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Where Cain Dwelt
bkoganbing25 July 2016
Take out your bibles and read that after Cain slew Abel and he was ordered out of the Garden of Eden he went and dwelt in the land of Nod. The Return gives us a look at the place in medieval times.

Where we're given a C.S. Lewis like tale of the Jesus story as seen through the eyes of a woman named Leah played by Heather Ricks who changes over the time of the film from a girl who acts as a come on for thieves to one who dedicates her life to others. All due to the character of a mysterious huntsman named Yaddid who sacrifices himself for her when she's caught.

If you see the film and read your bible you know as Paul Harvey used to say, the rest of the story. The allegory is unmistakable. As our protagonist Heather Ricks gives a fine performance as Leah. Special mention should also go to David Ruprecht as the Taker who's a medieval police stoolie.

One of the better Christian films I've seen.
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