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Dumb title = tedious porn
lor_29 February 2016
I expect to wake up one morning and see New Sensations/Digital Sin gone the way of the dodo bird, joining endless video companies who failed to innovate with the times. As its title so clearly suggests, this lame video milking ground already fallow due to over-planting is D.O.A.

Jacky St. James invented this non-genre: hotwifing, a mindless variation on the dismal "Cuckold" genre, only with the husband bewilderingly encouraging his better half to have sex repeatedly with other men so that somehow, mystically, he can enjoy it vicariously. Her partners in crime, cameramen Eddie Powell and Paul Woodcrest, take on the director's chair (no script necessary it seems) and repetitively throw in the gimmick of hubby phoning his wife to tell her that the guy should "cum inside her" to make our hero's joy complete. It's all a vast right-wing conspiracy against condoms and safe-sex in porn, I wisely surmise.

Only redeeming feature for me was setting vignette #2 in the "Immoral Proposal" mansion, used memorably by Nica Noelle for the Sweet Sinner video of that name. Its distinctive spiral staircase is featured here and cover girl Danica Dillon is lovely in her sexy lingerie, serviced by hubby's designated hitter in the person of Tommy Gunn. Danica's close resemblance to superstar Casey Calvert is distracting for me, but I doubt if her fans give a hoot.
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