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Cute Halloween Movie
gccates25 October 2015
This aired on ION as You Cast a Spell on Me So our main character Matt is a 35 year old warlock in need of a spouse. A little bit of a twist from the usual woman's biological clock ticking. His family arranges him to marry a witch from one of the families that make up the witches council.

Psychiatrist Sara's friend Lacy drags her out to Halloween party where she meets mysterious stranger Matt whom she talks to all night. What she doesn't know about Matt is he is a warlock and his powers end up transferring over to her. Sara thinks she's losing her mind when strange things start happening.

Over the next few days Matt is experiencing troubles with his powers and is desperate to figure out what's wrong. His mother determines it can only be one thing, Matt has fallen for a mortal!
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Quite charming and funny
phd_travel22 November 2016
This Halloween movie has some acceptable dialog and funny magic. Less annoying than some of those Christmas movies out there.

Ryan McPartlin from Chuck who has a certain goofball charm suitable for this movie plays a warlock who has to marry another witch soon or lose his magic. He meets a mortal psychiatrist, the cute Nikki de Loach and they of course fall in love.

It's quite well done the way things work out for them and for the other couple - the arranged witch and another warlock with no magic. Things wear a bit thin towards the end.

If you are going to watch one Halloween movie this one is an alright choice.
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Good Family Halloween Movie
crashx-781-7262511 November 2015
Very cute movie. Enjoyable characters you want to follow. Feeling I wanted movie of the story to continue when it ended. This should be either a TV series or a series of movie chapters on regular release schedule.

You can feel a story being built on the romance about to blossom from Matt and Sarah. The possible mishaps that could ensue. A mortal and a warlock changing the face of the council. Continuing a story of how Sarah is learning how to live with newly gained powers and a world she only thought existed in books or television.

What would happen if Matt and Sarah started a family changing the old traditions forever and who would be against the change. I could go on and on. I can envision using this movie as a stepping stone to many story lines..
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No magic - sorry
mariesmith-856842 March 2018
Warning: Spoilers
For anyone having 90 minutes to spare when the alternative is watching paint dry, then watch this so called entertainment if you must. There are truly no words to describe how dire this awful movie is. Two easy on the eye lead actors (female - usual Hallmark hairdo. Male - chiselled looks) with no chemistry hammed it up as the worlock transferred his powers to a mere mortal girl, or should I say psychiatrist, then trying (with the help of mummy witch) to get them back. Really? Is this the best Hallmark can do? Ok, I don't expect special effects in the league of Marvel, but blowing a few sheets of paper around and having a blender go nuts does not a witch make. To be honest I wouldn't be bothered about getting my powers back as they were so lame to start with. Oh yeah, there's the obligatory scene where the handsome worlock gets topless (for the sake of his art of course - yawn) Take my advice and give this dreadful movie a miss and watch paint dry instead
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folsominc226 October 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Don't waste your time. Very boring and very stupid plot line. Reminds me of the Superman series with Dean Cain when almost everyone was getting his powers transferred to them. Dumb and no chemistry at all.

The main actor has a better role in the made for TV movie, Second Chances; the feminine role was played by an unrealistic actress. The transfer of magic and then the fact she gets the magic after all is ridiculous.

All set in a Halloween atmosphere where, if it was made a couple of months later, would probably be having Santa's magic and the feminine lead coming down the chimney!
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