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bronxgirlcl27 July 2016
Okay so Jennie Garth is so so unhappy being married to a wonderful man who is handsome and bright but wears sweatpants and sweatshirts... Poor. This woman is so annoying. If she smiled once in the first hour her face would have cracked. Miserable to be around and if I were her daughter I'd say HEY MOM for goodness sake smile. What is with those kids anyway? They can't see misery in that woman's face and the attitude she's throwing off? Give me a break. The doom and gloom of mom is enough to turn the channel. I felt bad for the husband John who didn't have a clue . He's better off divorcing that sour puss and hooking up with the red head.
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True Love Must Be Unconditional and Forever!
robert23-12 January 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Jenny Garth, one of the best actresses in Hollywood today, was superb in her role. From the days of Beverly Hills 90210 until now, she continues to make those around her better. Her acting generosity, again, shines in this movie. The chemistry between her character(Abby) and Dan Payne(adult John) is a casting tour de force. Their scenes together, especially on the dock, make this movie worth watching. The rest of the supporting cast, especially Corbin Bernson(L.A. Law) as Abby's father, was very good. Although the ending was predictable, this movie is not to be missed. Congratulations to the casting department, director and writers!

Robert(Canada); robert23@shaw.ca
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Woman gives up career & dreams to support husband. Marriage fails anyway.
cuanbiao18 May 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Why on earth do some people give up their dreams & aspirations to support their significant others? No one wants that kind of unhappy sacrifice. Honestly.

Instead, like in this film, the husband turns to another woman -purely platonic he says, and gets exasperated when questioned. He may not have considered her a potential love interest, but he sure told her private things, like the impending divorce (which even the kids don't know yet). So he "can't talk to" his wife anymore, the woman who stood by him so he could concentrate on coaching his team for decades without worrying about supporting her writing career. But he can find time to tell his innermost thoughts to a woman who openly flirts with him.

Did I mention that the still married couple refuses to tell everyone about the situation until after their daughter's wedding? The entire movie consists of the husband walking off, disappointed & angry for some reason, while his wife stands there, looking sad & unhappy. Then, in the last 3 minutes, they make up. That's it.
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Emotional Hallmark
crystal-viola458 November 2017
One of the best from Hallmark movies. Rekindling a romance is one of my favorite plots both in books and movies and Karen Kingsbury is one of my favorite romance authors. the story is very emotional and a lot of couples could relate to. The two leading actors were great, Jennie Garth was so convincing, and Dan Payne is one of a few Hallmark stars that have the needed chemistry for his roles. Hallmark doesn't always get it right, but this was one of these few times they did. I watched it more than once.
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