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Hot over a cold case
bkoganbing17 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I was terribly disappointed in this Garage Sale Mystery. The Wedding Dress brought no closure to the blood family of a victim who disappeared 36 years earlier between the wedding and the reception. Even Britney Spears did not have a marriage that short.

This all begins when Lori Loughlin gets a wedding dress at a garage sale, a really fancy one that the bride told her maid to burn. But with a designer label on it the maid puts it away and now it's part of a garage sale where Loughlin and her sidekick Sarah Strange pick it up.

The woman who had it was a deserted bride and now is played by Cheryl Ladd. She could have become a 20th century Miss Favesham but instead became a big charity mover and shaker. Her husband's family hired detectives and neither they or the police could solve it.

But in that dress was a hidden pocket which contained a handkerchief of dried blood. Of course the victim's type and Loughlin now really thinking foul play, who wouldn't?

From a mystery we go to a romance akin to what the young folks had on the sinking Titanic.

I'm disappointed that Hallmark chose such a ridiculous romantic ending. Truth be told Loughlin has no real evidence on which a murder case could be based. Still there's a dead man who ought to get some justice.
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Garage Sale Mystery: The Wedding Dress
JoBloTheMovieCritic26 February 2021
5/10 - flawed mystery makes for the weakest entry in the Garage Sale Mystery series so far
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How to get away with murder...with just a little bit of decent script writing
Ed-Shullivan4 June 2018
A wedding groom goes missing on his wedding day and he is never to be seen again for some 30 years and no one seems to care anymore. That is until our antiques dealer/amateur sleuth Jennifer Shannon (Lori Loughlin) visits an estate sale and finds the brides wedding dress with some blood in one of the bride's dress pockets.

So the mystery begins with enough suspects to record a new Guinness Book record for the amount of people who can be stuffed into a Volkswagen car. So where was the missing bridegroom stuffed? Not in that Volkswagen that is for sure.

Jennifer's also dealing with two family matters. Her daughter's boyfriend is looking at a distance relationship and if it can survive their young love, and Jennifer's own marriage is near to another anniversary date but her workaholic husband seems to be distracted with his business to realize their wedding anniversary is just around the corner with no plan in site to celebrate their (not so?) memorable wedding date.

One of the suspects is the still very attractive 64 year old Cheryl Ladd (Charlie's Angels TV 1977-1981) who plays the stood up at the altar and wealthy bride Helen Whitney Carter, that fateful day some 30 years prior. Although the writing of this made for TV movie seems to take the long way around to find out what really happened to our missing bride groom the real mystery would be how sloppy the absent police department would have had to be if this story was even vaguely possible.

Mrs. Shullivan and I both liked the film and especially the recovery ending even though the story was quite winding and a bit troublesome to think that the police department could not have achieved what our amateur sleuth Jennifer Shannon accomplished all on her own with just her good looks and wholesome charm.

I give this chapter of the Garage Sale Mystery series a more than decent 7 out of 10. Just remember that this mystery film is not developed with a blockbuster Hollywood budget so manage your expectations and like Mrs. Shullivan and I, you will not be disappointed.
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Where is the justice?
bookandcandle17 April 2016
I have watched all of the Garage Sale Mystery movies and I loved them all, except this one. The first Garage Sale Mystery had the best cast. I don't know why they changed the daughter, husband and son in the latter movies. It is not the same when a family you have followed throughout all of a sudden has different actors, when the initial ones were perfect together.

The problem I have with The Wedding Dress Garage Sale Mystery is that the murdered man is never found for so many years, yet the murderer goes unpunished with a happy ending. Did anyone think about the family of the victim not knowing where their relative was or what happened to him? This is so callously left out of the movie. Did they even care that the family of the victim would suffer not knowing where he was and what happened to him?

This movie had a very disappointing and unjustified ending. There was no accountability for the deception and murder. They just go happily on their way like they did nothing wrong, while the murder remained unsolved all those years and they knew they did it. Terrible Hallmark judgment here. No accountability or justice with the victim's family still not knowing what happened to their son.
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pretty good, given what it is
blanche-229 May 2016
The Garage Sale Mysteries, like many Hallmark mysteries, are for light watching and mild entertainment. This is unlike, say, the Hallmark Christmas films, which are awful.

I love seeing the antiques and collectibles featured on the shows, and the cast is likable. These films also move a little better than others on the network.

In this one, Wedding Dress, the shop owners Jennifer and Dani (Lori Loughlin and Sarah Strange) find a vintage wedding dress from 1979 at an estate sale. Given the styles back then, I rather doubt it was a real vintage dress - guess the set dresser couldn't find one. On investigation, they learn the groom disappeared during the reception and was never seen again.

They meet the bride, Helen (Cheryl Ladd), and Jennifer becomes involved in the mystery.

These are usually easy to figure out - this one was slightly more intriguing.

The thing about anything Lifetime or Hallmark is you have to know what you're getting into and take it for what it is: made in Canada without big budgets and a mostly Canadian cast with one American TV or soap star, and not particularly well directed.

On that basis, Garage Sale Mysteries are a slight cut above the norm.
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One of the better Garage Sale Mystery Series ......
cekadah17 October 2015
........ but with a sloppy sappy whitewashed ending. Why did Director: Peter DeLuise , end this episode with that goofy oh so feel good ending? I found the buildup in solving the wedding dress mystery very absorbing and well written as Jennifer Shannon brings the events together on that day in 1979 in line with her inquisitive research.

Her deductive reasoning while evaluating the evidence she finds added a more than usual interest to this episode. Then when the two principle characters confess to the detective what happened the day of the wedding I was expecting a deeper secret to come to light after 36 years had past. Such as a hidden affair between the socially prominent bride of that day and the lesser prominent auto garage repair owner.

But no! Hallmark threw in the sugar coating and nostalgia and everybody goes home happy and pleased. That just ruined the mystery for me.
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A disappointment (but what did I expect?)
LauraAnnG16 August 2015
We all know these Hallmark movies (whether mystery or romance or combination thereof) are uneven qualitatively. Some are worse than others, and this one is pretty bad.

I was motivated to watch it for a couple of reasons. First, I am an admirer of Peter Deluise. He directed and/or wrote some of my most favorite Stargate SG1 episodes (I still mourn the loss of SG1). So I figured that some of Peter's directorial brilliance shown in SG1 (I was going to name a few episodes here but really, there are just too many to choose from!) would surely shine through in this movie.

Second, it has Steve Bacic in it. He brilliantly played Camulus, a Goa'uld System Lord in SG1. Those Goa'uld characters are way, way fun. And I was interested in seeing him again.

So, yeah, there's that. Then there's the fact it is the dog days of summer. Too hot to go out. To hot to do anything. So a nice, mindless movie was just the thing.

But this movie is terrible. Granted I've not seen other movies in the series. Not that it matters. I can hit the ground running as well as the next guy, and besides, these tend to not be too intellectually challenging.

But let's get it out in the open -- I don't like Lori Loughlin. She is cold and has an almost cruel look on her face most of the time. I sense no warmth or humanity emanating from her. The story line about her daughter and her daughter's boyfriend just made me roll my eyes. Seriously? You're going to harshly admonish the poor boy for making a mistake at the dinner table? Plus, she plays nasty games of "if you don't know I'm not going to tell you" with her husband. Gak.

In fact all the characters seem highly stereotypical, and frankly uninteresting. The ditzy, goofy friend. The inept police detective. The irritating, clueless daughter (really?! she's a college junior and she's still living at home? KMN!). And, sadly, the annoying and deceptive husband (oh Steve Bacic! What have they done to you?).

The mystery itself was pretty one-dimensional, its outcome foreseeable. They try to shake it up a bit at the end, but even that was predictable (if not judicially disturbing).

I just don't know. Clearly these movies are made for a different segment of the population. I kept thinking about the amazing international mysteries I've seen out of Scandinavia (for example), and there's no comparison. They are better in every way imaginable. This movie was a waste of time to watch. I should have done laundry instead.

I honestly can't think of one positive thing to say about the movie. I didn't give it a 0 out of respect for Deluise and Bacic. I want to pull out my SG1 DVDs.
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Not very good
wjspears8 February 2022
Warning: Spoilers
I found this episode of Garage Sale Mystery to be a step down from previous episodes, especially the last one--"The Deadly Room".

The writers continue to have the secondary characters behaving in ways that make no logical sense. This is particularly the case with Jennifer (Lori Loughlin) and the lead Detective, Detective Frank Lynwood (Kevin O'Grady).

A groom disappeared from his wedding back in 1979. Jennifer, in an estate sale has found the bride's wedding dress. Because it is an expensive original dress, Jennifer attempts to track down who the bride is. Being successful she learns about the mysterious disappearance, and then finds a handkerchief with dried blood on it, inside a pocket of the dress.

Asking Detective Lynwood to look into the cold case of the groom's disappearance, he reveals, at lunch, that the case was never solved. Jennifer reveals the handkerchief with blood that she found inside the wedding dress, and the detective shrugs, saying that the DA office has a saying, "no body, no crime", even though he admits that there was no mention of the bloody handkerchief in the police report at the time. The writers are making Detective Frank Lynwood either remarkably stupid or just lazy.

In either case, it is a boring portrayal, that harkens back to some of the worst aspects of 1970s and 80s private eye shows--where police are shown to be obstructionist at best, and inept, and corrupt at worst.

Jennifer's husband, Jason (Steve Bacic) is still visibly disapproving of Jennifer's detecting instincts--to the point that Jennifer keeps what she is doing from her husband, rather than have to deal with his scolding. Another tiresome and repetitive plot device that detracts from the enjoyment of the mystery.

Finally, as other reviewers have mentioned, the ending suggests that the bride acted in defense of another, but still, the unresolved fate of the groom must have caused significant trauma for the groom's family. The resolution dreamed up by the writers is astonishingly neglectful of that aspect of the old murder.

A not very satisfying episode, I'm afraid, of Garage Sale Mysteries.
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Very poor...seems like small town actors and contrived script
watusi-340695 August 2017
Warning: Spoilers
The thing that really got me was the use of Lie Detector tests to climax the mystery. This was written and acted by people dedicated to Dr Phil programs. In fact Lie Detectors can be very unreliable and are not admissible in a true court of law and, at best, can only indicate some evasion to answering specific questions, despite what Dr Phil says. They do not indicate guilt. Very contrived story and disappointing...only watched it through because my Wife was watching it.
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Best of the series
jwayne_2410 September 2015
I have watched all of the Garage Sale Mystery films so far and although I liked them all, this one was my favorite by far. I must have seen something these other reviewers didn't, but I really enjoyed watching The Wedding Dress. Lori Loughlin was great as Jennifer Shannon, and there was nothing cold or cruel about her, imo. And, I did not find her smile distracting, I thought it was nice. Also, I thought the secondary plot between her daughter and the boyfriend was a very welcome addition to the story. Yes, the ending was predictable, but come on, its Hallmark! All in all, a very enjoyable film, that IS worth watching. My grade: B+.
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The WRONG Wedding Dress - It's a Mystery
creekdogs28 August 2015
It's a mystery why NOBODY figured out the wedding dress in question is from present day - not 1979!! What were they thinking?? Somebody truly should be fired for such a HUGE blunder . . . I was so happy that it was burned in the movie:) And by the way, I liked Rick Ravanello in the role as the husband - not sure why they let him go.

I also wish they would film in actual old houses once in awhile - not all cookie cutter Pottery Barn style houses.

At least these movies are WAY better than the insipid Aurora Teagarden movies . . .Candace Cameron Bure is awful in these (and her blindingly white teeth!) Actually Lori Laughlin could bring it down a notch in the white teeth category. I don't know if actors know how distracting it is when all you can concentrate on is their Chiclets teeth!
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a good addition to the series
jml19883 December 2019
This mystery had me guessing until the end. It was sad but the truth all came out in a beautiful way.
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