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I'm glad I didn't listen to negative reviews....
easkeen19 December 2016
Because I really liked this movie. Its a drama...and it was slow to unfold but the message was beautiful. It makes you sad, angry, question...but in the end you learn that ALL those emotions are life and love and I thought the performances portrayed that perfectly. I think you either get that message or you don't. The acting was phenomenal including some real surprise performances. Don't go in expecting cheesy happy "Christmas miracle" endings. Don't expect a block-buster big bang edge of your seat thriller....expect a beautiful film that is taking a difficult topic(s) and turning it into a thing of beauty.
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A great film with a fantastic cast
michellesalter27 January 2017
Yet another occasion that I'm glad I didn't listen to the critics. This film had everything in it for me and Will Smith once again showed what a fantastic actor he truly is. It has a great cast of award nominees (including Dame Helen Mirren) who make this film a real roller-coaster of emotions. Each actor having their own unique part to play giving the film great depth. This is my first ever review on IMDb and it's because I enjoyed the film so much and I believe the critics got it so very wrong on this occasion! I felt I had to stand behind the film and great actors to prove this is not the underdog of films but can stand side by side with many great films.
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Critics need to get a life
jasonperronesr26 August 2017
Negative reviews kept me out of the theater. Thankfully my mom talked me into watching this. What a beautiful, heartbreaking, well written nearly perfect movie. And the soundtrack is gorgeous and rips your heart out. There is nothing negative to be said. The performances are splendid across the board.
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RIP critics
sandyyyyyyyster21 December 2016
Beautifully portrayed movie about love, hope and life. These critics are unbelievable and useless. These meta scores on IMDb are dumb and useless. Its just 1 useless person doing the review job and he does not represent the entire world audience. Ignore these critics. Movie is emotionally brilliant and strong. A brilliant movie about life told in a emotionally satisfying way. The film is so pleasant to watch which portrays human emotions in a wonderful way.

Will Smith has his own style and brilliance. His performance is just too good. We can really feel the movie within us. Such a nicely made movie. Don't miss it
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Did I see the same Collateral Beauty movie?
Alanrad8 February 2017
Warning: Spoilers
My wife and I really enjoyed this movie. Unlike some of the reviewers. I thought the acting was excellent, the story asked some questions, the theatre audience chuckled in the right places and people were carrying their tissues as they left the movie. So I guess for audiences (at least the audience I watched this with) - a success. Of course this more sensitive category of movie lays itself open for cynicism and I would not go to see this with a bunch of mates, but with this type of movie I try to sit back and let it gently flow. And it flowed nicely for my wife and I. And we were rewarded with what we thought was an excellent, satisfying ending. If Need For Speed is your favorite franchise this is not for you. But I would give it a chance if I were you, it's a better movie that some of the other reviewers claim but get the tissues ready.
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Emotional from start to end... worth every moment in it.
Chris1298523 December 2016
I'm going to keep this short since there are already so many other great reviews here to read... to sum it up though, this is a Very well put together film, with Many great elements, some of which are Very unexpected. I usually HATE dramas, and am more of a fun action / suspense / adventure kind of film guy... but every so often, a film such as this comes out, and its one that someone can easily break their usual style and enjoy.

Forget all the comments giving it one star and hating on this film... they seem very short sighted in their perception, and are unable to see how every moment in this movie had a point and purpose, while being Very thought out. Perhaps some are mad at the film because they don't want to admit it made them cry a ton, while still ending in a way to feel warm about.
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Every tragedy is accompanied with beauty...
wisal-albulushi21 December 2016
Every tragedy is accompanied by beauty. However, as we are steeped in grief and sorrow, we tend to overlook the beauty that is caused by the tragedy. The term "collateral" is often followed by the term "damage". It is so familiar to keep an eye on the collateral damage of anything we do. We don't tend to look for beauty. This movie is so deep, and it is one of those type of movies that make you think! It illustrates the three big why's that drives us; love, death, and time. These three constructs are not absolute; they are not fixed and they don't diminish. They are so sensitive to things, events, and people surrounding us. They change forms, and accordingly change our lives. In the midst of all the tragedies you face during your life, all the bitterness, keep an eye on the collateral beauty.
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I loved it
geirilling16 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I just watched this movie and it shook me to the core. I haven't lost someone, but how this movie tell this story is just blowing me away.

Please, whatever you do; Don't listen to the so called "professional" critics. Just watch this movie and make your own opinion. I was skeptical after seeing the other reviews, but I'm very glad I didn't listen to them!

This is a beautifully told story with excellent screen play, great acting and a very deep tone. I'm a 27 year old man who rarely cry when I see a movie, but this night I just couldn't stop crying. The ending was a huge surprise, a very welcome surprise indeed.

The ending sound track with "One Republic - Let's Hurt Tonight" was a strong choice that fit the movie perfectly (listen to those lyrics).

Just see it. It may change your perception of life.
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waterwiccan18 December 2016
Look, it's obvious from the trailers-- this is a sad movie.

But anyone who watched the trailers knows that. You know what you are going into. It is very formulaic, but the acting is good. Even the little parts are good. I would say if you watched and liked "The Fault in Our Stars" this is a good movie for you. It focuses on interpersonal relationships and the raw emotions that come with tragedy. If you are looking to cry, but definitely feel something, this is the movie for you.

I feel like a lot of the negative hype may come from expecting more from the movie than was ever promised. Two of the main actors are known as taking action movie roles. This movie was never marketed as an action movie, though. It was advertised as a drama about a man who had lost his child. That is exactly what it is. Sure there are some unexpected turns, but at the end of the day, don't expect what was never advertised to be there.
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A Perfect Theme-Must be seen
tolgadurudogan19 February 2017
Theme is hard, but very well processed. Scenario and acting was excellent. Movie can keep watcher's interest continuously from beginning to the end. Sections are arranged perfectly, and you don't only watch the movie only, also "feel deeply". Especially Will Smith has perfect performance.
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Cheesy & Quotable. Works For Me.
WhimsicalVonia16 February 2017
Cheesy, cliché, contrived, overdone? Yes, yes, yes, and yes. I know it, but I still loved it. Liked the twist. Loved the quotable quotes. Serious matters addressed, but the comic relief was there. Without Will Smith, I probably would have given this an 8. A 7/10. To me, this is a great film that I would watch many times again. "I thought you couldn't afford therapy anymore." "I can't. It was my Uber driver." "Wait. They have a CSI Cleveland now?" "Be sure to notice the collateral beauty. It is the profound connection to everything." "You lived right, my friend. But you are not dying right." " I realized that I was not feeling love. I had become love." Fascinating to learn the actual statistic that 79% of couples divorce after losing a child. Makes sense. My favorite: "I am love. I am the fabric of life. I am the only 'why'... I was there in her laugh but I am also here now in your pain. Do not try to live without me."
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Think this could be a Christmas Classic, someday.
subxerogravity21 February 2017
Warning: Spoilers
So I read somewhere that Collateral Beauty does not have what it takes to be a Christmas Classic. I'm not sure about that, you be surprise how many Christmas Classic don't have what it takes to be Christmas Classics. It took a While for It's a Wonderful Life to become an X-mas Classic Smith plays a man who is shocked to the core with the lost of his daughter and can't do anything else, but in an attempt to wrap his head around it he starts writing letters to Time, Love, and Death and things get crazy when they respond to these letters. I think we were all expecting something more form big Willie and he did not deliver. They can't all be magical ones, but we were expecting pure magic. I got to admit though, this movie should have been magic not just because of the Fresh Prince. He lead a very stellar cast of fine as wine actors. With such power houses at Ed Norton, Kate Winslet and Helen Mirren leading the charge So it's not a bad movie at all, possibly not as good as the cast that's in it, you'd expect more but you never known sometime down the line this could be a new Christmas Classic. Let's see how many people stream it on Netflix.
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Great Movie that will bring about tears.
ricemyesha18 December 2016
I absolutely loved this movie. It was very touching and sometimes extremely hard to watch. I strongly recommend you watch this movie.

Pros: Acting was magnificent - especially Will Smith. He really captivates the audience with this one. The story line was well thought out and easy to follow. Anyone could easily to relate to the situations/characters. It also had a wonderful surprise ending.

Cons: Just a little too long. I also would have liked for them to have gone deeper into the 3 abstract concepts.

You will enjoy this movie. I suggest you bring a tissue too. :-)
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Hardly an ugly duckling, lacking in too many areas to be considered a beauty
TheLittleSongbird30 May 2017
'Collateral Beauty' is one of those films that was critically derided, critical reception was not kind to it, but has garnered a more polarising reaction from people commenting on this site.

Seeing 'Collateral Beauty' without any prejudice, despite having knowledge of its negative critical reception the cast is such a great one with plenty of talented names, to me it was nowhere near as bad as critics have made out. It is a hugely flawed film and many of the critics' criticisms are on point, but there are far worse films around and is not bad enough to be one of the year's worst, it is nowhere near either among the worst work of anybody in the cast (for example Will Smith has never done a worse film than 2013's 'After Earth'). There are some good points here, that can be recognised by me, but can people seriously start expressing their opinion without resorting to critic bashing, conspiracy theories or insulting anybody with a different opinion to theirs, it is getting incredibly annoying and has gotten way out of control in the past decade.

The best thing about 'Collateral Beauty' is the cast. Will Smith is understated and stoic, but also charismatic and affecting. Helen Mirren seems to be really enjoying herself and provides a few fun quotes, while Kate Winslet, Michael Pena, Keira Knightley and Edward Norton make much of little. 'Collateral Beauty' is beautifully filmed, atmospherically lit and crisply edited, and the soundtrack is not too intrusive, nor is it too low-key to be non-descript.

Some genuinely beautiful and touching moments too, though they don't come consistently and actually come too far and between.

Unfortunately, 'Collateral Beauty' is hugely flawed. It is very muddled tonally, with what it was trying to be raising some question marks (basically a drama but it seemed to try and do other things too that didn't mesh), as a result of trying to do too much and not doing much with most of it. There are pacing issues here, due to some scenes going on for too long and a few of them being little more than filler the film does have a tendency to drag.

It was very difficult to identity with the main character's plight properly, because the character is too mysterious to the extent that he is underdeveloped and one-note. Many of the other characters are also underwritten. The script is also unfocused and sees some horrendously stilted and forced dialogue with overdone emotional moments and jarring comedic touches. The ending leaves a sour taste in the mouth, it lays it on so thick with the platitudinous schmaltz that emotionally it feels manipulative, meanwhile the final twist is laughable.

Overall, not as bad as it has been made out but hugely flawed and not a particularly good, let alone great, film. It does feel like this is going to be an unpopular review, like one going out on a limb, judging from the defensive and condescending tone of many of the positive reviews. 5/10 Bethany Cox
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Good story, better acting & great climax.
twillis600-152-44997824 December 2016
Me and my girls(wife & daughter) went to see Collateral Beauty....I rate it a 10! It's a Sensitive topic because I'm the father of a daughter. But since she was there with us, I was able to push thru the story line.

Any man that is a father of a daughter will need to secretly keep some tissues in his jacket pocket. Many men (including me) don't truly know love, until the moment they first hold their daughters. At that moment, there's an inexplicable phenomenon that happens and the steel that shields a mans heart, that makes it incapable for him to cry or show emotion, evaporates. At that moment, all other priorities become irrelevant and the focus of the fathers remaining existence, becomes protecting his baby girl. My entire existence is to ensure she is forever the best of my ability.

Will Smith captures the essence of every father that shares my relationship with my daughter and how I would prefer to take on any pain, sadness or issues that would come her way.

If you can understand that level of LOVE...then you will certainly enjoy this movie.

Good story, better acting & great climax.
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It's on point in all the right places
yoyo_hamblen26 February 2017
We need a movie like this from time to time. It's written so well. I wish I had read the book first. These movies help is to take a step off the fast wheel and just take a moment to think. I think the movie demonstrates a certain feeling that we all become quite numb in our lives. Numb to other people's feelings, numb to our own needs and numb to our pain and to the needs of others. It doesn't surprise me that someone would write a dreadful review about this movie. I ask for what motive? Movies are not for everyone. There are many movies that I don't like but I don't feel compelled to scrutinise what was bad or wrong about it.

I have grown up with Will Smith and I have always loved his movies. I think if you love Will Smith you'll just love this movie anyway.

Love, Tine Death, three key things that connect us all. It's true. And this movie has the ability to relate to anyone who is perceptive of their circumstances, surroundings and open to possibilities and ideas.

This movie is a wonderful journey, I never picked my phone up once, I was intrigued and absorbed with this compelling tale of grief. Yes it deals with grief yet it doesn't bring you down.

A great cast! Simply perfection. The story is more than it seems and if you connect with it you will make some links and realisations and messages will reach out to you, mostly about the importance of trust and human kindness. It's nice to believe in that, after a bad day when you feel invisible to almost everyone.

The composer surprised me, refreshing and really in touch with the emotional narrative of this journey.

Well done all round. Deserved winner of any award.
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It doesn't get much love, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Sleepin_Dragon2 September 2019
This kept reminding me of A Christmas Carol, with the central figure visited by three ghosts, our central figure, namely Will Smith, is visited by three beings, all sent, to turn his life around.

I've not found a great deal of love for this film, and that surprises me, I very much enjoyed it. It had me moved to tears. The ending in particular hit hard.

A great story, with some terrific performances, a terrific cast, including Helen Mirren and Kate Winslet. Despite the names, I must give full credit to Will Smith, the best performance I've seen from him to date, he had me choked up.
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I found collateral beauty in my river of tears
eliahgolan3 March 2017
You know the feeling you have when you're just a second away from bursting into tears and your throat aches? That's the feeling I had for the entire duration of the movie. The plot itself is so original, the screenplay is absolutely captivating and the performance shown and given by each actor (especially Helen Mirren which I adore- to me, her acting is beyond natural, she is the character, she no longer acts like the best actress, she's beyond that, she's the god of all actors).

I watched the movie with my mom sitting next to me, and I looked at her whilst watching the movie and I saw a coat of tears in her eye, a second away from dropping down her face. I felt as if her tear is held hostage in her eye. Withholding itself, just from my mom's fear of god forbid loosing any of us, her children.

I cried (to be accurate- wept whilst kissing my mom on the cheek afraid of loosing her), I felt joy, anger, fear, wanting to scream with the empathy I felt towards each character, I was in an emotional storm like a nine month's pregnant woman.

It's brilliant.
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A Great Film
haydenmcallister-0291315 February 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I saw this movie with a girlfriend. Normally we disagree on what we see, but after watching Collateral Beauty we both gave it top marks. After arriving back home we looked at some of the reviews from the professional critics and couldn't believe the belittling comments some of them had made. It was as if they had all agreed to slag off the film, and have a collective pop at Will Smith. We even wondered whether we were living on a parallel universe where everything is the reverse of what it is here! This is a very deep movie, with some great acting, especially from Will Smith. The themes were those that affect everyone, Love, Time, and Death. And ultimately, the film hints at the collateral beauty which we totally miss when bereaved, and rarely see during a normal busy day. Should have won an Oscar for best film, and Will Smith for best actor. And I think "Time" will prove the critics very wrong.
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Very important movie!
gethecool11 March 2017
Everyone that had a death in the family ,would probably relate more to this movie. This movie has a great message about life. Everyone needs to learn from it. I want to say thank you, to all the actors and all the people that were involved in this movie.I watched this movie twice, because it was so emotional to me and it got me re thinking on my life, after my mother's death.
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I do not understand the utter bad reviews for this movie
cadburypg14 August 2017
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is about a parent (Will Smith) coping with the grief of losing a 6 yr old child. This was in no way as bad as the critics cried out to be.

Howard (will smith) used to be an advertising genius and entrepreneur before he became devastated with the loss of his daughter. Being the majority shareholder of his firm he became a ship which was pulling everyone to the bottom as it sank. So when his partners were unable to bring him back over a period of 2yrs they "gaslight" him. Howard in his own grief was completely detached with the world outside. His partners and employees were at the brink of joblessness and financial ruin. Whit (Edward Norton), Claire (Kate Winslet) and Simon (Michael Peña) are his long time partners and friends. They employ a PI to monitor his actions so that they could render him mentally unsound and thus incapable of using his majority shareholder voting rights in the decision to sell the business to another firm. In the meantime Whit whose mother is slightly mentally unsound has an idea to employ actors impersonating Love time and death , the 3 abstracts that Howard is obsessed with. HOWARD had written poignant letters to all 3 abstracts which the PI had was an attempt to step into Howards reality and help him recuperate or else use the evidence against him. The letters written by Howard were soul wrenching. This was a father whose career and marriage fell apart because he didn't know how to deal with his grief. The story shows different ways to cope like going to group therapy sessions. It also shows that there is a difference between how each parent of the same child copes and perceives the situation. There are sub plots revolving Whit,Claire and Simon too who think they have chosen actors but actually the 3 abstracts chose them one each to show what they were each missing out.

Helen Mirren as Death couldn't be more firm in her consolations or more sassy in her attitude reflecting the inevitability and finality that she represents. Its also ironical that death which should be the end of all pains is a woman as opposed to all cultures showing Death as a formidable man. Keira Knightley as Love was the cutest and smartest form Love could come in. She looks fuller,says clever and funny lines and yet reflects compassion and pain in her eyes just as love should be. Jacob Latimore as time is curt and impatient. He is smart and speaks in mysterious ways contradicting himself at times, rebukes and mocks Howard and Claire on how we waste its gifts. I liked the movie. It touched my heart although the plot could have been smarter. May be more depth and credibility could have been lent to the sub plots. Kate winslet was good but was wasted in a somewhat soppy character. I resented that. Edward Norton as Whit who was recently divorced due to his philandering, stayed with his sick mom and at the brink of financial ruin was aptly portrayed. He is the suave Newyorker who takes advices from uber driver (Try to step in their reality rather than force our own on them.Would love to take therapy from such an uber driver).Micheal Peña as Simon who way dying due to cancer, was mostly coughing through the movie which was slightly cliché. These are some holes i found but not worth panning the movie altogether.
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A classic Christmas film it is not. A Will Smith sentimental vehicle it is.
jdesando15 December 2016
Warning: Spoilers
"As I suspected, you're a rank sentimentalist." Captain Renault to Rick Blaine in Casablanca.

Depending on Louis Renault's definition of Rick's quiet generosity, Collateral Beauty may rely heavily on the notion that its hero, Howard (Will Smith), is so sentimental about the loss of his five-year-old daughter that he is a non-functioning human being. Such role requires Will Smith to cry and brood excessively.

After more than an hour of Howard's introspective boredom, some relief comes in the Twilight Zone, Christmas Carol, and It's a Wonderful Life motifs starring the abstractions Love (Keira Knightley), Time (Jacob Lattimore), and Death (Helen Mirren). They visit Howard at different times to question his withdrawal from a responsible life a full two years after his daughter's death.

With a leitmotif of cascading domino pieces, it's hard to miss the implicit connection of all living things with a nod to the swift passage of time. Having seen George Bailey's redemption, we should not expect such a powerful transformation of Howard, for this film lacks the attachment to life that Wonderful Life indulges at its end.

Collateral Beauty is a small film with big ideas of connecting itself with the great Christmas stories of the past, but it indulges so many troubled minor characters that it dares to miss the single necessary transformation of Howard in any depth. Watching him ride a bicycle is not my idea of thematic or character development.

Collateral Beauty at best is a diversion from the season's numbing good deeds messages. Its sappy story numbs on its own.
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Not the Greatest but Definitely Worth Seeing
ron-sasso11 February 2017
This is a movie that has heart. The story is not flawless and there are some predictable moments but at the same time, the journey is worth taking.

The biggest challenge for the movie is the number of characters that it has at its core. There are seven characters with significant roles (an argument could be made for eight). Three characters act primarily as catalysts for the action. But still, that's a lot of characters to develop in a short period of time. As a result, the challenges that three of the characters are dealing with are spilled out onto the audience. All the actors are believable in their roles- --I just wish there was more time to develop their individual characters.

I believe 20 more minutes of running screen time would have done wonders for this film. In spite of its shortcomings, I believe that it provides an emotional experience at the end of the film and also some poignant thoughts to ponder.

Not perfect, but definitely worth seeing. It has heart.
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Reliable Review
bilalgharib16 December 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I will summarize the pros and cons, and let the reader to decide. In short, I don't recommend this movie; it is a waste of time and money.


-Good story line. This is what made me watch the movie in the first place.

-Good acting specifically Will Smith. Will Smith is great, no doubt. The other actors are very good too.

-The last moments of the movie are good. They surprise you.


-It is boring; it spends a lot of time on unnecessary scenes and dialogues that are either marginal or not related to the main story.

-It is not deep. Drama is supposed to enter in depth in human emotions. The main issues in the movie "death", "time" and "love" are discussed very superficially, and the related dialogues are short. Even the main issue of the movie "Collateral Beauty" is very passive.

Summary: Although the movie had had all the requirements of a good movie like good acting and good story line, I will not recommend a boring superficial drama.
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So much acting
gaijintendo13 March 2018
Everyone is acting so hard. Right in front of the cameras. They are doing all their acting tricks. They are saying all these lines. Someone put so much effort into every line. Too much effort?

It is all about emotion, but everything is so in-human. Nothing sounds like a human might have ever said it. Everyone speaks with such singular purpose: to do some acting. No small chat. No warming up for the big emotive message.

The ambient sounds feel oppressive. The music feels like it is trying to make you fall into a dream-state.

I don't understand why people love this movie, but I am happy for them.
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