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Dragon Ball Super I LOVE IT!!!!!!
abdurrafi9 July 2015
Dragon Ball Super does not go into full blown action packed episodes from the start unlike it's DBZ counterpart. It starts with a more funny and story based start and I like it cause newer fans can get use to the characters. It's been 18 years since the last episode of DBZ and some people didn't get the chance to watch DBZ or know all it's characters but they can now.I use to hate it when people said that DBZ has no story and is all action right off the bat but now DBS shows how the characters are developing before the big battles arrive. The starting is amazing for both old Fans and new ones.

The music is enjoyable but I believe Signing Bruce Faulconer as the composer can do wonders to this series. The action will probably be like 'Revival of F' and I have no problem with it cause the one thing DB excels at is it's awesome fights. Though one thing I heavily hope for this series is to not bring villains who regenerate and to use it's human characters more.

Otherwise it is still an awesome nostalgia packed series for it's old fans and is also an awesome series for new ones.
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Dragon Ball Super is getting SUPER BETTER!! Off to the Champa Arc!
william-e-sepulveda25 February 2016
Say what you say about the animation in some episodes, nothing stops me from loving this show! Dragon Ball Z is a big part of my childhood and i am glad that we have a new series. Sure the first arcs are based Battle of Gods and Resurrection F, but i don't mind this at all as in my mind it's a good idea to make these arcs for those who have not seen the two movies, which are all canon and so is this show. I think the real highlight will be the new Arc, where the Z-Fighters are heading to a new Tournament between the 7th Universe and the 6th Universe. Hopefully we get an English Dub of this anime, cause when it comes to Dragon Ball, it's one of those few anime you see in English. Oh and IMDb, tell Google to fix a problem when every time i search Dragon Ball Super, the rating is 7.9 on Google, but when i clicked it, it leads to Dragon Ball Absalon. Just a word of advice.
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Stop Hating
panteloglous1 November 2015
I'm reading the other reviews and all I'm hearing is a bunch of complaining. I don't see any difference in the original Dragon Ball and DBZ to Dragon Ball Super. Its fun and goofy just like the originals. I think most of you need to go back and watch the series again and let go of the awesomeness you remember as a child. It was epic but I think most of you are stuck on the feeling you had while watching it as a kid to what the show actually was.Dragon Ball Super to me, feels the same. It reminds me of the originals. It is fun, quirky and at times slightly goofy. The story starts great bringing the cast in full view and giving a little bit of back story. I never expected it to come out in full force with epic battles in the first few minutes. I personally like a story, the originals had a great story not just epic battles. Even other great anime have great story with lots of filler. I think people have had too many expectations for this show from the beginning and aren't giving it a chance. My advice is to give it some time.
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Great Work Overall
ahmad-7812730 August 2016
Great anime is what it is. Lovable characters, intense action, humor, and anticipation are all blended into a seemingly never ending story that keeps you wanting for more. The variety of new characters that this new series brings is especially wonderful - it's both, wide and thoughtful. The fight sequences are good as ever, with thrilling and suspenseful moments that draw you the more.. can't wait for Sundays!

The only real downside is the occasional drop-down in graphics quality. It's a shame that this happens with such a legendary anime.. .

I'm not exactly fond of how Goku is portrayed as a rather naive, unclever person at times. However, he is ultimately still a very great character.. .

I really enjoy this anime.. hope it will last long!
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The Hype was well Deserved TO BE OVER 9000!!!!!
nsakibl645 July 2015
Childhood is back with a Bang!


Judging from the 1st episode the series is gonna have the laughs we all remember and action packed fun ..Goku is his goofy self...but always got his priorities straight...prepare for future dangers..

The 1st episode is something maybe all the viewers wanted to see happen to Goku.. :)

Mr.Satan Surprised Me :')....There was A cameo of a certain pair too.

I think its gonna be something we're gonna enjoy ...

So sit back and enjoy the ride...
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Though inferior to Dragonball/Z, Super is better than Dragonball GT!!!
bora_mustafa11 January 2018
Warning: Spoilers
As a long time viewer I absolutely love Dragonball, as well as Dragonball Z. These first two series were legendary and gave us some of the most memorable characters ever. Recently after watching the first four seasons of Dragonball Super, I felt compelled to re-watch the original series again so that I can make a fair comparison between the two.

Despite some fans having mixed feelings about Super, I think it's not bad, in fact the first two seasons combine the recent two theatrical movies (Beerus God of Destruction, Resurrection Frieza) but once that's over, Super has been getting much better with the tournament saga, as well as the evil Goku (Goku Black/Zamasu) saga and not forgetting the universe of power tournament. The show itself feels more refreshed with much crispier animation (and I'm pretty sure there are some parts with CGI) although it does upset me that some of the major characters (Piccolo, Gohan, Android 18) have been reduced to side shows.

Still, Dragonball Super is entertaining and I absolutely love the transformation scenes as well as the plentiful fights, Goku and Vegeta are great as ever and some of the new characters (Beerus, Champa, Hit, Jiren) are cool to watch. However, Dragonball Super does have some problems, and most of these are to do with continuity and power level inconsistency. As a quick example, remember when Goku first went Super Saiyan 3 in Dragonball Z, the entire earth was shaking and this illustrates how powerful the third level is, yet in Super they instantly turn to Super Saiyan God (Blue) without much of a stretch. There are plenty more inconsistencies, if you care to look for it, but if you just want to enjoy the show, just ignore them (like I do!!).

So despite its share of problems, I still think Dragonball Super is better than GT, that doesn't mean I don't like GT, I also liked GT but only for two reasons, Super Saiyan 4 level and Fusion (both of which are ignored in Super as the story continues from Dragonball Z and ignores GT). So to sum it up this is how I would rate the entire Dragonball Series:

Dragonball - 9 out of 10 for the first 3 seasons, 10 out of 10 for the last 2.

Dragonball Z - 10 out of 10 for the first five seasons (Saiyan, Namek, Frieza, Cell, Android) and 9 out of 10 for the rest (Majin Buu and Garlic Junior)

Dragonball GT - mostly I would rate it 6.5/7 except for the final 10 episodes which are 8 out of 10.

Dragonball Super - so far, I would rate it a solid 8.5 out of 10 although my rating could change once I've seen the rest.

So overall, Dragonball Super is pretty good, certainly an improvement over GT and while some fans might not like it, let's just all appreciate that we are getting to see the next generation of Dragonball and enjoy it for what it is.
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Goku's Next Journey
BreakerOfChains4 July 2015
Warning: Spoilers
The amazing roller-coaster that was Dragon Ball Z came to an end approximately 18 years ago. Today, the sequel series, Dragon Ball Super, was aired and expectations were blown out of the water. This premiere episode had that Dragon Ball feeling that you experience during every single episode, and it really sets the tone for what's to come in the future episodes. The faces of the past were scattered across the episode as the characters embarked on their own small stories that are sure to collide soon. With the new antagonists of the series defined and the foundation of the narrative established, the series is sure to become a favourite amongst all fans of the original manga and anime. This first episode ("Who Will the 100 Million Zenny Peace Reward Go To…?"/"The God of Destruction's Dream") succeeded in setting up the series ahead, as well as telling us a new and entertaining story, which is more than anyone could ask for. With the upcoming movie "Dragon Ball Z: Revival "F"/Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection 'F'" soon to be released and the confirmation of the second saga's title, (Resurrection 'F' Saga) Dragon Ball Super will be transcending from television to cinema seamlessly. Dragon Ball Super is all that I could've imagined and more and I will be eagerly anticipating the future of the series.
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Old Memories Made New...
sanchit7895 July 2015
Warning: Spoilers
The First Episode of the much anticipated come back of the DBZ Series was just awesome. Brought back old memories of childhood! The story starting before The Battle of Gods and Goku not fighting but farming was a bit down, but I hope things will get better in the upcoming episodes. The wait is still on for the dubbed version. The second episode - Vegeta's Family trip is expected to be comic and exiting as the DBZ fans have never seen one (Vegeta's family trip). Goku is also going to go to King Kai's place to train! I think this will be like old times. There are also rumors about the 9 star Dragon Ball which is confirmed to be in Shanpa's(New Character) Universe. Over all an excellent opening after 18 Years!
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My dragon ball super review!
ponchan26 July 2015
As for now i really love what i see in this series even though there was just 3 episodes for now. It's really great to see this anime was still going, it brings back all my memories when i was a child.

Animation-excellent, it's better than the old ones.

Story- for now i can't judge it because it was only 3 ep but that 3 ep was still on the story and didn't change so it's OK for me.

Op and Ed song - i don't care about that much when it comes to this but it fits the show.

I rated it 10/10 because i don't see any or at least a bit of failure for this show as of now...
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Not as bad as some people think, in fact it's quite good.
worstpyroever25 August 2015
I will admit i'm disappointing it's basically a retelling of the movies so far (Battle of gods and resurrection F) but it's nice to get a lot more back story witch is something that could not be done with the time constraints of the movies.

Some people complain about the animation and honestly I don't see what they are griping about, the animation looks just fine really it's just a bunch of nostalgic blinded babies who can't handle a little change. The original animation was not flawless by any means, not things looks a bit smother and crisper, yes some of the character models are a bit off but times change deal with it or don't watch.

I'm happy to see Dragon Ball back and I know a lot of other true fans are happy too. I'm interested to see where they go with the story now and what path they will take since it's a bit of a re- telling.

To sum this all up if Dragon Ball Super perfect? No it's not but it's still a dam good anime and i'm having a blast watching it.
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Mixed feelings
tomiketo19 July 2016
I remember watching Dragon Ball Z from the TV when I was a kid and was really excited about it, although I didn't watch it regularly.

Ten years later I started studying in a university and got an idea from nowhere to watch some DB. I began from the very start: Dragon Ball. Instead of studying I spent my days and evenings and nights watching the series many many hours straight. I got hooked real bad and that's the measure of quality. The show was amazingly well done in all ways. The story was perfect and thorough (maybe too much) but most of all I loved the characters, the way they were all unique. They all developed through the series all they way to the end of DBZ.

But then came Super...

One thing that sucks in the new production is the lack of magic brought by the excellent characters. The story is also quite bad compared to the DB and DBZ. There's no excitement that much and it leaves you with a thin feeling.

But there is much good also. I like time traveling and multi-universe theme. There's great music and the voice play is very good some times. I don't mind the crap animation that was present in the first 20-30 episodes. I get the feeling that the Super has the potential and may well turn into a almost-as-great-as-the-original -anime.

I'm looking forward to next episodes and try not to hope too much.
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Dragon Ball Super -/and its flawed characters
1-Kiddo-16 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I've been watching this series with keen eyes for a while now and I'm annoyed a bit on the path that it took in many cases.

We've got multiple instances where there were some kind of meh factor, but now I had enough to talk about it.

We had a queer ultra weakling Gohan part, an unbelievable Freezer power-up, the time skipping Hit; but these were grounded on something logical and can be explained at least somehow. -And of course; currently there are two imbecile Omni-gods, who are able to instantly exterminate whole Universes based on some warriors's power, don't know anything valuable and create nothing. Nonetheless, we could accept this if the execution would be fine.

But so far this new Kefla nonsense takes the cake in my opinion.

Young gales without experience now are capable to humiliate the character who has saved several times the whole world. Who raised his combat level more than by 1.000.000, and just now to further elevate delusional anxiety, they are wanting from us to eat that some random unknown turds can achieve this kind of mark in a few minutes screen time because they are so much talented. Characters which have no further background and even if they had, just no way they could surpass the protagonist in such a short period in a fairly made plot.

An adolescent girl Broly who we need to digest now, and his sister with their irrelevant speeches and over-sentimental feelings just happen to show a power level which makes goku frightened.(I cant even understand that, because in so far back in freezer saga proved that he's a dauntless character. So what? He is way more skillful, surpassed everyone he met, and died two times already; why would he fear?:O) And this is the second time within 35 episodes. -Therefore, it couldn't be said they can represent the immense energies adequately by now; unless they distort the character's representation's somehow.

Yet you know, this is DB Super, where every weakling's power is miraculously reaching insanely high levels in 20 minutes whereas half of that aggrandizement happened back then with Strong and determined characters within 30-50 episodes in dbz. I guess it's about people to whom needed to cut the story short, and yearning for faster action no matter what, and this is some kind of adaptation;


I hadn't really liked the way how the show has been started and I'm getting aggravated on the fact that the whole dragon ball franchise are being ruined; wherein after a few hit everything is decided. These types of speedy battles occurred in the movies; now its the essential base of the anime. Few times though I'm engaged, but most of the time hc db fans are just receiving the bs. It is now safe to say since 114 previous episodes past that this db super is too fast, exaggerating and superficial in its fights and has an unreasonable story telling; and capable to destroy character values by the most idiotic ways.

Sometimes I feel that this series is produced for 12 year old kids. And I'm not sure it's the reality or just a false consequence of my thoughts. And sadly this is a trend now; to create more easily consumable products to gain more on the public interest. I hate the hype, when you have a new form and turns out after a few episode that is weak; where it is a common thing to show off more power on normal SSJ levels than on God forms.

You know what?

It is a lashed-together show which was built from previous adoration and claptrap, so it's guaranteed to win attention and appreciation. It is a wimpish half-made patchwork which sometimes makes you more furious than giving you pleasure..

Sometimes it seems that they are able to get the scenes right and you have the feeling of amusement, but when it is repeated couple of times, can't be the same. Who's seen the whole series from the beginning has to know what I'm on about. The Constant Life and Death situation what was the basic perturbation of this anime interchanged with eating, family and mundane crap; what should have to be funny and exciting; but gradually became tedious and annoying. These things shouldn't be included in dragon ball in this huge quantity cause it kills the momentum. And I haven't said anything yet about the retrogression in Goku's intelligence and some anomalies(like the two "kid-God" at one time)

These are the main reasons why it's not as great as it could be.

On the other hand, I do not have problem with these concepts, although if I want these I watch some near real world dramas, and do not want the demolition of my once favorite cartoon.

However, I cannot leave the voice matter alone; And it has to be said that it is superb. I really like the voice acting even if this is a basic built-in thing in DB.

Thus, I don't say not gonna watch the show in the future, because I'm excited to see what i.e Jiren's real power is, still Dragon Ball and so on; though I do know that this sequel is nowhere near at this point from the standard what Dragon ball Z had established. Even if they came up with a few newly designed transformations in the next episodes, there would be a small chance to outpace the basic fighter anime that I loved so much.

//I'd say this could be taken in as a critic more than a regular review; but If I say a number as a score it may be a rather correct guess.

Hence, I gave a strong 6(~6.5) from the current standpoint, but it might change with the subsequent story flow and it is based on not wanting to judge heavily on the reshaped childish-like new generation screenplay.
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Dragonball Super - A Step Back
taisho100113 June 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Before I start this review off, I just want to go on record and say that I've been a huge Dragonball Z fan since I was in primary school in the early 90s. Since then I've branched out into multiple anime and have come to appreciate and respect the hard work and art styles behind the genre. I would also like to note that this review is a non- biased account from a viewer, who enjoys a good show as well as a good story above anything else.

Before we talk about DBZ Super's story, let's first take a quick look back at the original series. At the beginning of DBZ, in a startling turn of events, you have Goku's brother Raditz come down to Earth to settle some interplanetary business with his sibling, only to later kidnap the hero's son and engage him in an epic fight to the death. More Saiyan mercenaries show up some time later to seek the dragon balls for their own personal gains, in a confrontation that ends in the tragic deaths of most of the entire crew. The heroes then go on an adventure to another planet in order to save their friends lives, leading them into an epic planetary struggle against an alien tyrant responsible for killing billions of innocent people. Then we have a dark filler arc in which a movie villain returns from the Dead Zone and converts the entire population of Earth into demonic vampires. After that, Goku and friends eventually get into a struggle of potentially apocalyptic proportions against an old enemy out for revenge and has created artificial abominations to kill the Z-fighters.

Now, let's look at what happens in Super. A cat God who is supposed to be the harbinger of death (and for some reason the cause of previously non-connected events in the series) comes down to Earth and eats a lot of food at a yacht party. We watch Vegeta act silly for a bit, more Z-fighter shenanigans, a new arbitrary Super Saiyan transformation, and absolutely no consequences take place. Then we have Freezer return in another 'this isn't even my final form' arc of unbelievable conveniences, with again no tension, stakes, or consequences, and is just put in there as a measuring stick to make Goku and Vegeta look good. Then a tournament between Gods happens between a bunch of character props and only a few main characters, with more illogical events and situations unfolding. Finally, against all common sense, Future Trunks has been shoehorned into the series, even though his story already had a powerful and touching resolution at the end of the Cell Saga.

The original DBZ set the standard to which a lot of Shonen anime has been expected to live up to, with many being a great success. What Super lacks in this respect is a story with significant weight, edge, tension, and seriousness, and has resulted to throwing in tons of fan service and tropes to keep the franchise chugging along. What made Dragonball & Z great was that we were able to watch Goku, his friends, and the show itself, take us on an epic adventure; evolving from a funny children's tale into something darker, heartfelt and appealing to young adults. What Super has done is take a step back into that children's realm and throw all the character growth that has taken place in the original series out the window. This is probably the result of the author attempting to tie in more Dr. Slump and old Dragonball elements into DBZ, and the studio wanting the series to appeal more to children, in a way that One Piece and Naruto has done. In doing so they've toned down the violence and added more slapstick comedy into the mix, compromising the once serious elements that made DBZ an epic adventure and an ever-transforming conflict. So instead of seeing an innocent person getting eviscerated by a monster or seeing Gohan shove his hand through a villain's chest, we see Gotenks head- butt Ginyu in the balls and characters doing stuff and dancing about for no reason; other than to get a few cheap laughs. The Dragonball cameos in the original series came in small doses, and were cool to see. But when the creators start throwing them onto the screen all at once, it dilutes the quality of the story and turns it into an overused gimmick that people feel the need to show clips of on YouTube.

This isn't even counting the poor animation quality. Though people think the animation is good because it's made clean and crisp due to digital technology, the truth is it's not. A lot of classic anime, including the original DBZ, was all meticulously hand painted onto cells, with astonishing attention to detail and heart. However, since the studio has brought in a new crew of animators for Super and the episodes are being speedily written up, not only are the stories and new characters lackluster, with dozens of plot holes and convenient plot elements, it is easy to tell when episodes have been rushed in order to meet the studio's ridiculous deadlines, resulting in poor fight sequences, character faces and bodies being out of proportion, and glaringly noticeable CGI elements. Even Akira himself said he was disappointed by how the show turned out.

You can't rate a series highly just because of nostalgia or because it carries the Dragonball name. It needs to be looked at carefully, and after perusing over the entire show thus far, I'm a bit disappointed. Before you rate this review, are you rating it negatively because you're a die hard fan of the show who can't see the flaws the author can, or are you rating it positively because it's the truth? In my opinion, there are far better anime to watch out there, including Fate Zero, Fullmetal Alchemist, and One Punch Man, with my personal recommendation.
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How can you not like this?
Jorge-627-65353314 January 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Yes I know the series didn't start with the best possible way, especially after THAT episode on King Kai's planet when Goku first fought Beerus and the quality of animation was unacceptable, to be honest I have no idea why they released an episode with such a quality, but they did! After that many people came here (and not only here) to give low rating to the series as usual! Like one or few episodes represent the entire series, what about the other 100+ episodes?

By watching the later episodes I realized they wanted to focus on the upcoming arcs and not really on re-booting the 2 movies (Battle of Gods and Resurrection F). The following arcs gave to the fans lot of excitement especially the Future Trunks arc although in some aspects it didn't make sense with the power levels, but I stopped thinking like that after the Frieza saga on Dragon Ball Z. The Tournament between Universe 6 and 7 was just an exhibition of what would follow. So many new opportunities to create amazing stories. And now with the Tournament between the Universes, and don't forget NOT ALL UNIVERSES ARE PARTICIPATING! Which means most likely after the events of this arc they will find a way to use the remaining Universes with even stronger characters if possible!

Now to conclude, by watching some episodes from the latest arc I cannot hide I wanted to cry from excitement, I had goosebumps in some fights and the score is really good which makes it even better. I don't like to compare things like other people that are always comparing it with GT and Z, it is obviously better than GT but why not giving it a chance to even surpass Z? Z was an unbelievable series to watch, probably the best I've ever seen along with Naruto Shippuden but it wasn't like every single episode was great, they both had some blank moments that you just wanted to end. So let's not forget Super is not finished and let's judge it after it ends, hopefully that will not be anytime soon! For the moment please enjoy what you get!
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it goes better and better
andresfelipeml24 July 2016
This anime has two parts in terms of quality. Before the final fights of the Universe Saga, and after it.

I was tempted to abandon DBZ because of the first part, in which the animation was very mediocre and the plot boring; even the Resurrection "F" Saga (from 15 to 27) in spite of the reappearance of a very important character was not good. Actually, you can watch Battle Of Gods movies and can jump to Universe Saga if you don't want to spend about of 37-38 episodes to start enjoying the anime.

But, things go really better after the final fights of the universal tournament. Everything improves a lot, the graphics and specially the plot.

Be patient.
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Dragon Ball Super is Great!
Csuvog6 September 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Dragon Ball Super is absolutely fantastic. It brings back everything we loved about the original and the Z series (especially the Z series). Thank Beerus it completely deletes the events of the garbage that was GT, so that it becomes nothing more than fan fiction. The God storyline is much needed and it opens up a whole new world with these dimensions. Once again we get a unique and awesome villain (if he will become one eventually) in the form of Beerus. The SSG form is kind of okay, but the SSGSS form is really cool. No need for that abomination form SSJ4... Even the fillers are entertaining. Dragon Ball always had fillers, and Super is no exception, if you hated it before you will hate it now, I personally really enjoy it. The first episode of Super was like a dream come true to me. I would never thought that I would see another Dragon Ball episode. My only complaint is that Gohan is being left behind. I think his character has room for more development, but it is not such a huge problem. I cant wait to see where does Toriyama takes this new series.
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The Return of Dragon Ball!!
exdeath-9233316 November 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Okay, first I have to address that the first 16 (appx.) episodes are a retelling of Battle of Gods. This, as I have noticed, has turned quite a few people off - understandably. However, the execution of this retelling is, in my opinion, masterful. Where the movie starts at the awakening of Beerus the Destroyer and moves directly onto King Kai's planet, in "Super" we see a little more of Beerus - including destroying some planets with a magnificent power. Beerus, himself, is portrayed in a much darker - more villainous light. He is a little less like a teacher, and a little more like a foe, nearly destroying the universe during the battle with Goku - just by the extreme shockwaves their battle was echoing. There are more differences. Bulma's birthday party take place on a cruise ship. Scripting is a little more series-like, but still very much on par with the greatness that made DBZ. Of course we have the return of Pilaf, Mai and Shu in their little baby bodies (I love that these characters were brought back, I believe for the first time since the original Dragon Ball series). The graphically enhanced auras which surround SSG Goku and Beerus are still present, even more signaling the vast improvement in the animation. The energy balls which Beerus fires (some of which were fired in swarming numbers at Goku) look more like a swirling atomic ball than just a normal energy ball - which I think further enhances the animation presence. BUT the best thing yet, was that this first saga is nowhere NEAR as long, tedious and laden with filler as some of the more prominent battles from DBZ. No whole "season" dedicated to one fight, no three-episode power-ups, and though these particular battles - being Majin Buu, Frieza and Cell - were memorable and awesome, its nice that there is a more fast pace to this series so far. No - it's not all original like everyone hoped for (except for the one-episode battle which followed Beerus's saga in which we have a very vivid picture of what Mr. Satan would look like as a Super Saiyan - classic), but so far it is what it is, and it's Toriyama - finally. Despite this re-imagining, as well as the upcoming re-imagining of "Resurrection F", there are a TON more episodes that are following, hopefully with surprises the fans have been waiting for. The second saga also goes into more detail - such as training with Whis, Whis's love for earth cuisine and his constant visiting Bulma so she can feed him, and more curiously - the outfit changes with Goku and Vegeta (the explanation behind them). We have also been introduced to Champa (?) (aka Fat Beerus, as he has been so lovingly named) and his female Whis-like servant. I have been following the series since it started, and I can't wait to see more.
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destructiongodrosuto13 March 2016
Warning: Spoilers
An insult to the Dragon Ball franchise, characters, and fans. Absolute garbage. Sit back kids, because this is review is going to be one hell of a horrible ride.

From the beginning it's a retelling of the crappy movies in WORSE animation.

Alrighty, the movies alone deserve 1 star, so I'll skim why.

Beerus the new character is nothing but a bully and possibly Toriyama's self insert. He proceeds to push the other characters around with nothing they can do since he's so much stronger than them which is pretty contradictory in and of itself.

Vegeta proceeds to humiliate himself over and over for the sake of saving their asses and later to get stronger. Dancing, singing, and cleaning up Lord Beerus' bed spreads. This is supposed to be "funny" but it gets old fast. And I don't even like Vegeta.

Goku seems to have gotten dumber since Z. Somehow he's dopey enough to let his guard down 10 feet away from Golden Freiza because....Super. He doesn't jump at the opportunity to let Gohan join them or Goten.

Chi-chi's nagging and domineering personality apparently is even worse. Even a grown man can't tell her to back off and let him train. (Talking about Gohan BTW.) Why? Plot convenience.

Gohan gets written out of the series because Toriyama doesn't want him outshining his most marketable characters. (Goku and Vegeta). So that's a mess in and of itself. He's also skinnier than would make sense. Just to add insult to injury.

Frieza only has to train for 4 months to be stronger than Majin Buu. Wtf kind of writing is that? The only people defending this abomination is the frat boys who can't write worth a damn their selves, and so, can't recognize good writing from bad. Or the quote unquote "true fans" that eat anything up without question.

Yes, DBZ has never been all that great with it's writing, but the amount of corner cutting and plot convenience in Super is downright shameful.

The Time Chamber is fixed again, so now the characters can just spam it.

Even later in the U6 tournament Arc there is no sense of Tension, Danger, Anxiety, Suspense, or excitement. You know, ALL THE THINGS THAT MADE Z AWESOME! Instead we have the main character bending over for Beerus to save their asses. Crappy unfunny moments, the fail Pilaf Gang who haven't been funny since the 80s, and weak 5th Grader fan fiction plot lines. Screw this. Piccolo gets no respect, Roshi is apparently Cell tier now, and the others continue to just stand around. Its a joke and a mess.

Skip it. Trust me. (Note the Date on this Review) the series could get better but right now, it's garbage. It's hard to believe this is the same series where Buu genocide's the humans, Cell absorbed a man, Frieza ripped Nails arm off, etc.

It's a childish, cream puff, dainty, plot shield mess.
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Bad power scaling, bad arts and animation
bongchong-555239 April 2017
Warning: Spoilers
The first thing that upsets me is the power scaling, like how the hell would a weakling be able push back someone who has reached a God level, and there are lots more which i don't want to mention all. Please if u're sucks at Maths, ask for opinion from a pro maths before writing.

Second thing is the bad animation and drawing, i'm pretty upset with the weird faces and lots of repeating hits over and over again. Come one, please come out with some arts of good fighting like how Goten vs Trunks back in DBZ and good drawing and animation.

Next is excessive use of SSB, which i kinda start feeling bored with it and nothing special about it.
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Good job, you ruined my childhood harder than GT
dcbanana20 June 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I was actually hyped for this, no joke. I had high hopes for hopes, I likes the movies, and you know what? MY ENTIRE CHILDHOOD CAME CRASHING DOWN FASTER THAN YAMCHA! The animation was lack-luster, the main character sounds like a 80 year old grandma and is even dumber than I imagined, all the other characters are piles of wasted potential, the first two arcs were rehashed movies, and worst part f all, NOTHING IS EVER SERIOUS! Even the original creator

was disappointed by the anime and it's not difficult To see why, I really tried to give it my all and say one good thing about It but honestly, there isn't much to say about it, Dragon ball super will earn it's rightful Place among the other crap the dragon ball franchise has produced like dragon ball GT And Evolution.
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DBS is a insult to the dragon ball universe
ace_of_spades-5397211 November 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Coming from an old fan of the series DBS feels like a cheap DBZ rip off in every way possible and because of that it stains the image of one of the greatest anime shows ever made

Anyone who says DBS is better or just as good as DBZ it's either lying for being completely delusional...just because it's new doesn't mean it's good. The plot, the characters, the animation, the voice acting even the sound effects are very weak production quality compared with DBZ

Sitting on the edge of your seat when Goku was getting killed by Freeza and we had no idea how he was going to win and then it happened he turned Super Saiyan and completely turned the tables, probably the most satisfying moment in anime history..you can never bring this magic back no matter how many sequels they will make...compared to this DBS seems like a joke.
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For god sake..
emiliaestacachonda1 May 2016
Warning: Spoilers
How to destroy Dragon Ball , graphic description . And the worst thing is that this snafu has ' ' 8.5 ' ' valuation . The plot is a mess and some very odious characters . Champa and Bills in my opinion abound in series . Monaka repellent and has no charisma , Vegeta and even speak, a cold character , have become the super trash legendary.

Goku is again a childish attitude and is something that my opinion upset. You really had to laugh when he has to give the penis the bug green that ?, the only thing I would have felt embarrassed .

As noted already Toriyama that moves more money, which gives equal destroy his legacy. Hopefully this will change over the episodes . But honestly I doubt it, just look at design Zeno, and it's all because of the damn censorship. I keep watching the series to see if it improves .
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Feels like a joke.
ericrocks613 March 2016
Warning: Spoilers
The Dragon ball series is beloved by many people of differing ages and cultures, for a lot of people they grew up with the show. Like many people its a franchise close to my heart. Which is why i'm so disappointed in this show. It feels like wasted potential, filler, or even a parody. Dragon Ball is known for its off beat brand of humor, and most of the time it's pretty well placed, but Super seems to take it and just spread it all over the place with no care about anything else. The fights are never taken seriously, even when Goku fights Freiza, quite possibly one of his most hated opponent, he's hardly serious, even when Freiza outclasses him. Looking at this show, it's hard to tell it was born from Dragon Ball Z, which had excellent characters, arcs, and conflicts. Probably the biggest fault with this show currently is the Champa arc. The multiverse tournament is just plain boring and predictable thus far. The six opponents from the 6th universe are disappointing, aside from maybe the purple man whom weve yet to see anything from yet. The Saiyan Cabba is a direct opposite to Vegeta, The yellow fighter Botamo was boring, and Frost turned out to be evil, like we didn't see that coming. The characters are just boring, old and new. Gohans been pushed aside once more, which is disappointing given his history, Champa is a spoiled child like Beerus and all around just uninteresting, and everyone else feels like a shadow of their former selves.

This show has potential, but it needs a lot of working around.
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A shadow of its former glory
forsakenone-5823518 July 2016
This anime has a serious problem with its plot. Any sense of danger is completely destroyed by the shoehorning of two unnecessarily powerful characters into every arc who only seem to undermine threats by showing no interest in the fight, sipping lemonade and yelling for lunch as protagonists engage in death battles with world busting foes.

Since DB and DBZ, many characters have been fully developed in terms of personality and power yet are ultimately reduced to spectators in Super. This show revolves almost completely around Goku and Vegeta with virtually every Z fighter seeing little to absolutely no action whatsoever. If you are coming into this anime as a fan of Gohan, Piccolo, Buu or the fusion, Gotenks, you may end up being disappointed.

The anime had an issue with animation in it's beginning. Toei's staff admitted that new inexperienced animators had been working on this show. Initially Toei expressed no interest in improving animation but reconsidered after strong backlash. The animation has since gotten better after 30 episodes but none of the animation stands out like DBZ's more famous scenes. This show often operates within the range of quality of what you'd expect to find in a One Piece filler. You may even notice that many frames still have distorted art.

This show has been really polarizing in the DBZ fandom so ultimately it will be up to the viewer to decide if this is an anime worth watching. In my personal opinion, I think they should have left the series alone.
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The Worst Successor To An Amazing Anime
sunothitah11 July 2016
DBSuper should not exist.

-The best of Super's character designs and drawings don't even come close to the most mediocre of DBZ's. DBZ is almost 300 episodes long, Super is barely 50, yet both have almost the same amount of bad art.

So which is worse? 40 examples of bad art in 300 episodes or 40 examples out of 50 episodes?

-Expect unfunny "jokes", if you are 9 years old, or you have a child that is, then disregard that. It will be funny to you or your child.

-Buu saga perfected DBZ's animation and art. Super has regressed totally. One merely has to watch an episode of SSJ3 Goku VS Buu and then SSJ3 Goku vs Beerus.

-The fight scenes are mediocre.

-Goku has stopped being a mature father that was shown to Gohan, what we saw of him on Namek and the Hyperbolic Time Chamber as a strong mentor are GONE; he is now a complete idiotic teenager.

-All characters are irrelevant except for Goku, Vegeta, Whis, and Beerus. The Z fighters are no more.

If you watch this, set your standards low.
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