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Season 4

24 Sep. 2021
Recovering from a world-shattering injury, Billy reunites with Patty at a prestigious white-shoe law firm in San Francisco to take down the opioid industry. Although he may have found a friend in the firm’s managing partner, Sam Margolis, who’s dealing with a slew of physical struggles of her own, Billy’s discomfort in the corporate environment causes a stir with the rest of the firm.
24 Sep. 2021
The Pain Killer
As Billy settles into his new neighborhood, he learns a few things about one of his more eccentric neighbors. Patty realizes her position at Margolis & True may be contingent upon Billy's success. Meanwhile, opioid giant George Zax takes measures to protect his company.
24 Sep. 2021
Signed, William Hamilton McBride
Billy's unconventional strategy leads to a surprising result for Margolis & True. Billy and George Zax finally come face-to-face, giving each man an opportunity to size up his opponent. Billy and Sam’s personal relationship grows more intimate, but an unexpected visitor jerks him back to reality. Meanwhile, Patty learns about her future at the firm, but it comes at a cost.
24 Sep. 2021
Forcibly Removed
When Billy's concerns fall upon deaf ears at Margolis & True, he takes matters into his own hands. Patty must face an issue from her past that she'd rather keep buried. George tightens the reins at Zax Pharma to bring his family into line. Rob is shaken by troubling news, and he struggles to maintain his composure at the firm in its wake.
24 Sep. 2021
Spilt Milk
"After School with Mrs. Katy" - cartoon indoctrination of school kids goes wrong. A new development in the case leads Billy to seek help from an unlikely ally. Billy's unorthodox strategy to get the Attorney General involved causes Margolis & True to reevaluate their tactics. Patty fights to preserve her position at the firm. Meanwhile, George Zax maneuvers to keep his company's secrets safe.
24 Sep. 2021
While Billy and Brittany work the case from the outside, Rob enlists their help to settle some of his suspicions. Patty and Rob prep a new witness who's crucial to the success of the case but might present them with more problems than solutions. New revelations force members of the Zax family to juggle loyalties.
24 Sep. 2021
Lawyer Trickery Bullshit
After a wrench is thrown into their plans, Billy and Patty must turn to an unexpected alternative. However, George has a few tricks up his sleeve that threaten their entire case. Meanwhile, Patty struggles to maintain her focus in the wake of some family trouble, and Sam is forced to confront the consequences of her actions.
24 Sep. 2021
It's Time
Billy and Patty lose control of the case when Sam finally makes her big play in court. As the trial comes to a close, the defense calls a witness who turns everything inside out. Billy seeks some long-due closure with his estranged friends and family.

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