The Watch Poster

(2015– )

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9 Apr. 2015
Population One
On the fringe of society, on the edge of town, up in the mountains and far up the coast are four loners living in total isolation.
16 Apr. 2015
Bad Moon Rising
A supermoon brings some sort of unearthly energy to each of the four locations. In West Virginia, Billy feels the presence of Shawn, the little girl who died on the swings. Dave hosts uninvited guests that mess around with his food supplies and his peace of mind. Brooks handles a storm all by her lonesome. And Cheeto dodges the crazies that come out when the moon is full.
23 Apr. 2015
Pick Your Poison
As isolation starts to wear on the four loners, one goes off duty, another tries to make amends with what he believes are surrounding spirits and one deals with intruders invading the toxic town.
30 Apr. 2015
The Vanishing
The four loners come to some realizations as they say goodbye to the cameras. As a neighborhood watchman gives up on an abandoned town, a lighthouse keeper leaves behind a hatch as her legacy. Meanwhile, a globetrotter calls to be taken with his intergalactic family, and a caretaker finds a typewriter to write away his grief.

 Unknown Season 

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