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As kid-friendly Christmas movies go, this one actually goes out of its way to remind what the holiday represents, which should please parents looking for something a little more sophisticated (but just barely) than the VeggieTales cartoons.
If you can get past the many bizarre inconsistencies, The Star is a relatively decent film for young Christian audiences. The writing, voice-acting and animation are unremarkable, but they get the job done, and the film’s heart seems to be in the right place.
The movie delivers a modicum of magic without getting pious or gushy. It never soars, though, or burns especially bright.
The movie is sincerely Christian in its outlook, while also a slapstick animal ’toon. It’s a mix that works only intermittently. But when it doesn’t pop, it thuds.
It's a serviceable animated movie appropriate for the season, but there's nothing beyond its source material that marks it as particularly unique or special.
Clumsy, derivative, mildly amusing and ultimately forgettable.
A feature debut that might have its heart in the right place but can’t quite manage to smoothly blend the spiritual with the silly without a few Biblical hitches here and there.
The director, Tim Reckart, is better known for his puppet-based stop-motion (he worked on Anomalisa and was Oscar-nominated for a short film) and seems to be out of his element here.
Slant Magazine
Director Timothy Reckart's The Star turns the greatest story ever told into just another kids' movie.
The results are an uncomfortable mixture of sanctimony and silliness.

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