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Sex & Nudity

  • In "Painbow", the Professor is seen in swimsuit (not very detailed), some people insist on hug. The girls "twerk" their butts for around six seconds. Yeah, we can't believe it either, but it's real.
  • A man rips his shirt in "Man Up"; the scene it's about a second.
  • In "Bye Bye, Bellum", the mayor is seen in underwear, the Miss Bellum's sensual voice is heard, and she's partially seen in bikini in the latest seven seconds of the episode.
  • The episode "Tiara Trouble" contains some very mild suggestive references (like representations of woman, dressing, the spontaneous songs and tiger's appearances).
  • The episode "Horn, Sweet Horn" have some transgender issues.
  • A man becomes a centaur in "Blue Ribbon Blues" and he's seen naked but nothing worse than his pectorals is seen.
  • In "Once Upon a Townsville", Buttercup touches Princess Bluebelle's breasts with a stick, and after they kiss on the mouth accidentally.
  • In "Man Up 2: Still Man-ing", several people is seen in swimming suits, and a couple is about to kissing. Also the Mayor is seen nude twice with no genitals visible that the Powerpuff Girls see disgusted (except for the first time for Bubbles).
  • In the short "Bubbles' Beauty Blog but on Video", the Professor is obligated to wear makeup at the end. Also in "Air Buttercup" a kid is seen in underwear briefly.
  • In "Viral Spiral", we can see a video named "Buenas noches" with a couple on it and the man says in front of his woman (with cleavage seen): "I like you a lot, Cheryl. And that's why I--". In the same scene, we can see a thumbnail of another video with a man making the gesture for wanting silence.

Violence & Gore

  • Cartoon fantasy violence, milder to the original series. Sometimes there are visible "red" wounds and black eyes. In "Horn, Sweet Horn", a building is destroyed but is after fixed. In "Strong Armed", buildings being destroyed and moderate punches are seen. Mild weapons are seen and used between fantasy characters. In "Tiara Trouble", a skull is seen, and when Blossom and Buttercup are electrocuted, their skeletons are seen mildly. In "Blue Ribbon Blues", Buttercup kicks a character's butt and Bubbles as a bee enters in his ear and he shouts.


  • Some uses of colloquial language (such as "dude", "oh my gosh" and "aw, man!") and mild name-calling. Words like "butt", "stupid" or "darn" can be heard. In some episodes (including the first two) "butt" is said very often. "Heck" is said in "Horn, Sweet Horn". In "Little Octi Lost", Bubbles wants to be a good name-caller, saying "jerko minerko", "octi-napper" and "octi-hating octi-napper".
  • In "Man Up 2: Still Man-ing", Buttercup says: "I know. I screwed up." In "Viral Spiral", "screw up" is said twice, and "suckers" once.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • In the episode "The Stayover", some children, including the Powerpuff Girls, ate so much candy, and they did a lot of things that forget. In "Strong Armed", a couple of bottles with cap were seen, and a cappuccino is drunk. In "Once Upon a Townsville", a bottle is shown briefly.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The episode "Painbow" it's somewhat scary for younger viewers. The episode "Tiara Trouble" contains some mild scary scenes. The monsters and their transformation can frighten younger children. Bubbles' face in "Bubbles of the Opera" can be disturbing for children.
  • Official description to Australia's PG rating in DVD: Mild themes and animated violence.

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