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Hard to Watch
langstonmegan24 October 2017
I appreciate the artistic perspestive in this film, and its fresh storyline, but I have to say this movie left me feeling confused and frustrated that I spent that much time investing in the storyline for little payoff. It's unrealistic that the characters wouldn't follow up with the 'dramatic' ending of their relationship with Andy, and that Andy wasn't even really a character much at all. We know nothing about any of these people the ENTIRE movie. The main characters are expressionless and very hard to watch on screen because of the lack on intrigue and character. Donny has ZERO personality...It makes the viewer really frustrated to not know any backstory to a character. Andy was just a quirky guy, no substance, no background... no follow up. I'm sorry but I'd suggest not watching this movie.
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hal_hunt-81-86799425 March 2018
Warning: Spoilers
The two main characters were not likable and it was difficult to sympathise with them.

The direction was very amateur. Oddly jarring cut scenes, dialogue that seemed unnatural, unbelievable or over-the-top performances played for comedy but falling flat.

I think Andy played a believable love interest however there was never any resolution to his story.

There are many good films about love triangles; this is not one of them.
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slowguy31 October 2017
lame movie. legit had to skip through it sucks because the characters were likable and it had promise. it just dragged on a lot and really there was nothing redeeming about it at all in the end. just don't watch it, save your time, you're gonna think its gonna be good because its indie and cutsie and reminds you of movies that are much, much better.

don't do it.
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Terrific Film by Doug Archibald
dennis_chiu112 November 2016
Film Review: "I Love You Both" is the reason to go to film festivals. It is the quintessential experience of seeing new talent communicate with fresh voices and visuals that fill each frame with quiet grace.

"I Love You Both" is produced, directed, and stars Doug Archibald in his first feature length film. Mr. Archibald co-wrote the film with his sister and co-star Kristin Archibald, and they demonstrate an ear for dialogue that made every line crackle with wit, humor, absurdity, honesty, and life. This is one of those films where you can close your eyes and simply listen to the actors speak and be completely sated.

However, I wouldn't keep them closed for long, because the visuals are equally impressive. Each shot is carefully and meticulously framed, focused, and lit. Every pattern of wallpaper, wardrobe selection, and location is lovingly selected by Mr. Archibald and production designers Jay Kyung Eum and Jagyoung Eum, and set decorator and art department Jessica Miano Kruel and Jessica Kruel (who may be the same person).

The film uses the provocative plot of fraternal twins Don and Krystal, played by Mr. and Ms. Archibald respectively, who begin to date the same man, Andy, portrayed by Lucas Neff ("Raising Hope"). However, this is merely a vehicle to explore the relationship of Donny and Krystal and their bond. We see their love, kindness, loyalty, and truth as they grapple with their yearning to care for someone other than each other. And as the world disappoints them time and time again, they have each other.

One of the most satisfying aspects of the film is that we just don't see Don and Krystal stuck in a co-dependent brother and sister relationship and spinning in place, but we see each struggle and evolve as they face their individual challenges. So many scripts get this wrong. How many times must I watch characters start and end the film as the same person. How many times must I watch characters experience contrived epiphanies created out of nothing. Each character must emotionally begin the story one place and finish in another, even if their physical bodies only move a few yards from where they began.

Finally, I should note the sound department for helping Mr. Archibald hit the right note with every beat, song, and sound effect (there was only one scene when bird chirping pulled me out of the scene in the hotel room after he finishes tying the bow-tie— perhaps that can be fixed?).

I'm not sure I will see a better film at the Napa Valley Film Festival. This is a gem that should be picked up at more film festivals.

If I was still writing script coverage for a studio, I would highly recommend this film be picked up for US and international distribution for limited release in art houses, and definitely for streaming in the US, Canada, and Europe. It was my absolute delight to see this film.
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A Great First Attempt
hddu10-819-3745822 September 2020
I'm typically very skeptical about films where the writer/director uses it as a vehicle to showcase their acting...because there isn't usually much of the latter to highlight. "I love you both" (the title being a little uninspired) appears to be a collaboration between real-life siblings, and maybe due to the characters being written specifically for them, the script really works. There is a definitely chemistry and appeal between the two leads and their "love interest". The dialogue does fall on the banal side (meaning a lot of it is what you would expect from bored millennials chatting...which is just boring), but some of it also really hits the mark and gives us a glimpse into the motivations of the characters...but there's just too little of that. What we are mostly left with is a "slice of life" in the POV of two likeable, but not very interesting people who happen to be siblings attracted to the same person. That's it. No action, no profound message or anything really substantive. Again, this is a good first try for these actors/writers/directors and I really hope their abilities do get noticed here.
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I wanted to fall asleep.
jkelleyiv11 June 2020
There isn't anything good to comment on. No connection with any character, no humor, nothing that kept my interest. No deeper meaning after painfully watching till the end. If you need background noise while working. This would be it.
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Awful Movie!
metta124 November 2017
Where to begin. The characters were for the most part hard to look at, as if they searched out unattractive actors. On top of that the main character was hard to understand as she spoke so fast. I don't know why I kept watching it but I did until the end and it never got better. So many glitches in the plot and direction I cannot recall them all.
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Sweet, Charming, Original Film
ademcak23 March 2018
If you are seeking a Jerry Springer-type relationship film with drunken fist fights, or a film where everything is neatly tied up, HEA, and you don't have to think at all and have everything spoon fed to you in goobs of cliches, look elsewhere. If you want to watch a sweet, charming, original film that proves blood is thicker than water, this is it. A wonderfully funny film about twin interdependence and the issues related to it. All three lead characters are delightful and interesting. The ending is sublime.
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Very Enjoyable
shawnwillettehome1 September 2018
This was a film designed to explore the co-dependent relationship between twins who struggled to have relationships with others other than themselves. It succeeded beautifully in that regard. The characters were eccentric and awkward in an interesting way, and I found myself liking them both and craving more. Not the standard Hollywood stereotypes. Rather, people you would really want to be friends with. Some reviewers complained about the one dimensional quality of their mutual love interest. I believe such discussion is misplaced in that it was the intent to focus on the bond between the brother and sister, and he was just a vehicle to accomplish this task. Many of the supporting actors were also noteworthy. The mother, the music "manager" and the best friend were exceptional, and provided deadpan and subtle humor of the highest caliber. Brilliantly done Doug. Thank you.
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