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Sex & Nudity

  • Very little sexuality/nudity is shown or discussed in this movie. Even the female superhero/supervillain costumes are conservatively cut. Sexual situations are rarely discussed, beyond occasional discussions of "boobs" or a very obscure innuendo about a "pounding".
    • Several women walk past in bikinis, and a man slaps one on the butt. They remain in the background for the rest of the scene.
    • A man is shown sitting on the toilet, but only his thighs are visible.

Violence & Gore

  • It wouldn't be a superhero action movie without some fight scenes. The fights in this movie aren't particularly violent, because most of the criminals go down with one or just a few punches, but several of the fights end in a surprisingly gory manner.
    • A mugger punches a would-be victim repeatedly, but we see the victim is uninjured.
    • Men threaten a clerk with a gun and a knife.
    • A man's arm is ripped off, showing some blood dripping from the stump. He passes out but survives.
    • A woman punches a man, knocking him out.
    • Several masked criminals attack security guards with automatic rifles and threaten civilians. Two women punch and kick the criminals repeatedly.
    • Police shoot many times at a young woman, who is laughing and unharmed by the bullets.
    • A man is impaled. We see through a gaping, dripping hole in his torso, and he dies.
    • Someone gets hot coffee thrown into his face.
    • A woman is thrown up against a wall.
    • Two women repeatedly punch a teenage girl, mostly off camera, but she is uninjured.
    • A person swells up and explodes. The explosion is off camera, but a splash of blood is seen, and there are gory chunks on the street.


  • There is a moderate amount of profanity, but it's mostly religious epithets and mildly inappropriate words.
    • Ass (3 times), Crap (2), Damn (8), Fuck (3), God (19), Hell (5), Jesus (5), Shit (14)

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

    • Many adults are shown drinking at a party. They aren't shown to be inebriated.
    • An epi-pen is shown but not used.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Besides the violence and gory fight sequences described above, there are a few things that might bother children, especially if they are sensitive to these issues.
    • Two friends argue and split up.
    • A woman is threatened with a knife in her face.
    • A person dies from an allergic reaction to peanuts.

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