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MPAA Rated R for sequences of strong violence, drug content, language throughout and some sexual material

Sex & Nudity

  • There are two very mild verbal sexual references to anal sex. (You would only know the reference to anal sex if you saw the first Kingsman film)
  • Male topless nudity for an extended period when one of Poppy's henchmen gets his golden tattoo
  • When one of Statemen's agents is frozen , he is wearing figure hugging underwear and the outline of his genitalia can be seen.
  • A woman suggests that a man urinate on her. She removes a gown revealing bra and panties. She and a man begin to kiss in bed while the camera moves down her body. The man places a tracking device inside her genitals. There is a closeup shot of her spread legs and underwear and then the camera goes inside her, showing a 3d vagina. The device falls into the mucous membrane. They do not have sex and he gets up to leave.
  • Strong sex references including to anal sex. In one scene a character is required to insert a tracking device into a woman's vagina.
  • As mentioned, Eggsy is in a steady, sexual relationship with Princess Tilde.
  • When Eggsy's about to leave for "work," Tilde suggests she'll reward him later: "If you save the world, you know what that means," she says.
  • But to save the world, the forces of good will have to track the girlfriend of an evil Poppy henchman.
  • And to do that, apparently, they'll need to use a condom-like sheathe (meant to be worn on the finger, actually) and put it in contact with a particular mucus membrane (accessed through her vagina).
  • Two agents are tasked with the duty, and both flirt with the woman.
  • But she takes a particular shine to Eggsy, leading him into her boudoir.
  • Eggsy isn't keen on sleeping with someone behind Tilde's back, so he calls Tilde for permission.
  • Tilde withholds that permission unless she receives a promise from him that they'll be in a permanent, committed relationship from then on.
  • Eggsy balks and Tilde hangs up.
  • But duty still calls, and Eggsy eventually makes out with the woman (who's shown in her bra and panties).
  • We see his hand near her underwear.
  • Before sexual contact is made, the camera zooms closer still, CSI-style, then provides an internal glimpse of the tiny tracking device being inserted into the woman's anatomy.
  • When Eggsy excuses himself to urinate, the woman invites him to do so over her.
  • A male spy lies around and dances in underwear.
  • Another guy strips off his shirt.
  • Elton John-a captive of Poppy's-blows an air kiss toward a male spy.

Violence & Gore

  • The film contains frequent violence, which in most times it is stylized. Some violence includes martial arts, fighting, punching, kicking, guns and shooting.
  • Two people are stabbed by a sign and blood ends up on the sign
  • Two men get into a long a fight with a third man, which results in the third man getting injured severely.
  • A person is cut in half with an electric whip
  • A man is shot in the face but it isn't seen.
  • A man pours alcohol on two other men's laps and threatens to burn their testicles, but ends up deciding not to do so.
  • A man, infected by a virus, is seen completely paralyzed while a woman describes the process of the virus.
  • A man gets a tattoo of a circle on his chest made out of molten gold.
  • Two men get into a fight with each other, one is beaten severely.
  • More cartoonish than the first, but still very violent.
  • A character is partially (fatally) ground up by a meat grinder
  • Two robot dogs chase a man around, then grab him and toss him around. The dogs then close in on the man and kill him.
  • There are a number of highly stylised scenes of combat featuring heavy blows as well as the use of weapons such as guns, flamethrowers, dog-robots and explosives.
  • There is also a comic scene featuring cannibalism.
  • Blood comes out of a man's eyes and nose as the result of a virus
  • His first official duty is to take the guy who recruited him (he apparently violated some undisclosed policy) and stuff him into a huge meat grinder.
  • Shredded clothes shoot out one vent while ground meat piles out of another; his legs stick comically out of the top.
  • Then the new guy has his teeth (painfully) filed down, his fingerprints (painfully) excised with a laser and is forced to endure a (painful) tattoo procedure, wherein a circle of pure gold is seared permanently into his skin.
  • Seems a odd that Poppy's organization would take such literal pains to eliminate any identifying marks on employees, then brand them with a super-identifying golden hoop, but whatever.
  • When that's all done, the guy returns to Poppy, who promptly serves him a burger that (it's suggested) is made from the meat from the guy who's just been shredded.
  • And that's what happens to a fellow in Poppy's good graces.
  • Those who run afoul of Poppy are sometimes literally torn apart by her mechanical dogs ("Benny" and "Jet") or stuffed into her aforementioned meat grinder.
  • Other occupational hazards include being shot, stabbed or blown up.
  • She even treats her customers terribly: Her illicit products have been laced with additional drugs that unleash a terrible disease.
  • First, the victim's skin grows lined with blue streaks.
  • Then, after a time, they lurch into spasms (which looks remarkably like dancing).
  • Then they're paralyzed: When that paralysis reaches a certain point, their eyes explode and blood oozes like a fountain out their noses.
  • We see the disease become gorily terminal at least three times.
  • We learn that millions, perhaps hundreds of millions, have been stricken with this semi-self-inflicted plague.
  • But Poppy's far from the only one killing and hurting here.
  • Eggsy and other good-guy spies shoot, stab and sometimes blow up others.
  • Eggsy snaps someone's neck in cold blood, and he may purposefully give someone a fatal overdose.
  • Several frenetic fight scenes involving fists, feet and all manner of fighting implements.
  • We see arms (both regular and mechanical) ripped off.
  • Someone gets sliced in half by an electrified lasso.
  • Another person (besides the one already mentioned) is tossed in the meat grinder.
  • Others are apparently skewered by a gigantic pair of scissors.
  • Someone nearly drowns in a flooded room.
  • Dogs are threatened with guns.
  • Elton John knocks someone out with a piano lid and kicks another person in the face with a sequined platform boot.
  • We see Harry's horrific eye wound a couple of times.
  • Graphic but nowhere near explicit violence.


  • There is frequent use of strong language such as "f**k" and "motherf**ker". In addition, the film contains an utterance each of the religious profanities, "Jesus fucking Christ" and "fucking Christ".
  • There is about 70 f-words
  • Less swearing than the first movie.
  • Strong language ('motherf***er', 'f**k') as well as milder terms such as 'pr-ck', 'b--ch', 'a--hole', 'd---head', 'bulls--t' and 'bol--cks'. There is also use of the discriminatory term 'fag--t'.
  • Characters utter about 75 f-words, another 20 s-words.
  • pretty much every other swear word you might know, including "a--," "b--ch," "d--n," "h---," "p--s," "pr--k," "d--k," "f-g," as well as British crudities such "bloody" and "b-llocks."
  • God's name is misused at least four times, once with "d--n," while Jesus' name is abused twice.
  • Around 80 f-words.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Alcohol use and scenes of drug paraphenelia
  • Drug abuse is portrayed as an ordinary thing most people do for various reasons.
  • There is sight of drug misuse, although the negative consequences of drug use are stressed
  • In The Golden Circle, an illicit drug cartel goes to war with a prominent whiskey distillery. So yeah, there's a little drug and alcohol content here.
  • Poppy apparently grows, manufactures and distributes everything from marijuana to meth to heroin to crack cocaine, and we see her products occasionally.
  • A bag of weed sits on a table where Eggsy and his friends are gathered.
  • One of Eggsy's friends apparently smokes a bong.
  • Princess Tilde tokes a joint.
  • Poppy is furious that her product is outlawed.
  • She fumes over the addictive properties of alcohol and sugar in comparison to the comparatively "benign" substances she peddles-losing sight of the fact that she's made her drugs 100% lethal, I guess.
  • Her master scheme is to force the United States to legalize drugs.
  • And as the film goes on, the telltale blue streaks on people's faces, makes it clear how many people use Poppy's wares, from expected victims like one of Eggsy's friends ("I told you that s--- would kill you," someone tells him) to high-level government officials (who says she needs chemical help to work the 20-hour days demanded of her).
  • Meanwhile, the Statesman whiskey company-a multi-billion-dollar operation, we're told-sells its wares without legal constraint, and whiskey flows through the organization's veins.
  • Agents are codenamed everything from Champagne to Whiskey to Tequila (their IT specialist goes by the moniker Ginger Ale); whiskey is present and quaffed at every meeting; the organization's secret hideout is accessed by a massive whiskey barrel.
  • Poppy's activities trigger some ancillary villainy.
  • The President of the United States secretly wants to allow those afflicted with Poppy's disease to die, thus eliminating the country's drug problem.
  • "Let the junkie scum go down in flames!" he says.
  • An agent within Statesman also wants Poppy's plan to succeed: Without drugs to dilute the market for mind-bending substances, he reasons, the stock for Statesman should go through the roof.
  • Eggsy and Merlin get drunk drinking a bottle of Statesman whiskey in honor of their dead friends and coworkers.
  • Harry and Eggsy quaff a martini.
  • Eggsy drinks a couple of drinks at a Kentucky bar-glasses of whiskey the waitress calls "martinis."
  • People chew tobacco.
  • Champagne, leader of the Statesman spy organization, dips his finger in whiskey and brushes it against his upper lip regularly-an effort, apparently, to smell the liquor all the time.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Look under Violence and Gore.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • At the end of the film, Eggsy is seen kissing his bride at a wedding ceremony.

Violence & Gore

  • A person is completely ground up by a meat grinder

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • The entire plot of the movie revolves around drugs. SPOILER: There is a drug cartel that gives people drugs and then everyone who uses it becomes diseased and they pretty much promote it. Even the presidents assistant says that she wouldn't be able to to her job without drugs

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The description of the virus could frighten viewers.

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