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Hilarious and campy...
paul_haakonsen30 December 2015
"Zombie Shark" is one of those types of movies that are so bad that it is actually fun to watch. And it makes you wonder just who comes up with the idea for such a movie.

As a movie shown on the SyFy Channel then you know exactly what you are getting yourself into, both entertainment-wise and effect-wise.

A group of young people travel to an exotic Island for a vacation, but they come to an island where the waters are filled with zombie sharks, and soon the infection spreads to land.

Yep, it is yet another one of those wacky movies that SyFy Channel is widely known for. And you either hate them for the questionable movies that they might be, or you love it for its glorious campy cheesiness.

The effects in "Zombie Shark" was awful, especially the CGI animations. It just baffled me that a movie made in 2015 can have such inadequate, outdated and lousy CGI effects.

As for the acting, well, it was as to be expected. And with Jason London at the lead, you were in for a fun, albeit campy shark thrill-ride.

All in all, a fun enough movie if you enjoy these SyFy Channel movies.
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Not as fun as a punch in the face!
one-nine-eighty16 February 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Misty Talley directs this film written by Greg Mitchell... my initial thoughts are that perhaps they shouldn't have bothered.

Three 'hot' chicks and a boyfriend go to Redplum Island for a weekend getaway. Locals don't call the island Redplum anymore, they refer to it as Shark Island... what could possibly go wrong you ask? Well, near the island is an apparently closed down research facility... still wondering what could go wrong? Well in those few sentences I've just used I've created more tension then in the entirety of the film! OK, so the research facility hasn't closed officially, they've been testing regeneration and they've been testing on sharks because they have a similar genetic make-up, apparently. The test subject, project "Bruce", escapes and starts attacking other sharks around Redplum island. Initially the attacked sharks are killed but they soon come back to life for more blood fuelled mayhem. The residents aren't safe; even if they aren't gobbled up by the sharks anybody who is bitten by a shark and survives becomes a zombie further endangering the populous of the island. Even with the help from the head of security at the research facility, Max Cage (Jason London), it's going to be a tough fight for survival.

The CGI is dire and embarrassing at best. How can a film from 2015 look so poor and cheap? I knew this was going to be a poor film before I started watching, it's a Sy-Fy film so of course it was going to be bad. It's typical of the poor films they pump out but at least some of those bad films at least have one or two redeeming features, maybe an original story, maybe tongue in cheek humour - this film had nothing redeeming and the film took itself far too seriously which is it's own downfall. The acting is pathetic and the characters seem to do things which will leave you shouting at the screen in frustration. Jason London is perhaps the most seasoned of the actors in this film and I struggled to believe him. The script is bad, the plot is predictable and the... oh let's face it, it's all pretty poor.

In summary, I think somebody at Sy-Fy had some money left over from one of the "Sharknado" films and decided they had better spend it. That person probably had a nagging girlfriend or relative that desperately wanted to be in a movie but had no acting experience. They also had a friend who promised to write a brilliant story. Combine those things and hey presto you have this film; a film that you could only enjoy if you were drinking heavily and not really watching the film at all but it was on in the background. Sorry, 2 out of 10.
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This fish is off
Prismark1023 July 2015
Lucio Fulci's Zombi 2 had a scene where a zombie takes on a shark at sea. The strikingly most original thing about that movie. Maybe that was the inspiration for Zombie Shark or maybe it was the more recent Zombeavers which almost the Citizen Kane for this genre of films.

Three hot girls and one boyfriend go for weekend island getaway in the Gulf of Mexico. As Becky Andrews in a hot bikini she discovers a dead shark washed ashore that suddenly comes to life as Zombie Shark and attacks the humans around the beach.

It seems the island is near a secret research facility working on 'Project Bruce' involving regenerating human flesh based on shark DNA. However Bruce gets loose infects other sharks who become zombified. When they attack humans they come back as George Romero style lumbering zombies.

A mercenary joins to the girls to stop Bruce and other sharks in infecting the rest of the world

The story is mildly intriguing, it rolls along nicely. Andrews looks great in a bikini, there is some comic relief here and there. So far so Zombeavers. However the production values are on par with the usual SyFy channel output. The CGI sharks are cheap and nasty looking, the mechanical sharks are not much better and there is one rubber shark head that looks like plastic puppet. The story goes from being inspired (lumbering zombie gets head lopped off by a flying shark) to downright horrendous.

Still the movie is crazy, surreal, horrible even good in parts. Its worth watching with a lazy eye.
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Jayek20 July 2015
When you see a title like Zombio Shark you shouldn't expect Oscar material. You won't be disappointed. Your lowest expectations will be met and maybe exceeded. I think the acting was bad but it was hard to tell due to the poor plot and script. It's worth watching if only to make you more appreciate average to good movies. I don't know how it rated a three, I think a 2 would be generous.(I'm saving my 1 for movies that actually make me throw up). There was virtually no character that I cared about. With most, any misfortune that befell them was 1) their own fault 2) based on actions that only a very slow witted person would take 3) terminal clumsiness and 4) they deserved what they got. I don't think the intent was to be pulling for the sharks but I really didn't care one way or the other. (My first review)
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Day of the Living Dead Sharks
wes-connors22 July 2015
Before the credits, a beautiful woman is consumed by a shark while rafting. We (later) assume this happened at Red Plum Island, an isolated resort area. After the credits, prominently-figured barmaid Cassie Steele (as Amber Steele) and her likewise brunette little sister Sloane Coe (as Sophie "Soph" Steele) decide to go there for a vacation. Making it a quartet are Ms. Steele's boating boyfriend Ross Britz (as Jenner Branton) and beautiful, bosomy blonde Becky Andrews (as Bridgette), a friend looking to score a cabana boy...

After arriving, the foursome meet rotund, jovial host Roger J. Timber (as Lester). He tries to downplay the dreariness of the quarters and the lack of hot male companionship available for Ms. Andrews...

In an arousing bikini, Andrews goes down to the beach. She and the beach-goers discover a dead shark has washed ashore. With a ferocious taste for human flesh, it comes to life as a "Zombie Shark". The zombie sharks are being hunted by shark followers Jason London (as Maxwell "Max" Cage) and Laura Cayouette (as Diane Palmer). Directed by Misty Talley and written by Greg Mitchell, this combines the "shark" and "zombie" genres. An interesting variation, but the shaky camera and cheap editing make it look stupid.

*** Zombie Shark (2015-07-20) Misty Talley ~ Cassie Steele, Jason London, Roger J. Timber, Laura Cayouette
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Severely underwhelming execution of an interesting idea
TheLittleSongbird8 August 2015
Zombie Shark was disappointing because it had a very interesting idea, one of SyFy's most original. Unfortunately, the execution was severely underwhelming, not just being visually cheap and poorly written and acted but what seemed like an original idea was executed in typical SyFy shark movie fashion, with no imagination whatsoever and only occasional splashes of fun.

The best thing about it is Roger J. Timber as Lester, Lester is a fun character, and Timber is amusing while never overplaying and always realising what type of movie he's in. Becky Andrews is sensual and doesn't overegg or underplay either, she actually gives the movie some heart, as does Laura Cayouette. The ending is also quite unexpected and poignant, as is the dynamic between Andrews and Cayouette.

Sadly, the rest of the acting is poor, with the usual mix of overplaying and blandness. While it was laudable to try to give the characters back-story, some were written in an underdeveloped and overwrought way, and the movie never properly allows us to care or learn enough about them. Scripting is lazy and corny in a way that can only be achieved by SyFy, and the direction is flat.

But the worst assets of Zombie Shark are the story and the production values. Really wanted to like the story here because the concept was intriguing, but while it starts nicely the further the movie progresses the lazier, cheesier and more formulaic it gets, also making the mistake that most SyFy movies make of trying so hard to be over the top and stupid but in a painfully predictable and less than fresh way that it becomes tiresome, the scenes with the parents are pointless and bog the movie down pacing-wise. While I have seen worse-looking movies, that doesn't stop Zombie Shark from looking cheap, and the drab filming and sometimes sloppy editing aren't even the worst parts. That would be the shark effects, especially the very unfinished-looking mechanical ones. They exude little personality either, no menace, not even any unintentional goofiness, none of them even acted zombie-like, and the attack scenes apart from one mildly amusing one are sloppily edited, too brief and devoid of suspense or sense of horror. Such a waste of good potential!

Overall, has its moments but wastes an intriguing concept with underwhelming execution. 3/10 Bethany Cox
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Failed in All Aspect
bgendruwo8 March 2017
People who interested in this kind of movie usually don't expect good story. They tend to look only for the gore, the special effects, or nudity. Well, this movie sucks in all those three aspects. The gore is laughable, the special effects are very cheap, and the nudity is none. Don't waste your time watching this garbage.
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neil-4768 November 2015
Warning: Spoilers
A small number of people are under threat from extremely badly animated CGI sharks which don't die when they are killed, thanks to idiot scientists. Two shrill and annoying sisters spearhead the defence, assisted by a mild paramilitary type and a comedy barman. A surprisingly large number of people stumble without explanation or reason and fall into the sea in order to become shark fodder.

I should stop watching rubbish like this, honestly I should. The title alone - Zombie Shark - is fair warning, but this is a particularly poor entry in both shark and zombie genres. It can be argued - just - that there was some mileage in the general idea but, unfortunately, any potential was strangled at birth by inept execution.

The script lost me when the barman raises a bunch of vigilante warriors armed with hoes, rakes, wheed-whackers and the like, and urges them to rush into the sea to take on a milling maelstrom of zombie sharks while exhorting them, "Don't let them bite you!" The acting is nearly as good as the script (that was sarcasm), but the special effects could have been done better by a teenager with a ZX-81.

This is bad, but not bad enough to be entertaining.
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Amazingly bad script, acting .......
david-6232225 July 2015
For those that like low budget movies this one would be too up market for you.

For those that suffer ultra low budget movies along with a beer and chips this would suit you. I thought it was a comedy but it is shown as a Horror Sci fi.

If you are aware of Sharknado it was a low budget film.

Perhaps the producers had some money (coins only) left over from the making of Sharknado and made the movie 'Zombie Shark'.

I have just sat through some of the corniest, dumbest, most idiotic comments, scenes and action sequences associated with a film .....EVER.

I actually missed a bit of the movie. I went away and did the dishes, came back and realised I had missed 'bugger all'.

It would be difficult to pick holes in this 'comedy, horror' movie as it is just one large hole although the ladies would be attractive to unmarried men I am told.

However, if you have 1 hour and 15 minutes of your life to waste laughing, shaking your head in disbelief while drinking (lots of drinking) I still might not recommend this movie unless you had started drinking beforehand.

To prepare yourself for the 'Zombie Shark' experience I suggest you watch "The Blob', 'Them', perhaps a teen movie and only then subject your last few working brain cells to 'Zombie Shark'.

For those that wish to suffer 'Zombie Shark' the movie you MUST watch the last 3 minutes.

In fact rent it if only for the last 3 minutes.
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Better than you think
doctorsmoothlove23 July 2019
Warning: Spoilers
It seems odd that with all the low budget shark films coming out, no one had thought to combine sharks with zombies until now. Zombie Shark does just that. Depending on how you see this film, it may be called "Shark Island." Regardless of its title, the film is one of the better low budget shark films to come out recently.

Two sisters go with the elder's boyfriend and their coworkers to a beach getaway. Sophie and Amber have a very realistic interaction. Amber is the older sister who is protective of Sophie due to their parent's obvious preferences for Sophie and her own desire to protect her from the hard life Amber must have endured. Amber had a child at age 15 who she gave up for adoption. In spite of their unhealthy dynamic, the girls seem to love each other. Sophie resents her sister's over-protection but I think she appreciates it. She never objects to what Amber asks of her even if she complains.

Amber's boyfriend and busty co-worker, Bridgette, are less well written. Thankfully, the boyfriend is quickly killed off. The screenplay and director know Bridgette is in the film to be sexy and there's a great joke when passersby look at a shark carcass near her tanning area rather than her breasts. The camera certainly lingers lewdly upon her like you would expect of the crowd.

After the introductory moments, the characters discover that zombified sharks are attacking anyone in the water. They are part of a government experiment to reanimate dead soldiers. Who cares? The sharks have some good puppet work in their close ups. The CGI is cheesy as always. It's rare to see any animatronic work in modern low budget films and it's appreciated here. It lends credence to the idea that this film was made with some degree of care.

A governmental scientist discovers a cure for the zombie shark phenomenon and Sophie dies trying to obtain the cure. Then the film just ends. This abandoned plot thread happened earlier when Bridgette is dropped because she "doesn't want to die." These poor scripting choices bothered me because the film was so good that I wish it was even better. The director at least gives us an epic parodic battle sequence where the sharks and local beefcakes battle it out. One shark is stabbed and then attacks someone with its exposed blade!

The film's visual humor and unusually deep story (for this genre) warrant a watch. I especially like the zombie humans are never threatening and when one is, a zombie shark decapitates him!
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nogodnomasters19 July 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Made for TV Asylum production. Do I need to continue?

A wealthy cartel owner (Patrick Bergin) kidnaps a half dozen or so people to play a shark survival game. About 30 minutes into the film they figure out they were all somehow involved in his son's death. The shark footage look very different from the rest of the film, i.e. Ed Wood inserting stock footage into a film.

Acting was sad as well as the dialogue. Original title was "Shark Week."
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Where do we start?
Probably the best collection of the worst... Script, Acting, Dialogue, Animation, Rendering, Compositing, Animatronics... Perhaps the editing was OK, but I didn't see it because of the woeful direction! Watch it for no other reason than to grab your BFF during the bloody bits. The bikini babe in the beginning half is fine. The pointless use of firepower and explosives, paired with the topical application of zombies and remorseful reflection take this well down the list of stinkers... oh sorry... sinkers. In hindsight, the character of Lester is almost true, in the bumbling buffoon that tends the counter of the doomed resort. His role must be the lead, as the others certainly aren't supporting anything!
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Not your average weekend getaway.
michaelRokeefe4 August 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Misty Talley directs this Scfy presentation that is actually a little bit scarier and more than a little bit funnier than one would expect. Also known as SHARK ISLAND, finds four friends wanting to get away for the weekend. Redplumb Island, Louisiana is the chosen spot for a perfect weekend. The opposite side of the island, that is not crowded with the fancy folks in their big houses. An experimental shark has been created off shore with the belief that there is some shark DNA with the potential of being helpful instead of harmful for humans, helping people live longer. Of course, something goes awry (a hurricane) and the experimental shark escapes its control center and begins attacking other sharks. Guess what? Innocent people get in the way; so much for living longer!

Interesting story with characters you actually like. Of course, there is always one you want to see "go" first. Some of the CGI is a bit off kilter, but overall a fun watch. Filmed near Madisonville, Louisiana.

Cast includes: Cassie Steele, Sloane Coe, Ross Britz, Becky Andrews, Jason London, Roger J. Timber and Laura Cayouette.
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Silly, but with a surprising emotional core
By-TorX-121 July 2015
Warning: Spoilers
As the latest entry into the seemingly endless monster/supernatural/killer shark pantheon, Zombie Shark (AKA Shark Island) is suitably daft, but enjoyably so. The premise is pretty much The Walking Dead meets Jaws (with a side order of Moby Dick) and often has a knowing comedic tone and some fun gore. However, there is also an emotional element that is not usual in such films, principally the dynamic between Amber and Sophie which leads to a very unexpected ending, and the motivations and back-story of Dr. Palmer, and Laura Cayouette plays her effectively and with a strong degree of gravitas, again, a quality not often seen in films belonging to this mad subgenre. But, before I get too carried away, such depth is almost scuppered by the more inept aspects of the film: the less-than-convincing CGI sharks that either has sharks oddly bobbing about or moving with a mechanical tail-action that suggests that they are not so much zombies as mini-mecha sharks; an 'amazing' glove puppet shark head; the much-vaunted terrible storm that never actually arrives; dubious greenscreen backgrounds; some jerky editing that prematurely cuts some scenes, and the casual throwaway of the Bridgette character (as much a victim of vicious editing as, well, I won't spoil it). Also, the zombie shark himself, Bruce, needed more screen time and visual focus to fully establish his unique quality that sets him apart from his reanimated selachimorpha charges, and the addition of human zombies is an undeveloped tack-on. But, Lester and his beach pal's counter-attack against the undead sharks is amusing and Jason London provides solid military heroics. So, a bit more CGI/effects care (or less CGI and more prosthetics) and Zombie Shark could have led the killer fish pack, but it still has a human factor the others lack, and it needs to be commended for that.
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Really should've been better but still enjoyable
kannibalcorpsegrinder21 July 2015
Arriving on a secluded island getaway, a group of friends find the area's research center has lost control of a shark infected with a gruesome virus turning other sharks into mindless zombie sharks and must hold off the attacks in order to escape.

This one was slightly disappointing but didn't really slip down as low as it could've. What really seems to hold this one back here is the rather bland CGI here, which seems to be going off even worse than ever and really manages to showcase some of the absolute worst effects in the scene. These sharks look absolutely ridiculous with wholly unnatural swimming moments as they seem to swim with a rapid-fire back-and-forth motion that captures none of the grace and fluidity of the real thing, not to mention the fact that they tend to jerk around and sputter across frame at such distractingly unnatural speeds that there's no doubt about their origins. None of these, though, are as bad as the fact that the film decides to go for entirely CGI backgrounds during each of their scenes, so the lame pixelated images are just wholly unconvincing even before putting a badly-rendered shark on the scene, and on the whole this one really offers up very few moments where there's anything remotely natural or believable about the effects here and it had done a far better job than expected recently with this format. What works against these effects even more is the fact that this one had a lot more going for it elsewhere, since that just makes the badness of the effects stick out that much more. The biggest plus here with this one is the fact that there's a ravel novel and intriguing story here that seems to be so natural and logical that it's a wonder it hadn't been done before, for this one utilizes the concept of a zombie virus and turns it into an animal attack effort which is quite enjoyable here with this one really getting some nice work in building off the effects and motivations of the virus. This is accomplished through the scientist actually being on the side of humanity for once and not trying to create the zombies for their own purpose and they get out of hand, but an actual and honest reason for creating them and then actually trying to do the right thing here and clean it up which is a nice touch. Likewise, there's also the film's nicely done action scenes here which are all of the shorter attacks but still the frequency here is enough to make them work as this one goes for all sorts of ambushes in the shallow beaches and a few feet away from shore, while the zombie attacks that come about offer a nice way to get something going out of the water where it's feasible to be safe from the sharks, as well as providing this one with some solid gore as well. Overall these here were enough to make it watchable but not enough to hold off the big flaws here.

Rated Unrated/R: Graphic Violence, Graphic Language, Nudity and mild drinking references.
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