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MPAA Rated PG for some thematic elements

Sex & Nudity

  • No sexual content.
  • But Joseph and Mary do have a veiled conversation about how she could have become pregnant that is-understandably-difficult for Joseph to comprehend and accept
  • Another scene shows them lying down next to each other, back to back, as they go to sleep.
  • Joseph is shown tenderly kissing Mary's forehead.
  • Dave flirts mildly with a female pigeon.

Violence & Gore

  • One scene that involves a king's henchmen pulling out a sword on a pregnant woman, but he was stopped by the main character
  • The soldier who hunts Mary and Joseph with his two dogs, Rufus and Thaddeus, never speaks, lending him an ominous and foreboding feel.
  • A couple of times he's about to pounce on Mary when Bo and Co. manage to divert him.
  • We see him begin to pull a sword, and it's clear that he means Mary mortal harm.
  • We also see the soldier choke someone.
  • The animals protecting Mary knock the silent soldier into a well at one point, and over the top of a tall bridge in another scene.
  • After the fall, we see him unconscious, or perhaps dead, on the ground below.
  • Speaking with his scribes, Herod threatens, "If you people can't find this one child, then I'll have to kill them all," an obvious allusion to what does, in fact, happen in Scripture.
  • Bo's madcap escape from the mill involves the Miller getting bonked in the head and knocked out cold, one of quite a few moments of mild violence that's played more as slapstick humor than as genuine peril.
  • Dave tells a brood of chickens, "Ladies, run!" when he realizes that people are using them for food
  • Bo falls down a ravine and lands, humorously, on top of Dave.


  • Dave uses the phrase "tick people off."
  • Dave the dove says "Nazareth can kiss my gleaming white tail feathers goodbye."
  • Dave also quips, "I gotta be honest: I'm very upset right now. I'm gonna go find somebody to poop on."
  • After Bo falls on Dave, the donkey can't find his friend, prompting Dave to say, "I'm right here on your butt."

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • In the final scene, the king's henchman falls off a cliff along with his two dogs, and the henchman falls to his death and there is nothing left of him but his metal mask. The dogs, however, were saved by the main character.
  • the scene where the henchman pulls out a sword on a pregnant woman can be pretty intense for some children

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