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Sex & Nudity

  • Sex in the first season is nonviolent, but does show graphic female nudity. Season 2 is more. Season 3 is GRAPHIC! First 60 seconds shows public sex in a club.....if that's what you start with, just read on about the rest!
  • A couple have Sex nothing bad is seen but some noises can be disturbing
  • Guilty Party: Sex is more frequent, some scenes of making out
  • A character is raped, hardly seen (slightly disturbing)
  • The sex scenes in the 1st episode of Season 3 are very graphic, borderline pornographic ( referring to the scene when the home video is watched).
  • Season three really steps up the sex and nudity. Threesomes, male & female homosexual sex, lots of talk about penis size, teenage girl has sex with much of her apartment complex
  • Graphic nudity in season 1 sex scene. Season 2 has a sex scene where a woman's breasts are exposed. More nudity in season 3.
  • Jessica Sipos strips out of her clothes, briefly baring her left breast (and nipple) as she jumps off a dock into the water
  • Season 1: A homemade porno movie is shown, female breasts, butt and vulva from behind are shown, no male nudity

Violence & Gore

  • The Executioner: A character is sawed in half
  • A character is drowned, screaming in terror
  • A character is cut into tiny pieces; before that, the character is seen having her foot cut off. This could be very disturbing for viewers.
  • A character dies of snorted rat poison, which was mixed in his cochineal (mild, but slightly bloody).
  • Chased then bitted by snakes, disturbing by the act it's is his worst nightmare
  • Eaten by animals after being covered in honey
  • Beheaded with axe, head then found in sink of a resturant
  • A character is burned alive
  • Guilty Party: Chainsaw attack to the sternum and then the remaining viscera are used to decorate a snowman.
  • Eyes gouged out with a steel pipe and her neck snapped. Left to freeze in the snow
  • Churned in the stomach via an auger used by the killer and chopped to pieces to feed to the other campers.
  • Poisoned with poison ivy berries hidden in her soup.
  • Someone's throat is slit
  • Shot in the chest, then ran over with a snow mobile by the killer
  • Shot in the head by the killer.
  • Shot dead by the killer.
  • Somebody kills themself
  • Burned alive, but dies minutes later
  • Disturbing and shocking
  • Solstice: A male gets stabbed by the killer a couple of times, blood pouring out of his body. The same male later gets hit by a car and is dead.
  • A male gets hit in the neck with a fire axe, blood starts to leak from the open wound. The killer takes the axe and chops the guys head off.
  • A female gets her face shoved in a toilet, the female's face starts to melt off due to the killer filling the toilet with chemicals.
  • A car crash happens which includes two people dying. Both deaths are pretty bloody.
  • A female sets herself on fire, she dies.
  • A male gets his face shoved into blender blades, the killer turns on the blender and the man gets his face chopped away. Later on, The male's corpse is seen with a snapped mandibular jaw. THE MOST GORY DEATH THIS SEASON
  • A female gets stabbed in the head with a knife, Not really bloody.
  • A man gets stabbed over and over again in the crotch area by the killer, Pretty bloody.
  • Two men get their faces stuck together, they both free themselves by pulling off their skin. The marks are shown all episode.
  • A female gets hit in the face with a fire axe, over and over again.
  • A female gets drilled in the head. A bit bloody
  • A female gets cut open with a scalpel, The killer takes a pair of garden shears and breaks open her ribcage with it. The killer takes out the female's organs. REALLY GORY
  • A man gets nails on his hands (crucifixion re-enactment) not gory and far away shot, is a sexual kink, not super disturbing more weird and uncomfortable
  • A man gets a glass tube stabbed into his mouth and neck, the killer gets a kettle of hot water and pours it through the tube, the man screams and coughs blood through the tube, he dies and the killler stabs a straw on his neck and blood comes out


  • Throughout season 1 (The Executioner), the use of expletives is much more sparing than in the following seasons. Across all 8 episodes of season 1, there are about 3 total uses of f**k and 42 total uses of s**t. Subsequent seasons include a significantly higher number of these and other expletives.
  • Season 2 (Guilty Party) has 266 total uses of f**k and 62 total uses of s**t, along with other expletives.
  • Season 3 (Solstice) has 335 total uses of f**k and 81 total uses of s**t, along with other expletives.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Characters drink and smoke throughout the show
  • Frequent scenes of drugs and alcohol

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A male on male rape scene is shown may be disturbing to some viewers but is short
  • Both Villains suffered from mental health issues


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • Mark has sex with a women in a kitchen. He pulls open her shirt briefly revealing her bare breasts and make love with her softly and slowly and she moans
  • Season 1 has a 'home movie' shown several times which is full of sex which may disturb but only one brief Brest and butt glance, there's a skinny dip scene but her adhesive bra and flesh coloured pants are obvious, and a nude body in a field face up but food covers breasts and groin region so no nudity there either, another scene is an S&M scene with a priest fixed to a cross being whipped by a hired female, he's only naked wasted up but it's a scene that may also disturb - report based on Netflix release Nov 2020
  • S2 only has mild female nudity with 1 brief breast shot in a quick sex scene, the more severe male nudity is a full length rear nudity shot, and a butt shot whilst being brutally raped by another man, this scene is disturbing as is the follow up shower scene which doesn't have nudity but is graphic and may disturb some viewers

Violence & Gore

  • There Is A Religious Context Behind The Murders In The First Season
  • A man gets pushed into a furnace after kidnapping two men and they witness a murder, the man who kills him dies to by burning on his hands and past injuries
  • A girl defends a man from another girl by holding a axe near her and threatening her, she cuts her leg and runs away with the man, later the other girl chases them with a mashete and the other girl hits the mashete with a fire hydrant causing the mashete to backfire and cut the girl in the neck

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