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Season 1

10 Nov. 2015
Eleven Madison Park
Master Sommelier is more than just a title; it's a badge of honor, and to earn it you need to be a wine expert in mind, body, and spirit - an achievement measured by passing one of the world's most difficult exams.
17 Nov. 2015
TopSomm Regionals
The Master Sommelier Exam is now only 2 months away. But first the Uncorked somms must compete against one another in the TopSomm Regional Competition. The stakes are higher than ever, because those that do well at TopSomm tend to have a better chance passing the Master Sommelier Exam.
24 Nov. 2015
Chefs Club
The Master Sommelier exam is now only 6 weeks away and the Uncorked somms are feeling a little burnt-out from all the cramming, so Master Sommelier, Geoff Kruth devises a competition that's a little more fun; one that will help sharpen their skills, and also remind them of their love for wine. And, Dana heads to Pebble Beach where he manages to wow a taunting crowd of somms and Master Somms with his Blind Tasting Skills.
1 Dec. 2015
TopSomm Nationals
The somms travel to Sonoma for the TopSomm National competition where they will have one last opportunity to master the skills needed to pass the Master Sommelier Exam. Josh has a Blind Tasting training session with Pascaline Lepeltier, one of the most respected Master Sommeliers in the business and Josh learns that to pass the Master Sommelier Exam this is the one challenge that is really standing in his way.
8 Dec. 2015
Master Exam Theory - Atlanta
The somms do some last minute cramming because the beginning of the Master Sommelier Exam is only a week away. Jane and Josh go over Theory which many feel is the hardest part of the exam. Meanwhile, Morgan and Yannick head on a sort of "study abroad" trip to one of Spain's wine regions. These two have never traveled together before, and it could be argued, have very different temperaments. This trip will be a great test of their wine knowledge and of their patience.
15 Dec. 2015
Master Sommelier Exam - Aspen
Everything is on the line for the somms as they head to Aspen for the Master Sommelier Exam. Over wine of course, they discuss the "what-ifs" in passing the exam and what that might mean for their future. The camaraderie and friendship between these peers turns out to be the perfect pairing.

 Season 1 

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