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‘Love Island’ Exec Producer Simon Thomas Promoted At ITV America & Will Oversee Development “Noisy” Formats

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‘Love Island’ Exec Producer Simon Thomas Promoted At ITV America & Will Oversee Development “Noisy” Formats
Exclusive: Love Island exec producer Simon Thomas has been promoted at ITV America and will oversee the search for “noisy” formats for the production company.

Thomas, who was previously Svp, programming becomes Executive Vice President, Programming, West Coast at the U.S. production division of the British broadcaster.

He recently exec produced reality dating series Love Island for CBS, which renewed the format for a second season. He reports to ITV America CEO David George.

In the newly expanded role, Thomas will be tasked with overseeing and shepherding prominent, “noisy” formats, as well as live event programming, while supervising the creative production teams assigned to all ITV America projects in Los Angeles.

In addition to Love Island, he has also worked on Fox’s The Four and American Grit with John Cena as well as Pawn Stars, Forged in Fire, Facebook’s Double Take and A&e’s Oj: Guilty in Vegas.
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ITV Suffers Another Poor Quarter With Total Revenue Down 7% Due To “Economic & Political Uncertainty”

ITV suffered another poor quarter with the British commercial broadcaster blaming the fact that the “economic and political environment remains uncertain”. The company saw total external revenue down 7% over the last financial quarter, although its 5% decrease in advertising revenue was “better than previously guided”.

The company posted total revenue of £1.48B, compared to £1.59B at the same point last year. ITV Studios, the company’s main growth engine, saw revenue down 6% to £758M, pointing to delivered shows weighted towards the second half of the year.

ITV America was a particularly low spot for the business, with a drop in revenues of £62M from £141M to £79M compared to the same period last year. The hit was attributed to the fact that musical talent format The Four didn’t return, following two seasons in 2018 as well as the cancellation of Somewhere Between and the timing of Cake Boss and Fixer Upper.
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A&E Developing More Than 10 Unscripted Projects With British Producers Including Terminally Ill Hologram Format

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A&E is developing nearly a dozen projects with British production companies including a moving documentary format where terminally ill people deliver a message to their families from beyond the grave. The U.S.-based broadcaster is in the early stages of developing the project, which has the working title Voices From the Grave, from Naked Entertainment, the production company run by former Fox reality chief Simon Andreae.

The development was revealed by Sean Gottlieb, VP Development and Programming at A+E Networks, as part of a webinar organized by British trade body Pact.

The format, which was being sold by A+E Networks International at October’s Mipcom, follows terminally ill people and creates holograms of them before they die so that they can give their families a message when they pass. It offers people facing their final weeks and days the chance to show that death is not the end of their story.
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A&E/Lifetime/History delivers 2018 Emmy Fyc mega-mailer to voters highlighting ‘Leah Remini,’ ‘Flint,’ ‘Knightfall’ and more

Media company A+E Networks has delivered its 2018 Emmy Fyc mega-mailer to the TV academy membership highlighting many of its original programs across a trio of networks: A&E, Lifetime and History. Among the 25 total shows included on DVDs are A&E’s reigning Emmy champ “Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath,” Lifetime’s WGA-winning TV movie “Flint” and History’s drama series “Knightfall.” A link is also provided for Emmy voters to view more submissions at its online screening room. Get the full details below, including which specific episodes have been included on DVD.

SEELeah Remini talks backstage about sharing her Creative Arts Emmy win with ‘brave’ Scientology victims [Full Transcript]

A&E Disc One

Structured reality program “Live Pd” — episode “Live Pd-87”

Informational series “Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath” — episode “The ‘Perfect’ Scientology Family”

A&E Disc Two

Documentary/nonfiction series “Marcia Clark Investigates The First 48” — episode “Drew Peterson
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Meet and Learn About the “Forged in Fire” Judges

For those unfamiliar with “Forged in Fire” it is a History Channel competition that gathers four of the world’s best bladesmiths to create a new or novel knife, sword, or other blade weapon with the goal of winning a $10,000 prize for the effort. The show is hosted by Wil Willis who is a qualified expert in his own right. There is a panel of four other judges who assess the quality of workmanship, eliminating one contestant at a time until a winner is decided on. The judges selected each have a unique specialty that guarantees the final outcome will

Meet and Learn About the “Forged in Fire” Judges
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Five Things You Didn’t Know about History’s “Forged in Fire”

Forged in Fire is an original competition series hosted by weapons expert and U.S. Army and Air Force veteran Wil Willis, featuring world-class bladesmiths competing to create history’s most iconic edged weapons. In each episode, four of the nation’s finest bladesmiths come together to put their skill and reputations on the line, trying to avoid elimination and win the $10,000 prize. They use sweat, fire, force of will, and a well-equipped forge to turn raw material into authentic, fully functional implements of war. These weapons must stand up to a battery of strength and sharpness tests, as well as the critical assessment of our expert judges David

Five Things You Didn’t Know about History’s “Forged in Fire
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The Curse of Oak Island: Why is there no episode tonight and when will it return?

Fans of The Curse of Oak Island are going to have to wait another week to find out what happens on the next episode of the History show. There is no episode airing tonight in the series’ usual slot — which will instead be filled by a two-hour episode of Forged in Fire, followed by a preview of Season 3 of Hunting Hitler. Why isn’t The Curse of Oak Island airing tonight? The Curse of Oak Island isn’t airing tonight due to it being Boxing Day. The number of people watching television is traditionally lower than usual today. Many shows more
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Man inspired by History's Forged In Fire accidentally starts huge fire

Fire is fun and bladed weapons are always cool, but a fan of History’s Forged In Fire—in which people compete to make badass swords and other sharp objects—recently learned that it’s probably better to leave the fire and weapons to people who actually know what they’re doing. This comes from The New York Times, which…

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Curse of Oak Island Season 5 premiere sneak peek airing tonight

History is airing an exclusive sneak peek at The Curse of Oak Island Season 5 premiere tonight. The nine-minute preview will give fans a first glimpse at exactly what’s to come in the first episode of next Tuesday’s season opener. Tonight’s episode is titled First Look: Forever Family, and airs after the end of Forged in Fire: Cutting Deeper and Ice Road Truckers. We told earlier this week how the Season 5 premiere on Tuesday will be a two-hour special. Tonight’s sneak peek will show a little of what it entails. All we know so far is from the more
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What is the African throwing knife called the Kpinga from Forged in Fire?

This week on Forged in Fire, the two competitors in the final round have to create the African throwing knife known as the Kpinga. The Kpinga is a large bladed throwing knife that was used by the Azande of Nubia. Also known as the Hunga Munga, this weapon was up to 22 inches long and had three different blades of varying shapes sticking out of the top. They were mainly used by people of status and professional warriors, thgough they were also sometimes part of a dowry that made had to pay to his bride’s family. Nubia was a more
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The Kampilan: Story of epic sword from Forged in Fire

This week’s Forged in Fire sees the bladesmiths having to create replicas of the epic Kamilan sword. The Kampilan hails from the Philippines and is a long, single-edged tapered weapon, narrower and thicker at the bottom near the guard than it is at the top. It is known for its size, usually measuring between 36in and 44in long which is far more than any other Filipino swords. If handled correctly, it could slice through bone and flesh with ease. Other distinctive characteristics of Kampilans are that they often have a small spike on the flat side of the tip, more
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What is the Kachin Dao headhunting blade from Forged in Fire?

This week on Forged in Fire, two smiths have only a few days to forge a Burmese Kachin Dao. Dao or doh is just the Burmese word for sword and the Kachin people of Burma are hardy hill people who live in the northern area of the country. Bordering China, India and the troubled Burmese state of Shan the people in this area have had good reason to ensure they were armed with a practical and simple weapon. They also used to raid neighbouring tribes to collect heads and used their extremely sharp weapons for this grisly purpose. The blade more
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What is African blade the Zulu iklwa as featured on Forged in Fire: Cutting Deeper?

This week on Forged in Fire: Cutting Deeper, the final two have to forge the African blade known as the Zulu iklwa. First up on this episode the contestants need to create their signature weapons, whilst the new bladesmiths are tasked with forging some bayonets that will attach to a rifle. But the main event for the final two is to forge the legendary Zulu iklwa. The Zulu iklwa or ixwa is a short spear with a large blade that is used in close combat. Zulu leader Shaka is said to have developed the weapon as one of his revolutionary more
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Masters vs. apprentices take on the jelly-roll technique on Forged in Fire

This week on Forged in Fire, the masters compete against their own apprentices using the jelly-roll technique. The task this week is to make a cleaver utilizing the method, which involves taking seven to 13 layers of steel and then flattening them out into a strip. This is later heated up and rolled into a jelly roll shape, before being welded together with pressure. This results in some stunning patterns on the metal and is a technique often seen in Damascus steel and decorative weapons. The finalist this week will be tasked with forging a Congolese axe known as a more
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The Top Five Forged in Fire Weapons of Season 1

The bladesmiths of Forged in Fire are superb men. They arrive at The Forge, in New York, ready to forge extraordinary weapons. They compete in the show armed with skills they need to create deadly weapons; which are also inspiring works of art. Each episode offers the chance for the winner to be awarded $10,000 in prize money. The show embraces the ideals of The American Bladesmith Society’s rules and guidelines. Those who would be bladesmiths must pass a set of pre-determined tests which measure their ability to make knives which perform at a remarkable level and which “exhibit fit,

The Top Five Forged in Fire Weapons of Season 1
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What is the cinquedea sword from Forged In Fire?

This week on Forged in Fire the two finalist have to craft a cinquedea, but what is this Italian sword? The cinquedea became popular in renaissance Italy in the 15th and 16th centuries. It was primarily used by civilians and resembled more of an intricate long dagger than a sword. Cinquedea means five fingers and this is the width of the blade at the hilt, with this heavy blade tapering to a rounded point around 18 inches from the guard. The grip was usually fairly simple but sometimes more elaborate ones were made, with the pommel typically being quite small. The wide blade was often thinned out more
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Talwar sword: History of the weapon recreated on Forged in Fire

Forged in Fire this week on History sees the finalists having to recreate the sacred but deadly talwar sword. Here we look back at the history of the blade and it’s significance. The talwar, which also sometimes features the alternative spelling talwaar or tulwar, comes historically from the Indian Subcontinent and is a long and narrow single-handed curved sabre. It was used by both cavalry and infantry, and it’s thought it would generally have been used in a thrusting motion, and also for cutting. Due to its small and cramped hilt it was not easy to use in a slashing motion. It was more
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Forged in Fire: What is an Akrafena?

This week on Forged in Fire the finalists have to create an African sword know as the Akfrafena. The swords were used both in warfare and as part of martial art, which specialises in fighting at close range using knives and improvised weapons. Typically they made up of three parts and include an iron blade, a carved wooden or metal hilt and a leather sheath. They are often marked with Ashanti symbols and sometimes in the case of ceremonial swords the hilts are wrapped in gold leaf. In warfare the heavy blades were used to allow the use of shock tactics more
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GLAAD Media Award Winners: ‘Southwest of Salem,’ ‘Strut,’ Teen Vogue and More

GLAAD Media Award Winners: ‘Southwest of Salem,’ ‘Strut,’ Teen Vogue and More
Following last month’s announcement that “Moonlight” had won the award for Outstanding Film — Wide Release and “Other People” was taking home the prize for Outstanding Film — Limited Release, the 28th GLAAD Media Awards took place in New York last night. “Southwest of Salem: The Story of the San Antonio Four” was named Outstanding Documentary at the ceremony, which honors positive and accurate portrayals of the Lgbtq community.

Rami Malek, Debra Messing, Trevor Noah and Zachary Quinto were among the guests. Full list of winners below:

Outstanding Documentary:

Mapplethorpe: Look at the Pictures

Out of Iraq

“The Same Difference”

Southwest of Salem: The Story of the San Antonio Four

“The Trans List”

Outstanding Reality Program:


I Am Cait

I Am Jazz

The Prancing Elites Project


Outstanding Music Artist:

Against Me!, “Shape Shift With Me”

Blood Orange, “Freetown Sound”

Brandy Clark, “Big Day in a Small Town

Tyler Glenn,
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One makraka two makraka plus a karambit on Forged in Fire

On tonight’s Forged In Fire, we head to Africa and Southeast Asia as inspiration for the blade tasks for the four contestants. This original competition series hosted by weapons expert and Us Army and Air Force veteran Wil Willis brings us world-class bladesmiths who face off to recreate the most lethal weapons. For the $10,000 prize, these smiths design on the fly and use their sweat, fire, strength, will and a white-hot forge to quickly make fully functional implements of war. These weapons must stand up to a series of tests from judges David Baker, Doug Marcaida, and Abs more
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