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I'm looking forward to more from Quinn Shephard
Paula5717 February 2018
"Blame" treads on some risky territory, but Quinn Shephard handles it with maturity and nuance far beyond her 22 years. The acting is solid from all involved. Kudos to Chris Messina for working with this young filmmaker and portraying a man who is certainly flawed, but is not evil.

Some reviewers have thrown around the word "pedophilia" and I suggest they look up the word in the dictionary. While the relationship between the teacher and the student is inappropriately close, it is mostly an emotional affair between 2 lonely souls.
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So much better than this rating
rachellesuzanne15 April 2018
I'm gonna keep this spoiler-free as I really want to speak to potential viewers BUT I will mark clearly at the very end some spoilers so that you can avoid it. But I wanted to cover that bit a little.

So, I gave this a chance despite the low rating as I don't really trust IMDB ratings anymore. I'm really glad I did. This turned out to be a nuanced, complex, and interesting film. I only discovered afterwards that the 22 year old young woman who played the lead also co-wrote it, directed it, and produced and/or wrote most of the songs in it. She is someone to watch as it's so surprising to me that somebody so young could get across such complex ideas.

What I loved is there is no Bad Guy/Good Guy-everyone is just human, with good qualities and bad. I don't think the trailer conveyed that. It leaves a lot of questions unanswered which some have complained about, but I still find it satisfying as Miss Shephard gave us enough clues that we can fill it in. Many audiences today prefer not to have to think and ponder and use their imagination, they just want stories with simple plots that tell them everything. I found it wonderful. To wrap up, give this a chance!! Especially if you enjoy unusual indie movies.



I loved this ending, I really did. Those last few scenes weave together perfectly. The way it ended with her teacher was fantastic. He showed respect for her and it was obvious on her face that that meant the world to her. She felt valuable. And we are left reminded that even people who make very very poor choices, can have moments of maturity and kindness. Lovely film!
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deadwishes3 February 2018
Well, I'm blown away! I was binge-watching trailers on youtube and stumbled on this title. then I decided to go for it because, ya know, seems promising.

and all I could say now is just, wow. I can't believe the lead actress is also the director and writer and the producer herself. like, this is great stuff. and she's still so young. I'm finding myself thoroughly enjoying this movie.

really looking forward to another Shepherd works in the future.
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Left me wanting more!
cecilanderos14 October 2018
Two lonely souls searching for someone to talk too and someone to listen too. This movie conveys the teacher/student relationship in high school in a different way instead of being that cliché movie about an obsessed teacher over a student or the other way around BLAME is more about a friendship between a teacher and student. It does show a little romance in the movie but at the end BLAME leaves us with knowing that a student/teacher relationship doesn't have to be perceived as romantic but it can be seen as a friendship filled with respect for one another.
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Brilliant debut with an exiting story
jacobkelly-497677 January 2018
A thriller disguised as a character drama. I knew very little about Blame going into it, and that was for the best -- Let it surprise you. This movie is fantastic and so supremely clever. As both a directorial and writing debut, this is a wild success, and to have it helmed by a strong performance from the director, writer, producer, and songwriter herself? Amazing. Quinn Shephard is only 22 and she's already who I wanna be when I grow up.

Every character is granted so much complexity and range without ever causing a stagnant moment in the story itself. The poster gives off the idea that these girls are being pitted against each other, and while the film initially follows that model, we soon see that these characters have far more compassion for one another than we though. Their relationships are so good, and the way they evolve is even better. I didn't expect this to be a story full of twists and turns, but as a high-school adaptation of The Crucible, it's perfectly fitting. The plants and payoffs Shephard weaves into her narrative are satisfying in the most genuine way.

There are perhaps a few moments when Shephard's attention to her character's spreads too far, and we lose sight of our protagonist, but the successes here far outweigh any slight missteps. I don't know how wide of a release this received, but if any of you are able to see this in theaters or on VOD, I strongly recommend it. I love a good high-school movie, and Blame just might be a great one.
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It's all about presentation
ivsteal6 January 2018
The trailer is extremely misleading first off (.) Had this film been presented in the way it should have, it would have had a better review. Yes it's a slow burn, yes it's a coming of age film, but the content is so much more. In a digital age we are all guilty of looking for instant gratification and scandal. We sometimes forget life it's self is messy. Every love ballot or tragedy was not written by Shakespeare rather a real person desperately trying to navigate the muddy waters the surround us all.
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Amazing debut film, this isn't the last of Quinn Shepard!!
Wizinator7 January 2018
I am blown away by Shepard's talent. Blame is a edgy drama filled with complex characters and a spin on The Crucible we've never seen before. It's truly an original, unique film, something that can be quite difficult to come across in the movie industry today. I can see big things Shepard's future!!c
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Well done
robnero25 June 2018
I just read someones' review that clearly did not like it and found it disconnected. I can't help but wonder what kind of movie that person really wanted to see, because it clearly wasn't this one. It is a well connected story which parallels in a fashion, the essence of "The Crucible" as is implied. The young actors are true to the form of teenagers in high school, yes, seen before because teenagers behaviors rarely change. They are, as teenagers are. The drama is well felt as is written too. There is a sub story and a side story within this as well with a few other characters, the other students, the main character, the substitute teacher. Over all, without unraveling it, it is worth the view. I thoroughly enjoyed and the directing was also worth a mention, it was great. I hope all these get other work that shows their talent.
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chokdee125 June 2018
Truly captures the essence of teen angst and jealousy amongst girls in high school. The character's were layered and fascinating to watch. All the actors were amazing. I was particularly blown away by Nadia Alexander in her role as "Melissa". You could feel something brewing just beneath the surface throughout the entire film. Just incredible acting. Excellent. Loved it so much am leaving this review!
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Explanation for the limp
jazz2451-127 May 2018
It seems several people are confused by Abigail's limp that goes away. The first scene she did in the beginning of the movie, for the pregnant drama teacher, was from Tennessee Williams " The Glass Menagerie". The character she was portraying, Laura Wingfield, has a limp. She was in character.
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Good Acting and An Interesting Story, but An Unresolved Ending
jrmeretis27 June 2018
Warning: Spoilers
The acting was on point. The characters were all pretty well developed. I thought it was interesting, the idea of a person with a disorder where she takes on the personality of the character she reads about. Unfortunately, that element was explored less as the story progressed.

Gradually, it got to where she didn't seem to have any disorder and Abigail's character became her own individual, no longer parroting the character in the book. But then, maybe that was intentional: maybe the point was that her disorder was gradually cured as she found acceptance and friendship in her relationship with Jeffrey.

Her relationship with Jeffrey is depicted mostly sympathetically. He's not shown as a one-dimensional monster preying on a hapless schoolgirl. They never do more than kiss anyway, and he's shown as trying to do the right thing: he gets close to her because there's a mutual attraction, he avoids her when he's worried about their relationship being inappropriate, but he gets back with her when he realizes that avoiding her is only hurting both of them. And of course, he turns down the other student who tries to seduce him.

I wasn't sure about the ending. Maybe it was meant to be ambiguous? While Melissa was falsely accusing the teacher, it became clear that the things she described were really things that her legal guardian had been doing to her. But then it's not made clear what happens:

Does Melissa admit to the police that she was lying about the teacher? Does the teacher end up getting arrested anyway? Does her guardian end up getting arrested? Do Abigail and Jeffrey continue their relationship, or is Jeffrey fired / in jail? Maybe the viewer isn't supposed to know. But I was unsatisfied with not knowing whether or not the police came to realize that the accusations Melissa made against Jeffrey were false and that her guardian was the only actual predator.
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A hit on multiple levels
danbslattery26 April 2017
Though I wouldn't call this my genre, Blame turned out to be downright spellbinding. I saw this at the Tribeca Film Festival, where there was plenty of hubbub about the movie and youthful writer/actress/director Quinn Shepherd. I hoped to be entertained, but instead was mesmerized completely. This movie would have worked just at the level of a great ensemble acting piece, because every one of Blame's actors and actresses was spot on. Somehow these high school characters and their teacher all achieved that mixture of good and evil, or at least evil and charisma, that marks a complete portrayal. The movie was great just as a high school drama, with steamy basement partying and cheerleader slow-mo scenes, and was completely compelling as a "forbidden fruit" student/teacher story where no-one is actually to blame. But the additional genius here is the play within a play, where scenes from The Crucible are brought to life in cool and artful ways in a New Jersey auditorium. There's plenty going on here, beyond entertaining from start to finish--go see it.
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Not perfect but still good
skagurl921026 January 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I thought it was well written for the most part. I had some issues such as the ending. Not entirely sure what the deal was with Melissa's confession towards the end and her and Abigail's smile at one another like they finally understand each other. Also it was unclear with the back story of Abigail and how all of a sudden her limp was gone. But aside from the little things I thought it was pretty good for a 22 year old who wrote, directed, and stared in it.
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A better than average Lifetime movie; mild spoilers
loveskulls19 April 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Not being snarky here; except for a few Eff-words, this could easily have been tailored for bored soccer moms. The acting was better than average, the chemistry was good, but there were a lot of huge eye-rolls, too. No way is a cheerleader going to homecoming in freaking leather bondage gear and publicly rub up against two boys; it also made the big REVEAL not exactly a revelation. Not judging; just saying it is farcically unrealistic.

Still, for a first-time effort by a 22-year one, it shows promise. Maybe her work will mature along with screenwriter/lead actress.
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Two girls fight for the affections of an attractive substitute in this modern day adaptation of the Crucible.
mollybabos26 April 2017
I love this movie! It's full of twists and turns, and you won't catch your breath until after the credits roll. It's so refreshing to see real teenagers depicted on screen. Each of the characters are interesting and realistic. The best part of the movie is that it's told from the perspective of teenage girls. You become incredibly invested in the girls' drama and find yourself constantly questioning your own morals. The film had a masterful way of slipping incidents past its audience that in any other setting would be inappropriate.
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Complete wast of my time
igbogirl277 January 2018
I'm annoyed that I sat through this movie with no real pay off at the end. The story was very slow moving and extremely boring. I knew 30 minutes in that it was a boring mess but still kept watching with hopes that it may change but it did not. All three characters are irritating and one dimensional and the teacher is an idiot. There's nothing complex about them nor particularly interesting. This felt like a Lifetime Movie. Very forgettable film.
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Superb and engaging high school drama.
howtomb26 April 2017
Stellar performances from every actor, masterful direction, razor-sharp editing and even a first-rate soundtrack make this a must-see.

This first-time director is only 22 years old, and she's also the writer, star and music producer. Kudos to everyone involved in this wise and graceful picture.
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waste of time , unless you like high-school cheap drama movies
Aktham_Tashtush7 January 2018
The story is just not connected ,, the script is scattered all over , i believe it was a total waste of one and a half hour.

The story is repetitive and not has one single element of originality, and the screenplay was not engaging at all.

As for the cast , i really love Chris Messina back from The Mindy Project, but now he was like WTH !!! , the other girls were over-acting so you can easily see through the whole scene.

Final thought, Just don't watch it , 3 stars for effort i think.
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Great complexity of realtionships and of teenage life
studio-297 January 2018
I thought this movie was great. It keeps three threads (themes) of teenage development pumping at once. The ending was very moving in a surprising way. The film never went for cheap shots as far as exposing emotion or the complexity of the emotions we share with other people in relationships. It was that complexity and "grey area" of human interactions (not black or white) that I liked best about this film. I hope Ms. Shepard directs more films so we can see more of that.
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Just a little confused.
cwells-575-68034723 May 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Though there were things I liked I was just confused to how the film was set up. Abagail first has a limp but mysteriously that is goes away for no reason. She is hated by her classmates and called different names and yet none of this is ever explained even though the film keeps hinting for some resolution. It just seemed to me there was this whole build up to give her a backstory some meat but at the end of the film the only backstory that was ever explained was to her foe.
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It was good!
davoudhajhasani24 August 2019
Warning: Spoilers
The movie is about the real problem that happens all over the world, but I think it could be perform much better. Choosing of Actresses are great.
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A movie about high school for all ages
pburnap-4750826 April 2017
Everything conspired in this movie to surprise, provoke, and delight me. Camera work, directing, acting, writing - subject matter. Blame featured a tight, tense and amusing ensemble cast of young startling talent directed ably with a firm but light collaborative touch that let the actors be real, loose, funny and smart. This movie artfully transcended the possibility of cliché to become archetypal. While Blame might seem to be relevant only to current and recent high school students, its appeal transcends age limitations. I, class of 1977, was transported to the urgency of everyday and every issue in my life at a public high school. This mood, every moment, and the beauty of youth was masterfully captured by the cinematographer. The pearl in this movie, because of the deft skill of every contributor, is that there is no Blame assigned - causality, maybe, but no shame. Life is complicated. And then there's the fact that Quinn Shephard co-wrote (with her Mother), directed, produced, starred in and edited this impressive first work -- without dominating the viewer's experience with her ego. Few can achieve that in any endeavor. How lucky we movie- lovers are to be able to look forward to her career. I personally hope to see Ms. Shephard work with this same cast again. There was magic in it. I will watch for her next project.
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If a man made this film it would be banned
billllrush7 January 2018
It glorifies pedophilia. its predictable and boring. a cliche. not worth watching.
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This is how one goes about composing a screenplay...
juanmuscle5 July 2018
Weaving a tale, putting together a story, whatever the terminology or medium, this is an apotheosis of a nice blender drink mixed with a lot of pulp juicy fruits and veggies and all that good stuff that make for a nice blend of fun characters. I just loved how it did not try to force anything down our throats, when it chilled back it was fun, when it pumped it up it was neat, when drama hit the page it was intriguing, and the climacteric was very very interesting all interlarded with super-stylistic witty repartee and an incredible ending that pulsed deeply rooted to its super universal thematic undercurrent. But what I really loved the most is how I expected at some point to go over the top with the style but no, the writing stayed true to the characters, no one got too witty or one idiot suddenly became Einstein, no, it just kept true but incredibly ingenious and all together a fun ride, I would say this is a seminal piece of work that needs to be studied, especially when we delve into teen characters there seems to be some lamo formulaic I'm the bully you are the defunct victim, and you are the obligatory dumb bitch and I am this and that is that and the teacher is this... no, this said, wait a minute, why? Lets just do what feels good and rock the page and Quinn Shephard, (Its really hard to believe that a thespian can work the page like this but give props where props are due) This was remarkable and should be lauded... high praises, for teen flicks should be fun and throwing caution to the wind and terrific and attempting to entertain in a really fun way, there are so many ancillary characters that can add different flavors, and this attempted something new and it came out with flying colors , excellent on a universal level , lets hope Quinn will lend her pen to many many more scripts in the future god knows screenplays can afford to be way more fun and interesting!

(The scene with the teacher and the student without dialogue and only music, well I have never seen anything like that - and it was truly what film is all about, using camera, music, the thespians in a way to produce art at its finest!)
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SHAME Warning: Spoilers
A movie that harkens back to the 90s teen thrillers like cruel intentions, the crush, swimfan. It doesn't have the same bite as them, It's more reminicent to an overlong episode of black mirror, And would problably have benefitted more If It actually was. The acting and the overall tone of the movie is actually great and I really liked It. I would have given this a higher star If It wasn't for the missleading terrible trailer that praised the movie as It was the best ever! wich was laughable, I hated the abrupt ending and I was very annoyed by the typical boring Indierock soundtrack mixed with some contemporary crap music that noone listens to in reality. There's things I like about the movie though and its definetly worth a watch if you have nothing else to see.
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