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Hints at a more interesting film than is delivered
tomgillespie200217 October 2016
With one of the most recognisable faces in the world, Daniel Radcliffe seems to be making a full-throttle effort not to go down the same road taken by many child actors, and has tried to cast as wide a net as possible when it comes to film roles. Whether it be a man sprouting horns in, erm, Horns (2013), a hunchbacked assistant in Victor Frankenstein (2015) or a farting corpse in this year's Swiss Army Man, his desire to shake shake off the ghost of Harry Potter is nothing but admirable. With Imperium, there's no extravagant make-up or gimmick to hide behind, or in fact any hair, as he convinces as a bookish FBI agent turned white supremacist infiltrator.

While it certainly doesn't match the intensity of Russell Crowe in Romper Stomper (1992). Edward Norton in American History X (1998) or Ryan Gosling in The Believer (2001) - movies all set within the same world - it is undoubtedly Radcliffe's finest performance. When we first meet his character, Nate Foster, he is bespectacled and brown- suited, taking a literal back-seat as the Bureau successfully entrap a suspected terrorist. We then see what he can offer, speaking fluently in Arabic and using his people skills to settle the suspect down enough to talk. With caesium-137 on the loose and Middle Easterners the target, Nate's boss Angela Zamparo (Toni Collette) feels the FBI have forgotten that threats also lurk from within, and turns her focus instead to a white supremacist hate group.

Many of the Imperium's best moments are the scenes between Nate and Zamparo, and Collette makes the most of what is a relatively straight-forward role. We also get an idea as to why Nate, someone who is bullied by his colleagues, is the perfect man to go undercover and try to work his way into the inner-factions of the group. He is quiet, mild-mannered and spends most of his time outside of work on his own, but he is also highly intelligent, observant and, most importantly, victimised. While the many skin- heads Nate encounters are indeed burly and terrifying, they all share a sense of misguided victimhood, channelling their frustration and hatred towards a country they feel has betrayed them. Nate may not share their views, but he can empathise on an emotional level, which makes him a perfect fit to feel somewhat at home in such surroundings.

Director Daniel Ragussis, here making his feature debut, hints at a more interesting film than he manages to deliver. It touches on the inner psyche of these hateful people, and offers some shocking facts about America's dealings with terrorism, and just how much of it has come from white people. However, Ragussis's desire to tell a neat- and-tidy story means that Imperium never rises above routine thriller territory. A few key scenes in which Nate feels the wall closing in on him are very well done, and the script-writing input of Michael German, a former FBI undercover agent turned best-selling author, adds a feel of authenticity. I would also like to highlight the terrific performances of Chris Sullivan and Tracy Letts, the latter stealing every scene he's in as radio hate preacher Dallas Wolf. Imperium is a solidly-made, well-acted film that sadly doesn't strive to be anything more than an exciting thriller.
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Great idea for a movie, but poorly written, directed, and acted
Brendan320 August 2016
Warning: Spoilers
If you want to see a film about a conflicted FBI agent infiltrating a modern day white supremacist revolutionary group, seek out the far superior 1988 Costa-Gavras film "Betrayed"

The script follows a basic Screen writing 101 format. Toni Collette, as a cliché seasoned FBI agent bucks the system and all her superiors who stubbornly dismiss her ideas, and she recruits an inexperienced young agent, played by Daniel Radcliffe, to infiltrate local white supremacists on the hunch that, just maybe, they are responsible for missing weapons grade radioactive material.

Fine... I'll swallow this premise if they can make it somehow realistic and interesting. Nope. The film makers not only showed almost no understanding of how the FBI operates, what these organized white supremacists actually do, but also little regard for common sense.

This inexperienced FBI agent manages, not only to infiltrate a group of thuggish skinheads, but also to rapidly rise up and infiltrate an organized separatist militia, but an inner circle of careful planning terrorists... all very quickly and easily, simply because the film makers were too lazy to write realistically and just wanted to move things along.

Radcliffe's undercover FBI agent character, for some insane reasoning of the writer, uses his real name and identity to infiltrate, and does not use any documentation to support his phony backstory of military experience. It also seems as if the only direction he was given was to constantly fidget and look nervous and scared at all times... as though this constant erratic guilty behavior wouldn't worry even the dumbest of people he was trying to fool.

It is lazy storytelling wherein events unfold and problems are resolved with great ease, because showing the difficulty of infiltrating and investigating would require the film makers to actually think through their story.

Yes, the subject matter is important and the threat of homegrown separatist groups is a serious threat... far more serious than this movie even seems to understand.

Important subject matter is no reason to overlook bad film making.
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An embarrassment for everybody
zerocrew-5680219 August 2016
Warning: Spoilers
This one's gonna leave a brown stain on Radcliff's resume. It's so bad, it's embarrassing to watch at times. Earlier, ericnottelling says that "was this written by a 3rd grader" - It's actually even worst. A 3rd grader could debunk this movie. The plot is so ludicrous, that it makes Harry Potter feel like a believable piece of reported documentary. Like Eric said, everybody loves that young scrawny punk for no reason - have a chamomile tea (lmfao) with the nazi leader, and suddenly the dude is going to tell you his secret master world domination cunning plan and includes you in the A-team because you got a liking in classical music. Radcliff really struggles with his role, and I can't totally blame him, the script is a disaster. In opposition of movies like American History X, that put Radcliff in the junior league compared to Ed Norton, the Bieber one. Although, I can understand at some extend Justin Bieb having fans,but I could not fathom if somebody comes with something positive about this pathetic flick... Don't waste your time or money with this - even free, this is still a waste of electricity and time you never could get back. Cringe level 10. Hogwarts Wizard ain't no KKK Imperial Wizard.

The only thing that is not disappointing with this movie is the constant way it's falling apart. From a seemingly promising beginning, it goes there on a downward slope to an ending that is the one of a Scooby Doo cartoon.
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Imperium is a powerful drama that will interest those who follow domestic terrorism.
fxdx420 August 2016
Radcliffe at first might seem like a poor choice to be cast as a skin head/Nazi, but in fact his characteristics make perfect sense in the film. Radcliffe is a young FBI agent that is chosen to infiltrate a local white power movement to prevent a credible domestic terror threat a la the Oklahoma City bombing from the 90s. This is not an action film with brawls and fire fights; this is a drama that tries to honestly show those involved in the white power movement. Overall this film is engaging and engrossing on its own, but also challenges itself by giving these social villains some screen time.

It is a very standard film in terms of plot, this is not a film to watch and expect twists and turns. But it tells a very compelling story through character. Each white power figure we see has their own ideas, goals and as the story progresses it shows us not only about white power, but racism and any type of extremism as well. Sam Trammell, Chris Sullivan and Tracy Letts are all brilliant in pulling us into their lives and succeeding in avoiding the obvious stereotypes that all too easily could happen. The scenes of Edward Norton trashing convenience stores and killing from American History X are left out, these are men with families, family/financial problems, hopes, dreams and its fascinating to see how their sometimes noble goals are corrupted into extreme racism.

The weak point is the ending, and everything has to be knotted up in a 2 hour film. This has the feel of the first 2 episodes of an HBO mini-series. I was left only somewhat satisfied, and genuinely curious about what would happen to each character next – and I guess that is good film making.

Eye opening and well directed. If you are looking for a drama with almost no action, that mostly avoids cliché pitfalls (other than the obvious but well enough done ending) then this is your flick!
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was this written by a 3rd grader
ericnottelling19 August 2016
This movie was awful. The story was so bad it's comical. Radcliffe stumbles through every hard point in the whole movie, while he is magically loved by everyone for no reason. This movie is a wanna be point break with a really poor story line.

While it starts out with a nice concept and rolls out with promise by half way into the movie you are just left with bad clichés and poorly written dialog and script. The movie lacks any real tension, any climax, any action and any reason to root for the "good guy" It is bland and has the feel like it was written by a 3rd grader as none of it connects in any interesting way. You are left with a movie that hopes to get people in for shock value and an actors name. My suggestion is don't waste a single dime on this movie. There are better ones to go see.
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Radcliffe's tenacity pays off
thechoctopfilmblog12 October 2016
Daniel Radcliffe as a FBI agent and an extreme white supremacist, now that was a film I really had to see. Personally, I love undercover stories as they have inbuilt elements of excitement and uncertainty. You're wondering constantly whether the covert operation is going to be a success or a failure.

Even with a shaved head and gangster clothes, Radcliffe lacked menace, fury and vitriol one might expect from a white supremacist. His eyes emanate a childlike innocence that is difficult to overcome even by vulgar behaviour and foul language. He doesn't astound, but I was quite engrossed in his performance. I cared about him and I wanted him to succeed.

I would have loved to see a deeper examination of infiltration strategies than what was in this film. It employs tips from the well – known book: Dale Carnegie's 'How to win friends and influence people', and doesn't go beyond that. By being as simple as it is, it takes away the intrigue of an undercover story.

There were some nail-biting scenes and clever dialogue that held my attention. We do get to delve into the mindsets of several white supremacists. The finale, however, felt very rushed. It came across as very sudden and I questioned its plausibility. It seems that the writers just needed a quick and thrilling end to the story without considering whether it is consistent with what they have developed earlier, both story and character wise.

I admire Radcliffe's tenacity to take on such a role. Even though the film wasn't a profound artwork, he does well in trying to break the seemingly immutable image of him as Harry Potter. Anyone who is used to seeing him as the boy who lived would be pleasantly surprised.
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Radcliffe surprising
SnoopyStyle28 March 2017
Nate Foster (Daniel Radcliffe) is an empathetic nerdy FBI agent. Agent Angela Zamparo (Toni Collette) recruits him to infiltrate white supremacists suspected of importing stolen caesium. The prime target is internet radio host Dallas Wolf. Nate tries to connect through local leader Vince Sargent. He also connects with Aryan militia leader Andrew Blackwell and seemingly suburban family man Gerry Conway.

Infiltration movie can be quite intense. The oddity in this one is Radcliffe. He is not the usual muscle-bound emotional-cripple with whom these movies traffics in. He is a nerd. That's what is so interesting in the movie. It's actually fascinating that these characters don't see him coming and I buy it. I also like that Gerry Conway is actually smart and the movie has a variety of white supremacists. There are a couple of false steps later on in the movie which keeps it from going all the way to the top. Nevertheless, this is good.
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Didn't Go Where I Thought It Would
redrobin62-321-20731125 November 2016
Warning: Spoilers
It's sometimes difficult to rate cliché-filled movies like these after seeing similar ones, like American History X, Drummer, A Time to Kill, 12 Years A Slave, and many others. The problem is, well, you've seen and heard it all before - the virulent language, the willful ignorance of the perpetrators, their misguided ideology and, of course, their insistence on victimhood. Imperium is no different, but it sure is timely as hell, went to far as to even mention Dylann Roof who has NOW only been found mentally able to stand trial for his dirty deed done dirt cheap.

Daniel Radcliffe was right on. Never missed a beat. As a racist skinhead he was very believable. There were some moments in the film that I thought they pored the racism on too thickly (swastika cookies and window streamers?!) and it made the proceedings too...cartoonish. Otherwise, I liked this film. To the new alt-right movement, this film will probably be treasured and revered like "Casablanca", "Dr. Zhivago", or "Gone with the Wind." Is Imperium a must see? Yes, I think so. Hopefully, these racist skinheads will always stay on the fringes. If not, we're in trouble.
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The good, the Bad and the Ugly sides of the FBI force!
Reno-Rangan4 November 2016
The post Harry Potter series, apart from awesome in 'Horns', Daniel Radcliffe struggled to find his character, where he fits in. I mean he tried many different ones, but I think in this he was so good. Initially I thought 'whaaaat?' Because with his physique, he did not qualify to play an FBI agent. He was like when the Captain America first came to the army recruitment. And then when the story progressed, I realised the character was designed that way. So I found it kind of fun, though the topic it was dealing, especially knowing it was inspired by the real, this is definitely an eye opener.

The first 5 minutes reveals the film's whole plot. Though the opening was the end part of some undercover operation taken by the FBI. It does not show us how it all had happened, but with a new mission, another similar kind of event follows which is what this film.

Some people call it a propaganda, but I think it was a good message film for the common people. For how misused the homeland security force. I mean they were doing their jobs, but for achieving big within the force, they take the risks which unfortunately transforms the barking dogs into the biting ones.

So basically the infiltration means, they are the one to encourage those bad guys to act, in order to get them red handed. If it was for a good cause like if they nab the real culprit, then it's okay, but the innocents should not be turned into evil and punished. Like there are no bad guys, but they make one and take into the custody. If you watch it and think about it, you would relaise what I meant.

It was a better film than I anticipated, and the performance by Daniel Radcliffe was the highlight of the film. Some newcomer directed it and decently done his job. Not a must see, but surely I force you to watch it to learn the good, the bad and the ugly sides of the FBI force.

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Good from far, far from good...
bigcur-888-72498114 June 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I went in with high hopes with the plot sounding very interesting but I was very let down. First the movie starts with showing a couple FBI agents acting unprofessional and throwing something at him to get his attention when he has headphones on. It then cuts to a scene where the FBI is saying they found some potential WMD material and there is still multiple amounts unaccounted for. They strongly imply that Islamist's have it for some reason because it's from Africa. Then of course it cuts to a female FBI agent schooling all the FBI agents on where the last WMD material was found. I found this as another movie just trying to make a bunch of guys look dumb and a woman leading the way with logic. Then the next scene cuts to her going to Radcliffe's character and showing him a video basically of a white supremacist admitting he has knowledge of the accident that was stated to be not shared by the media. He obviously would become the number one suspect for the entire FBI not just this woman and a rookie FBI agent. They make the FBI look like a bunch of Islamophobic idiots of course everyone except the lone women in the briefing... Daniel Radcliffe's then assumes this horrible backstory where he says he was a marine but it's quite obvious he's not built or carries himself like a soldier. Apparently all you need to do is shave your head and watch a few YouTube videos and your all set for a deep undercover op. They go-to their superior and of course he thinks it's so dumb and he doesn't believe it's worth it when the obvious video of a white supremacist leader talking about privileged information. The whole thing is so plain and lame it's incredibly obvious he isn't a soldier or a white supremacist. He's wearing Levi's which is apparently a no no cause Jews own them but then gives a back story no joke that his brother gave him jeans and as a gift lol. He instantly gets into the upper circles of the group which is really lame cause these groups would obviously be extremely tight nit and they would have grew up together. They also visit him at his apartment which is completely bare without a single sign of fascist ideology. Not a single thing the guy owns has a swastika on it. His tattoos are way to bright to be not recent. I'm guessing it's just airbrush for the movie but they could have made them look more natural. Then it comes to the protest against antifa. Antifa is shown in a very positive light which is concerning because they are usually the first people to go-to violence yell mindless chants and have the hammer and sickle of the communist USSR which is just as bad as a swastika. Overall the movie seems like a horrible attempt at a thriller there no genuine sense of anxiety of being a undercover he does a terrible job to begin with. I do believe Radcliffe's gives a decent performance but the script and plot is terrible. The movie isn't very believable and I'm had a hard time not watching something else. It's extremely far fetched and depicts organizations incorrectly. I'm actually getting frustrated watching it as I really expected something with the same power of American history x or Russell crowes white supremacist movie. If I was one of these guys you bet my ass I'd be able to figure it out. This feels politically motivated picture with a liberal bias as well. They should have done some more research on. The FBI and these organizations cause they feel very rinky dink and cheesy. There's no strong personality's really whatsoever. I can usually find one good thing about a picture but I can't think of a single one. I'd rather watch a kids cartoon.
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Retrospection of peoples supremacists hackles raised
m_bong130 October 2016
This is mainly a rebuttal of all those people whose automatic hackles got raised for no reason other than this portrayed a reality that they do not want to admit to. I would suggest that they do some research behind the person who actually wrote the script to this movie (Michael German), who has a first hand account of the actual events as it unfolded. Several of the comments that took offense to the movie should go back and try to see the background behind this to assess its veracity.

As for the actual movie in term of script and acting My actual rating is 7. Yes it fall short in terms of continuity and tight script scope but "dissing" it due to the fact that you are unconformable with the reality based fact falls squarely one your insecure shoulders and should not be the basis of rating the movie
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Fantasy Land
gustheaffen15 May 2017
Very slow and laughably silly story. The uber liberal take on all Trump supporters are white supremacists, Jew haters etc. marching around screaming racist things and the anti-fa that are the ones wearing the mask, bullying and intimidating people with force during peaceful protests are not a problem. Disgusting and predictable tripe. Not to mention the story is just plain dumb. When they make the arrest he blows his cover right away. The acting is absurd, including Toni Collette's extremely annoying gum chewing and stupid facial expressions. The only victims are the idiots that watch and believe this pile of trash. It is so poorly written because it is complete fantasy land propaganda that fails miserably.
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Corny and pathetic
Whilst the storyline had great potential but failed to deliver throughout The Nazi's acted like posh kids Especially Daniel Radcliffe Corny and terrible Harry p is a terrible actor
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Absolutely abysmal
greatheaduk19 August 2016
Why Hollywood continues to give Harry Potter (sorry, Daniel Radcliffe) money and starring roles is beyond me. He's Harry Potter in every role, as wooden as Pinocchio before the fairy godmother got all creative. This film sucks. The story line is weak, the acting is on par with the good ladies and gentlemen of Sunset Beach and everything else, the direction, the music, the costume department - atrocious. The only good thing I can say about Imperium is... nope, I've got nothing. Kinda reminded me of Green Street but that's an insult to Green Street. I hear Swiss Army Man is good, probably cos HP is dead throughout, maybe he'll be typecast in every role following Swiss Army Man. Once can only hope.
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INTENSE and factually relevant.
wymaner19 August 2016
Prepare yourself for a tense, wild ride. I was on the edge of my seat throughout the entire film. The film score was perfection and I witnessed amazing performances by Radcliffe, Colette, Numrich, Trammel and Letts. You don't want to miss this film.

To the writers, directors, producers, cast and crew: thank you for making this film. It was clearly well-researched and extremely well executed. Everything from the KKK wedding to the swastika cupcakes are based in the sad, true reality of existing hate groups in America. The timing of this release couldn't be better as we have a former grand wizard of the Ku Klux Klan running for Senate.
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Victimhood - a little spoliery
umme4uke19 August 2016
This film should have been a bit better than it is - it's not bad, not bad at all - but it's just not quite as impact-full as it should be.

Some of the dialogue is quite deep and the films message is pertinent - hint, it's not really about neo nazi skinheads, well it is, but it's not really. It's about the true heart of fascism, beyond the history, myths and conspiracy.

What is interesting is that it makes you realise that victims are more likely fascists than bullies - that any group that claims to be the 'victim' is probably nurturing some level of fascism.

It's interesting food for thought but, as I mentioned, isn't quite as powerful as it could have been - just needed that little bit more.
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'For evil to triumph, it only takes good men... to do nothing.'
gradyharp23 April 2017
Even the title of this film is terrifying: IMPERIUM – 'English-speaking Neo-Nazi frequently refer to a "Western Imperium" as a theoretical future global empire following their political and philosophical views.' Unfortunately the theme of this film is based on true incidents as written by Michael German with Daniel Ragussis who also directs. It is a magnifying glass held up to the many organizations of racists who believe that all non- Caucasian people should be destroyed – the white supremacists, be they KKK, or any other of the many hate groups whose influence is being more intensely felt during these times. It is a difficult movie to watch but at the same time perhaps it is a film that more people should see to be aware of a threat to equality that abounds, especially since January 2017!

Idealistic FBI agent Nate Foster (Daniel Radcliffe) goes undercover to take down a radical white supremacy terrorist group. The up-and-coming analyst must confront the challenge of sticking to a new identity while maintaining his real principles as he navigates the dangerous underworld of white supremacy. He works in tandem with Agent Angela Zamparo (Toni Collette) and Tom Hernandez (Nestor Carbonell) to infiltrate various groups led by Tracy Aletts, Sam Trammell, Seth Numrich, Jasson Finney etc.

The concept of FBI infiltration may not be a new one, but when it is based on a series of true events is underlines the dangerous world we have created. The film is very long u the cast is strong and the action, while at time convoluted, is fast paced. Daniel Radcliffe does a star turn!
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lukechigh28 September 2016
Personally I was very looking forward to this. The trailers look great. The acting looked great. The tension looked great. Daniel Radcliffe looked great. They weren't. So the movie opens with a very rushed beginning of why he actually goes undercover and the introduction of Daniel Radcliffe's character whom I will now look up the name for because I cannot remember AT ALL. My point proved. So Nate Foster (Daniel Radcliffe) is a mid 20's geek in the CIA who is bullied by other CIA members? It doesn't matter if that actually happened, the bully aspect of the movie plays no part to the rest of the story. So Toni Colette's character comes in, tells him about racists who he has to stop by going undercover as one of them. The plot is very rushed. Then he within the span of 5 minutes becomes a highly regarded white supremacist. That's the non spoiler opening of the movie.

There are several problems with this movie: 1) Miscast - I believe Danielle Radcliffe was very miscast in this movie and didn't bring a very believable performance as non racist and racist characters. 2) Pacing - The pacing was all off, they spent ages on stuff that didn't matter and very little time on set up for the parts that actually contribute to the story. 3) Too many characters - Throughout the film Nate Foster connects with different layers of the White Supremacist organisation, a new group of people per layer. It does not give enough time showing him infiltrating and connecting with these groups. When they pop up later in the movie an hour since they were last shown it feels forced. 4) The Ending - The ending feels like they had a really good set up and script for it but then they realised they only had 2 days of shooting left so they skipped most of it, that's all I'll say about that.

The Good: 1) Conflict and Tension - The conflict with the people in the Nazi/KKK organisations and tension is great but also with people outside of it. There is a scene in which a black friend sees him in the street (unaware of his undercover identity) and to keep his cover hidden he says some very racist very harsh things, which is actually quite hard to watch sometimes.

The Verdict: If/ When it goes onto Netflix and you don't know what to watch, you're bored and in the mood for an infiltration movie, this is the one to watch, any other case I would just skip this one.
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Based on true events.
aagoneeightnine18 February 2017
I remember when the trailer for this movie first hit YouTube. Nazi-trolls invaded the comment section hard, and now I can see why. This film is based on true events. The stupid marketing SHOULD have put that right in the trailer, "Based on real life events." Whatever, I'm not here to review the trailer, I'm here to review the film and I'm happy to report it is good. And educational. First off, the acting is great across the board. Daniel Radcliffe will never be Harry Potter or "that kid who played Harry Potter" or "that actor who played Harry Potter." In my mind's eye he has officially become just Daniel Radcliffe, if you watch this film you'll see why. Heck, the man can even do an American accent without sounding like he has a gear jammed down his throat. Tell that to Dr. Strange, Rick from Walking Dead and House MD. Anyway, Daniel Radcliffe did the impossible and escaped the kiddy typecast role curse; something Frodo from LoTRs has yet to do, but I digress.

The film is paced well and more than interesting enough to hold your attention while showing you most of the moving parts to the modern day KKK. I think that is the real reason why there was so much backlash against the film. Personally, I love the film American History X but on some level it sort of glorifies the modern day Nazi movement in the eyes of some impressionable young individuals blinded by hate. This film does the opposite by showing the movement for what it is, mostly a cash grab playing off hate. I can go on and on with this review but I have other films to review.

Oh, I did look into the true story aspect of this film and it is legit. To protect the good guys, the lead character Radcliffe plays isn't a real person but his experiences are real. Plus this film covers numerous other times the KKK committed domestic terrorist acts on US soil in modern years. Anyway, long story short this is an eight out of ten kind of film but I'm rounding up to ten to offset the rage haters.
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I understand the negative reactions, but...
dhobomonkey22 August 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I enjoyed it. For various reasons: 1. It's inspired by the writer of the movie, Michael German, who is the retired FBI agent that did live as an undercover agent. 2. Daniel Radcliffe handled his role well. It seems the young yet experienced actor is attempting to step away from the Harry Potter image, not in a desperate attempt, but more so to show his ability as an actor. 3. The roles other actors played are very convincing. Handled the parts they planned and kept up with everyone else's role.

Only side note I have is it's the director's first full length feature. The story seems rushed because it's a short movie and there are no time line markers to help express the time going by. Just remember, this story is in a longer period of time. Events happen that aren't on screen. He doesn't gain the trust of the group after three sit downs. There's a line in the movie "After all that I've gone through" while Daniel is talking to Toni's character, which helps entail there is time passing that we aren't fully aware of. It's low budgeted, yes, but it was done well for his first. I'm sure as time goes on, we will see more and better movies from the director. Best hopes and wishes. I always love watching directors make their first and then come off the game strong. Good job, excellent even. I'll be looking out for your next feature.
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Georgey_Girll12 April 2017
Warning: Spoilers
The concept of this movie is not bad. In fact, the concept for this movie is quite good. However it totally fails in deliverance.

The trailer for the film gives the impression it is an intelligent, gripping drama, but in reality it is nothing more than a badly-scripted, boring borderline comedy.

The cringe starts from word go, and gets worse as the story develops, clearly the filmmakers had done next to 0 research on the topic. If you had high hopes for this film you will be sorely disappointed, if you manage to stay awake that is.
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Thoughtful thriller with a great script
shoshana-rosenbaum19 August 2016
This movie is a thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat, but it's also character-driven and works on an emotional level. In addition, it's thoughtful about what drives people into fascism and finding the humanity even in those who dehumanize. It's a timely take on what's going on in our country and I recommend you see it. Daniel Radcliffe and Toni Collette give excellent performances, as does the supporting cast. The script follows a classic "hero's journey" and yet does so skillfully enough that it doesn't feel contrived. If you've ever wondered why people are drawn to white supremacy, why it's dangerous, and what we can do as a country to combat fascism, go see this movie.
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Compelling and Beautifully Acted
aramina-8007520 August 2016
From the beginning to the end, "Imperium" never fails to be compelling and intense. The acting is excellent--I am so proud of Daniel Radcliffe for taking on the role and completely rocking it, along with the rest of the cast. The shooting style immerses you into the scene and never ceases to make you care, even sometimes uncomfortable. This isn't an easy or one-sided topic to take on in a film, and I can see why it would cause controversy. The script had some excellent sections of explaining the history of the movement, and as someone with little exposure to it, I didn't walk out hating anyone. What a great indie film! So glad we went to see it!
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MUST SEE: Timely, Intense and Relevant to Today's Political Events
chrisspanos20 August 2016
Intense, tension filled and exciting film that is both extremely well directed and acted. This film will takes you on a ride that does not let up from the opening scene all the way to the end. It explores incredibly timely issues and themes that are relevant to both U.S. and global political and societal events.

If you like intelligent thrillers that takes you on an exciting and challenging journey this film is absolutely for you. The topic of domestic terrorism is rarely explored by the media or in film or TV. Imperium takes us into the dark corners of a current American reality that everyone should be aware of. Go see it now!
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I wanted to see her, until I saw her
Andres-Camara26 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers
The movie promised, yes, but it stayed on the promise. It's too light a movie. The documentary images take me completely out of the film and I get bored in a huge way. This film proposes that all people of this type are like this and stays half-way. Neither the Nazis below are so soft nor are those who drive them so stupid. Nobody manages so many people to any side, being silly, your ideas will not like many people, but to know how to mobilize you have to have charisma and gift of people.

Try to teach some worlds that if they were so soft there would be no problem. There was no moment of tension. They do not even go into action. I wish it were so in real life.

The casting to me, personally, seems unreal to me. Who is Daniel Radcliffe? I at least not. No character reminds you of a Nazi.

The wardrobe is fine and the makeup, but they are so lonely that they can not.

Photography is simple. He supports with nothing. He does not put me in the movie.

I do not like the address. It does not transmit anything to me. It bores me a lot. Use too much file. I do not like how he narrates or how he composes.

It's a movie that does not come to anything
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