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Season 6

6 Feb. 2019
Long Road to Redemption Part 1
Seven competitors return to the forge for a second chance at glory and redemption; they'll have to create four different weapons and survive four rounds of testing; the smiths begin outside using the dreaded coal forge.
13 Feb. 2019
Long Road to Redemption Part 2
The four remaining smiths are tasked with crafting an elegant Yemeni dagger; the intricacies of the dagger prove too much for one, while an intense round eliminates the second; the two finalists must choose the weapons they will forge at home.
20 Feb. 2019
Washington's Colichemarde
Four bladesmiths honor American presidents by forging a replica of Teddy Roosevelt's Rough Rider Bowie; the remaining two smiths move on to their home forge to re-create George Washington's colichemarde.
27 Feb. 2019
The O-Katana
For the 100th episode, four bladesmiths are tasked with forging a chopper and must choose from a mammoth pile of metals and materials from all previous 99 episodes; the two finalists head home to re-create the O-Katana.
Mar. 2019
The Hussar Saber
Four smiths must use the canister method to forge a signature blade, but welding failures and abandoned canisters leave some of the competitors scrambling; two smiths return to their home forges to create the Austro-Hungarian Hussar Saber.
13 Mar. 2019
Barbarian Sword
Four bladesmiths must forge a blade using steel harvested from a vintage pinball machine; two smiths advance and return home to build a weapon rooted in savagery: the Barbarian Sword.
17 Apr. 2019
The Javanese Kris
Four bladesmiths must forge friction folders from a rusty pickup truck; the two smiths left standing head back to their home forges to re-create an exotic weapon wielded by ancient Southeast Asian warriors: the Javanese Kris.
24 Apr. 2019
General Yamashita's Gunto
Four bladesmiths are tasked with re-creating the Fairbairn Sykes fighting knife by combining three sizes of W1 round stock; two smiths must forge Japanese Gen. Yamashita's gunto.
1 May 2019
The Greek Kopis
Four bladesmiths must forge signature blades from different sizes of spring steel; two smiths survive an intense round of testing and return home to re-create a Greek kopis.
8 May 2019
Branch Battle: Army
Top bladesmiths from each branch of the U.S. military compete to earn a spot in a battle; four U.S. Army soldiers must forge a special forces V-42 stiletto; two smiths are dispatched to their home forges to build a U.S. Army officer's sword.

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