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Sex & Nudity

  • Episode 1: In one scene a man (Doug) and woman (Patti) kiss passionately. The man and woman are topless and torso / breasts are shown. The scene proceeds to intercourse. Also see plaster casts of male genitalia in another scene.
  • Episode 2: Some talk about various sexual acts. A diaphragm seen.
  • Episode 3: none
  • Episode 4:
  • A woman (Talia) undresses in front of her husband (Finn) and they have sex. No nudity shown. Partial breasts.
  • A woman (Cindy) walks around topless before putting on a sexy nightgown, breasts shown. She removes her panties (under her nightgown) and climbs into bed and masturbates to orgasm.
  • A man (Finn) walks around his hotel room naked, butt shown.
  • Episode 5:
  • An unknown couple is heard having sex loudly in the newsroom.
  • Patti kicks an unnamed guy out of her bed in the morning, implied he spent the night.
  • Two girls are shown modeling topless for photographers in the background at a party. Breasts shown.
  • A painted female and male dance under ultraviolet light, totally nude, front and back seen.
  • A woman (Patti) dances topless in front of a photographer in the foreground. Breasts shown clearly and extensively.
  • Twiggy girl wears an outfit that shows off her breasts.
  • A half dozen or so people are shown having an orgy, fully nude. A naked woman walks up to one of the main characters (Doug) to invite him to join. Her breasts and pubic region shown (appears to be wearing a merkin). Doug enters the room and removes his jacket, implied he joins them.
  • E6:
  • E7: Patti and Doug seen in bed together, he's in boxers, she is under covers, implied they had sex.
  • E8: Guy (Gregory) flashes his penis at one of the girls, shown fully. (CGI? Stunt? Real?)
  • An unnamed woman in a protest march bares her breasts.
  • E9: none
  • E10: Couple (Sam and Naomi) has sex fully nude, in dark. Breasts and butts shown as well as oral sex. This is the most explicit scene of the series.
  • Finn and Talia seen in bed twice in bed clothes.

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Sex & Nudity

  • A woman discusses looking at her genitals. A guy lifts her skirt, pulls down her underpants, and kisses her genitals. Her pubic hair is shown clearly, but briefly. Cindy and Ned
  • A couple shown having sex at end, no nudity. Jane and Max
  • Ned gives Cindy oral sex, later they have sex. Fully clothed.
  • some sex, guy walks around naked after, naked butt (Lenny and Cindy). Several sex scenes without nudity. (Cindy and Ned). Girl dances topless at a party attended by Finn and Gregory, breasts clear.. Two guys (Finn and Gregory) go skinnydipping, butts shown. Gabe seen in a bathtub wearing briefs.

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