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that's enough of Jack Whitehall's testicles for a lifetime..
kieranbattams21 August 2015
Okay, so going into this film i had seen just two episodes of the series so wasn't that familiar with the characters. The show has made me laugh though so i knew that it was at least funny. British sitcoms being translated to the big screen can be very hit or miss, i was hoping it would be funny even with a loose plot like The Inbetweeners Movie or Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa and it delivered.

Jack Whitehall returns as brilliant as ever as the bad influence teacher Alfie Wickers. Bad Education follows the British comedy trend of taking its characters on holiday, this time in the form of a mental school trip to Cornwall. As you can imagine, this leads to crazy antics. It sounds like more of the same, there is a good twist towards the end though. I don't want to ruin it as it wasn't in the trailers or anything and is actually unexpected. This twist got a bit silly towards the end, but the whole film is pretty silly so it isn't so silly that it completely takes you out of the film. I doubt this will get an international release, but if it does i don't think it is one that will appeal to an American audience. In an interview Jack Whitehall said that exact same thing, the humour is so British, and British at its finest. There are a lot of Jack Whitehall's balls though. I don't ever want to see his balls again. Although, this film features the single most intense scene of a man teabagging a swan EVER. I was genuinely scared for the guy.

As a fan of the show, i'm sure you will be delighted to see all the characters on the screen again. Actors from Matthew Horne to Harry Enfield reprise their roles and all of the class are here to. They all get moments to shine as well which i like to see in a film with so many characters. In the end, i haven't laughed harder at a film this year. The plot isn't anything complicated, we have seen this sort of humour before, but as a British person if you don't come out of this film feeling you have had even a little bit of a good time then i will be surprised. I advise anyone up for a good laugh to check out the Bad Education movie, it may be silly, but a film with an opening that is an ET spoof featuring Anne Frank deserves to be seen.
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Very Enjoyable
joeyjl24 August 2015
As far as British comedies go, this was one of the best I have seen. Contending with the likes of The Inbetweeners and Mrs Brown's Boys the title stands it's ground.

Throughout the film the comedy is well timed with some unexpected outbursts and classic schoolboy/girl humour and it is not as corny as you might expect from a film based in Cornwall. The actors have done a good job of continuing their on-screen persona and have added their own flare to the roles.

The criticism I would give is that in some of the members of Class K there is not a lot of character development. But this is supported by the TV show where viewers of both the show and film will know many of these characters well, whereas an outsider like me couldn't even remember some of their names. This was partly due to the film's plot-line being very heavily based around Jack Whitehall's character, Alfie Wickers. And his testicles.

I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone wishing to have a seriously good laugh whilst learning just a little bit of History.
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Enjoyable, but watch series first
florp115 September 2016
This movie is funny, though I recommend watching the series first, which may even be necessary to actually enjoy the movie.

The movie in short: The class goes on a trip but of course, nothing goes as expected.

Since the series has many more or less deep characters, the movie cannot compete in terms of character development. While the series contains on average 6 episodes per season at roughly half an hour (way too short for its quality in my opinion), the movie has to cope with introducing the various students and teachers within the first part of the movie. I am not sure if that is enough to really "understand" the situation/background story at "Abbey Grove". The characters may seem a little flat/stereotypical if one has not yet seen the series. Granted, "form K" pretty much has a member of every socio-demographic (?) group in it that I could think of of the top of my head. This makes the series more interesting, may seem a little forced to be funny in the movie.

Regarding the humor in the movie, it is exactly what you would expect after watching the series. It is about the same level of sometimes beneath the belt but makes you laugh more often than cringe.

Personally I am pretty happy with the movies ending. As most people may have experienced, it is an awful feeling when a series that one has really enjoyed watching comes to a close and leaves a feeling of emptiness. "The bad education movie" fills the void that the series left perfectly and at least for me, gives the whole story a finish that I can live and close that chapter with.

I did enjoy the series more than the movie, though it is still a movie I'd recommend.
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"Best School Trip Ever!"
tommb-2039627 August 2015
Warning: Spoilers
"Best School Trip Ever!" is the slogan of the Bad Education Movie, The movie starts off with our class of British teens in the Anne Franke memorial house. Though this scene was disrespectful in some ways to the history it did have the moments when the entire room was laughing! One year later Alfie Wickers played by Jack Whitehall wants to take his insanely crazy class on one final school trip before results day! Joining them is Joe's mum who is determined to make sure the trip goes wrong!

Throughout the film the entire room was laughing when the jokes struck in, especially when the students phones were confiscated leaving Stephen to say "You wicked old witch!" to Joe's mother and in reply getting a "Shut it Dorothy!" The film is fun, a laugh out loud experience and was a great farewell to the series!

Bad Education Movie—10 Stars (Should be released to more countries!)
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Very rude, but not unamusing
neil-47628 August 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Anarchic high school teacher Alfie, denied the opportunity to take his class of misfits on a school trip to Las Vegas has to settle for Cornwall, accompanied by PTA mother Susan who is determined to get him fired. As if that wasn't bad enough, the Cornish Liberation Army use him as a figurehead for armed revolution to liberate Cornwall from England.

This British comedy is full of crude, silly, infantile humour and bad language. It is also pretty funny. Co-written by, and starring Jack Whitehall 9and spun off from a TV series) it is worth explaining that Whitehall is primarily a TV comedy performer, much of whose humour derives from the contrast between his terribly well brought up accent and his tendency to descend into sometimes horrifying crudeness. And that pretty much underpins this film – you get a fair amount of Whitehall's (no doubt prosthetic) scrotum, and a couple of brief glimpses of his (I suspect not prosthetic) penis – it's that sort of film. It's also often quite amusing, albeit the Cornwall Liberation element of the plot is a bit of a trial.

It's not a great film, but I quite enjoyed its tasteless humour. Whitehall can take a joke at his own expense, which is a quality I like.
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If you enjoy stupid British movies this is for you
sammymc1999-82-56909312 September 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Now before watching this movie, I was a big fan of the series and was hoping that Jack Whitehall wouldn't ruin it by making a feature length movie. By the trailer I could tell it was going to be a daft comedy and at times had me in stitches. The only problem was at time the storyline became very flat and nothing much seemed to happen. Overall I'd recommend this movie to teenager going to watch a funny film with there mates and not with there parent like I did. Without spoiling too much Cornish Independence is a truly funny concept and such an original script I've never seen something anything like it and it's a feel good movie for those with a strange type of humour which Whitehall has perfectly created in this movie.
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Not so bad
Evanoil29 December 2015
I think this movie will mostly suit the fans of the TV show ,the humor is pretty dumb and trashy and some will find this movie as a garbage. I discovered that this movie is based on a TV show only after i've finished watching.This film was a fun comedy until the first half of it ended and then it escalated pretty slowly so i cant say that i wanted to switch it off before it ended , give it an additional 10 minutes and i totally would have.This film is packed with English humor so if you cant bare it don't even start watching.The story and the actors are pretty solid , i wont say that its super original or something but still this comedy provides something many comedies fail to provide and its the ability to keep a smile on your face through all of the film. Ill mention it again because its important , the humor is very low and dumb so if you cant handle it avoid it.
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funny and enjoyable
gillt0328 November 2018
I think this movie will mostly suit the fans of the TV show ,the humour is pretty dumb and trashy and some will find this movie as a garbage. I discovered that this movie is based on a TV show only after I've finished watching.
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Certainly was a bad education!!
Alanjackd3 September 2015
Walked out after 50 minutes...could not stand any more of this muck.

I hope it isn't shown outside Britain , it would make all the good work British movies have done a waste of time.

Not even funny enough to be juvenile.

Tries so hard to be in bad taste but is not anywhere clever enough to attempt it.

Not 1 redeeming moment here. What on earth Harry Enfield thinks he's doing in this kind of rubbish is beyond me..he must be skint.

Jack Whiteall is about as funny and talented as a dose of earache.

Only the second movie I have ever walked out on in over 40 years..the other being Hot Tub Time Machine2.

IF i could I would give it a 0.

To make things worse there was a few morons laughing at this.

Very angry on leaving the cinema..cannot find enough bad things to say about this drivel so end.
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stly99925 August 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Waste of the ticket money. Stay home and watch the TV instead. The opening sequence based in Amsterdam at Anne Frank's house was in very poor taste (would have scored it 3 otherwise) and I have no idea why the writers wanted to try to make funny something so serious and tragic for the child concerned. The usual boring old-fashioned type British 'comedy' where a few well known faces are included (waste of Harry Enfield's talent)to encourage people to come and see it. Reminded me at times of a poor version of what was at the time a good film 'To Sir With Love'(helped along immensely by Lulu singing the theme tune). Too many stereotypes (Battleaxe woman, fat kid, tough pupil who knows it all and done it all or perhaps has not, teacher who fluctuates from gross behaviour to soppiness). Just rubbish.
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Watch this if you like the original series
datorsiers219 September 2018
Thought this would be a massive flop, but to my surprise i really liked this dumb movie for some reason. This movie takes things to a different level of craziness, far exceeding even the already crazy and funny TV series from 2012.

You can expect all the original actors in their same old characters just like in the show having fun and doing what they do best - getting into weird and bizzare situations. If you enjoy Jack Whitehall's performances this movie will not dissapoint you, as Whitehall is 100% in his usual character.

Overall, it has a fair bit of laughs and is definitely a decent british comedy, just don't take it too seriously as it is bizzare and unpredictably stupid at moments, leaving you speechless.
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The Bad Education Movie
jboothmillard15 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
The sitcom may not have been popular with critics, but it was a fantastic three series on BBC Three, I was pleasantly surprised when I found out there was a movie, I just hoped as the last venture for the characters, it would be a good sendoff. Basically Alfie Wickers (Jack Whitehall) has taken Class K on a trip to Amsterdam, unbeknownst to him, Mitchell Harper (Britain's Got Talent's Charlie Wernham) has spiked his crepe with magic mushrooms, causing him to hallucinate while at the Anne Frank Museum, he sees student Jing Hua (Kae Alexander) as a panda, and steals the Anne Frank dummy thinking it is alive. A year later, the PTA are angered when Alfie plans to take his students to Las Vegas, they doubt the educational value of the trip, they demand Alfie be sacked, but Deputy Head and Alfie's father Martin Wickers (Harry Enfield), headmaster Shaquille Fra$er (Mathew Horne) and teacher and Alfie's girlfriend Miss Rosie Gulliver (Sarah Solemani) insist he is given another chance. The teachers plan a surprise visit to Alfie's class, they walk in as Mitchell attempts to tattoo Alfie with "Class K Forever", he passes out and is left with only the letters "CLA", the classroom visit ends with parents refusing to pay for the Las Vegas trip, Alfie decides to take his students to Cornwall himself instead. Student Joe Poulter (Ethan Lawrence) is concerned his overbearing mother Susan (Joanna Scanlan) won't let him go, but Alfie fools the parents into thinking the trip is academical, he tells his class that his best friend from school, Atticus Hoye (Jeremy Irvine), is hosting a house party in Cornwall. Susan being stern and suspicious of Alfie comes with the group, forcing the students to go to environmental attraction the Eden Project, while there Mitchell picks a "natural laxative" plant, Alfie uses it to spike Susan's drink. The class continue to Penleven Castle where they see John the Baptist's foreskin, Susan begins to feel the effects of the laxative, leaving the class unattended to go to the toilet, while away Mitchell steals the foreskin, Alfie retrieves it when it is almost lost, unable to return the foreskin to its case he is forced to eat it to cover his tracks, Joe replaces it with a pork scratching. The group arrives at the fishing town of Port Jago, Alfie and the children sneak out from their hotel to the local pub, there the barman Don (Steve Speirs) and Pasco Trevelyan (Iain Glen) are discussing the Cornish Liberation Army, a terrorist organisation fighting for Cornish independence, they are both members. When Alfie and the class arrive, Alfie is mistaken as a member when Pasco sees the unfinished "CLA" tattoo, Pasco has a plan to assassinate local MP Michael Hoye (Colin Matthews), a friend of Atticus' father, Pasco overhears Alfie talking about the Hoye house party, Alfie and the class get involved in the pub frivolities, it gets out of hand when Joe is stabbed in the hand. Susan catches them and records the incident, but before she can report it, Pasco slips her sleeping pills, packs her in a trunk, and ships her to Cherbourg, France. Pasco take the class to a strip club, where he asks Alfie to deliver some cannabis to the house party, the truck he is supposed to deliver is actually full of explosives, meanwhile Susan hitches a lift back to the UK, with some illegal immigrants. Back at the school, the teachers have lost contact with the Cornwall trip since Susan went missing, so Martin, Fra$er, and Rosie travel to Cornwall to find them. Alfie and the children arrive at the party, Alfie is bullied by his so-called friends and made to teabag a swan, feeling betrayed by everyone, he calls Pasco to pick him up, but this call is a signal to detonate the truck, the Hoye house is blown up. Pasco drives Pasco and the students to Port Jago, Pasco decides to make Alfie the leader of the Cornish rebellion, many people from the pub and Port Jago show up, revealing themselves as members of the CLA. Meanwhile the other teachers searching for Alfie and the class have called the police to help, they call in Interpol thinking it as being a serious situation, they conclude Alfie has been radicalised, Susan and the other parents join the operation. The dozens of CLA members crowd at Penleven Castle, Alfie sabotages the rebellion, but expresses sympathy for Pasco's cause, Pasco turns violent and traps the class, the children find a secret passage leading to the beach to escape, but Alfie has a sword fight with Pasco. In the end, Rosie and Fra$er arrive in a helicopter and rescue Alfie, Pasco is arrested, it forwards to results day, Mitchell puts magic mushrooms into chocolate brownies, Alfie is again inebriated and hallucinates, resulting in a very unusual 'Leavers Photograph'. Also starring Nikki Runeckles as Chantelle Parsons, Weruche Opia as Cleopatra Ofoedo, Layton Williams as Stephen Carmichael, Jack Binstead as Leslie "Rem Dogg" Remmington, Talulah Riley as Phoebe, Clarke Peters as Commander Andrews, Marc Wootton as Officer Geoffrey, Steve Oram as Officer Rowe and Greg James. Whitehall is energetic as the childish, haphazard teacher, and he does a reasonable job of writing the script, as with many feature film adaptations of TV shows it tries to be bigger, getting out and about and being more over the top, most of the jokes are lewd pratfalls and gross bits, they don't all hit the mark, but fans of the series will have fun, a reasonable comedy. Worth watching!
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Thoroughly entertaining movie for fans of the series and newcomers
EthanBJones_0314 January 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Overall: It is a consistently entertaining movie and serves its purpose well. Both Bad Education veterans and newcomers will enjoy it enough.

Good: It is consistently funny with most of them quirky, fun, unique characters from the show. The headmaster, Rosie, his dad, Stephen and of course Joe are some of the fraction that appear in the movie and you don't have to have watched the show to understand it or know the characters. The cinematography is pretty good and the story is actually more filled up than expected. The music is great and emits a much more Party feel so you know you are in for a good time. All the cast from the show reprise their roles and do it beautifully with, I believe, a new edition in Joe's mum who was the standout performer. She gave an edgy, no nonsense feel around her.

Bad: The TV show is 150% funnier and I think the more over- dramatised story of a Cornish Extremist group (Best Line in any movie ever) made the story less humorous than possible in effort to propel the story. The original show had a lot of characters but dealt with them greatly and made each character shine. In this however, the primary and individual traits for each character rarely appear and they have little development in order to strive fourth with new additions.

Best Part: 'You can take our freedom but you'll never take OUR PASTIES!!!!!!'

MVP: Joanna Scanlan as Susan Poulter

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The latest big screen excursion of a popular British TV series
davideo-211 June 2016
STAR RATING: ***** Saturday Night **** Friday Night *** Friday Morning ** Sunday Night * Monday Morning

Alfie Wickers (Jack Whitehall) is a comprehensive school teacher who sets the worst example to his already rowdy students. Following some magic mushroom induced madness whilst visiting the Anne Frank museum, he pushes his luck even further by suggesting a class trip to Las Vegas. He is forced to settle for Cornwall, but this fails to stop him paragliding through the Eden Project whilst naked from the waist down, rattling the locals, and eventually getting caught up in a militant liberation plot against a Conservative councillor.

I was really just in the mood for a laugh with this one, as I'd actually never watched the series or, to be honest, anything much to do with Jack Whitehall. So it was one I skipped in the theatres, but eventually rolled around to seeing on DVD. Even without having watched any of the show, it still seems clear that it's had an awkward transition to the big screen, struggling to really hold together as a feature length plot as opposed to an hour long episode.

That said, at under an hour and a half, it hardly drags on, and as a series of comedic set pieces and sequences, it more than serves its purpose. It's the sort of thing people, especially fans of the series, are more than ready to sharpen the knives for, but it must surely have the same effect as the show? ***
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Why? Why? Why? Why?
graham_watkins28 May 2016
Why do people make films like this? I am a fan of Jack Whitehall in small doses, but 90 minutes? No. I actually only watched the first 15 minutes, then turned it off, it was that predictable and terrible. It was possibly one of the worst films I thankfully didn't watch. I guessed it was about an mis-stood teacher who has an amazing connection with his students and gets them to over perform, like that film with Robin Williams and Matt Damon, only without the talent, quality acting or screen writing. What was that film called? It was way better. I am now watching The Intern with Anne Hathaway and Robert De Nero, and I'm over 15 minutes in and I have no plans to turn it off. Do yourself a favour watch something else, anything else. In fact watch Jack on TV, but not his stand up or his TV show, just watch when he's a guest.
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Take the word Education from the title.
FlashCallahan24 December 2015
Warning: Spoilers
For the past few years, there has been a trend in UK cinemas, where a moderately successful TV comedy has made its transition to the big screen.

Some have had a wonderful success, due to the time of the films releasing, but all have one thing in common, they are devoid of any laughs, and it's just an excuse to milk a series where the audience has dwindled just a tad.

And like many of these TV to big screen movies have the same plot point, they all go on holiday.

Since Holiday On The Buses, right up to last years Inbetweeners sequel, the makers think its a wonderful idea to put the regular characters out of their series settings comfort zone. Well as soon as the BBFC card springs up on screen, this has already happened, because films like this have no business clogging up screens.

I've never seen the TV series, but I've heard okay-ish things about it, but this takes British comedy back nearly forty years, with the exception of seeing Whitehalls testicular region not one time, but three blooming times, and it's never funny, it's nothing more than an air of desperation from the writers.

Add a silly subplot about Alfie being a terrorist and leader of a pseudo movement calling themselves the CLA, the film not only manages to be unfunny, it also manages to insult almost every resident of Cornwall, because my gosh, those poor folk are mocked within an inch of their life.

Add a embarrassed looking Harry Enfield, and Mathew Horne, and you have another in a long line of terrible British TV comedy movies.

Can stand proud with the following movies.....

Alien Autopsy. The Boys In Blue. Lesbian Vampire Killers Mrs Browns Boys D'Movie Keith Lemon The Inbetweeners And I'm sure there are dozens more.

Wretched tosh.
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Please Sir
Prismark101 June 2016
Warning: Spoilers
The Bad Education Movie is a big screen spin off from the BBC comedy. It starts off with incompetent and infantile teacher Alfie taking his misfit kids to Anne Frank's House in Amsterdam but after accidentally taking some magic mushrooms he ends up embarrassing himself.

A year later his plans to take the kids to Vegas but has to settle for Cornwall. He is accompanied by parent/teacher rep Susan, ,other of one of the pupils who is recording everything on Google Glass in order to gather information of his misbehaviour so he can be fired.

Alfie gets mixed up with the Cornish Liberation Army who use him to cause anarchy, he also meets up with his old public school chums who bully and taunt him like they used to at school.

The film is crude and silly like the television series. There are enough bad taste jokes to keep teenage kids laughing although the film after a bright opening in Amsterdam runs out of steam towards the end.
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The Bad Movie
seanpaulcasey21 December 2018
I was expecting good things from this movie as I'm a bit fan of Jack Whitehall. This was disappointing by the atrocious acting. I would have preferred it more if he was a student rather than teacher. They should of added more depth with some of the other characters and a back story. Best to watch this movie with low expectations. Not the worst movie I've seen and I wouldn't recommend it unless there is nothing else to watch. Better to watch is travel shows or stand up.
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Just stick with the TV Show
evivaholst26 December 2018
TV show was brilliant, love Jack but this was a pretty movie.
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Watch this movie without expectation
rhlraj12 March 2016
I Watched this movie without expectation.

It was Good Movie from my point of view.

I was Expecting this movie bad but after watching this it was good enough to watch for one time movie.

its graphics have color popping and the direction and camera angle were shoot like a pro

Some of the Game of Throne Joke was good

I usually don't write the review but I Saw many of the people hate this movie just because this movie didn't matched their taste of their movie

I can't understand what people think before watching the movie It's a comedy movie first watch the trailer then watch the movie
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