who doesn't love talking dogs? Especially ones with a sense of humour.The time shifts are well used and although becoming increasingly familiar since Breaking Bad they are used here to enhance the story and fully round out the characters. Let's face it season 1 didn't have enough episodes but there again it can't be easy to maintain this level of narrative and verbal inventiveness.

Roll on season 2
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Derivative but very personal
Scott-10124 May 2016
Lady Dynamite is so zany and out there that it was a little difficult to get a grasp on when I first watched it. Ironically, my difficulty with the material wasn't because there's nothing like it on TV but because I saw traces of nearly everything else on TV: The cutaways of 30 Rock, the awkward attempts at social justice statements from Master of None, the use of a comedic veneer to mask trauma that's shown on Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, the 4th wall randomness of Man Seeking Woman or Family Guy, and the feminist celebration of woman as proudly dysfunctional adult from Broad City. That's not even bringing up the long list of shows that feature a comedic actor playing exaggerated versions of themselves pursuing showbiz start-up that starts with the Larry Sanders Show and goes all the way up to Comedians, Difficult People and Garfunkel and Oates (all relatively stale editions of the genre because all the good plots in this genre have been used up).

Welcome to Peak TV: Where the overabundance of innovative voices on TV makes it harder to stick out and a comic voice as original as Maria Bamford is penalized for not coming out five years ago.

What's good news is that a lot of these complaints are less valid after a scattershot pilot that's loaded with every gimmick imaginable. After that, the show starts to even out and one can see some of the better creative decisions behind the show. It helps to separate the show from other entries in the "comedians playing themselves" genre in that Bamford isn't trying to advance her show business career at all. At times, she seems blissfully ignorant of exactly how well she's doing (her faux sister Susan is alarmed at how much she makes at a studio session). In another episode, she turns down Judd Apatow because in that particular episode, her new focus on life is about doing as little as possible in life. After a few episodes, one can better make the argument that this even if it's a clichéd genre, Bamford's work is the ultimate personal statement: Maria Bamford is simply figuring out her life and way of expressing it on screen as she goes along.

The show is a bit hit-or-miss on the strength of its plots but it helps that the 2nd and 3rd episodes-- dating a bisexual guy, trying to form a family band, and awkwardly attempting to be politically correct-- are winners.
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Surrealist, awesome.
waltzedout26 August 2016
This show is amazing. It's certainly surreal, but the characters are well developed and every episode stands alone. The show is produced by the producers of Arrested Development and you can definitely see their influence here. Lots of puns, sight gags, and intelligent writing.

I loved the story arc of Maria's relationships and if you've ever had anxiety or known someone who did, this show is extremely relatable. It's not for everyone, but those who get it will love it. Also: Dean Cain! Patton Oswalt! Bridget Everett! Fred Melamed! It's not your typical stand-up show. I had only kind of heard of Maria Bamford before watching Lady Dynamite and now I want to see her whenever and wherever she performs. Just watch it already.
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This Show is Hilariously Weird!
laurenemoody16 June 2016
Lady Dynamite is basically a cast of some of the funniest comedians, crushing it. Maria Bamford's references to mental illness are funny without making light of the struggles. This shines some real light on the relationship dynamics that exist because, well, we're all crazy! Cute innuendo throughout, like Deebag's cafe. Some of their material is so random it doesn't seem like it would be funny, but it is. Fred Melamed's character is great. Must watch... I'm binge watching this right now. One note though, the theme song basically makes me want to stick pencils in my ears and push hard. They seem to have made it even longer after the 11th episode. Gotta change that up to avoid accidental self inflicted ear injuries. Other than that great show.
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Fascinating, but not for everyone
djblanset16 June 2016
If I were to watch this show as a comedy, I would have found it incredibly irritating and outrageously offensive. The show isn't funny, and I don't think it's really supposed to be. It's actually quite sad and deep.

It's about struggling with bipolar disorder. As someone who struggles with mental illness myself, I find it fascinating. It's like looking through someone else's eyes. I find that the structure of the show how things transition and connect is very reflective of how my own mind works.

My recommendation: If you want to better understand what it can be like to live with a mood disorder, watch Lady Dynamite. Don't watch it as a comedy though; watch it as dark, serious drama.
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Earns enough laughs, watch it and embrace its goofiness!
adilnazarali28 December 2017
I love comedy, especially stand-up. Louis, Chapelle, Hedberg, Burr, are who I consider Legends. I've seen Maria's stand-up in the past and I didn't quite get her or laugh at her comedy. Her name stuck though so I gave this show a chance. This show flings Maria at the world unapologetically. And I get her now! I see her unique talent. You can see that she has that incredible wit, that only comes with decades in the game. I'm really happy for Maria that this show is so great.

You work hard, and you just never know when your time is, well Maria's time is now it appears. She's very brave for sharing her depression, anxiety, mental illness with everyone-- Her humour overcomes it all in the end.
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great show about mental illness
hookaugust26 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
(by the way there's one spoiler, but it doesn't affect the plot at all and I'm not saying who, but yeah I don't wanna be blacklisted on this sight. So anyway, if you read the review someone said "treat this as a dark serious drama" I mean I guess, but to me I like to laugh at my dysfunction and I grew up with a mom who is bipolar and I myself have Borderline Personality Disorder, and I find this show pretty hilarious. It is in a dark humor kinda way though...I didn't laugh at the weird surreal rape scene, but I did cringe, though that one, you're not even sure is happening so it's kinda strange. Watching this show feels like dissociating and being manic at the same time.
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tooflyforawhitegal22 November 2017
If you like rick and morty or your an odd ball you will love this!! In this series, Maria is starting over, and learning some very valuable, and hilarious, life lessons along the way. Comedian Maria Bamford teaches us the tell-tale signs of a mental health crisis in the making.Maria Bamford is the gem we do not deserve and I am so glad she deigns to share herself with the world. REPLY
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kamonkur4 June 2016
I see very high ratings here and don't know why. This show is like a drunk wandered haphazardly around in the street dragging an empty cardboard box which people are constantly tripping over as they pass. In other words: it is annoying and makes no sense. Netflix has been producing some really good shows lately, but this is not one of them. I can't find any more ways to say it. This show is terrible. Really, really terrible. But, it looks like I must have ten lines of review, so here is more. The story keeps throwing things against the wall even though they just flatten and sink with a thud to the floor. While shooting this show, they must display signs that read: "Don't be Clever," "Stupidity is really funny" or "Segues only confuse people." I joined IMDb just so I could express how much I dislike this show.
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Mad and hilarious
gdrenfrew14 September 2018
Genuinely surprising US comedy. Hair-brained events and cracking script. Great cast and talking dogs.
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I managed to finish an episode...but it was difficult
sylasbrantley1 June 2016
It was almost impossible to pay attention to what was on the screen. This is not due to having some form of inhumanly low attention span, but due to the fact that the plot was too "random" to follow. Some scenes people were replaced with goats, for some reason....

It was never explained, and I don't really think there was a reason for it. It was randomness for randomness sake, which is an unfortunate trend for television. This is why children's cartoons like Uncle Grandpa are hated, and yet some "genius" green-lit this sense of humor for a live action show that was probably intended for adults..I think?

The voices were too hyper and grating on the ears, and honestly gave me an actual migraine. If you ever choose to watch this show, keep the volume as low as possible.
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Wacky. As In A Zany Cartoon Way.
jegd-847-63140721 May 2016
I wanted to see this show after with a lot of approval from some high profile comedians, and all this has done is ruin their credibility.

You can sum up this entire show with the word "wacky". This is like a live-action kid's cartoon riddled with zany plots. So, if you get a laugh out of bright colors or your Dad shaking keys in your face - you'll love this show.

Mind you, there is something here that is salvageable. Maria Bamford is great (I love watching her just go), but it's like everyone around her is an exaggeration of a terrible human being. Nobody likes those Los Angeles assholes, let alone a magnified behavior of them. For every single person with a dialogue stemmed in f words ... remove them; One is fine, but a majority is lazy writing. One might believe it was sloppy improvisation.

There was a nice set of cameos; the modern day half-child of Tom Bosely, Patton Oswalt as a bike cop. Ana Gasteyer makes an appearance as a cackling talent agent. Ed Begley Jr is in there as confused as every character he plays is. But the biggest surprise was the show pointing out everything that's wrong with it, in the script ...

Oswalt tells Maria this stand-up gimmick has been done before and John Mulaney adds his disapproval of the autobiographical trope. Yet this Mitch Hurwitz and Pam Brady vehicle doesn't slow day or back away from this device for an instant.

The show insists on being compared to Seinfeld, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Louis & Arrested Development - Yet as we do, it's bluntly apparent Lady Dynamite isn't anywhere near that caliber of entertainment.

It's a failure.
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OMG! This is absolute trash!
amelesdad25 May 2016
How the hell can such a wonderful premise for a show be ruined by something as ludicrous as crass language! I'm no prude but FFS! Can't we have humour without saying F*** or C*** - yeah I know it's considered brave to do that but I think it would have worked with good clean language. It's more creative. Belly laughs come from funny stuff, snickering comes from rude stuff. The main protagonist wasn't bad, neither was the anything until it came to the stupid friggin' woman who opened her mouth and just came out with token rude behaviour. Any-ways, that's my opinion. Please keep it funny and clean. I would like to be able to watch a program without shielding my child's eyes and ears! Lol, that was a silly image.
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i can't get through 13 mins of the first episode
krrnz26 May 2017
i have tried twice to watch this show the first time it took 10 mins the next time 6 months later i managed 13 mins of the show but it was a struggle then i thought this was the first episode try another one so i went half way through no again less then 13 mins and i was a struggle

the show is a boring crazy mess of a show don't watch
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Weird in a good way
bluecouchpotato20 December 2017
This is a really weird show. If you, like me, watch the first episode and think "what the heck is this about?," try and stick with it -- I watched most of season 1 before I really liked it. It's not the content that took time to grow on me, it was more allowing my suspension of disbelief to kick in sufficiently that I could enjoy the quirkiness without trying to over think what was happening. If you're looking for something that is pure entertainment, give it a try.
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