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DC's Birds of Prey Begins Production in 2019 with an All-Female Crew?

DC's Birds of Prey Begins Production in 2019 with an All-Female Crew?
Just days after star and producer Margot Robbie described her highly-anticipated Birds of Prey as an "R-rated girl gang" film, a new report claims production will be happening sometime in 2019. While unconfirmed at this time, this report reveals that filming is eyed to begin in January, with director Cathy Yan and the producers looking to put together an all-female crew. The studio hasn't set a release date for Birds of Prey yet, but if filming does start at the top of next year, it could be ready for a late 2019 release or a debut within the first quarter of 2020.

Shortly after Cathy Yan was announced as the Birds of Prey director, a report surfaced that Warner Bros.' Dceu sequel Suicide Squad 2 has been pushed to an unspecified 2019 shoot, and claimed that the studio wants to move forward with Birds of Prey before Suicide Squad 2. While a specific
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Sequel Bits: ‘Bumblebee’, ‘Jurassic World’, ‘John Wick 3’, ‘Mission: Impossible’, ‘Trolls 2’

Sequel Bits: ‘Bumblebee’, ‘Jurassic World’, ‘John Wick 3’, ‘Mission: Impossible’, ‘Trolls 2’
In this edition of sequel bits: Some updates on Bumblebee A new on-set Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom video Learn the working title for John Wick 3 Check out the title card for Mission: ImpossibleFallout Sam Rockwell and Chance The Rapper join the cast of Trolls 2 Travis Knight, director of the Transformers spin-off Bumblebee, has offered up some new […]

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Transformers: Beast Wars’ Cheetor comes to Transformers: Forged to Fight

Transformers: Beast Wars’ youngest Maximal Cheetor has become the latest addition to the roster of Transformers: Forged to Fight with the game’s latest update. Cheetor is now available to add to your Ultimate Squad, and you can check out a bio and a gameplay video of the Maximal battling Galvatron here…

As the youngest and quickest of the Maximals, Cheetor is one part soldier and one part daredevil. With the addition of rocket boosters and the power of flight, his Transmetal upgrade makes him even more unpredictable.

You can find Cheetor’s bot intel report featuring his stats, abilities and special moves here.

Calling all Autobots, Decepticons, Predacons and Maximals! Join Optimus Prime, Megatron, Bumblebee, Waspinator, Rhinox, Grimlock, Soundwave and many more of your favorite bots in the battle for supremacy where Transformers universes collide. This exciting action-fighting RPG brings the heroic storytelling and spectacular action from over 30 years
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'G.I. Joe' Spin-off to Focus on Snake Eyes; Here's Everything We Know

While this year will see the first Transformers spin-off, Bumblebee, hit theaters, another Hasbro-based movie series is set for its own offshoot. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Paramount is working on a Snake Eyes movie focused on the popular "Real American Hero" character from the military G.I. Joe brand. Previously, the action figure and cartoon property inspired two feature films, 2009's G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra and the 2013 sequel G.I. Joe: Retaliation. Hasbro is still interested in creating its own cinematic universe, and this will presumably be a part of that wider franchise, which will also involve Transformers, Rom, M.A.S.K. and more. Here's everything we know about the spin-off movie so far: Who is Snake Eyes? One of the original...
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Birds of Prey Is an R-Rated Girl Gang Movie Says Margot Robbie

Birds of Prey Is an R-Rated Girl Gang Movie Says Margot Robbie
The Harley Quinn spin-off movie is finally gaining some steam. Margot Robbie has been working on Birds of Prey ever since Suicide Squad dominated at the box office. Recently, the movie locked down a director in the form of Cathy Yan and now, Robbie has dished the first details on the upcoming DC movie.

Margot Robbie is currently promoting her upcoming thriller Terminal. During a recent interview, she was asked about Birds of Prey, which looks to be on the fast track at Warner Bros. and is likely to shoot before Suicide Squad 2. Robbie revealed that, when she pitched the movie, it was an R-rated, all-female action adventure. Here's what she had to say about it.

"I pitched the idea of an R-rated girl gang film including Harley, because I was like, 'Harley needs friends.' Harley loves interacting with people, so don't ever make her do a standalone film.
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Margot Robbie Describes DC's Birds Of Prey Film as an "R-Rated Girl Gang Film"

Margot Robbie will be back in the role of Harley Quinn in DC Entertainment's upcoming film project Birds of Prey. The movie is set to be helmed by up-and-coming director Cathy Yan from a script written by Christina Hodson (Bumblebee).

There haven't been any details released for the film yet, but Batgirl, Black Canary, Huntress, and Lady Blackhawk are all characters that could most likely be involved with it in some capacity. Thanks to a new interview with Collider, Robbie opened up a bit about what fans can expect and revealed that the movie is being planned as an R-rated girl gang film.

"I pitched the idea of an R-rated girl gang film including Harley, because I was like, ‘Harley needs friends.’ Harley loves interacting with people, so don’t ever make her do a standalone film. She’s got to be with other people, it should be a girl gang.
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April Delivers Record Box Office Grosses, Topping $1 Billion for First Time Ever

April Delivers Record Box Office Grosses, Topping $1 Billion for First Time Ever
April joins February 2018 as another record month at the box office with calendar grosses topping $1 billion for the first time ever, improving on 2017's record grosses by nearly $210 million. The result was due, in large part, to the massive opening success of Avengers: Infinity War which made up 27.7% of the month's overall gross despite being in theaters for only four days in April. As a result, Disney dominated the month with $336.6 million from just five films as the studio continues its record pace, generating over $1.2 billion in box office revenue over the first four months of 2018. Led by $282.4 million from Avengers: Infinity War after just four days in release, Disney delivered $336.6 million in April, pushing the studio's yearly total to $1.2 billion in the first four months of the year. On April 27, Disney became the fastest studio to reach $1 billion domestically, doing so in just 117 days, besting their previous record set in 2016 by 11 days.
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CAA Signs 'Bumblebee' Star Jorge Lendeborg Jr. (Exclusive)

CAA has signed rising star Jorge Lendeborg Jr., The Hollywood Reporter has exclusively learned. He previously was with Momentum Talent and Literary Agency.

The actor will play the young male lead opposite Hailee Steinfeld in Paramount's Transformers spinoff Bumblebee. He also will be seen in Fox's anime adaptation Alita: Battle Angel, which is set to open Dec. 21.

Lendeborg, who most recently was seen in the Ya coming-of-age tale Love, Simon, made his feature debut in Steven Caple Jr.'s drama The Land, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2016 and was acquired by...
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Pet Sematary Remake Lands John Lithgow

Pet Sematary Remake Lands John Lithgow
Just weeks after Jason Clarke signed on to play Louis Creed in Paramount's Pet Sematary, the cast is starting to fill out even more. John Lithgow has signed on to play Jud Crandall, the neighbor of Louis and his family in this upcoming remake. Production is scheduled to begin this summer, although there is no word on exactly when filming will begin, or exactly where production will take place. While there are still a number of major roles to be filled, the cast is coming together quite nicely.

Like the 1989 movie, this project will be adapted from the 1983 Stephen King novel of the same name, which celebrates its 35th Anniversary later this year. The story follows Louis Creed, his wife Rachel Creed and their kids Gage and Ellie, who move from Chicago to rural Ludlow, Maine, after Louis accepts a position as a doctor at the University of Maine.
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‘Bumblebee’: John Cena and Director Travis Knight on the ‘Transformers’ Spinoff

One of the many films to world premiere footage at CinemaCon last week was director Travis Knight’s Transformers spinoff, Bumblebee. Unlike the Michael Bay Transformers movies which always took place chronologically, Bumblebee is a prequel that takes place in 1987. In addition, unlike the previous films which always had a male protagonist, Bumblebee stars Hailee Steinfeld as the lead human role and is said to be more in line with a coming-of-age/teen movie with Bumblebee featuring as one of the only major Transformers in the film. When we recently spoke to Steinfeld she told us: “It’…
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John Cena lands lead in The Janson Directive for producer Dwayne Johnson

John Cena has lined up a new leading man role – and he’s teaming up with old WWE rival Dwayne Johnson to do it – as he joins action-thriller The Janson Directive.

The Blockers actor will play former Navy Seal Paul Janson, who works as a private security consultant while experiencing troubling flashbacks of the Vietnam War in the novel from Bourne author Robert Ludlum.

Johnson, who was originally set to play the lead in the movie, announced Cena’s casting in a video on his Instagram account where he described the star as his “good buddy” and shared memories from their main event matches at two consecutive WrestleMania shows in 2012 and 2013.

See Also: John Cena is honored to play Duke Nukem, thinks that it is a “very fragile franchise”

He said Cena is “committed” to making the role work but said that, as his producer, he’s prepared to come
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Reactions of Bumblebee, J.J. Abrams Overlord & Mission: Impossible: Fallout

  • JoBlo
Paramount Pictures shared lots of cool and interesting looks of their current and upcoming slate at CinemaCon, including our first look at a scene and sizzle reel from Travis Knight's Bumblebee, a trailer for the grindhouse-style horror movie Overlord from producer J.J. Abrams and finally a look at a scene from Tom Cruise's latest jaunt as Ethan Hunt in Mission: Impossible - Fallout. Check out our reaction and description of everything we saw and heard from Paramount Pictures at CinemaCon above! Read More...
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Paramount Reveals the First Footage from ‘Bumblebee’ and Bad Robot’s ‘Overlord’ at CinemaCon

With CinemaCon in full swing in Las Vegas right now, the other day I got to attend the Paramount Pictures presentation. During the event, the studio revealed the first footage from Travis Knight’s Bumblebee movie, Bad Robot’s first R-rated movie Overlord, and some insane looking new footage from Christopher McQuarrie’s Mission: Impossible - Fallout. Trust me, as someone that has seen countless movies and action set pieces, watching Tom Cruise and Henry Cavill jump out of a plane at 30,000 feet and then try and do synchronized action that has to hit very specific marks was …
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Bumblebee, Overlord & Mission Impossible: Fallout Reactions From Paramount’s CinemaCon 2018 Presentation

Bumblebee, Overlord & Mission Impossible: Fallout Reactions From Paramount’s CinemaCon 2018 Presentation
On the April 25, 2018 episode of /Film Daily, /Film editor-in-chief Peter Sciretta is joined by special guest Frosty from Collider to talk about Paramount’s presentation at CinemaCon 2018, which included sneak previews of Bumblebee, Overlord, Action Point and Mission Impossible: Fallout. You can subscribe to /Film Daily on iTunes, Google Play, Overcast, Spotify and […]

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First footage from Bumblebee movie debuts at CinemaCon

  • JoBlo
The Transformers movies as presided over by Michael Bay have seemingly run their course, with The Last Knight underperforming on every level. A new era for the franchise is coming and this year’s Bumblebee is leading the charge. What does the movie have in store? Well, the first clip was shown at CinemaCon, and what we can expect is a sweet tale that dishes out equal parts emotion and explosions.... Read More...
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John Cena Says 'Heart Hurts' After Split with Nikki Bella

  • TMZ
John Cena says he's emotionally devastated after his breakup with fiancee Nikki Bella ... saying, "I love Nicole with all my heart and the split's tough." The WWE superstar says he was expecting reporters to ask him questions about the split while promoting "Bumblebee" at CinemaCon in Vegas ... and decided he's ready to talk about it. "It's a tough time but that's life," Cena said ... "We all go through highs and we all go through lows.
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The Footage I Saw of The New Bumblebee Movie Had More Heart Than Any of Michael Bay's Transformers Films

Paramount Pictures screened the first footage ever to an audience of their upcoming Bumblebee during their CinemaCon presentation. I have to tell you, this little bit of footage that I saw was way better and had more heart than any of the Transformers films that Michael Bay has made!

The Bumblebee movie looks like what the Transformers film franchise should have been all along. The movie was directed by Travis Knight (Kubo and the Two Strings) and you can tell that he brought that same sense of wonderful storytelling that we've seen in his Laika films to this Bumblebee movie, and if you're not excited, this is one Transformers film you should be excited about! Knight told the audience:

"I wanted to return to the essences of what made the transform franchise so impactful right from the beginning: character, emotion, spectacle and explosions, lots and lots of explosions."

The footage
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Bumblebee Sneak Suggests It’s The Best Transformers Movie Ever [CinemaCon]

Las Vegas — If this journalist could get a dollar for every time a director said they wanted to make a movie that harkened back to the Amblin movies of the ’80s I’d have a nice chunk of change to invest in bitcoin (or maybe enough to cover Chipotle for a month). It’s a talking point that’s so common it’s hard to avoid snickering when a filmmaker says it. So, there was some trepidation at CinemaCon on Wednesday with Travis Knight said that was his goal with the first real “Transformers” spin-off, a Bumblebee solo flick appropriately titled, “Bumblebee.” Based on the footage shown, however, the Oscar-nominated filmmaker might have just pulled it off.
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CinemaCon: Paramount chief greenlights 'A Quiet Place' sequel, promises 'new heights' for studio

CinemaCon: Paramount chief greenlights 'A Quiet Place' sequel, promises 'new heights' for studio
Tiffany Haddish, Jane Fonda, John Cena among on-stage celebrities.

Paramount Pictures chairman and CEO Jim Gianopulos announced to CinemaCon on Wednesday (April 25) that a sequel to horror smash A Quiet Place was in the works and assured attendees he would take the studio to “new heights” in a buoyant session.

One year after taking on his latest executive role, Gianopulos kicked off the studio’s presentation with candour. “It’s no secret we’ve had some bad years at the box office, he said, “but we’ve been laying foundations to a return to the success Paramount has enjoyed in the past…
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Paramount Confirms World War Z 2, Dungeons & Dragons Movie and More

Paramount Pictures closed its CinemaCon presentation by officially confirming a number of movies on the production schedule, including World War Z 2, Dungeons & Dragons, and Coming 2 America. The studio is currently riding the high of John Krasinski’s horror hit A Quiet Place, and is lining up Transformers spinoff Bumblebee, which will star Hailee Steinfeld and John Cena. Also on the franchise front is a Terminator movie that will bring back Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton, and this year’s release of Mission: Impossible – Fallout.
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