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Decent but not as good as the previous 2 Dragon Ball Shows
liamfuller-3487519 April 2020
First of all this show is better than GT! Don't even try to say that Gt was better than this.

Now to the review. This show starts off exceedingly poor. The first 2 arcs are very, very average and I did not like at all. But if you can truly give the rest of the show a chance I think you'd definitely start to like it. The Zamasu arc is fantastic (a bit rushed) but still fantastic. And right after this arc we get (arguably) the best tournament arc in all of dragon ball. We also have the Broly movie which was fantastic. Overall, despite the slow start, the charm of dragon ball is still there. It's decent!

Ratings for the arcs: Beerus Arc 6/10 Ressurection of F 5/10 (Just because of what happens at the very end, I won't spoil it but it's sad) Zamasu Arc 9/10 Universe Survival Arc 9/10 Broly Movie 9/10
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Dragon Ball Super I LOVE IT!!!!!!
abdurrafi9 July 2015
Dragon Ball Super does not go into full blown action packed episodes from the start unlike it's DBZ counterpart. It starts with a more funny and story based start and I like it cause newer fans can get use to the characters. It's been 18 years since the last episode of DBZ and some people didn't get the chance to watch DBZ or know all it's characters but they can now.I use to hate it when people said that DBZ has no story and is all action right off the bat but now DBS shows how the characters are developing before the big battles arrive. The starting is amazing for both old Fans and new ones.

The music is enjoyable but I believe Signing Bruce Faulconer as the composer can do wonders to this series. The action will probably be like 'Revival of F' and I have no problem with it cause the one thing DB excels at is it's awesome fights. Though one thing I heavily hope for this series is to not bring villains who regenerate and to use it's human characters more.

Otherwise it is still an awesome nostalgia packed series for it's old fans and is also an awesome series for new ones.
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The Hype was well Deserved TO BE OVER 9000!!!!!
nsakibl645 July 2015
Childhood is back with a Bang!


Judging from the 1st episode the series is gonna have the laughs we all remember and action packed fun ..Goku is his goofy self...but always got his priorities straight...prepare for future dangers..

The 1st episode is something maybe all the viewers wanted to see happen to Goku.. :)

Mr.Satan Surprised Me :')....There was A cameo of a certain pair too.

I think its gonna be something we're gonna enjoy ...

So sit back and enjoy the ride...
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Stop Hating
panteloglous1 November 2015
I'm reading the other reviews and all I'm hearing is a bunch of complaining. I don't see any difference in the original Dragon Ball and DBZ to Dragon Ball Super. Its fun and goofy just like the originals. I think most of you need to go back and watch the series again and let go of the awesomeness you remember as a child. It was epic but I think most of you are stuck on the feeling you had while watching it as a kid to what the show actually was.Dragon Ball Super to me, feels the same. It reminds me of the originals. It is fun, quirky and at times slightly goofy. The story starts great bringing the cast in full view and giving a little bit of back story. I never expected it to come out in full force with epic battles in the first few minutes. I personally like a story, the originals had a great story not just epic battles. Even other great anime have great story with lots of filler. I think people have had too many expectations for this show from the beginning and aren't giving it a chance. My advice is to give it some time.
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Dragon Ball Super is getting SUPER BETTER!! Off to the Champa Arc!
william-e-sepulveda25 February 2016
Say what you say about the animation in some episodes, nothing stops me from loving this show! Dragon Ball Z is a big part of my childhood and i am glad that we have a new series. Sure the first arcs are based Battle of Gods and Resurrection F, but i don't mind this at all as in my mind it's a good idea to make these arcs for those who have not seen the two movies, which are all canon and so is this show. I think the real highlight will be the new Arc, where the Z-Fighters are heading to a new Tournament between the 7th Universe and the 6th Universe. Hopefully we get an English Dub of this anime, cause when it comes to Dragon Ball, it's one of those few anime you see in English. Oh and IMDb, tell Google to fix a problem when every time i search Dragon Ball Super, the rating is 7.9 on Google, but when i clicked it, it leads to Dragon Ball Absalon. Just a word of advice.
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Great Work Overall
searcherer30 August 2016
Great anime is what it is. Lovable characters, intense action, humor, and anticipation are all blended into a seemingly never ending story that keeps you wanting for more. The variety of new characters that this new series brings is especially wonderful - it's both, wide and thoughtful. The fight sequences are good as ever, with thrilling and suspenseful moments that draw you the more.. can't wait for Sundays!

The only real downside is the occasional drop-down in graphics quality. It's a shame that this happens with such a legendary anime.. .

I'm not exactly fond of how Goku is portrayed as a rather naive, unclever person at times. However, he is ultimately still a very great character.. .

I really enjoy this anime.. hope it will last long!
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My dragon ball super review!
ponchan26 July 2015
As for now i really love what i see in this series even though there was just 3 episodes for now. It's really great to see this anime was still going, it brings back all my memories when i was a child.

Animation-excellent, it's better than the old ones.

Story- for now i can't judge it because it was only 3 ep but that 3 ep was still on the story and didn't change so it's OK for me.

Op and Ed song - i don't care about that much when it comes to this but it fits the show.

I rated it 10/10 because i don't see any or at least a bit of failure for this show as of now...
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Not as bad as some people think, in fact it's quite good.
worstpyroever25 August 2015
I will admit i'm disappointing it's basically a retelling of the movies so far (Battle of gods and resurrection F) but it's nice to get a lot more back story witch is something that could not be done with the time constraints of the movies.

Some people complain about the animation and honestly I don't see what they are griping about, the animation looks just fine really it's just a bunch of nostalgic blinded babies who can't handle a little change. The original animation was not flawless by any means, not things looks a bit smother and crisper, yes some of the character models are a bit off but times change deal with it or don't watch.

I'm happy to see Dragon Ball back and I know a lot of other true fans are happy too. I'm interested to see where they go with the story now and what path they will take since it's a bit of a re- telling.

To sum this all up if Dragon Ball Super perfect? No it's not but it's still a dam good anime and i'm having a blast watching it.
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it goes better and better
andresfelipeml24 July 2016
This anime has two parts in terms of quality. Before the final fights of the Universe Saga, and after it.

I was tempted to abandon DBZ because of the first part, in which the animation was very mediocre and the plot boring; even the Resurrection "F" Saga (from 15 to 27) in spite of the reappearance of a very important character was not good. Actually, you can watch Battle Of Gods movies and can jump to Universe Saga if you don't want to spend about of 37-38 episodes to start enjoying the anime.

But, things go really better after the final fights of the universal tournament. Everything improves a lot, the graphics and specially the plot.

Be patient.
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Dragonball is Life itself
jonesmi-7597812 February 2019
I love this anime to the core. The plot can seem ridiculous when they manage to surpass the power levels of their foes when their life is at stake, but it has taught me in real life that whenever a powerful foe/circumstance arises, I must Look to God first of all but to also look within the wonderful mind He has given me to overcome and work out how to defeat every opponent. This is the only anime that has actually genuinely brought me to tears. Many of the other Anime's try way to hard to be emotional, they force it and it just makes me sick. Dragonball is a natural! However, i do have a bit of discontentment with how powerful some people become. People have been achieving in one day what it took Goku and Vegeta to achieve in about 20 years!!! ( I calculated these years given how Gohan was a minor in the Frieza Saga). Please stick to the rules Dragonball writers.
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Just awful
cvmail_eu13 November 2016
Dragon ball super has the worst humor i've ever seen in a Japanese anime, i don't know if this show is targeted for 6 year olds or Akira Toriyama completely lost his mind

Even worse than the humor is the characters design as we're introduced to the "gods universe"...and these so called gods are more powerful than anybody and for some reason they look like creepy ugly purple rabbits who are obsessed with food and like to destroy planets for fun because that's what they're suppose to do...i'm trying not to have a brain meltdown as i'm typing this... then there's the dialogue and the animation which are almost as hard to stomach as the humor and the characters

...the only explanations for this atrocity of a show is either Toriyama completely lost his mind or completely lost his money and he was forced to come up with something fast and this is what we got

All in all this show is a atrocity, a fiasco, a mistake and i don't recommend it to anyone who's a fan of DBZ
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A shadow of its former glory
forsakenone-5823518 July 2016
This anime has a serious problem with its plot. Any sense of danger is completely destroyed by the shoehorning of two unnecessarily powerful characters into every arc who only seem to undermine threats by showing no interest in the fight, sipping lemonade and yelling for lunch as protagonists engage in death battles with world busting foes.

Since DB and DBZ, many characters have been fully developed in terms of personality and power yet are ultimately reduced to spectators in Super. This show revolves almost completely around Goku and Vegeta with virtually every Z fighter seeing little to absolutely no action whatsoever. If you are coming into this anime as a fan of Gohan, Piccolo, Buu or the fusion, Gotenks, you may end up being disappointed.

The anime had an issue with animation in it's beginning. Toei's staff admitted that new inexperienced animators had been working on this show. Initially Toei expressed no interest in improving animation but reconsidered after strong backlash. The animation has since gotten better after 30 episodes but none of the animation stands out like DBZ's more famous scenes. This show often operates within the range of quality of what you'd expect to find in a One Piece filler. You may even notice that many frames still have distorted art.

This show has been really polarizing in the DBZ fandom so ultimately it will be up to the viewer to decide if this is an anime worth watching. In my personal opinion, I think they should have left the series alone.
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Incredible follow up to Z
davidechiesa-9883325 August 2018
Despite how many people disliked this anime, I found it really enjoyable.

While some people say that the show is too goofy for their own liking, I think the goofiness was needed to balance out intense arcs like the Universe 6 tournament. The music was flat out awesome, and I loved the additions of some of the new characters. I admit, the animation really suffered in the first couple of sagas, but it improved a lot after that. Some people argue that the scale of power is completely messed up, which that I agree, but it didn't take away any of the fun from the series. Overall, I think this anime completely trumps Dragon Ball GT, and is even comparable to the original series.

So, if you like action, and you've enjoyed the previous dragon ball series, then I highly recommend this you.
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Mixed feelings
tomiketo19 July 2016
I remember watching Dragon Ball Z from the TV when I was a kid and was really excited about it, although I didn't watch it regularly.

Ten years later I started studying in a university and got an idea from nowhere to watch some DB. I began from the very start: Dragon Ball. Instead of studying I spent my days and evenings and nights watching the series many many hours straight. I got hooked real bad and that's the measure of quality. The show was amazingly well done in all ways. The story was perfect and thorough (maybe too much) but most of all I loved the characters, the way they were all unique. They all developed through the series all they way to the end of DBZ.

But then came Super...

One thing that sucks in the new production is the lack of magic brought by the excellent characters. The story is also quite bad compared to the DB and DBZ. There's no excitement that much and it leaves you with a thin feeling.

But there is much good also. I like time traveling and multi-universe theme. There's great music and the voice play is very good some times. I don't mind the crap animation that was present in the first 20-30 episodes. I get the feeling that the Super has the potential and may well turn into a almost-as-great-as-the-original -anime.

I'm looking forward to next episodes and try not to hope too much.
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The Worst Successor To An Amazing Anime
sunothitah11 July 2016
DBSuper should not exist.

-The best of Super's character designs and drawings don't even come close to the most mediocre of DBZ's. DBZ is almost 300 episodes long, Super is barely 50, yet both have almost the same amount of bad art.

So which is worse? 40 examples of bad art in 300 episodes or 40 examples out of 50 episodes?

-Expect unfunny "jokes", if you are 9 years old, or you have a child that is, then disregard that. It will be funny to you or your child.

-Buu saga perfected DBZ's animation and art. Super has regressed totally. One merely has to watch an episode of SSJ3 Goku VS Buu and then SSJ3 Goku vs Beerus.

-The fight scenes are mediocre.

-Goku has stopped being a mature father that was shown to Gohan, what we saw of him on Namek and the Hyperbolic Time Chamber as a strong mentor are GONE; he is now a complete idiotic teenager.

-All characters are irrelevant except for Goku, Vegeta, Whis, and Beerus. The Z fighters are no more.

If you watch this, set your standards low.
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It does not hold a candle to DBZ
abhishekvellank29 June 2016
The fight scenes are shorter and the animation is bad. The auras were way better in DBZ. The music is nowhere close to the epic music composed by Bruce Faulconer for DBZ. Whatever happened to having awesome background music during battle scenes. The show is made targeting only young kids. If you are above 10, you might find it boring. Dragon Ball GT despite all its criticism is way better than Dragon Ball Super. Dragon Ball Z was enjoyable for all age groups. The battle of gods saga and resurrection of F were produced really well. But the episodes after those were of very poor quality in comparison. The Villains don't fell dangerous enough, on the contrary they are comic. The characters of Goku and his friends were not developed well.
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If someone asks you to give the definition of masterpiece, just make them watch this show
shivammp29 March 2021
Although I've never written such a review for any series, this one surely made me write it. If you're reading this review to figure out whether to watch DBS or not, then surely get on with it. You'll not regret it. The story escalates quickly from the first saga itself. It keeps getting interesting with new characters getting introduced on the way. It's a perfect combination of action, adventure and comedy too. The animations are too good and the dubbing too. Once you watch this anime, you'll want your memory to be erased so that you can watch it again. Trust me it's that great.
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Big disappointment/missed opportunity
slyfiskman9 June 2016
Akira Toriyama had big opportunity to re-introduce Dragonball to a new generation. Dragonball Z pretty revolutionized all manga and was the inspiration for many more.

Dragonball Z had a big advantage over all others anime, because it was already popular and fans have been craving for new series for nearly 20 years. In the meantime, other popular anime's rose to popularity which was influenced by Dragonball.

Akira Toriyama failed to keep up and take inspiration from other popular anime's.

The current series are lifeless, badly drawn, filler full, lack of real action, lack of a robust story line, no character development.

Akira could have easily introduced new characters and even retired some background characters like Tien, Yamcha, Pilaf etc...

I find these series a big disappointment, the god's of destruction are a complete joke. Even sillier was Akira's decision to include movie plots into the anime. Think about this...Frieza's reason why he became so strong is because he had never trained in his life, when he did he became a lot stronger. I mean really? They could not have come up with something more creative?

They turned Vegeta into a big wuss. They are recycling story lines and some of the characters are redicilous (king of the Galacy is a green octopus with a crown)

I'm still going to watch in hope that it improves but I doubt it. I understand DB has always had comedy in it but this one is too much.

Underwhelmed and disappointing.
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VERY Disappointed
haris_carriewhite28 December 2015
I have found out these major problems with the series which i stop to watch after last episode (25 episode i think). True dragonball fans will understand these major problems with this series

Major Problem 2 - The Action:

There's still action, but it feels lacking and slower paced. In DBZ, DBGT, and DB, there was rapid fast moments, awesome battles, energy blast flying everywhere, but the action seems so lacking. And the characters move at such a slow and mediocre pace. It's like, slow punch, slow punch, slow kick, slow punch, slow kick, while in the other series it's like punchpunchkickpunchkick at such a awesomely rapid pace. I don't really no how to explain what I mean. Don't get me wrong, DBZ has had more fluid fighting. It doesn't have a better script, but the fighting felt more alive, and they were definitely more quiet moments to let the suspense hang there. This one's too talkative.

Major Problem 2 - Power Levels:

Dragon Ball Super disrespecting the characters when it comes to power. I agree that there have always been plot holes and power scaling has never been perfect but come on. After all the hardships Goku and Vegeta went through, after all that suffering, training and even death, they pull a: Frieza was a prodigy since birth so he can train for four months, surpass ssj, sjj2, ssj3, Majin Boo and Mystic Gohan levels. Pretty much get a free ticket to the god tiers and this by what? Punching a low level soldier around? A soldier he could have easily killed with one punch in his base form, back in the namek saga, LITERALLY!. Am I supposed to believe that Tagoma was able to endure Frieza's power, being a soldier that from what we see in Super, is around the level of Zarbon and Dodoria?. If we went by that logic, Frieza could train for a year and stand a chance against Whis basically. This is literally what they imply with the ridiculous amount of power Frieza gained in that period of time. I think it could have easily been explained with Champa training Frieza but oh well. Now moving onto Tagoma, but after watching the preview for ep. 22 I can't help it but get mad. The guy rips off Piccolo's arm, are you kidding me? Yeah yeah the guy went through a lot but so did Piccolo and the rest of the Z fighters. This mediocre soldier that came out of nowhere solo's them? Even that comment he makes on how he is stronger than freaking Ginyu, are you serious? I remember piccolo being stronger than SSJ Vegeta back in the Android saga and a SSJ was literally thousands of times stronger than Ginyu (even back then). When you try to add something up in Super, it just doesn't make sense, back in DB and DBZ it kinda made some sense, but now I guess the years are making Toriyama forget a lot of key details and it is kinda frustrating. I think Toriyama lost a bet or something, the treatment of Gohan and other main characters in this series is really interesting. Spending a large portion of DBZ building them up in a "coming of age" story then turning him into Yamcha whenever it comes to fighting.

Major Problem 3 - Soundtrack:

For this i will only say watch Saiyan and Namek Saga in DBZ and you will see how good soundtrack is. Its fitting perfectly in every battle and its very exciting to watch episodes with that soundtrack.

Major Problem 4 - There is no BLOOD:

In the original Dragon Ball Z, they showed a lot of blood, but they're now censoring it! What's the fun if there's no blood! They put some like dusty wounds

CONCLUSION: Don't watch this show anymore...Its so embarrassing and bad compared to DBZ. I would rather prefer that they make plot line similar to fanfiction Dragon Ball AF and Dragon Ball NA. Fans made really good story lines to this series

My Advice to Akira Toriyama: You need to rewatch you own series, lol :)
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Worse than GT
hinarikuja2 September 2016
This is pure garbage. Its almost as if the producers of this show wanted us to know that they're milking the DB franchise.


-Horrid to Pathetic Animation: Who would think that if they made another DB series it would have a half-assed and cheap animation?

-No Plot Planning: Just one of the reasons even the manga isn't strictly following the anime's plot and an answer to why there are so many filler episodes already.

-Goofy Script: It's worse than some parts of the Buu Saga. Goku just doesn't care anymore. His brain is on vacation.

-Same Plot Mistakes from the Past and No Plot Coherence: There are too many to even count.

-Even more Childish Tone: Kids will love this show.

-Too Many Clumsy and/or Stupid Characters


-Toyotaro: Possibly, one of the few things that might be good about DBS, but Im just not even sure about it anymore, since it looks like his plot decisions aren't priorities or even related to the anime itself, just the manga.
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Goodbye childhood
jokiko-5945719 February 2017
I was a huge fan of Dragon Ball Z. It was my favorite manga and anime growing up, and I was very excited to see a new series return. But Dragon Ball Super is nothing more than a cash grab.

People will defend it because of the legacy DBZ left behind but not because of what it is now. The animation is terrible, the characters are parodies of themselves - the show pretty much revolves around Goku and Vegeta and nobody else. Forget logic and creativity, every "new" character is a copy from an old one. Every "new" story line is unoriginal and done before, smarter and better.

Do yourself a favor and act like this doesn't exist so that the amazing legacy, left behind by DragonBall and DragonBall Z can survive.
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Rating: A-
msbreviews26 March 2018
If you enjoy my Spoiler-Free reviews, please follow my blog :)

Dragon Ball Super is the official (or canon, whatever you prefer) follow-up to Dragon Ball Z (yes, Dragon Ball GT does not "exist") and it continues right after the Majin Buu arc.

Goku goes on action-packed adventures, finding new worlds, strong warriors and limit-breaking powers, which will unfold through five arcs.

I am a huge fan of Dragon Ball, I didn't exactly grow up while it was live, but the show kept being transmitted on TV for years without end. I love everything about it, from the awesome fight scenes to the storylines that always delivered the final punch. So, when I heard that Dragon Ball Super was going to be Akira Toriyama's next official series, I was incredibly excited!

Two movies were released before the anime: Battle of Gods and Resurrection 'F'. Both of these films are amazing. While the first one is overall better due to its captivating story, the second one is packed with action and it surely appeals more to fans that care more about the fights (even more when we bring the most popular villain ever, Frieza, back to life).

I will approach this review by discussing the pros and cons of each arc. I will keep everything spoiler-free, mentioning only the premise of each arc and eventually some new characters, so don't worry. First of all, Dragon Ball Z is a masterpiece! It is a series that completely changed the future of anime and its influence is remarkably tremendous. Consequently, this saga created its own cliches and typical cheesy moments. If you are a hardcore Dragon Ball fan like myself, these aspects will never bother you.

Obviously, Super has the same cliches and some of them don't really work out in this recent times. However, this is Dragon Ball! It is not trying to be a contender for a writing award, it just wants to convey the same emotions Z did. I think a lot of people complained about Super while forgetting that Z also had the same plot points. Different times, different perspectives, I guess. That said, let me get to it!

Battle of Gods Arc / Resurrection 'F' Arc

This is the tough bit ... These arcs are awfully bad. The animation is horrible, especially in the second arc which at the time, was a major cause for concern because no improvement was being made. While Beerus x Goku has its good moments, Goku x Frieza is one of the biggest letdowns in the entire Dragon Ball history. Besides that, these arcs basically repeat the movies, so these are almost 30 episodes which we already know what is going to happen.

However, I encourage NOT to entirely skip these episodes. While I agree that watching the films is a much better way to go through these arcs (the movies' animation is beautiful), the series does a good job of fixing some of the films' minor issues. The characters receive the backstory they need to justify some of the movies' plot points which feel "out of nowhere". Overall, these are definitely the worst arcs of Super, but it is possible to avoid the suffering by watching the films instead, while also watching some of the setup episodes of each arc, in order to understand the movies' plots.

Battle of Gods: C Resurrection 'F': D+

Universe 6 Arc

This is the arc that every fan was waiting for. The Universes 6 and 7 will fight for the Super Dragon Balls in a tournament with the same rules of the fan-favorite World Martial Arts Tournament. The series' first original story introduces phenomenal new characters, like Cabba, Frost, Champa and the standout, Hit. The animation improved a lot and the very first epic moment of the saga happens when Goku fights Hit. It is the first time where the soundtrack elevates the moment and makes everything way more awesome .. And it will not be the last.

The new characters are captivating, with a couple of exceptions. The interactions between them and the originals are the main source of entertainment and character development. It is a major improvement on the previous arcs and it is the first sign that Super might actually become a great show. However, the animation still has its bad moments here and there, some characters' designs are unimaginative and the beginning of the tournament is not that great. All in all, it is a step in the right direction ...

Rating: B+

Future Trunks Arc

If the last arc is a sign that Super is getting better, this one confirms it. Not only it delivers the return of another fan-favorite character, Trunks, it provides the best premise in the anime's history! Goku Black is destroying Trunks' world, so just like in the Cell Saga, Vegeta's son goes back in time to ask for help. I never thought that plot twists and mystery will be features of a Dragon Ball arc ... I was wrong.

This is by far the best story in the entire anime. The mystery surrounding the identity of Goku Black keeps the viewers enthralled even when the episodes lack action. Filler episodes don't exist in this arc because every episode gives us another hint, so the entertainment levels are always extremely high. The animation reaches its highest level since the beginning with wonderfully drawn action sequences and beautiful new transformations.

Trunks is connected to some of the arc's most badass moments, even though the power levels feel a bit exaggerated. Goku and especially Vegeta have a lot of jaw-dropping fights and the soundtrack once again is on point. Undoubtedly, the best arc of Super so far. It delivers a mysteriously twistful story, filled with incredible animation and amazingly choreographed fights. It only loses some of its logic when it comes to power levels and how the supposedly weaker characters can overpower the strong ones.

Rating: A

Tournament of Power Arc

Most. Epic. Arc. Ever.

8 Universes with teams of 10 fighters, battle for their survival in a tournament similar to the one in the Universe 6 Arc. This is the arc that floors me. The amount of emotions I went through is not healthy. My jaw hurts due to so many awesome moments to witness. This tournament goes on for a year and I can't throw away any episode. Honestly, anything that I will write here is not nearly enough to describe how memorable this arc is.

I cried at the end of it all. I had chills all over my body for an episode's entire runtime. There are so many new characters that I will never forget and so many new transformations (including the one I think tops the first ever Super Saiyan Goku). The animation is at a level that I never thought it was even possible to achieve. The soundtrack is the main source of chills because once it starts ... Oh, it STARTS!

Obviously, Jiren is the main character that Goku and his team have to defeat, but there so many others that deliver colossal epic fights against the remaining characters. I guess the only flaw this arc has and the reason why it is not absolutely perfect, it is the overall story. Most characters don't really have a personality or a backstory, so this is purely an action-packed arc. The ending is predictable once we reach the final episodes, but I repeat what I said at the beginning of this review ... This is Dragon Ball, not an award-winning show for Best Screenplay.

I love everything about this arc and I honestly don't know what else to write to describe its epicness. Even with its minor issues, this is an A+. For what it intends to be, it is far more than that and not a single flaw can overcome this achievement. I am going to read the manga version of it since it just started and wait for the next movie in December. Believe me when I say that this is not the end of the anime. It will continue in 2019/2020. At the end of it all, no one wants it to stop. It is probably one of the few TV shows that rarely skipped a week (the animator's schedule was one of the issues with the first couple of arcs) and that is something worth praising.

Rating: A+


All in all, Dragon Ball Z might be better due to its impeccable balance between story and action. However, Dragon Ball Super will always be the saga that I will never forget. The epicness surrounding the characters, the beautifully choreographed fight scenes, the jaw-dropping animation quality and the chills induced by the amazing score ... It is so freaking awesome!

It is a fact that it took a while to get to the level the show presented in the last arc. The first couple of arcs are really painful, but the cinematic alternatives are a great way to partially skip the first 30 episodes or so. From the third arc on, it is an adventure that I will cherish for a long, long time. Super's fillers rarely feel like such and the series' comedy is actually pretty funny.

Truthfully, I love this show. If I was only reviewing the last two arcs, the whole series would get an A+, but I have to be fair. If I had to go through the first arcs again knowing that I would get this outstanding payoff at the end, I would do it. Dragon Ball Super will live in my memory for eternity. Thank you to all of the animators for their exceptional work. Thank you for making me wish for Sunday to arrive every week, as quick as possible. Time to go through the "my life is pointless" phase ...

Until next time!
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A new journey with New action
thechampiskk26 March 2018
Dbz was fabulous story by akira toriyama and now after so many year there was a new story by Akira Toriyama I am writing this review when the Dragon Ball series is end and last episode telecasted yesterday as we all know I I see whole series and it was fabulous I recommend the series to watch it was amazing in great story by Akira Toriyama so watch it
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I never imagined Super would be this good
colehrocks6 November 2017
From the animation to the revamped story line, Dragon Ball Super has surpassed all of my expectations. I had just recently started to watch the English dubbed versions of Super when I realized this series was going to be one of my all time favorites. I've now watched all Eng dubbed episodes to this point, but I wanted more. To my surprise the Japanese versions are almost just as good if not better in their own ways. This is the first time I've ever decided to continue and watch the Japanese versions just because I couldn't wait for the English versions.

All in all, if you're a fan of Dragon Ball in any way, this series will be a fantastic addition. If you haven't seen any any previous episodes before, some things may confuse you, but you will still enjoy yourself as every season is better than the last.
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A dull storyline that should never made.
souravraul14 September 2015
The DRAGON BALL that I know had been gone forever as the new dragon ball super series arrived. The storyline can't be compared with dragon ball or dragon ball z or dragon ball gt. A dull story that is made. The ratings are here according to the video quality, super moves or other things. But as I said the story can't be compared with other series. Even the childish BUU SAGA was better than that. I can't compare the character between two Goku, the old one from dragon ball and the new one. The new Goku has no feeling,emotion or a better personality in his face. He look like a circus clown to me. Some said we small raters rate the story blindingly. I think that they give rating blindingly. We feel a thing from heart of that not by its outlook. I don't think that there is a logic in this cartoon.
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