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Shameik Moore: Miles Morales



  • Spider-Man Noir : Hey, fellas.

    Miles Morales : Is he in black and white?

    Peter B. Parker : Where is that wind coming from? We're in a basement.

    Spider-Man Noir : Wherever I go, the wind follows. And the wind... smells like rain.

  • Stan : I'm going to miss him.

    Miles Morales : Yeah.

    Stan : We were friends, you know.

    Miles Morales : Can I return it if it doesn't fit?

    Stan : It always fits, eventually.

  • Miles Morales : [to Peter Parker]  So, how many of us are there?

    Peter B. Parker : Save it for Comic-Con.

    Miles Morales : What's "Comic-Con"?

  • Jefferson Davis : With great ability comes great accountability.

    Miles Morales : That's not how it goes.

  • Miles Morales : When will I know I'm ready?

    Peter B. Parker : You won't. It's a leap of faith. That's all it is, Miles. A leap of faith.

  • Miles Morales : [final lines, voiceover]  Okay, let's do this one last time, yeah? For real this time. This is it. My name is Miles Morales. I was bitten by a radioactive spider. And for like two days, I've been the one and only Spider-Man. I think you know the rest. I finished my essay. I saved a bunch of people. Got hit by a drone. Did this with my dad. Met my roommate finally. Slapped a sticker where my Dad's never going to find it. And when I feel alone, like no one understands what I'm going through, I remember my friends who get it. I never thought I'd be able to do any of this stuff. But I can. Anyone can wear the mask. You can wear the mask. If you didn't know that before, I hope you do now. Cuz I'm Spider-Man. And I'm not the only one. Not by a long shot.

    Gwen Stacy : [from beyond her dimension]  Miles! Miles! Miles! You got a minute?

  • Spider-Man Noir : OK, little fella, Kingpin's gonna send a lot of mugs after ya, I'm talking hard boys, real biscuit boxers. Can you fight them all off at once?

    Miles Morales : Well, I, I haven't actually fought anyone...

    Spider-Man Noir : Surprise attack!

    [Miles tries to fight Spider-Man Noir, but Noir knocks him down. Peni jumps in] 

    Peni Parker : Can you re-wire a mainframe while being shot at?

    Miles Morales : Can I what?

    Peni Parker : Show me!

    Spider-Man Noir : Surprise attack!

    [Noir knocks him down again] 

    Gwen Stacy : Can you swing and flip with the grace of a trained dancer?

    Spider-Man Noir : Can you close off your feelings so you don't get crippled by the moral ambiguity of your violent actions?

    Aunt May : Can you help your aunt create an online dating profile so she can get out of the dang house once in a while?

    Spider-Ham : Can you float through the air when you smell a delicious pie?

    Miles Morales : What?

    Gwen Stacy : Can you be strong?

    Peni Parker : Ruthless?

    Gwen Stacy : Disciplined?

    Miles Morales : I don't know, maybe...

    Spider-Ham : BOING!

    Spider-Man Noir : Show me some moxie, soldier!

    Gwen Stacy : Above all, no mater how many times you get hit, can you get back up?

    Spider-Man Noir : Because when a Spider-Man is on the floor...

    Gwen Stacy : - When you think you've given your all...

    Spider-Ham : - When you think you can't keep going...

    Spider-Man Noir : - Spider-Man always gets up.

  • Miles Morales : What's going on with your body?

    Peter B. Parker : I don't think my atoms are real jazzed about being in the wrong dimension.


    Peter B. Parker : Look, I'm not looking for a side gig as a Spider-Man coach. I got a lot going on in my dimension, like a lot.

    Miles Morales : With great power comes great...

    Peter B. Parker : Don't you dare finish that sentence! Don't do it. I'm sick of it.

  • Brooklyn Visions Security Guard : I know you snuck out last night, Morales.

    Miles Morales : [thinking]  Play dumb!

    Miles Morales : Who's Morales?

    Miles Morales : [thinking]  Not that dumb!

  • Miles Morales : Gosh, don't cops run red lights?

    Jefferson Davis : Oh, yeah. Some do. But not your dad.

  • Miss Calleros : Mr. Morales, moving in the dark. You're late again.

    Miles Morales : Einstein said time was relative, right? Maybe I'm not late. Maybe you guys are early.

    Gwen Stacy : [beat, but then giggles]  Sorry. It was just so quiet.

  • Miles Morales : I was there when it all happened. I'm sorry.

    Aunt May : And what dimension are *you* from?

    Miles Morales : Brooklyn.

  • Peter B. Parker : This kid can turn himself invisible! Watch this, he can do it... now!

    Miles Morales : I can't do it on command...

    Peter B. Parker : He can't do it on command! But it is cool. Show them the zappy thing, Miles.

    Miles Morales : I can't do it on command.

    Peter B. Parker : He can't do it on command! But he can do so much more, like what else do you do?

    Miles Morales : Just those two things.

    Peter B. Parker : Just those two things.

  • Peter B. Parker : Ah, you have a goober. Give it.

    Miles Morales : [referring to the Peter Parker of his universe]  Wait, no. He called it an override key.

    Peter B. Parker : There's always a bypass key, a virus key, a who-cares key I can never remember so I just call it a goober.

  • Peter Parker : Listen, we've gotta team up here, we don't have that much time.

    [drops USB drive into Miles' hand] 

    Peter Parker : This override key is the only way to stop the collider. Swing up there, use this key, push the button and blow it up!

    Peter Parker : You need to hide your face, and don't tell anyone who you are. No one can know, he's got everyone in his pocket.

    Miles Morales : [overwhelmed with information]  What?

    Peter Parker : If he turns the machine on again, everything you know will disappear. Your family; everyone, EVERYONE! Promise me, you'll do this?

    Miles Morales : I promise.

    Peter Parker : Go! Destroy the collider! I'll come and find you!

    [as Miles exits] 

    Peter Parker : It's gonna be ok.

  • Miles Morales : [In the trailer]  If I don't destroy the collider, none of us will have a home to go home to.

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