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Captive: A Journey Of Hope And Survival
a_baron17 July 2016
Although there are other contributors, this is principally an interview with Cleveland captives Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus. She is included in archive footage, but Michelle Knight did not take part in this programme; the first of Ariel Castro's victims, she suffered the most.

Amanda was lured to the house on Seymour Avenue the day before her 16th birthday, April 21, 2003; Gina disappeared in April the following year, and it was not until May 6, 2013 that a miracle occurred in Cleveland, all of them escaping with Amanda's daughter, who had been sired by the man who after having raped, starved and tortured three innocent girls for a decade, hanged himself a month into his sentence, proving himself a coward as well as a monster.

Although there is nothing graphic herein, some viewers will find it disturbing as well as sad. Amanda recounts how she saw the evil so- called psychic Sylvia Browne tell her mother her daughter was dead a year after she disappeared. Two years later, the small black and white TV set Castro provided them would reveal Amanda's mother had died - as she said - of a broken heart.

What is remarkable now and was then is that these girls, from humble backgrounds, have emerged from their terrible suffering not only better but stronger - in stark contrast to some of the airhead rape "survivors" who are to be found all over the campuses of North America.
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