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Takes all the wrong notes from the classic original
benjaminskylerhill8 September 2022
Robert Zemeckis is a filmmaker responsible for some of the most colorful, ambitious, and uniquely fanciful films of all time. While his Pinocchio remake is certainly not entirely without its effective moments of visual splendor, it pains me to say that he has continued the trend of live-action Disney remakes that somehow manage to take everything about the original and make it significantly worse.

Every character and setting in this is less expressive and vibrant than it was in 1940, completely draining them of the personality and emotional resonance that once made them so memorable and beautiful.

The voice performances are lacklustre, to say the least. Every line of dialogue from Jiminy and Pinocchio is delivered with the exact same tone of voice. There is no variety to emotions, so the stakes are never clear.

Monstro the whale is not built up at all in this version, so any sense that he is a feared, menacing presence is gone. The tension is nonexistent in the finale. The story's other villainous characters are equally disappointing, coming across as goofy and incompetent rather than calculating and manipulative.

Worst of all, there are some narrative changes made in this version, and all of them make the themes of consequence and repentance lose their meaning and weight.

In this film, Pinocchio never has any moments when he learns the negative consequences of lying, stealing, and self-indulgence like he did in the original. He seems to know these things from the get-go, and he only finds himself in the marionette show and on pleasure island because of circumstance rather than by deliberate choice.

Outside of a couple of visually creative scenes, this is a shallow, soulless copy of a once-profound story. Not to mention that it comes across as insultingly disingenuous, as we all know quite well that Disney executives today don't actually know or care about the difference between right and wrong.
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Del Toro, Please Save Our Soul
yusufpiskin8 September 2022
Even if a movie was made by Disney 20 years ago, it would have meant +1 point for many people.

Then Disney grew up and lost his soul.

The Pinocchio movie is not a successful production, despite all the successful actors and actresses in its cast, despite a lot of effort. Because there is no soul in the movie.

The only thing that comes to my mind after watching this movie is; was to watch the Blu-ray of the 1940 version, again made by Disney.

I hope the Netflix/Del Toro version is better.

I'm tired of big companies destroying my childhood memories.

Still, I can't pass without bowing, Benjamin Evan Ainsworth is also very talented in dubbing.
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An Insult To The 1940 Classic
johnnyhbtvs278 September 2022
"Oh, i just hit my boy of wood with a piece of wood"

Robert Zemeckis' Pinocchio is dire. Most of the CGI characters are hard to look at with Pinocchio being the worst offender. I couldn't imagine buying a toy of this version of Pinocchio, it's rather creepy looking.

The worst part of the movie is the fantasy island part. In the 1940 version, the donkey scenes to this day are terrifying, it really is a trip. Here it's just....nothing. That's probably the best way to describe the movie, a total waste of everyone's time.

Tom Hanks sleepwalks his way throughout the movie, almost as if he's only doing it as a favour to Zemeckis. I had to put the subtitles on for Geppetto as the performance consists mostly of just mutters and grunts. Joseph Gordon-Levitt's Jiminy Cricket doesn't have the originals warmth and humour and grates for most of the running time.

Robert Zemeckis has fallen off big time. He used to create original work such as Back To The Future, Forrest Gump, Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Now he directs remakes of The Witches, A Christmas Carol and Pinocchio. Such a waste.

This may be the worst Disney live-action movie. They really need to stop cashing in on their classics with tripe such as this.

On this viewing, Guillermo Del Toro doesn't have much to worry about with his version of Pinocchio. It can't be any worse than this.
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Narratively, emotionally, and thematically hollow, Pinocchio may be the weakest Disney live-action remake I've seen yet.
IonicBreezeMachine8 September 2022
In a small village, a lonely woodworker named Geppetto (Tom Hanks) makes a wish upon a star for his wooden puppet to be a real boy. A kind Blue Fairy (Cynthia Erivo) answers his wish and gives life to Pinocchio (Benjamin Evan Ainsworth) but says to him if he wishes to be a real boy he'll have to do it himself by proving himself truthful, unselfish, and brave. A cricket named Jiminy Cricket (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is assigned by the Blue Fairy to be Pinocchio's conscience with the approval of the Blue Fairy, and Geppetto is ecstatic to find his wish has come true. It isn't long before Pinocchio while good natured does eventually find himself drawn to the allure of taking shortcuts and partaking in vices while Jiminy tries to keep him on the right track. While Pinocchio is drawn into a world of sinister characters, Jiminy tries to keep him on the straight and narrow. Geppetto sets off to find Pinocchio and eventually Pinocchio must try to rescue his father.

Pinocchio is the latest live-action remake of one of Disney's animated films that has become a major staple of the company as they continue mining the nostalgic value of their time-tested assets. The film is the latest in the Twin Film phenomenon wherein two competing studios release similar projects in a similar period of time and the fact that this is coming out the same year as Guillermo del Toro's long gestating stop-motion adaptation of Pinocchio due out on Netflix later this year makes this film seem less like any creatively driven endeavor and more like strategic brand protection on the part of the Walt Disney Company. Now I don't want to throw every live-action Disney remake under the bus as there have been some good ones such as Cinderella, Jungle Book, Christopher Robin and Pete's Dragon that try to take a unique direction with the material, but more often than not you'll get something like Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, or The Lion King which are only trying to recapture the animated films down to pretty much being animated themselves with all the heavy CGI that often goes into making these films. Pinocchio is unquestionably an example of the latter as Robert Zemeckis continues his slump and follows up his underwhelming The Witches remake with a remake that may be even worse.

I will say one good thing about Pinocchio in that Tom Hanks is trying to give a good performance as Geppetto and upon initial introduction there was an attempt to expand on Geppetto's character and give him more weight as a character in comparison to the original where he was a kindhearted bumbler, and they try to add something for Hanks to tap into by making him a widower as well as having lost his own son. On the one hand the performance is good (at least in parts) but on the other the fact that Geppetto previously had his own family and lost them opens up some uncomfortable thematic subtext that of course the movie isn't interested in addressing, and when your Disney fairy tale is reminding me of turns taken by Steven Spielberg/Stanley Kubrick's A. I. or Osamu Tezuka's Astro Boy/Mighty Atom that actually did try to tap into similar territory except done better (less so in A. I.'s case) it's already a pretty clumsy introduction. Once we're past that we pretty much go through the exact same plot you remember from the original 1940 film with the wide eyed innocent Pinocchio going on a series of misadventures with eccentric characters but even in that respect the movie gets it wrong.

Unlike in other versions of the story where Pinocchio has some level of agency and every misfortune that befalls him is the result of a decision he made ignoring his conscience, Pinocchio has little to no agency in this story as the narrative pushes him towards these misadventures rather than letting him pursue them himself and it makes the episodes Pinocchio encounters far less character based because the misfortunes are no longer in service of teaching Pinocchio a lesson and have lost their original intended purpose. When Pinocchio is sent to Stromboli's for instance, he does initially refuse the temptation, but it's only after being kicked out of school for "being a puppet" that Pinocchio decides to accompany Honest John. A similar thing happens with the Pleasure Island episode where instead of him wanting to go to a land of no rules and excessive vice, he's swiped up from the street against his will and browbeaten into going and even when he does get there he looks pretty revolted by the display of misbehavior and there are long stretches of the movie where Jiminy isn't even with him so why even have Jiminy in this movie if Pinocchio can already tell right and wrong for himself?

Even the nuts and bolts of the movie don't work. Pleasure Island for instance has been scrubbed relatively clean so instead of kids smoking cigars and drinking beer their misbehavior is now drinking root beer and eating mountains of candy but the wanton vandalism is still there so it's now a "genlter" sort of misbehavior....which Pinocchio takes little to no part in. Aesthetically the film feels lifeless and inert. Despite Pinocchio allegedly being made of pine, the overall feeling I got from watching this film was of Rubber and Plastic, something that was both artificial and safe to a fault with absolutely no risk taken and just an excuse for money to be burnt copying a movie that's both widely available and most people already know by heart. While I don't know the budget of this film, given what we know about other Disney remakes this is most likely a very expensive movie but there's a cheapness to the production design because of how over rendered the environments are and despite now being live-action, the film still treats itself as though it were fully animated with Pinocchio, Jiminy Cricket, Cleo the goldfish, and even Figaro the kitten rendered in CGI that either looks unconvincing or falls into the uncanny valley as is the case with Cleo and Jiminy who look unnerving with their human like faces that mixed with rubbery CGI just look wrong. Pinocchio himself just looks like he's poorly integrated into the scenery and with as much CGI as there is in this movie this is probably the closest these Disney live-action remakes have come to going "full cartoon".

The movie is also a musical, and not a very good one. Robert Zemeckis shows no flair for directing the musical numbers in the film with the renditions of original songs from the original film ranging from mediocre to okay, but the new songs are just unappealing to listen to and they're often awkwardly staged and directed with the Coachman's song in particular just being unappealing on both a visual and auditory level.

Pinocchio is a massive creative failure from Disney. While films such as Beauty and the Beast and Aladdin were also banal and soulless, I could at least appreciate some of the technical craft that went into them. Pinocchio on the other hand not only bungles its lead character and story, but it's also unappealing in both sound and visuals. Both Robert Zemeckis and Disney can do better than this and we know they can do better than this.
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Worst Disney Remake (so far)
TheMysteriousReviewer8 September 2022
I'm gonna be honest, I do try my best to tolerate most of the live action remakes. We only got Jungle Book as the only one worth watching, everything else are either decent or just okay. Now the movie is released, I can already see a good reason people will debate this and the 2019 Lion King. The 2022 Pinocchio remake may not be the worst Disney Plus film, but this could be the worst live action Disney remake to date. There are Pinocchio movies out there that do try to find a way to tell the story of the character well. But this is more of a recycled film from the original 1940 one. Despite it does have some of the performances that's fateful to the original film, it had a weak execution with a poorly written story, mediocre characters, overly dark setups, and awful looking visuals. The one thing I'll say the visuals got right is with Pinocchio himself. But for the most part, they can be out of place and most of the designs try way too hard to make animal characters realistic. I mean, we already gotten Ugly Sonic in Chip and Dale. What more do you want to do all that in, Disney Plus? Of course as a painfully pointless live action Disney remake, I recommend to skip this one and stick with the original film. But you know what, let's all be thankful at least we're getting the one by Del Toro at the end of the year. When that gets released, I can guarantee it will be the one you'd want to watch instead. I think Disney should take a break from remaking their classic animated films before they embarrass themselves the more that are made.
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Like always, the modern generations have the fault.
sebastianali12310 September 2022
Like any other Disney remake (except perhaps arguably Beauty and The Beast), a disaster that does not respect the essence of the original in the slightest, and of all the remakes, this is probably the worst alongside Dumbo and The Lion King. The Uncanny Valley effect whipping through the roof, unnecessary filler and replacement of iconic situations, flanderized characters and dark situations made more "light", two new characters horribly generic and without any charm, old characters without charm, the fairy inexplicably changed and references to the popular culture at a time when it would make no sense.

The original is a masterpiece, one of the best animated movies of all time and like many others it didn't need a remake, at most a well done 2d remake taking advantage of current animation and widescreen format and that's it.

It amuses me that some defend it saying "but it has some situations that explain things that the original doesn't" and that kind of garbage. I remind you that the original came out in 1940. If they couldn't do something better it would be absurd. But everything should be better! The new generations ruin all these animated movies and I'm sick of it. It also happens with many video game remakes unfortunately. But hey, if people continue to allow it, let them take it.

Walt Disney would be very disappointed.
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Flat and Uninspiring
michaelsiphone12 September 2022
Pinocchio is a 2022 American musical fantasy comedy film directed by Robert Zemeckis 👦🏻

Oof, this isn't good 🙁 Probably give it a miss 👎🏼

Unfortunately this just doesn't work. It is uninspiring, flat, and lacks magic.


A live action and CGI retelling of the beloved tale of a wooden puppet who embarks on a thrilling adventure to become a real boy. Other characters include Geppetto, the woodcarver who builds and treats Pinocchio as if he were his real son; Jiminy Cricket, who serves as Pinocchio's guide as well as his "conscience"; the Blue Fairy; "Honest" John; Sofia the Seagull and The Coachman.
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Leofwine_draca24 September 2022
Yet another live action adaptation from Disney of one of their beloved cartoon classics. You wonder why they bothered in this instance when most of the characters are CGI anyway with the exception of Tom Hanks, seriously miscast as the eccentric inventor. As usual with these modern-day Disney productions, this is a bland and soulless affair that goes through the motions without ever engaging the senses. It's not quite as long as some of these remakes can be, thankfully, but it fails to stir the senses in every respect and I find it quite telling that the CGI Pinnocchio has less humanity in his eyes than the old animated version.
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No strings on me
legobuilderpro9 September 2022
The Disney classic Pinocchio (1940) is a great animated movie you should watch, with memorable scenes and likable characters making it a good movie from the 40's. So, I was interested in how a live-action remake of it was going to turn out.

I am split on the Disney live-action remake of Pinocchio (2022) because I have some negatives, but I also have some positives about the movie. It is hard not to compare it to the original.

I liked the look of the real Pinocchio wooden puppet and the animated design of Pinocchio because it was just like the original. I even liked Benjamin Evan Ainsworth as the voice for Pinocchio for also sounding like the original.

Tom Hanks as Geppetto was good for what he had in the movie in the scenes he is in. The acting and voice acting from the other characters were good, like Honest John and Stromboli.

One of the problems is that they cut some scenes out that were in the original which was a pain waiting for a scene that was not going to happen. I did like some of the new scenes they added but they also added scenes I did not like.

There are 3 songs from the original that are sung well in this and have good scenes, but they took out 1 song from the original and put 4 new songs that I found ok. The "I've got no strings" song scene in the movie was surprisingly good.

Pleasure Island in the movie was a good sequence in the movie because it was visually pleasing to look at, and it had more stuff added to it that worked well to fit the place. The donkey transformation scene was just as disturbing as the original which was good.

I liked Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Jiminy Cricket and the actor playing the Blue Fairy was good, but the Blue Fairy is not in the movie that much. I would have liked the well-known scenes of the movie to be better paced because they go from scene to scene quickly even though this movie is longer than the original.

I enjoyed the movie for what it was, but I am in the middle with this. I do recommend watching the original Disney animated movie because it is a classic, but I will not stop you from watching the live-action remake that is at least being as close to the original as it can.
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Don't waste your time
clearthinkernow8 September 2022
First, this movie is was way too long for children. Second, I didn't appreciate the morality lessons the way they were being pushed. Why would I want my children saying "what the cuss?" The boy who took him to Pleasure Island sounded like a stereotypical gangster. Why would this be desirable for children? At least I assume the ethnic-bashing is probably over their heads. Nothing here is for children. Too dark and hard to see. Watch the original, the classic again and listen to classic soundtrack. Mostly same songs but not as well done as the original. I couldn't wait for this to be over. Can't remember the last Disney movie I found worthwhile.
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Employing Employees. Entertaining some children.
gelf-4625813 September 2022
Remember when Guillermo del Toro made live action Disney films? This sure ain't that.

Low budget remake reminiscent of the Hallark channel. At least Tom Hanks is trying, but the mix of CGI animation and live action is just... Let's just say it makes me feel uncomfortable.

Yes, we get it. No-one is going to remember who Chris Pine was 50 years from now. But at least we know who ended up with the likeness rights to Roger Rabbit... These are not the Shrek-like jokes for adults that make kids films pass the generation gap.

So what is this? An expensive film feeling cheap? A woke mess? A straight to Disney+ piece of...? None of the above.

Can't even say this spoiled my childhood memories, as I wasn't a fan of the original.

It kept people employed and will make children under 10 feel mildly entertained.
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Still A Touching Story
JayDeeezy9 September 2022
This was such a pleasant watch. I remember seeing the original as a boy. I largely remember focusing on the fantastical elements and scary parts which stuck mainly in my mind until today. Seeing this story again, I was reminded of the very simple but important message to young children to strive to be honest, selfless and brave. Now in my 30s and hoping to start a family soon, it's what I would teach my children and I have an all new perspective and appreciation for this story. Sounds corny, I'm sure...but sometimes I think we can all use a little corny and that's when Disney is at its best.

As for the new stuff, it was all nice and welcome new developments that made a familiar story a little bit fresher. They certainly didn't pull any punches with some of the scary and heavy parts but I think it's almost necessary to drive the point home of how nasty the world can be. All in all, it did what I could hope any remake does - preserve the heart of the original and add some freshness and twists to it.

I also didn't realize it was Robert Zemeckis who directed this until the credits - seeing him and Tom Hanks in a project again was a cherry on top.

Lastly, I know we hear it during every Disney movie intro, but hearing "When You Wish Upon a Star" in full form that hit me hard. Beautiful.

All in all, wonderful family film with something for every generation.
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Boy, what a wooden remake.
PlutoZoo19 September 2022
I wonder what the point is of remaking beloved animated movies in a real motion sense whilst altering so much of the charm and magic of the original. It just seems like a desperate bid to be all things to everyone whilst gouging out the spirit of the thing. In this effort, Pinnochio has awoken to, well ... a world of woke! The changes in this respect seems like more virtuous signals from the giant corporation, and we get it, we should be inclusive, but please do it in new stories, not by altering classic fairy tales to achieve this. It is just madness in my opinion. The results speak for themselves and despite a great performance by Honest John, the rest, including Tom Hanks, must be wondering if they achieved what they signed up for. The answer is no. The film ends with a rather puerile and nauseating conclusion and it seems to have been decided that it was a step too far to change this wooden boy into a real boy. Overall, it's essentially a horrible remake, seemingly churned out to satisfy the need for content on the streaming service.
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What happened to Disney
Rob12345610 September 2022
People do not watch this. You will regret the time you wasted. Absolutely terrible. We use to watch programs simply because they were Disney but not any more. With Ms Marvel and she hulk and other flops I'm losing my interest in Disney and debating whether Disney plus is even worth paying for. Cmon Disney. Quit putting out garbage!!! We did not need a terrible remake of a classic. Focus your money on better programs.

I found the jokes in this show childish and a bad attempt to modernize the dialog. Tom Hanks called this one in. Thought at least with him on the roster it might be ok but it isnt.
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Soulless cash grab that disappoints
tisnarker9 September 2022
Somehow this was far more lifeless than when it was just animated. Tom Hanks was the only redeeming thing amongst the live actors. There were really conspicuous casting choices that took me right out of fantasy Italy. Weird product placement or out of place references insured that you could never forget your watching a pale imitation of the original made to cash in on "'member-berries." It all looked so plastic and sterile that you have to wonder if every part was generated by an algorithm. Do yourself a favor and just watch the cartoon version. Or read the book. Or even watching one of those knockoff films that tried to take advantage of the cartoon. At least those have heart.
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It was..okay??
anieghapattersonnumber11 September 2022
I watched the film and it was not that bad but it wasn't that good either. Some of it was cringe to be honest. I didn't like Honest John and Gideon in this version. Honest John sounds nothing like the 1940 version. The Coachman song was fine and so was the other songs. I found the song the Blue Fairy sang good and the part where Pinocchio tells his father that he loves him was wholesome too. But there's another thing I don't like..I don't like how they changed it to hint that Geppetto had another son before Pinocchio and a wife. I don't know, it's cool to think that Geppetto had a wife but the son thing is just very not realistic. It sounds like a fanfiction. That wasn't in the 1940 version and I think it shouldn't have been there. I think one of the points of the 1940 version was that Geppetto was happy to have a son for the FIRST TIME. Also, the lesson is kinda a bit blurred now because Pinocchio didn't really make bad choices besides going to the puppet theater and lying. The lesson was not to make bad choices, and Pinocchio seems more wise in this version. I also liked the idea of the story changing a bit, but it shouldn't have been changed too much. They also should've at least got a real boy for Pinocchio turning into a real boy. This was also a bit boring. This is just my opinion, I recommend watching so you could see if you like it or not. I don't think this is absolutely horrible, but I can see why people hate this.
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Went in with the expectation that this would flop - which ironically made the viewing more tolerable
changguoen11 September 2022
I have set myself certain expectations with regard to Disney productions these days. Disney seems to be on this trajectory that many of us do not like, yet we cannot avert our eyes from what's coming.

The moment Pinocchio was released, I knew this film would be "Disney-fied" (in the modern sense). I suppose certain elements from the 1940 film would need a modern take to appeal to younger audiences, an with that, I note some positive points from the film:

1. The character designs were good. The designs captured the look of the original film, whilst giving them the modern look that modern films demand. In general, the CGI I thought was immaculate and gorgeous.

2. Certain parts of the dialogue made me chuckle. Naturally, dialogue would have to fit the modern context and I thought it was refreshing to hear modern dialogue in a film like this (at times).

3. The voice acting was spot-on. I especially liked Pinocchio and Honest John's voices.

Now of course, this film has many flaws:

1. The story lacks the soul that the original had. It felt more like watching a new spin-off film, as opposed to watching a Pinocchio film.

2. I was surprised how the film removed key elements from the original story. I don't see why this was even necessary.

3. The Blue Fairy just didn't do it for me. It felt very "by the way".

Overall, I think credit should be given to the cast and CGI team.

Though I think the director seems to have lost his way with his string of mediocre films of late.
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Keegan Michael Key & Tom Hanks shine. (Oh, you're e telling me they're not the main focus of the movie?)
rockingdylan14 September 2022
Tom Hanks tried his best (as always) Keegan Michael Key is brilliant (as always) Jiminy sounds as close to the original as one can ask but even he comes off as campy.

The movie stunk around them.

The movie comes off as a rip-off of a classic Disney movie, not a Disney movie itself. Poop jokes, Chris Pine jokes, trying too hard to be good, it's all been done before.

The only saving grace in this movie is that Tom Hanks and Keegan Michael Key are in it. Those two could recite the New York City phone book and make it a broadway musical.

A while back, Robin Williams pondered why movies about the ancient Romans all had actors with British accents & not Italian. I ponder, in 2022, why this movie, set in Italy, had a mix of Italian, American, British (& whatever Jiminy is) accents.

Not much else to say really is there? It's not good.
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Robert Zemeckis destroys Disney's morally empowering groundbreaking animation feature with a live-action remake.
SAMTHEBESTEST11 September 2022
Pinocchio (2022) : Brief Review -

Robert Zemeckis destroys Disney's morally empowering groundbreaking animation feature with a live-action remake. Seeing Disney's "Pinicchio" (1940) still feels so refreshing even after 8 decades. The animation effects of the film were groundbreaking at that time, and Disney created a landmark in animation feature films again after the evergreen "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" (1937). It wasn't just about the animation effects; these were the films that left a strong moral impact on children and their parents. These aren't just movies; they are part of our childhood rituals as we grew up. I had reviewed the 1940 film a couple of years back, even before the remake was announced. So it's not like I am thinking about nostalgia. I am thinking from a cinematic perspective and yet 2022's Pinochhio falls behind the 1940's film by a huge margin. Robert Zemeckis's forgettable filmography is only known for "Forrest Gump" and "Cast Away". He isn't someone who has done a lot of work in the animated field of cinema, so I can't figure out how he came on board. He came and destroyed the wooden ship with his loose structure. Pinochhio is an old story, I know, but it isn't outdated. You should know how to present a well-known story to a modern audience, especially in today's digital era. Zemeckis's conceptual framework lags behind. It just didn't fit. The screenplay came out horrible despite sticking very close to the original script. The modern changes and atmosphere didn't help it. The voice cast sounded decent, but I couldn't help disliking Tom Hanks as Geppetto. Did he look like he was acting in it? The VFX work was fine in some scenes and quite bad in others. As a whole, Pinochhio's live-action remake doesn't really look alive and action-packed. Watch the original flick instead.

RATING - 4/10*

By - #samthebestest.
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Woefully unnecessary remake
Pinocchio did not need a remake of the original 1940 classic; it simply didn't need the soulless Lion King 2019 treatment, that in spite of some technically impressive moments there's nothing NEW to the story that's neither elaborated nor fully embraced.

Again, Disney+ was chosen for this film because it would've been a box-office suicide in light of the Dumbo remake underwhelming Disney's coffers when it came out theatrically. I just don't get it; besides The Jungle Book and Cinderella remakes, these other 'takes' just don't complement their original superiors at all. They're cheap imitations that have false pretences of greater importance now that they're live action and therefore 'more serious cinema'. Disney's discounting its own legacy and that's pretty damn sad honestly.

The good stuff: it's nice hearing some of the original songs again, and Tom Hanks tries his best with his broken-non-Italian-accent, and it's nice Pinocchio LOOKS like the original. The bad stuff: the script and direction don't have half the energy or charm of the original, and the extra material is elaborate padding to an already well-paced story from 1940. The technical stuff outweighs the creative shortcomings in short; but even the best films with lesser technology still have their technical facets complement the end product BECAUSE of the relevance to the story and cinematic experience.

How long's it gonna be until Disney does a Zootopia live-action remake or a Frozen one? Or Moana? Encanto? These films are creatively bankrupt exercises in making products rather than endearing forms of art our kids' kids will watch and rewatch over the years.

Pinocchio doesn't give me much confidence with Disney's future remakes if they're gonna be even worse than The Lion King. Films deserve to be made from love rather than financial or 'product incentive' alone. It's a waste of time otherwise.

Pinocchio gets 2/5 stars. It's not unwatchable, but it's not exactly inspiring either. Want something inspired? Go watch the 1940 original instead.
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Soulless and Pointless
presdtor24 September 2022
My gosh, Robert Zemeckis has dipped.

I genuinely expected more from the talent involved in this film (Tom Hanks, Rob Zemeckis, Joseph-Gordon Levitt) but what we got was a heartless trash heap of a movie. First of all, the visual effects are DREADFUL! Disney's VFX has dipped. Look at PotC: Dead Man's Chest, that was honestly breathtaking and that was, what, 16-17 years ago? I'm pretty sure we've de-volved when it comes to filmmaking these days. Every now and again, you get a good movie nowadays but this is far from good. The acting had no heart to it and that also applies to Tom Hanks. TOM HANKS!!! The fun was drained out of it with the obvious green screen, dull acting and ruined musical numbers. Watch the original or get ready for the upcoming Guillermo Del Toro movie.
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They Don't Quite Have Their Nose On This One
rgkarim9 September 2022

The Voice Acting/Acting: For many of the cast, the voice acting was very welcome for me in the characters they portrayed, alongside the acting as well. Ainsworth as the puppet was very good, capturing the joy and innocence of the aspiring boy and really selling it for the whole film. This Pinocchio may be more innocent and perfect, but the whole time I felt we were back in the kind puppet we are looking to have. Hanks, well you hear on later, so let's go to Levitt. The master actor did a great job as the cricket, finding the traditional personage for the character and adding his little style to the mix without breaking the bug. He was great in this role and I feel he was perfect for the part and my favorite actor. The rest of the group did fine, with a shout out to Keegan-Michael Key for a very entertaining and robust Honest Jon portrayal, though I would have liked to see more.

Some of the New Angles: Like many things in the modern era, Disney+ had to take new twists and directions to make a timeless classic fresh and new. Some of these things were just fine, like adding a puppeteer character to the first act of trouble, who was very sweet and a nice plot point they introduced. Another was helping elevate the performance of the puppet show and giving it a little more fun and pizazz. Even adding a few connecting scenes and a few little nods to the political moments I could appreciate when they naturally integrated were fine additions. This movie tried to connect a lot of the vague background pieces in the long run, helping to smooth out the jumps from scene to scene.

Kept Somewhat to Story: And though the movie did take some nuances to be its own thing, it still kept to the storyline pretty well. Fans of the old school should have the timeline that guides you through his journey and appreciate Zemeckis honoring the timeless tale for about 70-75% of the story. At least in terms of the historical context of Pinocchio, the movie honors by putting in a scene from the movie from every major point. So, at least there is a general context and not completely putting the tale in the blender for no apparent reason.

The Setting Is Very Nice: Disney's budget and imagineer team really get props for the designing of the world for this film. The town is adorable, really feeling like the Italian fairy tale villa where crooked streets and cramped spaces form a quaint maze. They made the setting feel very old timey, and that helps with the atmosphere of the movie. I also loved the stage they performed the show on, very reminiscent of the classic setting from the cartoon, but again, nicely optimized to real life to have fun and feel like the classic art of the puppeteering, including a nice backstage that felt very technical of the stage that entertained so many. Of course, the theme park of madness on Pleasure Island succeeded in so many endeavors for bringing the land to life. All the kids had a spectacle to play in, and we got more details and some creativity, alongside puns and imagery, that really brings the nightmare of the lawless land to life in all its glory and fear. These moments may have been the best involvement in the changes and the use of the budget outside of one other thing you'll see below.

The Look Of The Characters: Disney has been on a kick of making everyone look realistic in order to I guess accomplish the new direction. This often gets rid of the magic of the Disney cartoons and takes away the fun and energy of the classics. For this film though, that wasn't the case. While the realism is a bit robbed in the grand scheme of things, the cartoony hybridization on this movie worked for me to keep to the spirit of the character. Jiminy hops and skips like a cricket, but then adds the human qualities to be the clumsy and spastic conscience you love to see. Cleo swims beautifully, but still has the emotional portrayal of the little flirt she often acts as. And as for Figaro, this little guy was my favorite with Pinocchio as they scampered, moved, and reenacted the famous moments from the movies to a level that really felt like the source material. While there are times this failed, never seen root beer disappear so quickly, or got a little too cartoony/fake, overall, it still kept the feel of Disney toon well for me.


The Songs Kind Of Sucked And Not Needed: Disney are the masters of making songs for people to listen to one thousand times over, leading to annoying moments of tearing your hair out. As such, this was not a win for me, and most of the songs were kind of not needed for me, feeling smushed into the moment as if checking a box for one type of fan. These covers were kind lame and short sighted, many auto tuned to cringe worthy levels that might have been fun and funny, but they just weren't needed. I would have liked either more time to make this work, or just not included and put the money somewhere else.

The Limitations of Many Characters: Oh dear lord the characters were limited and felt very scarce at times. This Pinocchio, like most, focused on the cricket and the puppet primarily, as expected, which wasn't horrible. However, the movie tried to put so many new characters and spins on it, that I had hoped for more of their inclusion and incorporation to maximize the relationships. Almost everyone does get a finale, but it feels very bland and so many promising moments are very lackluster in the grand scheme of things that it again lacks the fire of the original. Even the cat and the fish don't feel used as well, even though I'm sure they had the same screen time. I can't say much more without ruining stuff, but I just really feel it was missing that full connection.

A Bit Boring And Kiddy: No surprise here, modern age have managed to blunt the emotional and darker moments the cartoon did much more. I won't say it's devoid of all themes that were creepy and hard to watch. But I also can't say that these moments had the full on punch they might have been going for, and instead let Pinocchio's innocence bleed over to the scene and lighten it up. While I'm glad they did not go fully dark to induce nightmares, again, there was something needed to spice up things for parents who would be watching this with their kids.

The Pace Of Everything Being So Fast: Much of what the film seemed to struggle with for me was the pacing. I'll have to rewatch the original, but it felt more complete in regards to the journey and keeping things running smoothly. This one tried to add these new touches and respect the material, but it didn't maximize things to the level I felt it could of and sort of breezed through things very quickly. All the set up and world building was over in an instant, and it was frustrating to see such hasty tie offs and conclusions that again don't have the full push that I thought it would. It seems like it was trying to do too much again in a short amount of time and again needed more time to handle the changes better.

Tom Hanks: Above all, Tom Hanks was kind of a waste for me in Pinocchio. The legendary actor knows how to take roles and make it work, but Geppetto was not the strongest role for me to utilize his talents. Who decided to do the sound editing or make him mumble was stupid in how low it came off, and make him sound depressed. Sure, the acting conveyed the sadness, but then he goes into sounding like a boob with forced lines and a song that does not work. Some scenes he does well and accomplishes much, but other scenes are a bit cheesy and eccentric and not in the way that makes sense. It's not that I hated him at all, but I feel Hanks name was a tag to pull people into, rather than actually utilizing him to the full degree.

The Verdict:

Pinocchio is a mixed quality movie for this reviewer, finding a lot of confusion and less clarity than they seemed to go for. On the plus side, the movie is charming, fun, cute, and captured the cartoon energy well in look and feel with the design of the movie. The visuals are not the most realistic, but it worked for me, a meeting of Disney energy and real world that did okay acknowledging both worlds. Some of the changes worked well for me, and I did enjoy the acting for many in this movie, I really did. Yet, the movie is very flustered in finding the directions that it wanted to bring and struggled to blend old and new in consistent quality. Many characters are not optimized, the transitions are there, but feel clunky and forced at times, alongside the edge factor being lost to a blunted kid factor. Overall, I did not hate the movie, but I also cant' say it's a masterpiece like some might say, with the new wave of kids being the optimum audience for this movie. My scores are:

Adventure/Comedy/Drama: 7.5 Movie Overall: 6.5.
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They ruined the superior original 1940 animated classic by attempting to "modernize" it.
Vivekmaru4510 September 2022
In 1940 the world saw Pinocchio is all its glory. Just one word: masterpiece. The voice-acting, animation and music brought to life Carlo Collodi's work. Had Carlo Collodi lived to see the 1940 cartoon, he would have been impressed. But he was born in another age. He lived from 1826-1890. The Adventures of Pinocchio was published in 1883. Collodi died suddenly in Florence on 26 October 1890 at the age of 63 bringing to an end all of his work. He was a genius in my opinion and understood life. Pinocchio is a lesson in life.

Back to this film, a live action mixed with C. G. I. Effects. I think actor Tom Hanks must have a contract with Robert Zemeckis. Majority of Zemeckis movies I've seen star Hanks(Forrest Gump, Cast Away, The Polar Express). Yes, Hanks IS Zemeckis favorite actor for Forrest Gump and Cast Away. I've nothing against Hanks. I've grown up watching his movies: Splash, Big, The Burbs, Turner And Hootch, Joe Versus The Volcano, Radio Flyer, Philadelphia, The Green Mile, The Road To Perdition, Catch Me If You Can and The Ladykillers(his last great performance and one he'll be remember for). Hanks plays the role of the wood-carver Geppetto. British child actor Benjamin Evan Ainsworth voice-acts the titular character Pinocchio. The plot of the movie is the same as the 1940 animated film. A lonely and aged woodcarver Geppetto wishes upon a star that his wooden marionette transforms into a real boy. His wish comes true through the Blue Fairy, who gives life to the inanimate marionette. The Blue Fairy informs Pinocchio that if he proves himself brave, truthful, and unselfish, he will become a real boy. The rest of the film concerns misadventures that befall Pinocchio.

If you're a fan of Hanks and Zemeckis then you should watch this movie as a light viewing. It's not up to Zemeckis great standards and even his The Witches is a great offering but even then that is also a remake of Nicolas Roeg's masterpiece from the book by the acclaimed children's author Roald Dahl.
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awkward fairy tale
stermix5019 September 2022
Fairies are the new problem of hollywood. After the movie Cinderella 2021, Pinocchio 2022 has a problem with them. Modern takes need to play with colors and genders. The whale is also problematic, coming right away from the Sea Beast's evil version. What remains is the annoying white people (the bad kids, the coachman, the circus owner, the school teacher) with the exception of Geppetto and the lovable black people (the fairy, the good teacher, the circus girl) who as we all know were a big part of 1800s Italy's population.

Other than the above, Tom Hanks was perfect casting and some of the grandiose Disney's settings were present as expected. The kids will certainly enjoy.
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Oh it's not good
rhyss-5301111 September 2022
I must caveat by saying I don't really enjoy the story of Pinocchio in general, so was always gonna be a hard sell to get me to enjoy this. But it's just not good. I will say it strikes a nice balance between the real and the CGI and still a better remake than The Lion King (2019), but that's where it ends. Tom Hanks can't sing, Pinocchio is still as frustrating as ever, and so much happens in such a short space of time and doesn't really have any resolution. And because it's not a cartoon I don't think it'll charm children.

I will say that I did like the Blue Fairy, but felt more of a cameo than an actual character.
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