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Season 1

30 Jan. 2015
Athelstan reflects on the day he first met Ragnar Lothbrok and his crisis of faith that has developed since then.
1 Feb. 2015
Athelstan questions his own honor and recalls the first time he met the shield maiden, Lagertha.
6 Feb. 2015
Athelstan reflects on the role that loyalty plays in the relationships of the Viking people, most importantly that of Siggy's kindness.
8 Feb. 2015
Athelstan reflects on the joy of being cleansed from sin and recounts a story of honor, sacrifice, punishment, and betrayal.
13 Feb. 2015
Athelstan recounts how all things begin and end with blood and the cost of the choices that family members make.
14 Feb. 2015
Athelstan reflects on the importance of family and how it is a blessing that one turns to for comfort and support.
18 Feb. 2015
Athelstan reflects on what it means to be a savage which lurks within each and every one of us.
19 Feb. 2015
Gods & Men
Athelstan considers the expectations that the gods place on man and how a man can determine if he serving the gods or merely himself.
20 Feb. 2015
Athelstan consults the seer as he struggles to understand the will of the gods and the choices he must make.
27 Feb. 2015
Athelstan consults The Seer in order to determine how the long the gods will test the Viking people and what more he must do and give up.
6 Mar. 2015
Athelstan consults The Seer to learn that his choice lies between divine love and earthly love.
13 Mar. 2015
Athelstan consults The Seer and discovers that whatever is sewn is this live will be harvested in the next.
20 Mar. 2015
The Choice
Athelstan consults The Seer and learns that you cannot know the truth until you know yourself.

 Season 1 

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