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Sex & Nudity

  • A patient in a hospital wakes up and sees his brother and a nurse having sex naked. The thrusting and the moaning is evident, and nudity is strongly implied but no actual penetration nor genitalia can be seen. This is because the camera is unfocused so as to capture the patient's bleariness from waking up
  • Around 20 minutes into the movie, a man and his wife have sex on a bed. No nudity seen, but moaning is heard. The bed springs are squeaking the entire time
  • As a mother takes her young son to school, they pass by a brothel where multiple fully nude prostitutes try to seduce the boy. However, the mother spits at them and shields her son's eyes. Full frontal female nudity is clear but only briefly in this scene
  • In school, a young boy is seen urinating in a urinal. Another, older, boy peers down at his waist and mocks the young boy's presumably tiny penis, though his penis is never actually seen
  • A man remembers watching porn with his friends after school. Nudity is clear in the video but no sex is seen
  • A man's wife unbuttons her blouse to expose her bare breasts and is about to remove her panties (we can see her pubic hair and the top of her vulva) before she is stopped by her father
  • No nuidity at all

Violence & Gore


  • "Fuck" and "shit" are used frequently
  • A boy teases a younger boy for his "small cock"
  • Multiple indian swears

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Teenagers are seen drinking beer in one scene, though they tell their parents that it is just soda
  • A man attempts snorting cocaine but stops himself before carrying out the deed

Frightening & Intense Scenes

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